Blue World City General Block Phase 2


Blue World City is a master-planned massive housing Society. Plus, it is in the close vicinity of Islamabad city. It is on Chakri Road. Also, It is on over an area of 5,000 acres. It has 10 sectors. Besides, the Society offers a large number of plots for sale. Likewise, it has housing and commercial plots too. Society has many attractions. That’s why, only in 5 years, it becomes the best housing project in the twin cities.

The exciting news is that the developers have launched the new block. More, it is an extension of General Block. Most of all, it is the most affordable block in the Society. Now, Blue World City General Block Phase 2 is available for buyers. Plus, It is a well-planned block. It proposes a category of plots for sale.

The General Block Phase 2 is a great investment opportunity. More, it is for those looking for a lavish and cost-effective lifestyle. The block is in a prime location. Also, The plots are fairly priced. Thus, it makes them a good investment with great gain.

Developers and Owners

Its developers are the Blue Group of Companies and the Imperium Group of Companies. Also, BGC is a leading real estate development firm in Pakistan. It has a portfolio of over 100 projects. More, IGC is a diversified firm. The firm works on property, education, and healthcare.

The developers have a track of giving massive projects. Also, They have developed some of the most iconic projects in Pakistan. More, they aim to make this project a world-class housing Society. So that, they have a clear vision for the project. Thus, they are confident that it will be a major success. The project is safe for putting money into it.

NOC Status of Blue world City General Block Phase 2

The RDA approved the General Block Phase 2 NOC on December 20, 2021. The NOC is a critical document that allows a project to operate. Also, It ensures that the Society meets all the relevant standards. Besides, after thoroughly reviewing the project’s plans and documents, the RDA issued its NOC.

Blue World City NOC

The approval of the NOC is a significant milestone for the General Block Phase 2. So, it paves the way for the development of the block and the sale of plots to buyers. The block will be fully complete by 2025.

Location and Map

The General Block Phase 2 location is the most intriguing aspect. Also, It is on the Northern Avenue of the project. A short distance from the main boulevard. More, the detailed map will be released soon. But, it is an appealing spot. It is parallel to the M2 Motorway. Soon, there will be a Blue World City Interchange. That will make it more accessible.

Blue World City Location Map

Master Plan

There will be a unique range of plots for sale in the General Block phase 2. More, its layout has similar facilities as the other blocks. So, it means it is going to be a superb lavish block. Further, there will be an option for homes and business plots.

Besides, Blue World City General Block Phase 2 master offers improved lifestyles. It will have many green areas. Thus, people can relax and walk in a serene place. Plus, the security here will be top-notch.

Blue Word City Master Plan

Residential Plots

The General Block phase 2 residential plots offer the highest possible facilities. Also, buyers will be able to get their dream investment opportunity here. More, it has plot prices that are fine. Plus, there are installment plans. They are up to global standards. Thus, it will help buyers get the most comfortable living place. It is a good setting for the homes. Most of all, it offers various sizes for homes.

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There is a vast space for commercial properties here. Also, that will assist in the creation of investment opportunities. That will be a great deal in the long run. Besides, the quality features will make launching any kind of business possible. It will ensure its success. Thus, buyers will get a high ROI here. Already many buyers have taken the full reward from investing in the Society. Now, it offers the same chance to new buyers. So, it is an excellent time to take it. The sizes of the plots are

  • 5 Marla

Payment Plan

The Blue World City General Block Phase 2 payment plan is also in the buyers’ reach. Also, there are installment plans too. That makes the plot’s prices low. Even, the buyers will have access to extensive all the modern facilities. Still, at an unmatched cost. The detailed prices of the plots are

Residential Plots Payment Plan

        • 5 Marla housing plot is for Rs 1,490,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 149,000/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 14,900/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 93,125/-.
  • 8 Marla housing plot is for Rs 1,915,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 191,500/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 19,150/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 119,688/-.
  • 10 Marla housing plot is for Rs 2,290,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 229,000/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 22,900/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 143,125/-.
  • 1 Kanal housing plot is for Rs 4,290,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 429,000/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 42,900/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 268,125/-.
  • 2 Kanal housing plot is for Rs 8,300,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 830,000/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 83,000/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 518,750/-.

Commercial Plot Payment Plan

5 Marla commercial plot is for Rs 9,000,000/-. More, the downpayment is Rs 900,000/-. Plus, the 40 monthly installment is Rs 90,000/-. Last, 8 half-yearly installment is Rs 562,500/-.

Development Status

The BWC General Block Phase 2 phase is progressing well. Also, The infrastructure is almost complete. The roads are also underway. Plus, water, gas, and electricity connections are already in place.

The construction of the plots and villas is underway. Soon, it will be ready. Thus, now is the most desirable time to invest. The prices here are low. That makes it perfect to build a home in the area close to Islamabad city.

Why Invest In Blue World City General Block Phase 2

There will be many reasons to invest in the new Phase of the Blue World City. Again, the buyers already invested in the Society knew its potential. Also, now the buyers have a chance to expand their investment. Most of all, this new block has the same features. More, it is affordable. So, more buyers can get this option. Here are some more reasons

Strategic Location

Phase 2 is in perfect vicinity. Also, it offers easy access to major highways. Besides, It is a few minutes from the New Islamabad International Airport. The economic hub CPEC route is also close to it. So, that makes it an attractive investment option.

Development Potential

As a new phase, it presents significant development potential. Also, it is a project of reputed developers. So, investing in this phase allows buyers to be part of the early stages. Thus, it will benefit them from future appreciation in property value.

Modern Amenities

General Block Phase 2 will provide a modern and comfortable life. More, it will have the same or better amenities as the other blocks. As it has more advancement from the. Besides, it will enhance the lifestyle. But, also affect the value of the investment.

Top Amenities

High Investment Returns

Investing in Phase 2 offers the potential for attractive returns. As the project progresses and demand increases. Plus, property values will go higher in the future. It will give a high ROI to the buyers.

Future Growth Potential

Islamabad and its surrounding areas are experiencing rapid urbanization and economic growth. So, it is the area that will benefit from this growth. In fact, that makes it an ideal investment opportunity for now. Also, there will be new routes in the area. Likewise, the Blue World interchange and Rawalpindi Ring Road are in the process. It will make its prices higher. Thus, it will also give more value to the project.


The Blue World City General Block is the new addition to the project. Most of all, it will provide buyers with the finest possible living standards. That is parallel to the global level. Also, it has many plots for sale.

That will allow them to live sustainably. The prices here are so affordable. More, it is in a place close to the twin cities. It is vast perks. Now, it has a lot of growing potential. So, it will be the most significant investment in the area. Last, visit Ghafari Marketing for the latest news.

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