D1 Capital Park City Islamabad


D1 Capital Park city Islamabad is the latest PHATA-Authorized housing endeavor in the twin cities. The developers of Society ensure that this Society will provide the finest housing facilities to its inhabitants.

Moreover, Society will also contain a world-class commercial zone which will increase the employment prospects of the citizens. Furthermore, this Society will be a great investment opportunity for the buyers as Society has located in the proximity of the twin cities and due to its legitimacy. This blog will further discuss the characteristics of this Society.

Owners & Developers of D1 Capital Park City

Mr Faroq Ahmed Dar, the chairman, and Mr Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan, the president, want to establish the Society following the highest specifications. The developers are the most renowned personalities in the real estate construction sector.

The builders are teaming up with a highly competent group of professionals. The team comprises professionals with extensive knowledge of property construction, such as builders, urban planners, and consultants. The team compromise all the necessary skills to construct the finest development adjacent to the twin cities.

Location Map D1 Capital Park City

The locality and ambience are the significant factors influencing any housing initiative’s success. Nowadays, buyers and investors want to invest in a housing venture close to the central city to avoid extra travelling.

Therefore, the developers have planned to build this Society in the ideal vicinity, where other successful initiatives are also developing. Society lies on Daulatpur Road, the new Airport of Islamabad.

D1 Capital Park City Location Map


Society’s main attraction is its ideal setting. Customers can access Society from all the major sites of the twin cities. The access points include

  • At Dualatpur Road
  • Twenty-one minutes from Thalian Junction
  • Twenty-one minutes from New Airport in Islamabad
  • Twenty-two minutes from M 2 Motorway
  • Twenty-five minutes from M 14 Motorway
  • Twenty-nine minutes from the twin cities interchange
  • Thirty-one minutes from Srinagar highway
  • Thirty-one minutes from M 1 Motorway

Nearby Places And Landmarks

The fantastic thing about this Society is that it is very close to the most developed site of the twin cities like

NOC of D1 Capital Park City

The customers are now more mindful of the legal standing of the dwelling Societies. Most investors know that investing in an unauthorized Society will cause many legal complications. As a result, nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money in the unlawful Society.

The Developers of this Society work effortlessly to gain NOC approval from the relevant Authorities. As a result, PHATA approved this Society’s construction before its launch. It will give customers satisfaction and confidence in the developers and the development of Society.

 Master plan of D1 Capital Park City

The developers and team of experts have set a lot of force into the layout of Society. The developers have acquired a total land of 1,426 Kanal, which has compromised the Society’s master plan. Moreover, 4,271 plots are available for sale in this Society. The master plan includes all the essential requirements to provide residents with an extravagant lifestyle.

Master Plan D1 Capital Park City

Land distribution

  • Residential plot reserved in 516-Kanal of the total land
  • Commercial property reserved in 36-Kanal of the entire land

However, the whole master plan is still under development, but developers have announced the variation of the residential assets. The residential properties available in Society are of sized

  • 3-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Payment Plan D1 Capital Park City Islamabad

The owners of the Society know that most buyers cannot afford to buy a property with a lumpsum amount. Additionally, for the ease of the buyers, the developers have divided the payment plan into the feasible thirty-six monthly or six biannual instalments. The customers have to pay the deposit in advance.

  • The 3-Marla residential property is PKR 1,200,000/- with a deposit of PKR 120,000/-. The affordable thirty-six monthly instalment of PKR 16,000/- or six biannual instalments is PKR 42,000/-
  • The 5-Marla residential property is PKR 1,850,000/- with a deposit of PKR 185,000/-. The affordable thirty-six monthly instalment of PKR 25,000/- or six biannual instalments is PKR 81,250/-
  • The 10-Marla residential property is PKR 3,550,000/-with a deposit of PKR 355,000/-. The affordable thirty-six monthly instalment of PKR 45,000/- or six biannual instalments is PKR 173,750/-
  • The 1-Kanal residential property is PKR 6,950,000/-with a deposit of PKR 695,000/-. The affordable thirty-six monthly instalment of PKR 95,000/- or six biannual instalments is PKR 298,750/-

Amenities & Facilities

The Society offers up-to-date amenities and services at reasonable prices. Any extravagant modern multipurpose development, referred to as a whole property development project includes the facilities.

D1 Capital Park City Top Amenities

Sustainable Society

The Society’s most significant amenities and characteristics, which set it apart from comparable housing projects, is its closeness to nature. In addition, it is an eco-responsive community. The builders set a significant estate section aside for beautiful landscapes and plants.

Availability of Essentials

The developers have considered the neighborhood’s vital needs for power, gas, and freshwater supply. The management has constructed a sizable number of water reservoirs for this reason, which the populace can use for regular domestic duties. Additionally, the community has no power cut-off gas and electricity in any weather.

Secured Neighborhood

A sense of safety is necessary for customers to invest in any accommodation project. Therefore, the management has installed a monitoring system with a strategically positioned cctv system and other surveillance equipment to protect the residents. The development has also encircled a boundary wall to ensure a safer atmosphere.

Commercial Area

The builders have managed every commercial and business requirement of the residents. The initiative will extend a complete corporate place as a result. Moreover, the inhabitants can expand their business within the perimeter of Society.

Academic Institutes

The management understands the residents’ basic needs and provides the best possible services. Therefore, the administration has decided to develop renowned schooling institutes that offer children the best education.

Top-notch Medical facilities

Society developers have also planned to develop the finest medical centres for the residents. Additionally, there will be many drug stores around the Society, so residents don’t have to travel for the basics.


The Mosques are a vital feature in our community. The developers understand their needs and build the beautiful Mosque in Society.

Recreational Area

The administration of the Society has built this Society as a family-friendly Society. Therefore, they make sure to put all the facilities in the master plan, which could help the families to create and cherish beautiful memories.

Investment Opportunity

If a buyer has some extra funds or if someone wants assets that keep their high values, investing in this Society gives them a chance to keep the price of their property higher and provide increased ROI with time. Investing in this Society will be a lucrative deal for buyers.

Salient Features D1 Capital Park City

This Society has the best features, which makes it the best investment and residing place for the citizens.

  • Retail and Grocery Shops
  • Affordable Housing Option
  • Easily Approachable
  • Constant Security
  • Well-Maintained
  • Sustainable Society
  • Water Storage
  • Grand Entrance
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • Sewer and Garbage Discarding System

Why Invest In D1 Capital Park City

Numerous benefits exist for investing in this Society. First, it is the ideal opportunity to make money for anyone wishing to put money into a successful project. Secondly, its proximity to the twin cities will make its value double.

It will have launched soon, and the property rates are still very affordable. Its closeness to nature will make it a sustainable and reliable option. Lastly, its well-known builders will make an effort to make it a top-notch dwelling initiative with all luxuries and characteristics, which is ideal for the residents.

How to Book Plot in D1 Capital Park City

The booking procedure for the property in the Society is straightforward. There are some simple steps for it.

  • Fill out the application form
  • Attach the buyer CNIC
  • Credit the down payment through a cheque or e-banking
  • Attach the necessary documents with it

How To Book D1 Capital Park City

Documents Required

For the transparency of the process, the management wants some documents which are to be attached to the form

  • Buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • Buyer’s Next in Family CNIC
  • Buyer’s Latest Photos

Pros & Cons D1 Capital Park City Islamabad

Every Society has some plus points that customers admire and some misconceptions and discomfort that consumers do not like. Some of these pros and cons of this Society are


  • Constant Availability of Essentials (Water, Gas and Power)
  • Safe Ambience
  • Gated Community
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Authorized Society
  • Well-maintained


  • The misconception of being too far from the central city
  • The idea of being expensive


The twin cities’ property market has a beautiful latest addition in the form of D1 Capital Park City.  Society has redefined what it means to live in comfort and provides various housing options.

Society has already received PHATA approval, moving it one move closer to receiving authorization from other authorities. The Society is conveniently accessible from multiple parts of the twin cities and has situated in a popular area near Islamabad International Airport.

FAQs D1 Capital Park City

Q 1: what is the NOC status of this Society?

A 1: The PHATA has already given authorization to this Society

Q 2: Is this Society affordable?

A 2: Society payment plans are very affordable, and for the ease of the customers, the developers have also given thirty-six monthly and six biannual instalments.

Q 3: What is the exact location of D1 Capital Park City?

A 3: Society lies on Daulatpur road near the New Airport in Islamabad.

Q 4: Is D1 Capital Park City a good investment?

A 4: Yes,  Society has already received its approval which makes its legitimate venture in twin cities. The rate of the property will increase over time, so invest now to avail property at pre-launch rates

Q 5: What plot sizes are available in Society?

A 5: The residential property of 3, 5, 10 Marla and one Kanal are available in this Society.

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