Blue World Trade Center


Blue World Trade Center is a project of Blue Group of Companies, a well-known real estate construction company. A smartly designed high-rise building is considered a gateway to the real estate industry in Pakistan. However, it has become Pakistan’s first property-exchange tower, with all the comforts and services which make it more convenient and efficient to do business.

Due to its central location, this project is set to become the most sought-after business address in Rawalpindi, especially for real estate companies and brands and their related industries. As a result, the concept of BWTC is to develop as the first real estate trading center in Pakistan in the form of innovative mixed building architecture with all the facilities and amenities that contribute to the convenience and efficiency of the business.

Blue World Trade Center Owners & developers:

Owners and developers Blue World Trade Center

The owners and developers of the Blue World Trade Center are the Blue Group of Companies. The Blue Group of Companies was established in 1989 in Lahore. Initially, they started their journey in the architectural planning and construction industry. Soon, they established a solid reputation in the real estate development industry as a professional and reputable organization.

As a result, the company has built the trust of its clients and investors. And now, they are the top-fifth property development company in Pakistan. However, Blue Group of Companies employs approximately 300 dedicated employees in various capacities, making it one of the most diverse companies in Pakistan.

Blue World Trade Center Location Map:

Regarding investing in real estate, location is the most important factor. Location is always a top priority for savvy real estate investors who want to invest their efforts where they think it will help them achieve a favorable return on investment. Therefore, the location of BWTC indicates that this business will play an important role in the economic progress of both cities.

It is easily accessible from GT Road. It is also linked to all the famous places in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The company aims to promote eco-friendly activities that serve owners and investors with their respective business motives.

In addition, the project is built in the perfect position, close to Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad, and offers industrial and residential development within the city limits. BWTC is also easily accessible from Islamabad and Rawalpindi due to its proximity to Islamabad Expressway.

Nearby Places & Landmarks:

The Project is close to several important landmarks and nearby places.

  • It is only 40 minutes away from Islamabad airport.
  • BWTC is just 10 minutes away from the Rawalpindi Railway Station.
  • Just a 2-minute drive from Bahria Town Hospital
  • It is located on Islamabad Highway and various other major route.

Blue World Trade Center Project Details:

It is an ingenious high-rise building design gateway to Pakistan’s real estate market. However, It is Pakistan’s first property exchange skyscraper and has all the facilities to make it more efficient and easier to do business.

The twin tower structure is famous for the replica of PETRONAS Tower. Blue World Trade Center Islamabad is located near the planned Rawalpindi ring road. However, the payment plan for the Blue World Trade Center suggests that the housing sector will be a big hit with the masses.

Blue Group of Companies is Blue World Trade Center’s developers, which aims to provide a comprehensive investment tower for investors worldwide. The company is known worldwide for the introduction of the Waterfront district.

In addition, the project is now for reservations, with several restaurants, hotels, corporate rooms, and meeting rooms available on a simple payment plan. Investors will access, convenient amenities and facilities in the real estate investment world.

Blue World Trade Center Payment Plan:

The Blue Group of companies is one of the leading real estate companies; however, they are famous for their successful project waterfront district, Blue World City and the Blue World Trade Center.

The concerning and most observed element in this PETRONAS Tower replica is its investors’ payment plan. However, It has 23 floors, so the payment plan for each floor may vary from many points of view.

Salient Features:

 Some of these are as follows:

  • Wide roads
  • Huge Mosque
  • Health Facilities
  • Sport Areas
  • Commerce Area
  • Security Facility
  • All basic facilities (gas, water, and electricity)

Reasons to invest in the Blue World Trade Center:

One of the main reasons to invest in the Blue World Trade Center is its prime location. Moreover, they offer some cutting-edge features and amenities, attracting more investors from Pakistan and worldwide.

In addition, It also offers services that will help in growing local businesses of national and international merchants. Some of these features and facilities are below.

  • Restaurants
  • Risk control
  • Shopping malls
  • The facility of lift elevators
  • Outdoor restaurants
  • Excellent management system
  • Work areas with the state-of-the-art ventilation system


The BGC-IGC consortium is taking the trade sector to the next level with Blue World Trade Center, Pakistan’s first property exchange skyscraper. Therefore, the concept is to develop a hub for property development in Pakistan in the form of an innovative building design with mixed-use having all the resources and facilities, including two helipads, to enhance commercial functionality, productivity and luxury.

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