DHA Bahawalpur


DHA Bahawalpur is another remarkable project of DHA. Also, DHA is the best developer in Pakistan. Their projects are trendsetting. Besides, this Society is in a prime area of the city. Plus, It is close to green fields and forests. It is a well-planned project. More, it also has many facilities like its other projects. It is a grand housing scheme for families. It is a sound investment.

Society aims to provide a luxurious experience. So, it is best to live in a prime setting. It is also a great place to invest in property. Besides, it is in a growing city. The prices of property in the project are increasing. Thus, it is an excellent investment. It is one of the best housing projects in the Southern Punjab.

Developers and Owners

The DHA Bahawalpur developers and owners of r are the Defence Housing Authority. Also, DHA is a government organization. That handles the development of housing societies. More, they have many projects across Pakistan. They have a long history of developing high-quality housing societies.

So, this project is no exception. Its facilities make it a splendid place to live. Plus, DHA has more than 50 Societies in the country. Their Societies are well known. Besides, they are fast growing. The buyers want to invest in them. That’s why they are in high demand. So, they offer high ROI. That is excellent news for every buyer.

dha bahawalpur Owners & Developers

DHA Projects

NOC Status

The DHA has approved the Bahawalpur NOC. So, there is no chaos that it is a legal project. Investing here is a decent decision for the buyers. It is the most sought-out project in the region. Plus, all the authorities have given it the green light. It is a big deal. So, invest here now.

dha bahawalpur NOC

Location and Map

DHA Bahawalpur location is on the Southern Bypass of Bahawalpur. Also, it is along with Ahmed Pur East Canal. Plus, It is accessible from the airport. The area is well-developed. It has a variety of amenities. Now, it is a popular choice for residents of the city. The site is also home to many businesses and industries, making it a pleasing workplace. Thus, it is a beautiful and peaceful place to live. So, it is a great place for housing or starting a new business.

dha bahawalpur Location

Access Points

This project is an ideal setting. Also, all the parts of the city give it easy access. It is in the posh area. So, reaching here is simple. Its access points are

  • 5 minutes away from the Bahawalpur International Airport
  • 7 minutes distance from the University of Central Punjab Campus, Yazman Road
  • 9 minutes away from City School Yazman Road
  • 14 minutes away from DC Chowk
  • 15 minutes drive from Farid Gate
  • 17 minutes from the Fawara Chowk
  • 18 minutes drive from Sadiq Public School
  • 19 minutes away from Victoria Hospital
  • 20 minutes drive from the City Bus Terminal
  • 22 minutes distance from Hashmi Gardens
  • 25 minutes away from Old City Bahawalpur:
  • 25 minutes drive from N5 GT Road
  • 28 minutes from the Bahawalpur Railway Station
  • 30 minutes away from the Model Town Bahawalpur

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

Society is in the posh area. Also, it is an ideal place for buyers. Plus, there are many other projects close to it. That’s why this area is so popular. Besides, all the modern Societies are in a close neighborhoods.

  • Al-Raheem Housing Scheme
  • Al Sadiq Commercial
  • The Al-Noor Garden Phase-IV (VVIP Civil Complex)
  • City Mall
  • Executive Enclaves
  • Green Valley Avenue
  • Gulberg Commercial
  • Mohkam Plaza
  • Model Town Bahawalpur
  • Model Avenue Housing Scheme
  • Madni Avenue Housing Scheme
  • State City
  • The Flux
  • Victoria Housing Scheme

Master Plan

The DHA Bahawalpur master plan is on 6,500 acres. Also, it is one of the largest housing projects in Pakistan. Plus, It is accessible from the airport and all parts of the city. More, it is a comprehensive plan. It has many plots for sale. Besides, it has a variety of properties. Its layout caters to all the needs of the people.

dha bahawalpur Master Plan

There are wide roads. Also, they are safe and efficient. More. They will be able to maintain the traffic flow. Plus, it has flats. They are affordable for everyone. Besides, it has lavish villas. They are high-end. So, there will be options that suit everyone’s budget. More, there are many commercial plots too.

Society has many green places. Plus, it has many parks. There are also sports clubs. That will help the young players. More, there are flower gardens. That will provide residents with a place to relax. Thus, they can enjoy the outdoors. It will ensure that residents have everything they need within easy reach.

DHA Bahawalpur Phases

The project has four phases. Also, it will be completed in the next 10 years. Besides, it will be a major project for the city of Bahawalpur. It will provide a much-needed solution for the growing population. So, the current status of the phases are

  • Phase 1: It is 100% complete. Also, it can have 100,000 people in it.
  • Phase 2: It is under process. More, it will be ready in a few years.
  • Phase 3: It is in the planning stage. Soon, the work will start on it.
  • Phase 4: It is also in the designing stage. But, work will soon start here too.

DHA Bahawalpur Blocks

Society now has ten blocks. Also, all of them have many fantastic features. So, the name of the blocks are

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • D Block
  • E Block
  • F Block
  • G Block
  • H Block
  • J Block
  • N Block

Residential Plots

There are many plots for sale in this massive housing Society. Also, it is a terrific place for housing. The cost of land is high here. Plus, it offers high profits. It is a profitable deal for the buyers. The sizes of the residential plots here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Commercial plots are essential for the success of Society. Also, it gives buyers a reason to invest in the project. It is in an idyllic area for the business. Plus, it will offer extra income to the buyers. The plots sizes are

  • 2 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla

DHA Bahawalpur Villas

These villas are a collection of luxury villas. Also, they are in the heart of the Society. The villas provide residents with a comfortable lifestyle. More, the villas feature spacious living areas. They all have lavish modern amenities.

Besides, They are in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. So, the villas are available in a variety of sizes. It starts from 6 to 12 Marla. It is also a great area to put money. Thus, villas are also available in a variety of styles. Some of them are traditional styles. Also, most of them are in a modern look. All have superb features.

In 2019, developers started the work on the villas. Also, block A, B, and C villas have been completed. These are quality villas. Plus, they check the quality of all the processes. Now, modern tech has used to finish work on time. It will offer the best home.

  • 6 Marla
  • 9 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Bahawalpur DHA Payment Plan

The payment plans here aim to provide ease to the buyers. Also, the installments give them time to pay the total price. Anyone can book a plot for a 20% deposit. More, the installment plans are for 2-3 years. Plus, the DHA Bahawalpur payment plan can change at any time. So, for new prices, contact Ghafari Marketing. The prices are here nothing as per the facilities. Still, it is a good time to invest here.

DHA Bahawalpur Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • 5 Marla plot total price is Rs 3 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 5,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 300,000/-
  • 8 Marla plot total price is Rs 4.5 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 10,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 450,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot total price is Rs 5.5 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 12,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 550,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot’s total price is Rs 8 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 15,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 800,000/-

Bahawalpur DHA Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • 2 Marla plot total price is Rs 8.5 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 15,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 850,000/-
  • 5 Marla plot total price is Rs 55 million. So, the registration fee is Rs 25,000/- More, the deposit is Rs 2,500,000/-

DHA Bahawalpur Villas Payment Plan

The villas are available on an installment plan of 2 years. Also, the down payment is 20% of the total cost. Plus, there are 8 quarterly installments of 25% of the total cost of the villa. The development charges 10% of the price.

  • 6 Marla villas price starts from Rs. 2.5 to 3 million
  • 9 Marla villa’s price starts from Rs. 3.5 to 4 million
  • 12 Marla villas price starts from Rs. 5 to 6 million
  • 4 Kanal villa’s price starts from Rs. 15 to 20 million
  • 8 Kanal villa’s price starts from Rs. 30 to 40 million

DHA Bahawalpur Plot File Rates

The rates of the file are changing. So, for the latest rates info, visit Ghafari Marketing.

  • 10 Marla residential file rate on installment is Rs 2,200,000/-. Also, 100,000/- is the profit
  • 1 Kanal affidavit file rate is Rs 2,800,000/-
  • 1 Kanal allocation file rate is Rs 2,675,000/-
  • The 1 Kanal installment file rate is Rs 3,800,000/-
  • 2 Kanal installment file rate Rs 9,000,000/-. Also, the Rs 200,000/- is own profit
  • 4 Marla commercial installment file rate Rs 15,000,000/-. Plus, the Rs 1,000,000/- is profit.
  • 6 Marla villas booking rate Rs 7,000,000/-. More, the Rs 400,000/- own profit
  • 9 marla villas booking Rs 8,500,000/-. Also, Rs 500,000/- own profit
  • 12 marla villas booking Rs 9,900,000/-. Also, Rs 600,000/- the profit

Development Status

The development the Society is in full swing. Also, its phase is 100% complete. Sectors A, B, C, D, M, and N are 100% done. There are many residents here. Plus, they have all things which people like. In the other sectors, the work is also rapid. Soo, they will be ready too. The Society aims to offer secure living to the buyers. So, some of the completed projects here are

  • Construction of Roads
  • Central Park of the Society. Also, it has many tracks.
  • Earth testing for the plots
  • Jamia Masjid and Women Masjid
  • The Commercial areas of Phase 1

Upcoming Projects

There are some other projects in the Society. Also, the work on them is speedy. Soon, they will be open for public use.

  • Biggest Banquet Hall
  • Commercial Hub
  • DHA Club
  • First-ever Health City
  • Schools
  • University

DHA Bahawalpur Balloting

The 1st balloting was on January 31, 2019. Also, It has plots in Sectors A, B, C, D, M, and N. 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot are part of it. Plus, the ballot result was on the official website. The price of 10 Marla plots after the ballot was 25 to 40 lacs as per the location. Thus, the 1 Kanal plot price was 35 to 55 lacs. The deadline for the land cost for 2019 ballot plots was on May 10, 2023.

The Location balloting was on May 30, 2023. It will include Sectors L, M, N, O, P, and Q plots. Also, the payment for this ballot was on May 20, 2023. It also has 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot. As per the latest news, the balloting date has changed. The last date for buyers who cannot pay their dues will be July 5, 2023. Now, the new date of balloting is July 14, 2023. More, the result will be on the website. The prices will vary after the balloting. So, to check the new file rates, contact Ghafari Marketing.

Amenities and Facilities

Society master plan is attractive. Also, there is barely anything not here. The features here are high-end. So, it makes a living very easy. It has the biggest perk of the ideal spot. Plus, the buyers trust the developers. Their project is always profitable. Thus, that makes it a high-demand project.

Top Amenities in DHA

Health City

Society will have the first-ever health city. Also, it will have many hospitals. There will be proper medical teams. So, people don’t have to wait for quality treatment. It will be a great place for medical facilities. Plus, it will be affordable. There are many clinics near the Society. The people can get anything they want here. Thus, it is a great place.

Education Complex

DHA project has the best schools all over Pakistan. Also, this project has the same system. It has all the top schools in it. Plus, there are also universities close by it. The families don’t have to travel for quality education from here. Thus, it is great for families.

All the Basics

The project is famous for its ultra facilities. Also, it has all the things to cater the modern needs. It is a big deal for the buyers. More, they don’t have to rush for the small stuff. It is in a posh area. Plus, there is power 24/7. The water is available without delay. Besides, there are many green spaces. It will be great to unwind the people. So, it is an ideal setting for the families.

Commercial Zones

Society is a business hub. More, it has many small commercial zones. That will allow small businesses to grow. Plus, its setting helps it to grow. A lot of buyers only want to invest in commercial plots. Most of all, they know that it gives them high ROI. So, it is the best investment in 2023.

DHA Bahawalpur Mall

This Society has a DHA Mall. Also, Ali Arshad Associates has designed it. It is a massive Mall. Plus, it has many shops. From local to international brands, all are part of it. More, it also has a food court. There is a kid zone. Besides, it has a gaming zone. It will be great for a relaxing time. Thus, it has a spacious parking area. So, there is no worry here.

Salient Features

There is no query that it is a stunning Society. Also, the fantastic features help to grow its fame. It is one of the largest ventures in the country. More, it is in demand from day one. So, its features are

  • Accessibility
  • Grand Entrance
  • DHA Club
  • Hospital
  • Top-class Schools
  • Power Grid
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Waste disposable
  • Golf Club
  • Community Center
  • DHA Villas
  • Best Layout

Why Invest In DHA Bahawalpur

There are many reasons why buyers should invest in DHA Bahawalpur. First, it is a DHA project. Also, it has the same as others. Here are a few other reasons too

Prime Location

It is in the heart of Bahawalpur city. Also, it gives easy access to all parts of town. All the amenities are within the reach of the buyers. More, the site is the first thing that affects the project’s success.

World-Class Amenities

It is a fully-developed housing society. Also, it has all the amenities needed to live a comfortable life. It has many plots for sale. Plus, it has business zones. That meets the demands of the people.

Best Security

It is one of the most secure housing societies in Pakistan. Also, It has a trained security force. More it has cameras all over it. That ensures the safety of its residents.

Investment potential

It is a good investment opportunity in 2023. The value of property here is increasing. Plus, it will continue to do so in the future. So, it can offer the most ROI.

Pros and Cons

This project is taking hype among buyers. Of course, it has lots of things that they admire. So, to clear it up more, here is the list


  • Easy to Reach
  • Remarkable Master Plan
  • Fair Prices
  • 24/7 Basic Utilities
  • Well Maintain
  • Sustainable Society
  • Tight Security
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • 24/7 Power
  • Proper Area for Dumping


  • Buyers have concerned that it has high prices

DHA Bahawalpur Latest News

For updates and the latest news, visit the official website. Also, all the forms are there. More, there is precise info about everything. Buyers can download the forms from there. Besides, they can visit Ghafari Marketing for more info.

How to Book a Plot in DHA Bahawalpur

It is a legal Society. Plus, the developers are very reliable. But, still, it’s good to oversee all the paperwork. If there is any doubt, visit the DHA office. Or, is it better to hire someone with the knowledge. Buying a plot is a step. So, make sure to check all the finance before investing. Here are some steps that could help in buying the property.

Step 1

It is better to take help from the real estate consultants. Also, they can guide the buyers. Like, Ghafari Marketing firm. They have vast experience. So, they can offer new market info. Thus, it will help the buyers to make a sound decision.

Step 2

The sales teams here will check the need of the buyers. Also, they find the best discount offers for the buyers. More, they can get the best possible deal. Please don’t wait to visit us.

Step 3

Check the site before paying the deposit. Also, check the progress in the area. You can ask for a virtual tour from the sale team. Thus, after that, pay the 20% down payment to book a plot here.

Document Required for the Booking

It is a simple process. Plus, the website has the details about the document required. But, for ease, we mentioned them here too.

How To Book Plot in DHA

  • The photocopies of the buyer CNIC/NICOP(Overseas Pakistani)
  • Photocopies of the CNIC of the Nominee
  • Photographs of the buyer
  • The receipt of the down payment


Q1: In how many acres is DHA Bahawalpur’s master plan?

A1: Its master plan is on 6500 acres. Also, it is one of the biggest housing projects in the country.

Q2: Where is DHA BWP Location?

A2: DHA Bahawalpur location is on the Southern Bypass of Bahawalpur. Also, it is along with Ahmed Pur East Canal. Plus, It is just a short drive from the Bahawalpur International Airport.

Q3: What is the DHA Bahawalpur transfer fee?

A3: The residential plots fee is Rs 70,000/- per Marla. Also, the business plot fee is Rs 550,000/- per Marla.

Q4: What are the latest prices of 5 Marla DHA Bahawalpur plots?

A4: The price of the 5 Marla plot here starts from 3-3.5 million. Also, it is affordable from many other projects.

Q5: Is DHA Bahawalpur a good investment?

A5: Yes, it is the best investment in the Bahawalpur city. In fact, it is a top project in the country. Its location is ideal. Plus, it has a planned master plan. The prices here are flexible. So, all that makes it the best housing scheme.


DHA Bahawalpur is the best housing project in Pakistan. So, the best thing is its prime location. It is near to major highways and roads. In fact, that gives easy access to the venture. More, it has high security with 24/7 CCTV surveillance. That makes it a very safe place.

Plus, it has a sought-out layout. That has a variety of housing and business options. Besides, property value in Society will also increase in the coming years. That will give the buyer more returns. It offers modern, updated amenities. Now, they are essential for people to live easy lives.

Ghafari Marketing, has concluded that it is a complete housing package. Thus, buyers should invest in this. They have everything here. It is the best housing project in the Southern Punjab. So, investment here will be a great decision.

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