A Details Comparison Between Khattak City & 7 Wonders City Peshawar


Peshawar city is now a hub of many new housing projects. Peshawar is the beautiful City in Pakistan. Also, It is the sixth highest populated city in the country. Also, many people move into the central city. That has increased the housing issues. Besides, there are two new housing Societies. That stirs the buyers of the town. One of them is Khattak  City Pabbi. The other is 7 Wonder City.

These societies need no introduction. They provide the best real estate investment for buyers. So, both these housing projects are remarkable. They are affordable. Also, they are in the ideal places. Most of all, both have approved NOC. That will make them a safe investment opportunity. The residents of Peshawar now have a stunning housing complex. Thus, it will increase the beauty of the city. So, invest in them now.

Here is a detailed comparison between them. It will help buyers to make sound investments. If buyers are interested in investing here. So, continue reading this.

Khaatak City Pabbi

Khattak City is the Nawab Associate project. It is near the G T Peshawar. Also, It is a massive housing project. So, it is on around 3,000 Kanal of land. The Society offers housing and commercial properties. Besides, the rates are reasonable. Society has all the advanced facilities. Thus, living here will be a dream.

Developers and Owners

They have worked on many projects. Also, they have a qualified team. Their projects are an example of their hard work. Besides, buyers like their ventures. So, they are keen to invest in them. They aim to provide affordable Societies. That could meet the customers’ satisfaction.

Khattak City Owners & Developers

Previous Projects

The Nawab Associates are famous for their work. They have built some high quality projects. Also, some of their projects are

NOC Status

The TMA Pabbi has approved the Kattak City NOC. Also, the community is under the Nowshera Cantonment. Besides, this Society is legal. Buyers can invest here without hesitation. It is a secure investment. Thus, the prices of land will increase soon. That will offer a profit on the investment. So, it is a profitable project.

Khattak City NOC

Location and Map

Khattak City’s location is in the Pabbi region. Also, it is close to Peshawar G T road. It is the ideal location in Peshawar city. There are many significant routes near it. So, buyers will have easy access to Society. Site is crucial to the housing project’s success. That’s why developers offer the perfect location to the buyers.

Access Point

The neighborhood has easy access. Buyers can reach here from various routes. Also, some significant paths to getting Society are

  • At Main the Peshawar G.T Road
  • 5 minutes away from the Peshawar Bypass Road
  • 9 minutes distance from the Manki Sharif Road
  • 15 minutes from the Nowshera-Mardan National Highway
  • 17 minutes away from Nowshera-Charsadda Road

Khattak City Location Map

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The surrounding of the housing is also very important. Most families want to invest in crowded areas. So, there are many famous housing projects around Society. Also, they are as follow

  • ASC Colony
  • Paradise City
  • Dheri Kati Khel
  • Qazi Hussain Medical Complex
  • Abu Obaid Colony
  • Golf Club, Peshawar
  • Associate Industry Colony, Peshawar

Well-Planned Master Plan

The Kattak City master plan is on 3000 Kanal of land. Also, there are still many plots for sale. The Society has beautiful residential properties. Besides, there are also commercial plots. Society has every facility. Residents can live here comfortably. Thus, It is a modern project. So, investment here is a good choice. The Plot for sale in Khattak city are

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Payment Plans

The Khattak city payment plans are very affordable. Buyers can invest here without tension. Also, it is a secure investment. The booking is only 10%. Besides, there are also 45 monthly installments. So buyers don’t have to pay all money at once. The detailed Khattak City payment plan 2023 are

  • 5 Marla plot is for Rs 1,490,000/-. The deposit is Rs 149,000/-. Also, the confirmation charges are Rs 74,500/-. The monthly installments are Rs 10,430/-. So, the 10-half yearly installments are Rs 60,000/-. Last, the possession charges are Rs 145,000/-
  • 7 Marla plot is for Rs 1,990,000/-. The deposit is Rs 199,000/-. Also, the confirmation charges are Rs 99,500/-. The monthly installments are Rs 13,830/-. So, the 10-half yearly installments are Rs 80,000/-. Last, the possession charges are Rs 200,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot is for Rs 2,690,000/-. The deposit is Rs 269,000/-. Also, the confirmation charges are Rs 134,500/-. The monthly installments are Rs 20,730/-. So, the 10-half yearly installments are Rs 100,000/-. Last, the possession charges are Rs 250,000/-
  • 20 Marla plot is for Rs 5,190,000/-. The deposit is Rs 519,000/-. Also, the confirmation charges are Rs 259,500/-. The monthly installments are Rs 43,230/-. So, the 10-half yearly installments are Rs 180,000/-. Last, the possession charges are Rs 450,000/-

7 Wonder City Peshawar

7 Wonders City Peshawar is a 7500 Kanal project. It has developed by the Global Finance Solutions Builders. So, it is near Dalazak Road. Also, close to the M-1 Motorway. The developers introduce this after the success of 7 wonder Karachi and Islamabad. Thus, It is an addition to Peshawar’s real estate. It is in the Garhi Momin. Besides, it is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. It also offers a quality lifestyle to its residents.

Developers and Owners

GFS Builders & Developers are the seven wonder city Peshawar developers. GFS Developers is a leading name in the real estate industry. Also, they have a good track record. They provide quality projects on time. Besides, their projects are within budget. The company has based in Karachi. Also, its branches are in Islamabad and Peshawar.

Owners & Developers 7 Wonders City

Previous Projects

The developers have great projects in all the major cities of Pakistan. Also, their projects are very famous. They have unique features in them. So, some of their projects are

  • 7 Wonders City Karachi
  • Clifton Luxuria, Clifton Block 4
  • 7 Wonders City Islamabad
  • Downtown Residency
  • Madina City
  • Lubaba Residency
  • Oxford Villas
  • New Sukkur & City
  • Palm City Sukkur
  • North Town Residency, Surjani Town
  • Roshan Tours

NOC Status

It is a legal housing Society. The 7 wonder City Peshawar NOC has approved. So, the Peshawar Development Authority has approved the Society NOC. Also, TMA KPK has verified it. It is a safe investment. Buyers’ investment will be worth double in some time. Thus, the prices will increase. The management got the approval in the initial stage. So buyers have trust in them.

Location and Map

Seven wonder City Peshawar’s location is in Garhi Momin Peshawar. It is in an ideal place. Also, it is close to all major routes. So, the Peshawar toll plaza is also close to it. All the basic needs will be on the doorsteps of the residents. There are many schools near the Society. Also, the hospitals are close to it too. Thus, it is in a perfect position.


Access Points

The community has easy accessibility. There are many routes connecting this Society to the city. Also, buyers can reach here easily. So, the access points are

  • At the Dalazak Road
  • 5 minutes distance from the main Gujjar Road
  • 6 minutes from the Budhni Road
  • 11 minutes away from the M-1 Motorway
  • 15 minutes drive from the Peshawar G T Road
  • 15 minutes drive from the Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • 39 min away from the Bacha Khan International Airport

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Society is close to many significant sites. So, Some of these landmarks are

  • M-1 Motorway
  • Overseas Pakistani Foundation Colony
  • Peshawar City
  • Nova City Peshawar
  • Peshawar Ring Road
  • Abasyn University

Master Plan

The GFS builders have developed the 7wonders city Peshawar master plan. Their team has a decade of experience. Also, the master plan has every amenity. It will ease the lives of the residents. So, they will enjoy their lives here. Besides, it has residential plots. The Society also has commercial properties. There are plots for sale here. Society is profitable. Thus, the available Plots are

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plot

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plans

The seven wonder city Peshawar payment plans are reasonable. The buyers can book a plot for a small deposit. Also, there are installment plans. It will allow more people to invest. Besides, investing considerable sums of money at once isn’t easy. Thus, it will ease the buyers. The detail of the 7 wonder City Peshawar payment plan 2023 are

  • 5 Marla plot is Rs 2,500,000/-. The downpayment is Rs 375,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 125,000/-. So, the monthly installments are Rs 840,000/-. The half-yearly installments are Rs 880,000/-. Last, the possession fee is Rs 280,000/-
  • 7 Marla plot is Rs 3,500,000/-. The downpayment is Rs 525,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 175,000/-. So, the monthly installments are Rs 1,008,000/-. The half-yearly installments are Rs 1,400,000/-. Last, the possession fee is Rs 392,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot is Rs 5,000,000/-. The downpayment is Rs 250,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 250,000/-. So, the monthly installments are Rs 1,632,000/-. The half-yearly installments are Rs 1,760,000/-. Last, the possession fee is Rs 5,000,000/-


Both housing projects offer the best housing. Also, they are in the best location. Buyers can reach there without difficulty. Most of all, they are legal projects. But, the prices in Khattak city are more affordable.

So, buyers who have a limited budget can invest here. Besides, both housing projects provide excellent facilities. They will raise the lifestyle of the residents. The investment here will give good investment returns. Also, It guarantees high profits. These housing projects can be the best investment in 2023. Ghafari Marketing will help buyers to find ideal deals in these Societies. So, don’t wait. Contact us now.

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