Bahria Golf City


Bahria Golf City is a new project of Bahria Town Group. Also, the Government of Punjab is part of it. It is on the main Murree Expressway. Plus, it is close to the Diplomatic Enclave. It is a well-planned community. More, it has villas, apartments, and farmhouses. Too, the commercial property is here. So, it is a huge project for investment. It is a complete lodging package. Thus, living here will be a luxury.

It will soon be a popular choice for buyers. As, it is a well-located project. Plus, its amenities appeal to buyers to invest here. The prices here are also within reach. Besides, the rate will skyrocket when it fully develops. So, invest now to get high profits.

Developers and Owners

The Bahria Town is the Bahria Golf City developer. Also, they are the first developers who built the best housing scheme. So, their work is of high quality. Buyers are keen to invest in their projects. More, they have many all over Pakistan. They aim to offer the finest homes to the people. Plus, they have skilled teams. Their projects are of modern layout. Thus, they offer excellence in every project.

Bahria Golf City Owners & Developers

Bahria Town Projects

There are many projects in Bahria Town. Also, they are the biggest private developer in the country. So, some of them are

NOC Status

The CDA has approved the Bahria Golf City. Also, it was under the Bharia Enclave Agro Farming. Of course, it is a legal project for the investment. Besides, all the projects of this builder are safe for the buyers. It is excellent news for the citizens of the twin cities.

Bahria Golf City NOC

Location and Map

Bahria Golf City’s location is on the Murree Expressway. Also, It is close to the Islamabad International Airport. So, it is accessible via the major roads of the twin cities. Society is close to natural beauty.

Plus, the Korang River is near it. The Murree Hills also offer a stunning backdrop. Besides, all the city amenities are within a short distance. Thus, it is a popular choice. The vicinity is safe. On top of that, it is a vibrant community with various activities.

Bahria Golf City Location Map

Access Points

It is an excellent dwelling place. Also, it has accessibility to all the roads of the twin cities. It is a great perk. Likewise, the site location plays an essential role in its success. In short, this Society has access from many routes. Some of these are

  • 10 minutes distance from the Murree Expressway
  • 15 minutes short drive from the Diplomatic Enclave
  • 16 minutes away from the Islamabad Medical and Dental College
  • 18 minutes from Chattar Park.
  • 23 minutes away from Bara Kahu

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

It is close to many other successful housing schemes. So, buyers can have an idea of the worth of its site. It is the best locale to live in. Also, some of the Societies near it are

  • Bahria Enclave Phase-II
  • Bahria Agro Farmhouses
  • Green Enclave FGEHS
  • Murree Toll Plaza
  • Park View City Islamabad
  • Sky Hills
  • Sheraton Golf & Country Club

Master Plan

The Bahria Golf City Islamabad master plan is unique in many ways. First, it is a bold and ambitious project. It can stir up the sports in the region. Second, it has centered around a world-class golf course. It has a 27-hole golf course that meets PGA standards. More, it will be a major draw for buyers. Third, it has top-notch amenities. That is a plus point for the residents.

Bahria Golf City Master Plan

The golf course will be the centerpiece of the community. Also, the residential areas are close to it. There will be ten sectors. Plus, they will offer a variety of options. It will have affordable apartments. More, there will be many different-sized plots for sale. Besides, the luxury villas are also part of it.

The commercial area is also near the golf course. Also, it will have many shops. There will be many famous restaurants here too. More, schools are hospitals are also close to it. There are many green spaces in the community. Truly, they will give residents plenty of open space to enjoy. It will help to improve the air quality in the community.

Society is a self-contained community. It is well-connected to Islamabad and Murree. Thus, it is best for those who want a serene and lavish lifestyle. It is the best Society for people who like golf. Besides, it has the best commercial hub. The prices here will rise soon. So, It will be a great investment for the buyers in 2023.

Residential Plots

As per the latest info, the Society has different sizes of plots for sale. Also, it has affordable apartments for sale too. Society is in the developing stage. So, more info will also be public soon. For now, the plots here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Bahria Golf City Payment Plan

The Bahria Golf City payment plans will be in the buyers’ budget. Now, the payment plans are not official. But, the prices here will be affordable. There will be installment plans too. So, buyers can pay in short intervals.

It will be a good choice. Besides, the other projects’ prices are also in the range. The buyers will also find its prices affordable too. As soon as we get the updates about the prices, we will post the info. So, keep checking the website.

Residential Plots Prices

  • 5 Marla Bahria Golf City plot price will start from Rs 20- 30 lacs
  • 10 Marla Bahria Golf City plot price will start from Rs 37-45 lacs
  • 1 Kanal Bahria Golf City plot price will start from Rs 70-80 lacs

Development Status

The latest development status of Society is that it is still under development. Yet, the progress is in full swing. In the coming years, it will be 100% complete. Besides, it is a major investment. Also, its builders always do their projects on time. Society has attracted many buyers. Thus, it can be the most famous Society in the twin cities. So, a lot of work is done here. Some of them are

  • The golf course is 100% finished. Also, it is now open for play.
  • The development of phase 1 is 100% done. Plus, now it has many homes and villas for sale.
  • The Society is well-guarded and secure. More, it has 24/7 security.

Amenities and Services

The Society aims to offer the best dwelling to the buyers. Too, it has lots of facilities that make it unique. It is an ultra-premium project. So, it has all the current services that can ease the lives of the residents. Some of these services are

Top Amenities

Golf Course

It has a world-class 18-hole golf course that is open to the public. Also, the renowned architect Pete Dye designed it. Plus, it is one of the most challenging courses in Pakistan. The course is also home to many amenities. So, it has a clubhouse. It also has a pro shop. Besides, it has a driving range too.

Parks and Playground

Society has many parks and green spaces. Also, each sector has its parks. It has a central park. More, there is a children’s park. It has a sports complex too. That will have all the sports items. Besides, the parks are well-maintained. So, they offer a great place to relax.

Medical Facilities

It has an international standard hospital. Plus, it has all the modern tech. That offers a high level of medical care. Besides, it is close to the expressway. All the city’s best hospital is a short drive from here. So, residents don’t have to travel to the medical facilities. They all are within the Society.

Top-Notch Education

Society has an education complex. That offers the best education. Plus, it has top schools. It has colleges too. More, it gives quality studies. That helps the students to grow. Also, its setting is close to the twin cities. So, their schools are also close to it. The security here is the best. Most of all, it will keep the parents satisfied.

Entertainment Facilities

It has many leisure facilities. Also, it has a shopping mall. That has all the brands. There are also many smaller markets. More, it has famous hotels. They will offer many kinds of cuisine. Plus, there are many favorite food chains here too. Besides, this it has a cinema. It also has gaming arcades. The community club has many different events. Thus, families here will have many fun times together.

Salient Features

Society has many features that are not in other projects. That’s what, makes this project so different than others. Also, it is a unique concept. That makes it a big hit among the buyers. More, they are

  • 18 Holes golf course
  • 100 and 80 feet Wide Roads
  • Best Schools
  • Cine Gold Plex Cinema
  • Foolproof Security 24-hour
  • Gated Community
  • International Standard Hospital
  • Sheraton 5-star hotel
  • Sheraton Golf & Country Club
  • Luxurious Development
  • Provision of Basics

Why Invest in Bahria Golf City

It is the best housing project to invest in 2023. Also, it is the most sought-out project of Bahria Town Pvt Ltd. It is a well-planned Society. So, there are many reasons to invest here. Some are here

Prime Location

Society is close to the twin cities. Also, that makes it an excellent place to invest. All the city’s best amenities and sites are near to it. Plus, it is a few minutes drive from the city’s major landmarks. So, all the facilities are within a few minutes away from it. It is for its residents.

High-End Amenities

It offers a wide range of amenities. Most of all, it has the best golf course. It has a commercial area around it. Plus, it has a shopping mall. That is a great deal for the residents. More, it has world-class healthcare facilities. It has an education complex. Besides, the Society also has its internal transport system. That makes it easy to get around. What’s more, buyers want in Society. These are some of the leading reasons to invest here.

Secured Community

It is a well-guarded and secure Society. Also, it has 24/7 security. It has a high wall. Besides, it has many security checkpoints all over it. So, it is one of the most secure housing societies. The security guards are on duty 24/7. Plus, it has CCTV all around it. It is a well-maintain Society.

Investment Prospect

It is a rapidly developing area. Also, soon the value of the property will increase. Besides, it has high-end plots for sale. It will be a foremost tourist destination in the future. So, it is one of the most promising investment opportunities. It is close to the major sites of the twin cities. Thus, it will make it a profitable venture in the city.

Pros and Cons

It is a large-scale housing society. Also, it has a home to a wide range of services. It is complete housing. So, it will be a superb place to live.


  • Accessibility
  • Affordability
  • Community Club
  • Commercial Plots
  • Gated Project
  • Golf Course
  • High-End Facilities
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Legal Society
  • 24/7 Basic Utilities
  • Power Grid
  • Reliable Developers
  • Water Reservoirs


  • Assumption of high rates of property

How to Book a Plot in Bahria Golf City

The forms are available on the website. Also, all the process is easy too. Plus, buyers should check their cash first. So, there will be no issues in the future. More, it is good to check the document before investing. Getting help from others can also ease the steps.

Step 1

Buyers should first take advice from professionals. So, they have a market idea. For that, Ghafari Marketing is here. With our vast experience in this field, we can help our customers. Thus, contact us to find the best plot for this project.

Step 2

For direct contact, buyers can visit our office. Also, the sales teams are always here to help. They will find the property as per the client’s needs. So, for a safe investment, call us.

Step 3

To check the progress in the area, visit the site. Also, buyers can have an idea of the pros and cons. More, clarify all the things first. Then pay the downpayment to book a plot.

Document Required for the Booking

The documents needed with the booking form are

How To Book Plot

  • The two photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • Nominee CNIC photocopies
  • Two latest photographs of the buyer
  • The receipt of the deposit


Q1: What is Bahria Golf City?

A1: Bahria Golf City is a new housing scheme in Muree Expressway Islamana. Also, Bahria Town Pvt ltd is its developer.

Q2: What is the Bahria Golf City Location?

A2: It is on the main Murree Expressway. Plus, it is close to the Diplomatic Enclave. It has connected to the Islamabad International Airport. So, it is accessible via the major roads of the twin cities.

Q3: What are the sizes of the Bahria Golf City Islamabad plots for sale?

A3: The residential plots here are in different sizes. Also, it has many sectors. So, it has many options. The plots here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q4: What are the Bahria Golf City Islamabad rates?

A4: payment plans will be in the buyers’ budget. Now, the payment plans are not official. But, the prices here will be affordable. The price of the 5 Marla plot is Rs 25-30 lacs. Plus, the 10 Marla plot price starts from Rs 37-45 lacs. The 1 Kanal plot price is 70-80 lacs.

Q5: Is Bahria Golf City a good investment?

A5: It is the best investment for buyers in the twin cities. Also, it is perfect in all aspects. It is in the center of the twin cities. Plus, its builders are the leading in the country. It has all the ultra-modern features. Besides, it has no legal problem. That makes it the best place to put your hard-earned money.


Bahria Golf City Islamabad will be an excellent investment in 2023. Also, it is the best housing Society in the twin cities. It offers a luxurious and secure environment. More, it is in a prime area of the twin cities. It is also well-connected to essential sites.

So, it is a great choice for both cities’ residents. Still, it is a developing process. The prices of the plots are affordable now. Soon, it will rise as property prices increase rapidly in the country. That will give the buyers the most profits.

Likewise, it has lavish amenities that meet the people’s needs. There is foolproof security here. Too it has great investment potential. Lastly, It is the best option for buyers of the twin cities. Contact Ghafari Marketing to get the perfect deal here.

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