1947 Housing Islamabad


The 1947 housing Islamabad is a housing society that will fill the generation gap; residents will feel more connected to their ancestors than in any other housing society. This society will restore our traditional and cultural values because it’s a unique property development technique.

It’s a unique “Hybrid” approach to urban life that brings together culture, nature, and cutting-edge technology in one location. Pakistan has experienced enormous development over the previous four decades, with several housing complexes in megacities.

1947 Housing Islamabad Owners & Developers:

Owners & Developers 1947 Housing Islamabad

1947 Housing Islamabad society is owned and developed by Sigal Group. They’ve gone to the top of the market for development services. The 1947 Housing Society is establishing itself as a benchmark for other current societies under the expert supervision of Sigal Development.

The Sigal Group is unmatched in terms of real estate and building development. The project includes all ultra-luxurious features but at an affordable price for residents.

Sigal Group has completed many projects like:

  • Murree Oaks
  • Hotel Service Apartments
  • Sigal Villas
  • MS Towers
  • 1947 Housing

1947 Housing Islamabad Location Map:

It is important to consider location when investing in real estate. It has a significant impact on the rise and fall of prices. Fortunately, 1947 Housing Islamabad is near the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M-2) and other major upcoming projects in Islamabad. 1947 Housing Islamabad is a perfect housing society to live in if you want to experience a quiet atmosphere with a fierce vibe.

Islamabad International Airport is just a 10-minute drive away. It is simple to get to the twin cities. Located strategically along the CPEC’s Eastern Route, The Chakri Interchange on M-2 makes it very easy to get there.

Location Map 1947 Housing Islamabad

1947 Housing Islamabad has the following access points:

  • Located near M-2 Motorway
  • It’s just 39 minutes away from N-80.
  • M-1 Motorway is just a 35-minute drive away.
  • M-14 Motorway is only about a 36-minutes drive away.
  • The Srinagar Highway is just a 33-minutes drive away.
  • It’s just a 28-minutes drive away from Rawalpindi Kohat Road.
  • Islamabad International Airport is just a 25-minutes drive away.

1947 Housing Islamabad Nearby Places & Landmarks:

1947 Housing Islamabad has many nearby places and landmarks, which are:

  • Blue World City
  • Capital Smart City
  • Kingdom Valley
  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Nove City Islamabad
  • Silver City Housing Society

1947 Housing Islamabad NOC:

The Rawalpindi Development Authority is expected to approve the NOC of 1947 Housing Islamabad. NOC of 1947 Housing is under process. The approved housing society has a better chance of finishing before the deadline.

1947 Housing Islamabad Master Plan: 

The owners believe in the race of modernization, and we Pakistanis have lost the charm of our forefathers. However, because the Masterplan is influenced by history, this home building allows you to relive history. It’s the height of modernity and ancient combination.

1947 Housing is mainly a residential development, but it also includes a commercial sector to assist residents. As a result, you can easily buy a plot in this housing society.

The 1947 Housing Islamabad design is expected to offer the highest luxury amenities at an affordable price. Other details have yet to be published by the housing society; however, investors are likely to be offered a selection of residential plot sizes, including:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

This housing society is mainly divided into 13 sectors; you can select any sector with just a 30% down payment

  • Sectors A
  • Sectors B
  • Sectors C
  • Sectors D
  • Sectors E
  • Sectors F
  • Sectors G
  • Sectors H
  • Sectors I
  • Sectors J
  • Sectors K
  • Sectors L
  • Sectors M

1947 Housing Islamabad Payment Plan: 

Besides its fantastic location and unique features, the 1947 Housing Scheme provides an affordable and sensible payment plan designed just for its valued investors.

In the real estate industry, payment plans are quite important. The price of a 05 Marla plot begins at 163,500/-, whereas an 08 Marla plot begins at 255,000/-.

If you’re looking for a community with high-end amenities and services, as well as a quiet ambiance and a dynamic atmosphere, the 1947 Housing Scheme is a good choice. A 10,000-processing price is required, and the remaining price can be paid on an installment basis.

The project will restore the historical legacy from before the country’s division while also including modern conveniences. Even the 1947 Housing Scheme payment plan is designed to satisfy the demands of the common Pakistani.

The payment plan of 1947 Housing Islamabad is as follows:

1947 Housing Islamabad Payment Plan

Salient Features1947 Housing Islamabad

  • “1947 Housing,” the first “Hybrid” housing project, will maintain this lovely aspect.
  • This society is based on the Muhalla concept, each Muhallah will consist of basic amenities that are a Masjid and a mini-market.
  • The only plot available in 1947 allows you to choose your plots without waiting for a ballot.
  • To begin with, 1947 Housing is located in Kalyan Hamid, Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan, in a prime location that is ideal for everyone.
  • The location of 1947 Housing Islamabad is close to the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway (M-2)
  • Sigal Developers owns 1947 Housing, a well-known development. Sigal Developers has previously completed several projects and completed a significant amount of work.

1947 Housing Islamabad  Amenities: 

The 1947 Housing Islamabad offers many amenities and services at an affordable price. The amenities are the core of modern luxury society.

The developers have set a large area for the development of green spaces like parks. 1947 Housing Islamabad is named as the most luxurious society, boasting modern luxury and conveniences.

The following are the amenities available in Islamabad’s 1947 Housing Project:

Community Center:

A community center’s main purpose is to provide a central location for residents to gather for festivals, celebrations, and routine maintenance discussions. You can engage in discussions if you have a platform to interact with your neighbors. Most importantly, it allows all inhabitants to participate in improving the community by sharing their views, message, and voice with others.


Banks at 1947 Housing Islamabad

Any rising or well-established civilization must contain bank services supplied by recognized institutions for the convenience of its citizens. This amenity is accessible in the 1947 homes in Islamabad.

Health Care Units:

The most important factor of 1947 Housing Islamabad is the availability of good health care units. The 1947 Housing Scheme was designed with the comfort and warmth of the residents in mind.

Moreover, the outstanding hospitals would be well-equipped with the best physicians and medical technology. As a result, 1947 Housing Islamabad will provide top-notch medical care to its residents.

Jamia Masjid:

Mosques are important in Muslims’ lives in this way, so the massive Jamia mosque was included in the Housing Islamabad Masterplan. They encourage people to be true to their faith and pray five times a day in a mosque.


Library at 1947 housing

Exploring a library is a pleasurable experience. The 1947 Housing Scheme decided to construct a central library within the complex. Most housing developments lack libraries, but you will access the best libraries and educational institutions through the 1947 Housing Scheme.

Educational Institutes:

The most powerful thing which can be used to change the world is education. As a result, the developers have concentrated their efforts on creating outstanding educational institutions for the future of your children.

Educational Institutes at 1947 housing

Reasons to invest in 1947 Housing Islamabad:

The 1947 Housing Scheme’s outstanding Masterplan has many reasons to invest. The experienced and reputable designers have carefully tried to build a faultless housing society with appealing and central features. To know more about 7 wonders City Islamabad, Park View Golf Estate visit www.ghafarimarketing.com 

Here are a few of the reasons.

  • The first and only “Hybrid” housing project, “1947 Housing,” will maintain this lovely feature. Our hybrid idea intends to reintroduce traditional and cultural values to the city’s residents by combining current technologies and traditional values in one location.
  • 1947 Housing offers payment-related services. For the majority of Pakistanis, a sum of 10,000 is required to acquire inexpensive land. It’s in the best part of town.
  • Its location is ideal.
  • This society, like its name 1947 housing Islamabad, offers a variety of amenities in keeping with Pakistani culture.

How to Book Plot in 1947 Housing Islamabad 

Ghafari Marketing always advises our valued customers to contact management for the most up-to-date booking method to avoid misunderstandings. The booking process is as simple as possible.

How to Book Plot in 1947 Housing Islamabad

  • You only need to follow the instructions listed below:
  • Fill out the booking application form
  • Attach the CNIC Copies of Applicant (owner of the file)
  • Pay Down Payment through Cheque for the plot booking
  • Cash Payments are also accepted.
  • Submit all the required documents and get your receipt.

1947 Housing Islamabad Pros & Cons:

24/7 water, electricity, and gas are availableStill in the development phase
Affordable payment plan
Location is ideal
Society will be formed on the concept of the Muhallas system
Drainage and garbage disposal systems that are well-planned
Jamia Masjid


1-What is different about 1947housing Islamabad?

Answer: 1947 housing is the only home that allows you to choose your plots without having to wait for a ballot.

2-What is the legal status of the 1947 housing society?

Answer: The NOC of 1947 Housing Islamabad is under process.

3-Is there a potential for a high-yield investment in our society?

Answer: Yes, because the payment options are suited for both small investors and residents. So, the chances of high-yield investment returns are higher.

4-What is the location of 1947 Housing Islamabad?

Answer: Islamabad International Airport is just a 10-minute drive away. It is simple to get to the twin cities. Located strategically along the CPEC’s Eastern Route, The Chakri Interchange on M-2 makes it very easy to get there.

5-What is the price of 10 Marla plots?

Answer: The price of 10 Marla price in 1947 housing society is Rs1,900,000


1947 Housing Islamabad is a high-end housing development with one purpose in mind, to provide a world-class wealthy living to its residents. The superb facilities, affordability, and location of this society are its main features. As a result, Ghafari Marketing strongly advises that this is the best time to invest in 1947 Housing Islamabad.


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