Blue World City Islamabad

Introduction to Blue World City

Blue World City Islamabad is a modern-style residential Housing Society on Chakri Road, near the New International Airport of Islamabad. This remarkable Society provides the most beneficial investment in residential and commercial properties, affordable flats, serene villas and elegant farmhouses with various feasible Blue World City payment plans.

The Blue World City has located on the M2 (Islamabad-Lahore) Motorway. Within a short time, the Blue World City has become the most successful Society in the twin cities, with all the essential conveniences to the life-size duplicates of famous monuments like the Burj Al Arab of Dubai. Moreover, the business routes like CPEC and the International Airport in Islamabad are the main factors behind the success of Blue World City Islamabad.

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Owners and Developers of Blue World City

The status of  Blue World City has reached a different level, and there is rarely anyone left in the country who is unaware of the name of this Society. It is the country’s first intended housing project focusing on the rising tourism industry of the country.

Blue Group of Companies(BGC) is the proud Blue World City owners and developers of this excellent residential project. Blue World City has also managed by Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, a well-reputed Chinese company. This residential plan is advantageous near the highway’s Chakri Interchange and the recently built proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Blue World City Islamabad has owned by Mr Saad Nazir. Additionally, the BGC is one of Pakistan’s biggest companies, employing over 300 individuals in various capacities. It also begins by providing structure planning and design practices to its essential part of the team, rapidly earning a market share.

Owners and Developers Blue World City

Previous Projects of BGC

The BGC is Pakistan’s most prominent property development firm. When it first began, it aimed to provide building concepts and construction operations. Because of the high quality of its services, the corporation quickly established a trusting connection with shareholders. The organization has significant roots in property investment, commerce, and information technology. The corporation also owns several clothing companies.

The BGC consists of a varied range of businesses, such as the following

  • Blue Media
  • The Blue Palms
  • Blue Brick
  • Arti mix
  • Blue Properties
  • Mart Blue
  • Blue Technologies
  • Brands Square

NOC Of  Blue World City Rawalpindi

Blue World City NOC Approved Number

Acquiring a NOC is the most challenging issue for any residential development venture. It also represents one of the most pressing concerns

shared by many people. So here’s some exciting news: The Blue World City has received a legally granted NOC from the Regional Council.

Blue World City NOC received approval from RDA under Letter No. RDA/MP&TF/F PHS-PTR-10/148. Eventually, the four hundred twenty-seven Kanal zone gained approval from the appropriate authorities.


Then, in 2018, an application for a further 5 000 Kanal purchases was submitted and authorized following a lengthy procedure. As a result, anyone can now invest in this fantastic enterprise without any reservations.

NOC Notification Blue World

Location and Map

The region of any dwelling endeavor determines the accessibility of every need of the purchaser. The twin cities and the rest of the country are easily accessible from the Blue World City Islamabad location and map.

The Blue World City location is advantageous because it is the nearest to the planned Rawalpindi Ring Road of all the nearby prospective residential societies. Blue World City has four separate entries, making it a place that owner-occupiers in twin cities can rely on and cherish. The project’s geographical location gives it the top pick for any buyer, as they show interest in  Blue World City Islamabad map.

Location Map of Blue World City

How To Access

The Blue World Islamabad location map makes it clear that it provides a luxurious way of life separate from the commotion of the city. The Blue World City development also offers one of the more practical entrance points from the twin cities.

  • Developed at Chakri Road
  • 3 minutes away from the Sihal, Pind Malhu, Rawalpindi
  • 13 minutes from Race Club, Rawalpindi
  • 13 minutes from Chakro Toll Plaza, Rawalpindi
  • 21 minutes from Qurtaba City, Punjab
  • 29 minutes from Rawalpindi Hunting Club, Punjab
  • 30 minutes from Capital City, Islamabad
  • 31 minutes from the International Airport of Islamabad
  • 32 minutes from the Rawalpindi
  • 33 minutes from Khanial Homes
  • 48 minutes from National Highway N-5, Rawalpindi
  • 57 minutes from the Rawat, Islamabad
  • 60 minutes from the Saddar, Rawalpindi

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Society’s strategic placement on the main Chakri Road and the most awaited-for proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road makes this Society the ideal place for dwelling in the twin cities. The nearby sites and landmarks around the Blue World City Location map are

Blue World City Islamabad Infrastructure

By developing duplicates of contemporary world landmarks, the administration of the Society is delivering on its commitment to become the first intended tourism city in Pakistan. The goal of building this tourist destination is to construct a concept dedicated to giving foreign visitors and travelers access to conveniences and enjoyment on a global scale.

Despite its beautiful green districts and outstanding features, Islamabad needs exciting new tourist attractions. Large-scale tourist attractions have long been in demand, including theme parks, sports stadiums, and artistic facilities.

To overcome this gap in the tourism industry, the developers have developed a new initiative called the Blue World City in Islamabad. This growing tourist hotspot in Islamabad is creating the foundation to alter the local tourism industry with a diversity of unique specialized attractions.

Infrastructural Development Blue World City

Blue Mosque In Blue World City

After successfully implementing some well-known tourist sites worldwide, the administration laid the groundwork to build one of the most recognizable mosque structures in the Muslim world, the Imitation of Masjid in Istanbul. The replica will be as stunning as the original and arouse the same religious emotions. The area’s most magnificent place of worship will be the “Blue Mosque” within Blue World City.

Following the administration, the imitation of the Blue Mosque will have erected in the middle of the Blue World Rawalpindi. The developers have built it in the vicinity of the General Block. The Blue World Mosque’s location suggests that it will be easily reachable from all parts of the city. Moreover, it will be in a prominent spot to attract visitors.

Blue Mosque Replica

Significant Features of Blue World City Blue Mosque

the developers have developed the magnificent Blue Mosque on hundred and four Kanal of land, with a coverage area comparable to that of the former mosque and a setting that evokes the same sense of awe and lovely religious experience as the original Blue Mosque in Istanbul. A group of skilled planners, builders, and artisans recreated the classic craftsmanship with the same enthusiasm as they built the Blue Mosque.

 Coverage Area

A land area of roughly 43494 square meters will be devoted to the Blue Mosque imitation. It is a superb example of the beauty and excellence of Muslim engineering and architecture. The building will resemble the historic Istanbul mosque in architecture and color.

The Blue World City Islamabad Blue Mosque’s floor level occupies 7946 square meters of the general area. In addition, the builders have allocated 5018.52 square meters underground to accommodate large crowds and conduct various religious events.

Elegant and Roomy Interior

Blue World City Rawalpindi management has hired a group of famous designers to recreate the Blue Mosque. Moreover, the authorities have mandated that the structure of the enormous mosque receive special attention.

Thus, the architecture of the Blue Mosque would be breathtaking. In addition to their stunning design, the chambers of the Masjids have expanded by five thousand worshipers to accommodate fifteen thousand.

Wide Gardens And Courtyards

The renowned Blue World City Rawalpindi Blue Mosque replica will have six religious symbols, eight small domes, and five large domes. Based on the Blue Mosque blueprint, the developers have constructed 35548 square meters of the expansive garden outside the Blue World City’s large mosque.

Burj Al Arab

The magnificent new community will include a replica of Dubai’s iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. There won’t be nearly as much height, but everything else will be the same. Multiple first-rate establishments, from concert halls to offices, will be housed in the “Burj Al Arab” at Blue World City.

In addition, a 300-foot replica of the Burj al Arab will stand in the community’s commercial Hub. The 119-foot Mall and the company offices will be part of this monument, as will the executive penthouse homes, sky-view skyscrapers, and sky-view buildings.

On July 19, 2020, the government inaugurated a fake Burj Al Arab. Platinum associates of Society, real estate investment devotees first from twin cities, and representatives of the media were in attendance, as were the senior officials of the consortium.

The platinum associates also gave speeches, and Saad Nazir handed out the proper paperwork at the event. The Burj Al Arab would have positioned in the Society’s economic core, just ahead of the Overseas Block. The Society’s planners intentionally selected this location so that residents of every corner of the community could benefit from it.

Replica of Burj Al Arab at Blue World City

Significant Features of the Burj Al Arab

Another accomplishment for the administration of Blue World City and a commitment kept is the timely opening of a Burj al Arab Islamabad facsimile. Due to its excellent location, quick delivery, and top-notch quality, the management has explored projects and production by developers of all sizes. So start to put your funds to good use right away.

Upscale Restaurants

One of the more outstanding features of this fantastic business venture is the reality that it will have Burj Al Arab dining. Due to its open layout, the cafe will serve delicious food and offer breathtaking vistas.

Modern Conveniences

First, from beginning to end, The imitation will be a work of architectural genius. Depositors are gushing about the Burj Al Arab amenities. Every aspect of the tower, from the escalators to the inside, is of the most outstanding caliber. When completed, the center of the Burj Al Arab seemed like any other global commercial hub.

Aviation Platform

The head office for The BGC will have located in Burj. It will therefore have a base for an aircraft so that essential attendees can quickly arrive.

Water Themed-Park

The Park’s developers have 70,000 square metres of hilly slopes and natural curves to work with, making for a more exciting and adventurous theme park. For a fun day with the kids, check out Blue World City Water Theme Park, which has a playground and numerous popular fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, KFC, Subway, Domino’s, and more!

Top Attractions at the Water Park, Blue World

Blue World City Islamabad hopes to build a world-class Water Theme Park to attract more tourists. A visit to this Park will be unlike any other, as it will have state-of-the-art facilities. As BWC Rawalpindi’s centerpiece, this project is highly prioritized and has expected to move quickly.

Mr Hamza Amir, Manager of BWC Water Theme Park, said this project would help the Pakistani economy and provide jobs for locals. Pakistan’s financial sector has expanded due to the influx of foreign investment. A breakdown of the critical components of this mind-blowing entertainment endeavor follows.

Water Theme Park

The executive team at Blue World City has comprised of seasoned water park professionals. A theme park manager is one of the most senior employees and oversees all operations, from building new rides to repairing old ones. In addition to performers, the blue world team also sought the support of checkout clerks at the front gate and workers at concession stands, parkland cafes, and gift stores.

Medical Assistance

The BWC Islamabad water park has a hospital and other emergency facilities in case of injury or illness. Moreover,  Injuries, including broken bones, paralysis, and even quadriplegia, can result from a fall, although they are not incurable. Therefore, in a severe medical emergency, the administration must act promptly to ensure that the patient receives timely and effective care.

Medical facilities


Visitors to water parks will have a fantastic time. Thus, parents want to ensure their kids are safe from harm. The water park’s management watches over the cleanliness of the restrooms, the cleanliness of rides, and the cleanliness of the food stands. A computerized warning network is set up in an emergency to notify the appropriate people.

Best Enjoyment Spot

Blue World Water Park is a fantastic vacation spot if your family needs a change of scenery. The winding water slides and glistening blue water will instantly put you in a better mood. In addition, you can go on as many water activities as you wish without paying extra. It means it’s a perfect weekend getaway from the sweltering heat of the summer.

Enjoyment Spot

Islamabad’s residential expansion will have significantly facilitated by the installation of the Blue World City Water Theme Park. As a bonus, the Park would give Islamabad’s residents somewhere to go that’s both relaxing and enjoyable. As a bonus, it will bring people together and provide a beautiful picnic location away from the bustle of everyday life. Attractive attractions like those found at Blue World City’s water park also help boost tourism.

Blue World City Tallest Horse Mascot

The Kelpies, the most prominent sculptures of horses, are found in Falkirk, Scotland. For Scotland’s horse-powered industrial past, mascots measuring 30 meters in height had placed along the M9 Highway in April 2014. But what are these kelpies? Scottish tradition describes a watery ghost called a kelpie. Kelpies resemble horses but are more like dogs, supposedly lurking in waterways. Scottish tradition values these mascots for the reasons they represent. However, many people visit Scotland merely to gaze at the majestic architecture.

The Blue World City Rawalpindi has begun construction on not just a duplicate of the Burj Al Arab but also one of the world’s most significant Horse Mascot replica buildings. The goal is to make it a destination for visitors. People from all around the globe, including Pakistan, are flocking to see these mascots.

The Blue World City horse mascot will stand at a towering 125 feet tall. The Horse Mascots, located near Central Avenue, will stun and amaze passersby with their regal presence and captivating impact when the sculptures have illuminated at night and are viewable from the Rawalpindi Motorway.

Blue World City Horse Mascot


Features of tallest horse Mascot

The fantastic features of the blue world city horse mascot are

Museum or Art Gallery

The new artworks will have at a museum. You may take the kids there to see works by numerous famous artists.

Famous Eateries

A line of restaurants like Second Cup Coffee is waiting to secure space in this prime location. Investors stand a good chance of reaping hefty returns on their capital, thanks to Blue World City. Shopping Malls

Horse mascots are beautiful creatures, each with unique qualities to give. The administration is also in talks to open the finest shopping centers at Blue World City, making it a desirable destination for families visiting Islamabad.

Second Cup Coffee

Blue World City’s equine icons will serve as more than just decorative statues. Tourists can congregate around these sculptures. The company’s leadership has already launched a globally recognized coffee chain under a single mascot.

The administration threw a party for its platinum members and consumers, to which they extended invitations from all around Pakistan. Second Cup Coffee Global’s CEO, Mr Jim Ragas, opened the store.

Blue World City’s expansion and development have sparked much interest and debate. The administration’s ultimate goal is to create a destination attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors and investors.

However, it would not have been feasible without Mr Saad Nazir and the rest of the Blue Group of Companies’ commitment to the future. Quickly after opening, “Second Cup Coffee,” a coffee shop with horse mascots, was overrun with visitors looking to enjoy a pleasant beverage. It is solid evidence that BWC’s housing development will be a smashing success in the not-too-distant future.

second cup coffee blue world city

Rumi Square

Jalal ud Din Mohammad Rumi, a great Persian intellectual and saint, lived in the 13th century. He revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge with his fresh approach. The many visitors to Rumi’s tomb in Konya attest to the poet’s widespread appeal.

The sculpture of the famous saint in a revolving swirl stance is in the centre of what is now called Maulana Rumi Square, among the city’s main squares. The mystique of this 70-foot-tall illuminated artwork will fascinate the audience.

Night Safari

The Blue World City will be the site of Pakistan’s first-ever night safari. Actual excitement and thrills had been added to the Night Safari, the zoo, creating the image of a jungle kingdom. In addition, their exceptional placement boosts the attractiveness of the modern buildings in a secluded, secure area.

For the very first moment in Pakistan’s history, you will be able to observe a wide range of animals after dark, including the unique nocturnal fauna. Consequently, visitors will have the chance to interact with exotic creatures such as tigers, elephants, alligators, antelopes, gazelle, bears, hyenas, wolves, llamas, and numerous others.

Hotel Torch

This unique hotel in Doha, the Torch Hotel, is in a building that looks like a torch. It has a rotating cafe and a beautiful panorama of the city. It also has a pool that goes on forever, a fitness club, and a beauty salon.

At Torch Hotel, all rooms have air conditioning, a mini-mart, and a private bathroom. The room also has a light temperament structure with 12 different colors. All of them are nice, stylishly modern, and have free Wi-Fi. You can also get brunch daily at the pricey Trying to fly Carpet restaurant. In addition, visitors can visit different kinds of Italian pasta or prepared foods from the Mediterranean for the dinner party.

Hotel Torch at Blue World City

Villaggio Mall

The Villaggio shopping and entertainment area are inside Aspire Zone. It is a contrast between the many options and what people want. So many choices range from cheap to comfortable. Villaggio Mall will have a one-stop, family-friendly place to get everything from clothes to jewels, quick bites to long dinners, and movies to theme parks.

The Mall has split into two parts: one is for middle-class shoppers and looks like a stylish shopping center in the United States, and the other is for rich people and has high-end clothing and beauty brands. The architectural style of the Villaggio Strip Mall, a retail and entertainment sophisticated Venetian style, makes it one of the most exciting shopping malls in the Inlet.

The enclosed canal and a few valuable chairlifts that move people through the Mall are the things that make it stand out. Under Villaggio’s counterfeit sky, bridges over waterways lead to odd royal poses. Nevertheless, there is no doubt that the scene is beautiful.

Residents of BWC Sports Valley will get a copy of the renowned Villaggio Mall in Qatar, a tourist spot for people in twin cities and Pakistan.

The Largest Cricket Stadium in Pakistan

When it concerns cricket, no country is more passionate than Pakistan. Therefore, blue World City’s leadership recognizes an opportunity to expand the quality of life for the individuals of Pakistan by building the world’s most enormous Cricket Stadium.

The administration intends to develop a stadium with a capacity of 55,000 or more, making it the “Pakistan Biggest Cricket Stadium.” The stadium will be an ultramodern structure with cutting-edge automation systems. In addition, the stadium and surrounding grounds will be equipped with the newest amenities to allow the locals and tourists recreational opportunities.

Cricket Stadium blue world city

Forces School Campus

It’s almost time to open for business, as building on the franchise of Forces School has nearly finished. In addition, the administration has started accepting applications for enrollment at the “Forces School first campus” in Blue World City. As a result, everyone in the area, not just those who live there, will benefit from the educational opportunities made available by this institution.

Forces School Campus blue world city

Blue World City Master Plan

Blue World City Islamabad’s master plan has based on the premise that Pakistan and China may work together for the benefit of their respective peoples. You won’t find another development like this in the Twin Cities or Pakistan.

As the CPEC project develops and ties improve, more and more Chinese citizens are considering making Pakistan their second home. Only BWC has this service available for our Chinese guests at the moment. The twin cities’ real estate markets are enthusiastic about the future and forecast good investment returns, which has boosted the housing society’s portfolio returns.

Several buildings make up Blue World City, and any investment in them will yield returns far exceeding the investor’s wildest dreams. The following are examples of building blocks:

Blue World City Master Plan

Overseas Block

A Blue World City Overseas Block has been built for Pakistanis working and living overseas and accommodating Chinese nationals. Pakistanis now working or studying abroad who wish to invest and subsequently construct a home in Pakistan will find this Block well-suited to their needs.

It has all the perks of a luxury community behind locked gates. If you’re interested in learning more about buying in the area, a representative from Ghafari Marketing would be happy to speak with you.

The Overseas Block in Blue World City Islamabad is the crowning achievement of this remarkable real estate venture. Only Pakistanis working or living abroad who have achieved a higher economic status and appreciate finer things can reside in the Overseas Block.

Some residential and business parcels in the Overseas Block has claimed on a first-come, first-serve first-served basis. Putting money into a poll for a Blue World City Overseas Block will yield massive returns.

Overseas Block Location Map

Overseas Block Islamabad has conveniently located near Chakri Road, and its residents will have access to the Society’s main gate. In the next two years, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will connect Blue World City Islamabad to the M-2 Motorway and the city of Islamabad. Its handy and desirable location lures local and international investors to the project.

The developers have established Overseas Block to cater to Pakistanis’ needs in other countries who wish to invest in Pakistan. The issue of fraud is the biggest impediment for overseas investors. That Overseas Block is not a fraud, but a viable investment opportunity in Rawalpindi is good news.

This building has everything an ex-pat would need to feel at home while living in a foreign country. This infrastructure makes for a pleasant way of life. The residents of Overseas Block also have easy access to the M-2 Motorway, the Rawalpindi Ring Road, and Chakri Road (RRR).

 Overseas Blocks Master plan

The Overseas Block ensures a high standard of living by providing for all of the basics. Luxury amenities abound in Blue World city Islamabad, making it a desirable place to live. The locals have their unique requirements met, and their evenings were more enjoyable thanks to the establishment of an amazing entertainment facility.

The Overseas building also features a modest golf club, a popular destination for many locals and tourists. The country club, which boasts a beautiful setting next to a blue and green lake, has been allotted a big chunk of land. Even more impressive are the school and gallery, which have never been included in Pakistani housing before. Plots for sale in an Overseas block of Blue World City Islamabad are

Residential Plots

  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla

General Block

Construction of the General Block To describe it, the developers of Blue World City General Block will revolutionize the property market. It’s a win-win for investors since they get a comfortable living and a leg up in the money department.

Blue World City’s General Block has exceptionally reasonable prices for plots. It was one of the first blocks ever produced by the BWC Rawalpindi. Most of the stated pre-launch amenities have begun rolling out, and development is presently 70% complete.

The building will have the most up-to-date conveniences and services per upper management’s decision. Attractive pricing has piqued the curiosity of investors in this section.

Moreover, this Block is great for financial gain and the tenants’ quality of life. The “Blue World City General Block” was created to meet the demand for affordable luxury housing. This area also contains a high concentration of office spaces that will maximize your investment’s return.

Blue World City General Block

 General Block Owners & Developers

BGCs are constructing General Block under the guiding hand of Mr Saad Nazir. This management firm has commissioned the most illustrious development company in Chinese, Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company, to establish Blue World City.

The Chinese company has already started working on this domestic project. The BGC was founded in 1989 to provide high-quality design and construction. Since then, they have sped through many excellent initiatives and set a new standard for commercial excellence.

General Blocks Location Map

The General Block is critical to the Blue World City because it enhances the visual appeal of every day living there. The only objective is to provide state-of-the-art conveniences at competitive pricing.

Lush green side streets, parks, paved roadways, well-planned facilities, well-lit dwellings, and isolation assist people who desire to live comfortably yet economically. It’s easy to see why Blue World City Islamabad General Block would be so popular, thanks to the location map.

General Block Master plan

The Block provides a comfortable lifestyle by covering all of life’s essentials. BWC  Islamabad offers a high standard of living with all of its high-end services and amenities. As a result, the locals’ specific needs have been satisfied, and they’ve had a far better time relaxing and having fun in the evenings.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 5-Marla

Waterfront Block

The Blue World City Waterfront Block is the newest building to be constructed as part of the BWC project. Residents may relax and enjoy the scenic views of the river and the quiet neighborhood. Near Rawalpindi and Islamabad, you might get to your workplace in a few minutes.

Everyone’s needs will have without ever leaving the town, as all necessary personal and mercantile services are readily available. If you stay within the bounds of civilization, you’ll have easy access to even cutting-edge medical care. The leadership is delivering on its pledge to make this community the first planned city in Pakistan. As a result, the value of the housing complex has reached its full potential.

Blue World City’s Waterfront developers have designed with a lake in mind, so its inhabitants can enjoy the city’s tranquilly and high standards of living. Numerous entertainment venues are also in the works. In addition, there will be a lake with floating restaurants, water sports, a walk, and many more tourist attractions.

Blue World Waterfront Block

Waterfront District Location Map

Location-wise, the Waterfront District of Blue World City couldn’t be better. The Waterfront District of Blue World City Rawalpindi is conveniently located near the Chakri Road and Interchange, making it easy to reach from both Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, it is a quick and straightforward journey from the Islamabad International Airport or the M2  Motorway.

Waterfront District Master Plan

The Block builders offer an accessible way of living by providing for all of one’s basic needs. The luxurious facilities and services at BWC Islamabad waterfront district contribute to a superior quality of life. Since the locals are satisfied and enjoying a much better time. Plots for sale in this Block of BWC Islamabad

Residential Plots

  • 6-Marla
  • 12-Marla
  • 18-Marla

Blue World City Islamabad Shoib Akhtar Enclave

Blue World City Shoaib Akhtar Enclave launching ceremony was in Doha, Qatar. Also, it has held on March 19, 2023. Shoaib Akhtar is the chief guest of the function. Besides, this collaboration will improve the image of the Sports Valley.

Shoaib Akhtar is now a brand ambassador of Blue World City. Besides, it is the growing housing project in Rawalpindi. It is a premium block. Society has famous developers. So, they designed it to international standards. Also, Society is on 60,000 Kanal of land. All social classes have the opportunity to invest here.

Awami Block

The Awami Residential Apartments Compound provides affordable private housing to middle-class and low-income individuals and families in the greater Seattle area. It works in tandem with Pakistan’s prime minister and his NPHS.

The partnership of BGC supports equalizing access to the public and private sectors. The Awami Residence Complex, with its motto “A Place to Live for Every Family,” is an intentional effort to alleviate the housing crisis in Pakistan by offering affordable, high-quality community housing.

This development will become the most sought-after spot in Pakistan thanks to its abundance of services and amenities. Peace and cutting-edge design will blend seamlessly at the Awami complex. The Awami Residential Complex developers have designed to give its residents everything they need, including a spotless, pollution-free place to call home.

The Forces School System, managed by a group of former high-ranking military officers, is committed to providing a first-rate education to its students. The Awami Complex is wired for electricity and includes a hospital that is operational around the clock.

Location on Multan Road, near the NFC Main Road Interchange, means easy access to all the city offers. Because of the development’s proximity to the industrial district, inhabitants of the Awami Residential Complex will also have a wide range of employment opportunities available to them.

Blue World City Awami

 Awami Complex Location Map

The best location for the Awami Residential Complex is near Blue World City on the main M2 Motorway. All of Rawalpindi and Islamabad’s tourist hotspots are within easy reach. The modern conveniences and services that define upscale community living are abundant at Awami Complex Islamabad, a secure neighborhood. Islamabad and Lahore are both getting their versions of this residential complex.

Moreover, this development will occur near the Lahore Ring Road, close to the Great Multan Road. Dubai-based specialists have developed the blueprints for this endeavor. Investors and occupants of the Awami Residential Complex will benefit significantly from the building’s prime location.

Awami Complex Master Plan

The builders and proprietors of this community have been up all night working to make it the best possible place to live. Developers have separated the entire building into apartments of varying sizes. Looking at the Awami Complex Masterplan, you’ll see all the reasons to invest money into this venture.


Studio apartments in this high-end building will help people to improve their standard of living while also allowing them to experience luxury on a tighter budget. The kitchen and bathroom in these 375-square-foot apartments will be private.

Studios and One-Bedrooms

A small family would do very well in 550 square feet of this lovely space. Attached to this space will be a kitchen and bathroom, making it ideal for families of four.

Two Bedroom Apartment

This two-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment will have plenty of space for everyone to spread out. A two-bedroom apartment’s entire floor space is 830 square feet.

Duplex Villas

The developers have built this development for the average Pakistani, but it will still be stunning. The Blue World City Awami Villas will serve as an example of affordable luxury. Moreover,  the 675 sq ft of living area in ARC’s duplex villas makes it a great place to call home and enjoy life. BGCs, a prominent Islamabad-based property development firm, is constructing residences in the Awami Residential Complex.

Hollywood Block

World City in Blue Islamabad is currently one of the most well-liked cities in Pakistan. Throughout the country, not just in twin cities.  Blue World City has become the most sought-after residential area. Development on the Blue World City site is proceeding smoothly.

When finished, it will be the most impressive structure in Islamabad. Blue World City Hollywood Block is a new addition to the development. Due to the overwhelming popularity of the city’s General and Overseas Hollywood Block Location Map

The Hollywood Block symbolizes Blue World City’s developers’ commitment to providing reasonably priced, high-quality housing. The BGCs and the Imperium Group of Companies founded the Blue World City housing organization.

The area is conveniently located next to Chakri Road and not far from the M-2 Motorway. Blue World City Islamabad’s General Block comes first, but the Hollywood Block, located just next to Gates 1 and 2, will give you a taste of the Hollywood

Hollywood Block Master Plan

For those looking for a good lifestyle, The Block has everything a person might want or need within its walls. Also, BWC’s Hollywood block’s exquisite amenities and services enhance Islamabad’s high standard of living. Since then, the developers have addressed the inhabitants’ specific needs, and life has significantly improved for them. Plots for sale in this Block of BWC Islamabad

Residential Plots

  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal

Executive Block

Blue World City has had a lot of success in the Islamabad and Lahore property markets. Investors and potential tenants of Executive Block in Blue World City will benefit from the building’s services. People in BWC Islamabad would gladly pay a premium to live in this remarkable building. When completed, BWC will make real estate history in Pakistan by being the first city in the country explicitly designed with tourists in mind.

The developers have planned every aspect of the infrastructure to ensure the finest possible quality of life for residents. This development has a wide selection of plot sizes, making it an attractive option for buyers. Because BWC is still in the early stages of development, any money invested will pay off.

Executive Block Developers

BWC, the most cutting-edge and futuristic new locality in Pakistan, will have several exact reproductions of famous landmarks from the modern world. Moreover, they plan to offer high-end amenities in a secure environment.

They have also shown it with a comprehensive design that prioritizes both convenience and luxury. Blue, a group of companies, built Executive Block. Developers also received assistance from the Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company.

Executive Block Master Plan

The master plan of executive block contain different sizes of plots which include 5, 10, 20 Marla Plot with affordable and easy installment plan.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 20-Marla

Sports Valley

Blue World City’s Sports Valley Block developers have designed and built to accommodate a wide range of sporting activities for locals and tourists alike. As a result, the level and quality of sporting events available to residents will be unprecedented.

The project’s site provides an excellent environment to promote sports and tourism in Pakistan. In addition, a cricket-only stadium seating 55,000 fans will have built.

Residential and commercial developments will surround this world-class cricket stadium. In addition, the Sports Valley Block will feature a bowling alley, a gym, cycling tracks, hiking trails, eco-friendly theme parks, foosball courts, handball, basketball, hockey, a gym, and a sports complex.

Blue World City’s newest district is the sports valley. As the first tourist city, its builders have worked hard on its expansion and quick land transformation. To deliver on their word, developers introduced the sports valley block this time. The installation of the world’s largest cricket stadium to BWC is a testament to this Society’s high quality of life.

Blue World Sports Valley Block

Sports Valley Developers

The developers have recreated some of the most recognizable sites of the contemporary age in perfect detail in BWC, Pakistan’s most cutting-edge and modern new community. In addition, they intend to provide safety with premium services.

They’ve demonstrated this with a wholly practical and luxurious layout. Moreover, the BGC has designed and created the Sports Valley. The Shah Jian Municipal Engineering Company also provided support to the construction team.

Sports Valley NOC

After being reviewed and certified by the RDA, the Blue World City NOC can operate legally. In addition, the Rawalpindi District Council, through letter no. 532/10/DC has granted Blue World City legal and recognized status

Sports Valley Master Plan

The developers have planned the BWC Sports Valley Master Plan with great attention. The developers have created the Master plan with the people’s every residential and commercial necessity in mind.

Commercially, Villaggio Mall, the biggest Cricket stadium, and the Torch Hotel will anchor the Block. From a residential perspective, we have residential plots that are

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Blue Hill Farms

BWC Blue Hills Country Farms, a glamorous rural way of life, is brought to life in this Society. Blue Hills Country Farms is a corporate farm housing estate where you can buy a modern farmhouse. Along Chakri Road is a fertile area that would be an excellent place for a farm where people can spend their vacations away from the busy city.

Blue Hill Country Farms

Blue Hills Country Farms Location

Blue Hills Country Farms is the most convenient place to live and spend money, connected to the M2 Motorway and easy to reach from the International Airport in Islamabad. Also, the proposal includes a neighborhood with eco-friendly housing provision, urban farming, and the comforts of city life.

Plot Sizes 

  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal
  • 12-Kanal
  • 16-Kanal

Blue World City School Avenue

Blue World City School Avenue Commercial properties with a one-year payment plan are available on School Avenue.

School Avenue Location

This Block is in the scheme’s General sector-1. This community is among the most popular places to live in Islamabad, which has been built only on the M2 Motorway. The residential development will be Pakistan’s first city made for tourists and feature the work of well-known architects worldwide.

Commercial Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla

Serene Villas

Blue World City Serene Villas is a project that aims to give Pakistanis from the middle class a high-quality life. It suggests some projects in Islamabad that sell homes at reasonable prices. By doing things this way, people can keep up a certain level of living within the limits of what they can afford.

Location of Serene Villas

Location of Serene Villas aside from having things that are advantageous for the environment, the region has a peaceful feel. Some features are dense forests full of green tree branches and lakes with beautiful views. Also, the echo of the water moving through the lakes gives the everyday walk a magical feel.

The BWC Villas map shows that this scheme is on Chakri Road. Since the Rawalpindi Connection Road is under construction, you must go a long way to get to the BWC Awami Villas. On top of that, it is right next to the New Islamabad  Airport. This property is still on but close to the M2  Motorway. You can get to several other housing communities and famous sites from Blue World City Villas.

Orbital Flat

Blue World city’s Orbital Flats offer an unparalleled level of luxury. If you wish to be charmed by magnificent nature nonstop, the sole, flat option in the country may be preferable. The 208-foot-wide orbital highway developers have lined with its lush vegetation, well-maintained gardens, the tallest horse mascot in the world, and a host of other increased entertainment and comforts.

The concept of luxury is difficult to find in Pakistan due to the high cost of living. In addition, the Blue World City payment plan  2023 never causes its consumers any stress. Blue World City Real estate is visually gorgeous and generous in size compared to other civilizations.

Orbital Flats Location Map

These flats lie on Chakri Road near the Chakri Interchange. The M-2 Motorway provides quick and straightforward access to them. Plus, you can walk to several of the city’s must-see attractions.

Blue World City Economic Zone

commercial activity, with the CPEC in mind in especially. In keeping with the connotations of its moniker, “Blue World Economic Zone,” the project will have developed with commercial interests in mind.

BWEZ will be the next big thing in the twin cities because it accommodates modern businesses’ needs. The BGC created the BWC Economic Zone to give domestic and international enterprises a place to conduct their operations in peace and safety close to the CPEC corridor.

A five-star hotel close to some of the world’s most famous tourist attractions will make business trips more pleasant. In addition, the site where the developers have BWEZ is strategically essential to Pakistan’s commercial sector. It would serve as Pakistan’s first economic zone specifically for the needs of commercial enterprises.

BWC Economic Zone Map

The location of a real estate development is crucial to its ultimate success. The site chosen by Blue World City is superb. With its convenient placement next to Chakri Road. The world map of the BWC Economic Zone is breathtaking. The road to BWC will also serve as an extension of the CPEC, which creates a wealth of investment possibilities.

The BWC Economic Zone has the best proximity to the CPEC corridor because of its location in Blue World City, adjacent to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. Moreover, because of its proximity to the CPEC infrastructure projects, this commercial Hub has become the most desirable site in Pakistan.

Blue World City Economic Zone

BWEZ’s Master Plan

According to BWEZ’s concept, Bw Economic Zone will be the first privately created economic zone along the CPEC route, offering a one-stop solution in the shape of wholesale centers and warehouses for both international and domestic industries.

Its proximity to the nation’s capital and prominence atop the corridor from Gwadar Port to the khunjerab Bridge – Pakistan-China border will prove helpful to both exporters and importers. As Pakistan’s first purpose-built tourist metropolis, Blue World City would increase tourism in the country and provide a secure place to stay for the many international businesspeople and vacationers that frequently visit Pakistan.

Facilities in BWEZ

The BWEZ developers have designed it to be a place where companies from all over the world may conduct business in peace and safety while using the latest cutting-edge technology. Companies along the CPEC route can conduct productive meetings at the Blue World City.

The government of Blue World City is making significant efforts to strike a balance between peace and safety. Let’s examine what makes the BWC Economic Zone so substantial.

Trade Center

The World Economic Zone will be home to the most cutting-edge commercial Hub, which will revolutionize business as usual. In addition, a retail revolution in Pakistan’s real estate market will have brought about by opening this convention centre.

Convention Center

The Convention Center will serve as the nerve center of the blue economic zone, giving investors boundless opportunities. In addition, constructing a seven-star hotel in the Blue World Economic Zone is expected to entice international businesspeople to shop in Pakistan.

BWEZ Low-Cost and High-End Housing

The Blue World Economic Zone features a 7-star hotel and affordable and high-end housing options. It will be a fantastic chance to live in and resell the home.

The expansion of warehouses, suitable for business owners and retailers, is depicted on the Blue World Economic Zone map.

 Health Care Services

There is nothing the Blue World City Economic Zone does not have. The master concept for this economic zone includes a hospital with all the latest facilities.

Commercial Districts and Shopping Malls

BWEZ will serve as a hub for both commerce and recreation. Because of this, it will be home to many renowned cinemas and shopping malls.

Payment Plan of Blue World City

The builders have Blue World City Islamabad Payment Plan to streamline the purchasing process for residential plots by making it easier for investors to make payments. The developers have divided the online payment plan for Blue World City 2023 into 40 monthly payments and eight payments made every half-quarter. The payment and instalment plans for Blue World City has outlined below, and this detailed blog examines those plans.

Overseas Block Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • The 7 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,925,000/-. The deposit of Rs 192,500/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 96,250/-. The forty installments are Rs 19,250/- and eight half-yearly 96,250/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 2,680,000/-. The deposit of Rs 268,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 134,000/-. The forty installments are Rs 26,800/- and eight half-yearly 134,400/-
  • The 14 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,650,000/-. The deposit of Rs 365,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 182,500/-. The forty installments are Rs 36,500/- and eight half-yearly 182,500/-
  • The 1 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 4,800,000/-. The deposit of Rs 480,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 240,000/-. The forty installments are Rs 48,000/- and eight half-yearly 240,000/-
  • The 2 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 7,700,000/-. The deposit of Rs 770,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 385,000/-. The forty installments are Rs 77,000/- and eight half-yearly 385,000/-

Blue World City Overseas Block Payment Plan

Overseas Block Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 9,400,000/-. The deposit of Rs 940,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 470,000/-. The forty installments are Rs 94,000/- and eight half-yearly 470,000/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 15,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,500,000/-. Moreover, the confirmation is Rs 750,000/-. The forty installments are Rs 150,000/- and eight half-yearly 750,000/-

Blue World City Overseas Commercial Block Payment Plan

General Block Residential Plots Payment Plans

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,290,000/-. The deposit of Rs 119,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 11,900/- and eight half-yearly 74,375/-
  • The 8 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,762,500/-. The deposit of Rs 153,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 15,300/- and eight half-yearly 95,625/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs2,152,500/-. The deposit of Rs 183,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 18,300/- and eight half-yearly 114,375/-
  • The 1 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,630,000/-. The deposit of Rs 343,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 34,300/- and eight half-yearly 214,375/-
  • The 2 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 7,140,000/-. The deposit of Rs 664,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 66,400/- and eight half-yearly 415,000/-

General Block Commercial Plots Payment Plans

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 720,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 72,000/- and eight half-yearly 450,000/-

Blue World City General Block Commercial Plot Payment Plan

Waterfront District Residential Plots payment plans

  • The 6 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 175,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 17,500/- and eight half-yearly 98,438/-
  • The 12 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,150,000/-. The deposit of Rs 315,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 31,500/- and eight half-yearly 177,188/-
  • The 18 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 4,200,000/-. The deposit of Rs 420,000/-. Moreover, the forty installments are Rs 42,000/- and eight half-yearly 236,250/-

Blue World City Waterfront Block Payment Plan

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

  • The 4.5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,080,000/-. The deposit of Rs 87,500/-. Moreover, the confirmation charges are Rs 43,750/- and possession charges are Rs 205,000/-
  • The Studio apartment list price is Rs 1,500,000/-. The down payment is Rs 120,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 10,800/-
  • The Studio apartment list price is Rs 1,500,000/-. The down payment is Rs 120,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 10,800/-
  • The 1 Bedroom apartment list price is Rs 1,800,000/-. The down payment is Rs 150,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 13,500/-
  • The 2 Bedroom apartment list price is Rs 1,900,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 17,100/-
  • The duplex villas of BWC price is 2,700,000/-. The deposit is Rs 240,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 20,400/-
  • The 3 Marla single-storey of BWC is Rs 2,500,000/. So the deposit is Rs 220,000/-. Moreover, the fifty monthly installment is Rs 18,700/-

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

Hollywood Block Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 4,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,125,000/-. Moreover, the twenty monthly installments are Rs 112,500/- and four half-yearly 281,250/-
  • The 1 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,875,000/-. Moreover, the twenty monthly installments are Rs 187,500/- and four half-yearly 468,750/-
  • The 2 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 14,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 3,500,000/-. Moreover, the twenty monthly installments are Rs 350,000/- and four half-yearly 875,000/-
  • The 4 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 26,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 6,500,000/-. Moreover, the twenty monthly installments are Rs 650,000/- and four half-yearly 1,625,000/-

Executive Block Residential Block Payment Plan

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 875,000/-. The deposit of Rs 87,500/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 19,688/- and eight half-yearly 98,438/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 1,675,000/-. The deposit of Rs 167,500/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 37,688/- and eight half-yearly 188,438/-
  • The 20 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,150,000/-. The deposit of Rs 315,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 70,875/- and eight half-yearly 354,375/-

Sports Valley Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 2,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 150,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 23,750/- and eight half-yearly 100,000/-
  • The 8 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,080,000/-. The deposit of Rs 231,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 36,575/- and eight half-yearly 154,000/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 3,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 281,250/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 44,531/- and eight half-yearly 187,500/-
  • The 1 Kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 7,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 525,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 83,125/- and eight half-yearly 350,000/-

Blue World City Sports valley Block Payment Plan

Blue Hill Farm Payment Plan

  • The 4 kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 10,650,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,600,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 113,125/- and eight half-yearly 565,625/-
  • The 8 kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 19,250,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,900,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 204,375/- and eight half-yearly 1,021,875/-
  • The 8 kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 19,250,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,900,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 204,375/- and eight half-yearly 1,021,875/-
  • The 12 kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 32,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 4,800,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 340,000/- and eight half-yearly 1,700,000/-
  • The 16 kanal plots for sale in BWC are Rs 34,375,000/-. The deposit of Rs 5,150,000/-. Moreover, the forty monthly installments are Rs 365,313/- and eight half-yearly 1,826,563/-

Blue Hills Country Farms Payment Plan

Serene Villas Payment Plan

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 8,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,550,000/-. Moreover, the fifteen-monthly installments are Rs 141,667/- and three half yearly 708,333/-

School Avenue Payment Plan

  • The 5 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 9,600,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,880,000/-. Moreover, the twelve-monthly installments are Rs 400,000/-
  • The 8 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 14,437,200/-. The deposit of Rs 4,331,160/-. Moreover, the twelve-monthly installments are Rs 601,550/-
  • The 10 Marla plots for sale in BWC are Rs 18,134,400/-. The deposit of Rs 5,440,320/-. Moreover, the twelve-monthly installments are Rs 755,600/-

File verification in BWC

Ghafari Marketing provides vital data for confirming the Blue World City layout files. In addition, you will be able to demonstrate the file registrations for BWC plots using our informative file verification techniques.

These techniques will have used by native Pakistanis and Pakistanis living abroad to confirm their citizenship status. In addition, Ghafari Marketing is personally accountable for validating files obtained from us. So, if you want Blue World City files, do the right thing and only get them through Ghafari Marketing.

Multiple file verification options are available from both Ghafari Marketing and Blue World City.

  • If you need assistance confirming the registration of your file, please get in touch with Ghafari Marketing.
  • Directly Get in touch with the Blue World City administration.
  • Browse the Blue World City webpage below to validate the BWC file online.
  • Then, on the BWC homepage, select the “Online Services” tab, as displayed below.
  • You’ll need to go to “Online Registration Verification” following clicking “Online Services.”
  • After selecting “Online Registration Verification,” a new window will appear, as displayed below.
  • In this section, customers will have asked to enter their “Form No.” and “Security Code” to verify their file, as depicted below.
  • After you enter the “Form No.” and “Security Code,” the results of your online file verification inquiry will be displayed in a new window, as shown below.
  • Below is an example of the result showing “No Result” if the representing a set is incorrect or the file verification material is fraudulent or a hoax.

Advantages of BWC File Verification

Investing in real estate presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and requires serious consideration. Therefore, you must complete all necessary file authentication processes and understand their significance. As an example of the many benefits offered by Blue World City’s file registration mechanisms, consider these:

  • Defense against Scams
  • Combating Fraud in the Financial Sector
  • Saving money for the future
  • Limiting devastating monetary losses
  • Making sure only to buy legitimate houses
  • Keeping one’s personal information out of the clutches of fraudsters

Development Updates

The developers have built the main street of BWC, and construction has begun on many of the city’s blocks. Blue World City CEO Saad Nazeer visited Mr Chang, a prominent figure in the Chinese market for multi-story apartment complexes, to discuss the inception of this project.

There was a meeting to discuss the design and construction of apartments in Blue World City Islamabad. Blue World City’s administration held a ballot for Sector 2 of General Block in August 2022.

Notices of Completion for General Blocks 1 and 2 will have sent out by management. Additionally, the officials declared that the timetable for the takeover of Sector 5 would have made public soon.

Infrastructural Development Blue World City

A Symbol of Pak-Chinese Friendship, Blue World City

This community, one of the few builders built in Islamabad with a combination of cutting-edge Chinese new tech and Pakistani expertise, will feature commercial and dwelling zones, educational and medical facilities, recreational facilities, and entertainment hubs, all on par with the highest international standards.

The Society’s administration has already signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Chinese building and engineering firm that would help turn this community into a Pak-China joint venture.

Location near CPEC means this community will house over 10,000 Chinese citizens. The builders even set aside a quota of land solely for Chinese buyers.

First Residential Development Project Between China And Pakistan

First, the Chinese and Pakistani peoples will grow together due to the use of Chinese know-how and technology in constructing this housing community, which will have built with the assistance of Pakistani experts. The upkeep and progress of this civilization will be on par with the best in the world.

Mutual Investment

This housing society, dubbed “A Pak-China Friendly Society,” will provide for its members’ needs, from commercial and economic zones to residential regions to educational and medical facilities.

The Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company and the BWC have collaborated to make this excellent housing scheme a reality. This partnership represents a joint venture between the two companies and the two countries, making this an authentic Pak-China-friendly city.

Proximity to CPEC

The CPEC Route, a joint effort between Pakistan and China to boost commerce between the two nations, is relatively close to BWC Islamabad. Considering that the vast majority of workers would be Chinese and it will require safe, close quarters to live in, it will be an ideal solution.

Chinese Architecture and Development

The infrastructure of Society will have constructed using Chinese techniques and buildings. The cutting-edge structures will influence the Society’s overall layout and design aesthetic in contemporary Chinese metropolises. It is a testament to the close relationship between China and Pakistan.

Residences for Chinese Workers

Over the next few years, many Chinese nationals will relocate to Pakistan due to the CPEC project. Over 10,000 Chinese citizens have anticipated settling in this area to participate in the residential project’s design and construction.

Significant Features

There are many stunning features in the BWC Rawalpindi, some of which are

  • Water Themed Park
  • Tallest Horse Mascot
  • Rumi Square
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Hotel Torch
  • Affordable Prices
  • NOC Authorized
  • Masjids
  • Recreational Areas
  • Distinct Blocks
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • World-Class Architecture
  • Best Schooling Places
  • Secured Community
  • Power Grid
  • Cemetery

Amenities and Services

This residential construction will represent a technological and architectural triumph for China. Not just is it the inexpensive housing society in the vicinity. Still, it is also mainly constructed to satisfy the demand to absorb the inflow of above 2 million Chinese migrants arriving in Pakistan again for CPEC route construction in the next several years.

To meet this need, the community must offer facilities and infrastructure on par with those seen in other developed countries, elevating living conditions for everyone. This new development will provide its residents with the following cutting-edge, first-of-their-kind conveniences:

Top Amenities

Basic Essential

BWC Islamabad lies in a remote area. However, despite the difficulties at work, the personnel of this Society worked tirelessly to ensure that the investors and purchasers had access to gas, electricity, and water at all times.

Imitation Of Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, a Turkey, is a masterpiece of traditional architecture built BY Muslim engineers and artists. Its design has motivated the developers of BWC in Pakistan to create an exact copy of this grand mosque as part of their efforts to revive Islamic values and traditions in the country.

The copy of the Blue Mosque, like the Faisal Mosque before it, will serve as a beacon and draw tourists to this community. The mosque will properly symbolize and complement the concept of Blue World City.

Blue Mosque

Water Themed Park

The largest water park in Pakistan will have exciting attractions like water sports, wave areas, an eruptive waterfall, kid-friendly pools, and even water surfing. The organization intends to construct the most significant and first International water-themed in Pakistan.

Gated Society

The Blue World City Gated Community, The city of Islamabad, will have strict gated community security. There will be strict rules against letting unauthorized people into the country. Furthermore, the developers will implant new technologies like image recognition and identity fobs to stop strangers from entering the community and accidents from happening.

Constant Security

A highly trained security staff will keep an eye on things and ensure everyone at Blue World City Islamabad is secure and sound at all times, every day of the year. In addition, CCTV cameras will have put throughout the community to create a safe environment in the housing society.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

Infrastructure investment has already begun, with the first phase constructing a vast network of carpeted roadways across Society.

Plans call for these roadways to range in width from 40 to 120 feet, with accompanying concrete bike lanes and pedestrian walkways.

Mass Mobility

Transportation Network: Residents and visitors to the community will have easy access to a public transportation system within the community itself.

Power Grid

To eliminate the need for load shedding, the government has suggested the construction of an electric power plant. As a result, more effective and prosperous Society developers have guaranteed by constructing their power plant.

Sports Complex

Blue World City will have a multipurpose sports and entertainment complex to entertain and encourage various cultural practices and activities.

Sports Complex

Drainage System

The most advanced sewerage treatment facilities will be placed across the community to guarantee clean water and a sustainable waste management system.

Filtration System

Blue World City’s filtration systems plant is a vital component of the city’s goal to become a self-sufficient and sustainable community. Clean water is essential in any autonomous community, especially in self-contained communities like Blue World City.

With a state-of-the-art water filtration facility, people in the area can rest confident that they always have access to safe drinking water.

Recreational Areas

Parks and lakes for recreation, like the Oxygen Playground and lakes, will increase the aesthetic value of the community. These city parks and other green areas are vital for improving people’s well-being, fostering community, and protecting the environment.


I-Max theatres: Movie theatres are a vital part of the cultural landscape of any modern society. The citizens of Blue World City will have access to the most cutting-edge technology and entertainment options because of the city’s plans to install 3D I-max theatres.

Cineplex at Blue World City

Adventure Club

An adventure club will have established to foster community and social relationships among members of the organization. Horse riding, motocross riding bikes, skydiving, parachuting, trekking, etc., are just a few exciting activities this club will organize for its members.


The Safari Zoo, another remarkable community aspect, will allow guests to drive safely through a roadway in the middle of the community while seeing wild animals wandering freely.

Water Pool

Warm and freshwater pools and a spa club will be another amenity enjoyed by the Society’s residents. All sorts of therapeutic, refreshing, and calming services will be available to members at these luxurious spas and pools.

Police Station

A fully operational and proactive police station will be located nearby in Blue World to deal with any criminal incidents or unlawful activities that may arise.

World-Class Hospital

Since public health is paramount, Blue World City’s grand plan includes a 40-bed hospital. The state-of-the-art medical equipment at this brand-new institution will help patients in need and allow staff to handle any unexpected situation.

Health Facilities

Why Invest In Blue World City Islamabad

People with modest incomes may now invest in Pakistan’s future and give their families a high quality of life thanks to this low-cost housing project’s combination of abundant amenities and a prime location.

The following is a list of the project’s main selling factors in case you still need convincing before reserving a plot there.


The costs are the lowest, and the services are the most convenient compared to other societies in twin cities, such as Taj Residencia and Park View City Islamabad.

People with limited incomes can furnish magnificent housing for their families because of the easy instalment plan of Society.

Provision Of Installment Plan

Like other local housing societies,  Blue World City offers a highly feasible and easy three and four-year instalment plan for various plot sizes and types to accommodate investors from all socioeconomic backgrounds.

Contemporary Amenities

Third, state-of-the-art infrastructure: This community will feature cutting-edge transportation, communication, and utility infrastructure. There are parks, movie theatres, shopping malls, and premium leisure clubs in addition to standard amenities such as gasoline, clean water, and electricity. Those who put their money into this community increase their chances of living a comfortable, stress-free life in the future.

Serene Atmosphere

Relax at Blue World City Islamabad’s tranquil Atmosphere and live a carefree life in harmony with nature. A community set in verdant, rural surroundings, far from the rush and hubbub of urban life.

It’s a great spot to bring up kids in the fresh air and natural surroundings without worrying about damaging the ecosystem. The natural Atmosphere and the conveniences are on par with those of the Park View City housing societies, even though the location is different.

Commercial Hub

Unlike any other development in the region, this community offers untold potential for commercial enterprise. The developers have placed this Society because there are plenty of opportunities for employment and business growth in the Society’s many commercial thoroughfares, high-rise shopping malls, and amusement clubs.

Commercial Hub

High ROI

Customers will get the best possible return on their investment now because Society’s prices are at an all-time low. These rates will rise after the formal debut and subsequent development, providing a healthy return for the investors.

Investment Opportunity

With its high-end amenities and cutting-edge infrastructure, this Society will give its residents a strong sense of community. In addition, Society’s creative services and purposeful growth will do more than raise living standards; they’ll also gain your affection.

Pros and Cons

There are many pros to this Society. Some of these detailed pros and cons are following


  • Ideal Locality
  • Provision of Installment Plan
  • Proximity to Essential Commodities
  • Constant Security
  • Contemporary Amenities
  • Trustworthy Developers
  • Easy Approachability
  • Aesthetic Architecture
  • Medical and Academic Facilities


  • Assumption of being too expensive
  • Perception of being too far from the central city

How To Book Plot In Blue World City Islamabad

Confirm all details to your satisfaction to avoid confusion or misinterpretation. If you have questions about the required NOC or permitted papers, it is best to ask the appropriate authorities.

Additionally, the documents must be valid if other options exist to fulfil the client’s needs. Finally, before finalizing any purchase or transfer of the properties, ensure the finances align with the buying strategy. It is the best strategy to ensure a smooth sale or transaction of the property.

Step 1

Talking to real estate investment professionals like  Ghafari Marketing is a good idea for investors. Moreover, with the company’s two decades’ worth of good industry knowledge, the business has access to an even more exhaustive and trustworthy market study. In addition, make it a habit to monitor the official site of the Society for any modifications.

Step 2

If buyers are interested in renting out the Blue World City Islamabad, contact us immediately. After our advisor explains the form’s function, our sales team will send it out to interested potential customers.

Step 3

We strongly recommend that clients visit the estate’s site in person to ensure the businesses have not misled them about the state’s viewpoint and development. Then, when they are satisfied with what they see, they put down deposits to secure the properties.

Document Required For Booking

For the transparent process, buyers need to affix some personal documents along with the request form

  • CNIC/NICOP photocopies of the buyer
  • CNIC photocopies of the nominee
  • Latest photographs of the buyer
  • Deposit slip of the down payment

How To Book Plot in Blue World City

Balloting Of Overseas Block

The BWC balloting process is among the best things about blue world city, and people are now asking on the website. A possible shareholder can contact Ghafari Marketing to ensure that they finish their half transactions, including their plots in the Balloting process for the Blue World City overseas block.

Balloting Requirements

When more people want to buy a property than can be sold, a balloting and distribution process would have used. We perceive this in many countries where there aren’t enough homes, especially regarding newly built homes. Therefore, an EOI had sent out when more than one party wanted to buy something.

Each side has to fill out authoritative ballot papers, binding promises to buy if the vote passes. Then, finally, one got to the point of allotment, where the builders gave properties to different people.

Once a lot is picked out of a box, the buyer who won can buy the property. It is a real lottery, and there’s no doubt that the process leaves a lot of buyers unhappy.

CEO Thought About The Balloting Process

Saad Nazir, the chairman of Blue World City, has released a new video showing all Blue World City’s copies of the abroad block balloting. Just like with the General Block, the bwc overseas Block balloting jurisdiction has finished gathering all of the information needed for voting in the overseas Block and has released the latest ballot information thru the Blue World City Overseas Block digital verification. So Society is getting ready for a big event.

Prices Effects On Properties After Balloting

It is the most significant time to invest in the BWC Overseas Block map since it gives investors a chance to make a lot of money quickly. BWC overseas block prices said that 7 Marla plots would cost Rs 1,350,000/- at first, but following the Balloting, the new rates for 7 Marla plots cost Rs  1,920,000/-. It is a significant price hike, and only a few spots have left on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pros of Voting by Ballot

The well-known housing society just said that the voting process has begun. The people in charge of Blue World City decided to break up the voting into blocks. The first group to vote was the General Block.

Our team experts say that voting has also started for BWC Overseas Block. On the contrary hand, our representatives still have a few plots for sale at the prices. Because we work together, you will be rich enough to buy similar properties at lower prices.

Also, properties will have given to shareholders who have paid off at least 50% of their debts.  Overseas Block’s updated prices show that the housing authority is now selling plots at new prices.

Balloting Of General Block

The BWC General Block allows people to dwell in pleasant places for a low price. Investors are interested in the new rates after the  General Block Balloting because they are so cheap. This Block will not only give its residents great ways to make money, but it will also give them the best places to live. Many commercial properties on this Block will provide you with the highest profit margins.

The Block is in a higher city region, and it’s not hard to get there. This residential project will help the country’s economy and the middle class. Investors will also have a safe and secure place to put their money with this project. Blue World City is known as a city within a city. It is a masterpiece of urban planning and design.

Pros Of Balloting In Blue World City General Block

The General Block is the most critical part of the housing society, and this Block would have given first. So, it’s good news for investors that BWC Balloting for the General Block will happen first on September 30. After that, investors will only have to participate in Blue World City General Block New Prices if they have paid for 90% of the Payment Schedule.

It is an excellent chance for people who put money into Blue World City about two or three years ago and had almost done with their payment plans. Unfortunately, investors who have since reserved plots but haven’t been capable of paying approximately 90% of the maximum quantity due won’t be able to vote.

Result of the Balloting

The management has publicly disclosed results immediately following the formal ballot procedure for the participants scheduled to attend the event. Those unable to participate will thus not need to wait to validate their results. In addition, blue World City Islamabad’s administration has also published the voting results on the Society’s official website.

Possession in Blue World City Rawalpindi

The BWC administration announced that the vote would take place in January 2020. Therefore, casting ballots for General Block has concluded.

The plot owners would have revealed in December 2020. The developers have selected Electronic Balloting for the plot vote to ensure a fair and open process.

Only investors who have paid the initial 90% deposit will be eligible to vote. The excellent news is that customers can still participate in voting by paying half the total cost upfront.

Although CDA areas like B-17 and ICHS Town offer immediate possession, phase 1 plots in the Society has not expected to be handed over to buyers until at least three years following the first purchase.

Possession in BWC will have released once the developers have construction finished on this Block; however, the estimated completion date is subject to change founded on countless factors, including but not limited to late building, unforeseen construction issues, and the occurrence of natural disasters.

Blue World City FAQs  

Q1: Who is the BWC developers and owner?

A1: The  Blue Group of Companies and Chinese famous real estate firm Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company are the Blue World City developers and Owners

Q2: What is the BWC Location?

Answer2: The Blue World City Rawalpindi location map lies on Chakri Road.

Q3:  What is Blue World City NOC Status?

Answer3: The RDA has authorized the Blue World City Islamabad NOC Status. So this is a legal Society.

Q4: Is this Society an affordable district?

Answer4: The Blue World City Islamabad payment plans for 2023 are very affordable. In addition, the developers have also offered an installment plan.

Q5: Is Blue World City a good investment option?

Answer5: Yes, it is a fantastic Society, and developers have developed the well-planned Blue World City master plan and affordable prices. The Society lies in the perfect vicinity and will be a lucrative investment for buyers.


Blue World City is the result of a collaboration between the Blue Group of Companies and the Chinese government’s efforts to foster civic growth. The fundamental objective of the BWC is to attract tourists and promote a positive image of Pakistan through the transformation of the residential scheme.

The Blue World City Islamabad is the only place you can see exact replicas of old buildings, such as the Blue Mosque in Turkey. To ensure everyone can own their dream property in Islamabad, the administration of Blue World City keeps rates affordable.

Nevertheless, as announced by Blue World City’s administration, new pricing is on the horizon. In addition, there are a variety of Balloted and non-Balloted plots for sale in Blue World City.

Buyers in property investment from Pakistan and throughout the world are drawn to BWC Islamabad by the community’s various perks. For Pakistanis working or studying abroad, the BWC has set aside a special section to meet their needs.

In addition, the residents of this gated community have easy accessibility to all of these amenities, making it ideal for Pakistanis working or studying abroad. Lastly, Contact Ghafari Marketing for more details about Blue World City.

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