11 reasons to invest in Park View Beach Resort


Park View Beach Resort is a luxurious beachfront resort in Karachi. Also, its exact location is in the Port Qasim. It offers an ideal investment opportunity. It is along the Arabian Sea. More, this resort combines luxury with breathtaking ocean views. It has world-class amenities and service. Plus, it is the best chance to diversify portfolio.

The Beach Resort presents an enticing offer. Also, It is in a prime location. Further, it is best for the growing tourism industry. It has an excellent potential for high rental income. It serves as an opulent entryway for vacations. So, the site is breathtaking. It offers first-rate services. It assures a unique experience. Thus, investing in this resort promises high financial rewards.

Reasons to Invest in Park View Resort Beach

The resort has a broad scope of benefits and entertainment options for visitors. Also, it includes a dazzling infinity pool. It features excellent spa services. So, people can unwind on the chilly beach as a result. It also offers water sports for even more adventure. Plus, the eating options there are also five-star.

Prime Location

The Park View Beach Resort location is in the coastal line of Karachi. Plus, it provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea. The resort is on 100 acres of land. Besides, it is close to the central site of Karachi.

Reasons to Invest in Park View City Beach Resort

It is in a desirable locality. Further, several of Karachi’s top tourist attractions are nearby. As well, it is adjacent to the Karachi Expo Center. Also, Karachi Zoo is close to it. Additionally, the international airport in Karachi is not far from there. So, it is in a pristine location. People can access it here in some of these ways.

  • 20 minutes quick car ride from the Karachi-Hyderabad (M-10) Motorway
  • 30 minutes car ride from the Jinnah Airport in Karachi
  • 35 minutes car ride from the Malir Cantt Interchange
  • 45 minutes car ride from the N-6 National Highway
  • 60 minutes car drive from the Shahrah-e-Faisal

Trustworthy Developers

The leading firm Vision Group is its beach resort developers. It is one of the top firms. Besides, they have many remarkable projects in the country. They aim to offer quality homes to the middle class.

More, it will be the first 5-star beach resort in Karachi city. Also, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, the firm’s CEO, has supervised the project. The firm has applied the green building strategy. So, it will be a sustainable venture. The property here is expensive. Thus, this resort will be the city’s new attraction.

Diverse Investment

Investing in this resort allows buyers to diversify their investment portfolio. Also, the Park View Beach Resort masterplan will give lots of options. This resort is the first to offer luxurious beachside apartments. Thus, visitors can enjoy playing games here. It provides a variety of aquatic games. So, it is notable for people of all ages.

Due to its features, it offers a fantastic level of comfort and relaxation. It is a modern resort. Plus, it makes the area more alluring. The high-end apartments for sale in Park View Beach Resort are

  • One bedroom (1,348 sq. ft)
  • One bedroom (1,362 sq. ft )
  • Two bedrooms (1,714 sq. ft)
  • The two bedrooms (1,768 sq. ft)
  • Two bedrooms (1,777 sq. ft)
  • The 2-bedroom (1904 sq. ft) Executive A
  • 2-bedroom (1839 sq. ft) Executive B

Divers Investment

Affordable Prices

Park View Beach Resort payment plans are reasonably priced. Also, buyers can invest here within their limits. Additionally, it offers 2-year payment plans. That makes the buying more easy. Plus, the per square foot cost is Rs. 45,000 here.

Besides, the down payment is low. So, a lot of buyers can book their apartments here. For more ease, there will be eight installments. Contact us for updated rates. As per the recent payment plans, the prices are

  • One-bedroom apartment price ranges from 6 crore- 6.2 crore.
  • Two-bedroom apartment prices range from 7.7 crore- 8.3 crore.

Afordable Price

Luxurious Amenities

This project is in the gorgeous seaside. Furthermore, it offers a variety of extraordinary services. Thus, that will show every need. It gives them remarkable time. It is on the most entertaining site. Plus, it will also be more appealing because of the ocean. As a result, it will soon be the new hot spot in Karachi. Some of its over-the-top features are

  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Terrace Cafes
  • Oceanfront Gym
  • 5-Star Restaurant
  • Water Sports
  • Luxurious Spas
  • Elegant Interiors
  • Well-Equipped

Amenities of Park VIew Beach Resort

Growing Tourism Industry

The tourism sector in the country is growing. Also, nowadays, beachfront properties are in high demand. So, investing in Park View Beach Resort will allow us to tap into this thriving market. It will raise the profile of Pakistan as a top tourist spot.

Plus, the resort is a world-class facility. It will give the country a new vision. Thus, it will attract more tourists. That helps the country’s economy. More, it will improve the image. Overall, it will have an upbeat impact on the tourism industry in Pakistan.

High Rental Income Potential

Investing in the beach resort can give you a high rental income potential. Due to its prime location, the prices here will rise. Also, it offers the top-notch facilities. People will find every comfort here. More, it has beautiful interiors.

That makes it a lavish place. Finally, the demand for rental properties in Karachi is growing. It is due to the city’s growing economy and tourism industry. Thus, it means that people will get a good return on their investment here.

High Rental Income Potential

Capital Appreciation

Properties located in prime beachfront areas are more expensive. Also, The demand for beachfront properties will continue to grow. Moreover, beachfront properties are often in limited supply. That further increases their prices.

Plus, it offers stunning views. The good thing about this project is its easy access. Besides, it has good transportation links. It is close to Karachi’s significant routes. Thus, the prices here will rise more. Therefore, investing here will give the most ROI.

Family Friendly

Park View Beach Resort is family-friendly. Also, that makes it an ideal vicinity for families. More, guests can indulge in culinary delights at the resort’s fine dining restaurants. They serve a variety of cuisines.

So, people can enjoy gourmet meals with panoramic views of the sea. The resort also caters to business and event needs. Besides, it offers conference and event facilities. Most of all, the safety and privacy of guests are a top priority. The resort will have equipped with 24/7 security measures. Thus, it will ensure a secure and peaceful stay.

Family Friendly Investment

Sustainable Project

Park View Beach Resort will be a sustainable project. Also, its developers aim to offer eco-friendly projects. That practices to cut its carbon footprint. Moreover, the resort often hosts community events.

So, that will foster a sense of community among guests and residents. Most of all, the professional team managed the resort. They ensure to give the highest level of service. For them, the satisfaction of the guest is crucial. Thus, this project will be as per the global criteria.

Potential for Future Development

This resort presents an excellent investment opportunity. Also, the growth of tourism in Karachi will increase its property prices. So, investing in resort properties can give better returns. As soon as the resort’s popularity grows.

The property may have opportunities for future development. More, It could further add new facilities. It will expand its existing amenities. Most of all, this project will develop more in the future.

Potential future Investment


Investing in Park View Beach Resort offers a compelling opportunity. Also, it will capitalize on the growing tourism industry. So, people can enjoy an excellent rental income from here. It is best for the long-term capital appreciation. Further, with all the fantastic features, it is an attractive investment option in 2023. So, call Ghafari Marketing if you want to book an apartment here.

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