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Arizon city is the new housing complex in Islamabad city. Society developers have provided inexpensive luxurious housing opportunities for the citizens and overseas Pakistanis.

In recent years, numerous well-known real estate companies have launched new residential developments in the twin cities. Investors are drawn to  Islamabad by its attractiveness and secure environment. The start of a contemporary age construction in the residential endeavor is Arizon City.

Moreover, the Afzal Investment Company, a UK-based company, has developed this magnificent housing venture in twin cities. In addition, the Society situated on Chakri Highway will also have unmatched conveniences.

Owners & Developers Arizon City

The Arizon City developers and owners are Afzal Investment Company. Moreover, it is a Uk based company. This housing venture is their flagship project in the twin cities.

The developers aim to provide luxurious housing options at reasonable prices, especially for overseas Pakistani who worked tirelessly in other countries and sent their hard-earned money back to the country and improved the economy of the country.

Therefore, the developers make the heartiest efforts to put all the facilities in this Society to make it a modern, affordable dwelling.

Location Map of Arizon City

The main reason buyers and residents choose to invest in this Society is the Arizon City location and map. Additionally, daily basics are very easily accessible.

Before making a purchase, buyers must confirm that the Society’s site is reachable from the city’s critical neighborhoods. The Society property is situated close to Islamabad in a beautiful area.

The Society has located near the Chakri Junction and DHA phase nine. Due to its location, the programme is one of Islamabad’s top projects. Additionally, the distance to the Rawalpindi Circular Road is around the proximity of Society.

Arizona city Islamabad Location

How To Access Arizon City Islamabad

The developers carefully selected a strategic location for Society so that it is easily accessible for the citizens of the twin cities and outskirt areas. However, the site significantly influences the valuation of the property. Therefore, pick the home carefully to receive the best return on the investment, just like this Society. The Society will be reachable from

  • At Chakri Road
  • Entrance from Sihala Rawalpindi
  • Near to DHA phase nine
  • Thirteen minutes from Race Club Rawalpindi
  • Twenty-one minutes from Qurtaba City, Rawalpindi
  • Twenty-nine minutes from Hunting Club Parial
  • Thirty-three minutes from twin cities
  • Thirty-five minutes from Khanial Homes
  • Sixty minutes from Bharia Town, Rawalpindi

Nearby Places & Landmarks

The Arizon City’s nearby places and landmarks are

NOC of Arizon City

The Arizon City NOC is still in the process of getting approval from the relevant authorities. The developers of the Society work tirelessly to obtain authorization for the Society. However, it has expected that the relevant authorities will soon give clearance to Society.

Master Plan of Arizon City

The Society’s developers have followed the global standard in completing the master plan. The project will compromise the properties like residential, commercial, and mansions at very reasonable prices.

Furthermore, the developers have acquired approximately 35,000 kanal land for this magnificent Society. Moreover, top-notch architecture, theme parks, state-of-the-art medical facilities, and other comforts are all part of the Society’s big plan.

Additionally, we motivate individuals to invest money in this Society to make profitable investments and find the perfect home. Additionally, the management and contractors stay current on new concepts for growth and a suitable living level. However, the developers have not publicized the detailed masterplan of the Society.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Payment Plan of Arizon City

The developers have also not disclosed the pre-launch rates of Arizon City. However, as stated by the developers, this stunning Society will be affordable and in the range of the low to middle-class income group.

In addition, the available information indicates that the payment plans also have feasible instalments that would make them accessible to a wide range of customers. The builders guarantee a safe, long-term investment with excellent returns. Visit the Ghafari Marketing website for more information.

Amenities Arizon City

Developers of Society have furnished the Community with many conveniences and commodities, guaranteeing its exclusive inhabitants’ high standards of living.

Top Amenities of Arizon City

Eco-Friendly Ambience

The residential project will grow additional trees to contribute to a healthier, more peaceful, and more natural society. In addition, the creators care about adhering to international standards.

It will also help mitigate global warming and decrease damage to the environment. Given these factors, the Community here is where you should invest and settle down.

Perfect Vicinity

The property’s location is the most critical determinant of its valuation. The Society is in proximity to the significant Chakri and Thalian interchange. In addition, Rawalpindi Ring Road, yet somewhat removed from the city’s hubbub, connects it to the city’s dual center portions.

Further, the new Islamabad New Airport is easily accessible by car. Since this is an upscale neighborhood, it is a lucrative investment for people who desire a luxurious home.

In addition, it takes only five to ten minutes to get to the CPEC route. Therefore, having more of these homes increases the value of the development and the surrounding area.

Provision of Basics

Constant power, gas, and water are just a few examples of the luxuries available at the most impressive level of convenience. These comforts are accessible regularly.

There is also an efficient waste treatment facility and drainage system. The designers of the residential Society also incorporated a structured cabling network below ground, ensuring that there would be no blackouts.

Secured Neighborhood

This gated Community will provide a secure environment for its residents. In addition to making your home safer and more peaceful, fences are an excellent investment. In addition, cutting-edge technological innovations, such as face recognition systems and Security cameras, will yield positive results for stockholders. As a final and critical step, police will restore calm to the area.

Lucrative Investment

Society’s developers will soon provide information on available accommodation and commercial properties in the area. Still, the neighborhood’s favorable environment for commerce will bring in new companies and increase the value of existing ones.

The costs will also help any private company get started, regardless of the needs or resources of its stockholders. The Society’s stunning design also bodes well for the area’s chances of attracting new businesses.

Salient Features

The developers have outfitted this latest real estate development with a wide variety of one-of-a-kind amenities. In addition, this housing development is the perfect asset for both the buyers and the people who will reside there.

  • Premium Living Standards
  • Constant Provision of Commodities
  • Sustainable Gated Community
  • Top-notch Security
  • Commercial Area
  • Parks and Recreational Areas
  • Shopping Centre
  • Spacious Green Belts
  • Schooling Centers
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Masjid

Why Invest In Arizon City

The present phenomenon of residing in the residential venture in Pakistan is increasingly essential and attractive due to the different sophisticated and luxurious amenities provided by the outline planning management.

The housing plan also offers people of all socioeconomic strata equal possibilities to improve their lives. Therefore, everyone who has some stake in this housing development will come out ahead thanks to their investments in it.

In addition, the manufacturers are overjoyed to be able to provide a remarkable living space to every customer at really reasonable prices. In addition, the Community will have full access to and control over the management of all premium and essential commodities.

Additionally, the builder is making a concerted effort to secure approval for the Society for establishing a lawful residential enterprise to boost the investment’s long-term worth. These factors contribute to an increase in this housing endeavour’s value and prospective economic impact.

Pros & Cons

This Society is the newest attempt at the housing market. It provides many advantages for the people who live there, so Society would benefit in many ways from investing in it. Despite this, confident people and buyers may detect anything peculiar about Society.

Furthermore, some pros and cons of this Society are


  • Sustainable Society
  • Gated Community
  • World-class Healthcare Facilities
  • Finest Schooling Institutes
  • Perfect Locality
  • Civic and Sports Centers
  • Commercial Areas
  • Amusement Park & Green Spaces
  • Masjid


  • Assumption of expensive properties
  • The presumption that Society is distant from the twin cities

How to Book Plot in Arizon City

The steps required to book a plot at Society are straightforward. However, we hope that by giving potential purchasers more details about the reservation process, they will feel more at ease with their decision to put their money into this neighborhood.

Step 1

If buyers are interested in more thorough and trustworthy information, it’s best to consult professional real estate consultants. In addition, make regular visits to Society’s main website to learn more.

Step 2

Contact our company today to secure the Arizon City, Islamabad property you’ve considered. First, our sales representatives will provide our customers with a request form; after reviewing the form, the customers will have asked to fill the form carefully.

Step 3

It has advisable to visit the property personally to avoid any misinformation about the site and the progress of Society. After the site visit, deposit the down payment to initiate the booking process.

Document Required For Booking

For a transparent and straightforward process, the buyers have to affix some documents like

How To Book Plot in Arizon City

  • The photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • The photocopies of the nominee CNIC
  • The latest photographs of the buyer
  • Add the deposit slip of the down payment

FAQs Arizon City

Q1: where is Arizon City located?

Answer: The Society has located on the main Chakri highway.

Q2: Who are the developers of Arizon City?

Answer: The Afzal Investment Company is a UK-based firm that is a Society developer.

Q3: What is the legal status of Arizon City?

Answer: The Arizon City NOC is in the process of getting approved by the relevant authorities. But, the developers have ensured that the relevant authorities will authorize the NOC of the Society.

Q4: Is Arizon City an affordable Society?

Answer: The developers have not disclosed the Arizon City payment plan yet, but they guaranteed that Society would be an affordable option for the middle-lower socioeconomic group.

Q5: Is Arizon City a good investment?

Answer: Of course, the land of the twin cities is very expensive, and its valuation will increase with time. The Society’s positioning with the other top housing venture makes it an ideal spot to invest in and dwelling neighborhood.


Arizon City has situated near the capital city and DHA phase 9, close to several famous landmarks. It’s a great chance to make money, too. Investing in real estate has become one of the most secure ways to obtain permanent residency and attract financial backing.

Similarly, Islamabad’s neighborhoods provide all the necessities for a pleasant and fulfilling existence. There won’t be any complaints from tenants about living in this property development because it is a beautiful place with high-quality amenities that meet international standards.

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