DHA Multan


DHA Multan is a luxurious residential community. It is in the city of Saints. Also, It is a project of Defence Housing Authority development. Their projects are best across Pakistan. So, they have modern amenities. The Society offers quality lives. Plus, buyers can get high profits from it. Investment here is a good choice. Here are some details about it.

The Society offers a range of residential properties. Also, it has houses, apartments, and Villas. So, there are different sizes of plots. It will cater to the needs of the buyers. The community has all the facilities. Society has all the essentials. More, it has Jamia Masjids. It has a large green area. Plus, buyers will find the best schools for their children here. So, it is the most excellent place to live.

It is near the M-5 motorway. So, it is accessible from other major cities. Also, they are Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi. The Society also has its commercial area. More, it will make it a self-sufficient community. Everything residents need is within reach. It is an excellent place to live a comfortable and secure life.

Owners and Developers

DHA Multan is the latest housing project of the Defence Housing Authority. They are the most reputable real estate developers in Pakistan. Also, It is a department of the Pakistan Army. So, they have made many residential communities since 1992. DHA is famous for its modern Society. Plus, it has incredible features. Residents have a comfortable lifestyle. They aim to offer the best housing. So, the projects meet the buyers’ needs.

DHA Projects

The DHA has developed many housing projects. Their projects are all over Pakistan. Also, buyers like their work. So, they invest in them. The projects are lavish. The prices of the plots are affordable. Plus, buyers have everything here. So, invest here for high ROI. Some of their projects are

  • DHA Rawalpindi
  • The DHA in Karachi
  • DHA Lahore
  • The DHA Peshawar
  • DHA Gujranwala
  • The DHA Quetta
  • DHA Bahawalpur

NOC Status

The authorities have approved the DHA Multan NOC. The DHA projects are legal. Also, the legal projects are secure investments. So, buyers want to invest in them. The legal Society’s worth increases with time. Plus, the chances of growth are high in the projects. So, invest only in approved projects.

NOC of DHA Multan

Location and Map

DHA Multan location is on Matital Road. It is also close to Bosan Road. Also, Bahauddin Zakriya University is near the Society. The DHA Multan head office is close to Public School near Multan. Plus, it is the ideal location. It is close to all the major sites of the city. So, buyers will find it a perfect place to live. More, many other housing projects are close to it. Its location is the best feature.

Location Map of DHA Multan

DHA Multan Access Points

Society is the most accessible project in the city. It has easy access to the city sites. Also, buyers are keen to invest here. More, some of the access points of the DHA Multan

  • At the Bosan Road
  • 3 minutes drive from the Mattital Road
  • 6 minutes away from the Ahmad Road
  • 11 minutes distance from the University Road
  • 12 minutes drive from the Northern Bypass
  • 13 minutes from the Multan Bypass

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Society is in an ideal position. It is a significant landmark. More, some of the famous sites near the community are

  • Buch Villas
  • Gulistan Homes
  • Gulshan e Tauheed
  • Kotla Saddat
  • Lutafabad
  • Multan Cantt
  • Multan International Airport
  • The Green Fort Housing Scheme
  • Tomb of Shah Rukn e Alam

DHA Multan Master Plan

The skilled team has developed its layout. The DHA Multan master plan is over 9000 Kanal. More, the design has every facility. All buyer needs are within the housing complex. Also, it has schools. The hospital is also part of the Society.

There are large areas for greenery. So, now Society has only 1 phase. More, this phase has different sectors. All the sectors have basic facilities. So, buyers will have everything here. The community is a dream place to live. Plus, it has many plots for sale. The property has different sizes. All the needs of the buyers can cater to here.

DHA MultaN

Residential Plots

The Society has various residential plots for sale here. These plots are in the ideal location. Also, they are within the reach of the buyers. The Buyers will find many options here. The available plots are

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

DHA Villas

The Society also has beautiful villas. They are lavish villas. Plus, they are perfect for buyers. They are ideal for overseas Pakistanis. More, it can be the perfect place for vacations. The available Villas for sale are

  • 9 Marla (2751 sq. ft.)
  • 10 Marla GFS Villas
  • 12 Marla (3149 sq. ft.)
  • 12 Marla (3530 sq. ft.)

Commercial Plots

The community has an excellent commercial area. The residents’ all needs will meet here. Plus, it is a great place to invest. The Society is in a perfect location. So, it can be an ideal business hub. The available plots for sale are

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan

There are a variety of plots available here. Plus, the DHA Multan payment plans are within the buyers’ budget. They are at affordable prices. Also, there are installment plans too. It will make the process easy for the buyers.

More, the booking starts only at 10%. The confirmation fee for the plots is only 10%. Also, there are 12 quarterly installments. The possession charges will be 5% only. The details of the DHA Multan payment plan 2023 are here. For more, the latest prices

Residential Plots Payment Plans 2023

  • 5 Marla DHA Multan residential plot is Rs 5,500,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 550,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 412,500/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 10,000/-.
  • 8 Marla DHA Multan residential plot is Rs 6,500,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 650,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 542,500/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 12,000/-.
  • 10 Marla DHA Multan residential plot is Rs 8,800,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 880,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 660,000/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 15,000/-.
  • 1 Kanal DHA Multan residential plot is Rs 13,000,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 1,300,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 975,000/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 25,000/-.

Commercial Plots Payment Plans 2023

  • 4 Marla DHA Multan commercial plot is Rs 29,000,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 2,900,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 2,175,000/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 25,000/-.
  • 8 Marla DHA Multan commercial plot is Rs 45,000,000/-. So, the 10% deposit is Rs 4,500,000/-. The 12 quarterly installments are Rs 3,375,000/- each. Also, the possession fee is Rs 45,000/-.

DHA Multan Villas Payment Plans 2023

  • 6 Marla Villa total cost Rs 12,000,000/-. So, the 20% booking fee is Rs 2,400,000/-. The 8 installments are Rs 1,200,000/- each. Also, the membership fee is Rs 64,140/-
  • 9 Marla Villa total cost Rs 18,000,000/-. So, the 20% booking fee is Rs 3,600,000/-. The 8 installments are Rs 1,800,000/- each. Also, the membership fee is Rs 64,140/-
  • 12 Marla Villa (4-Bedroom) total cost Rs 21,000,000/-. So, the 20% booking fee is Rs 4,200,000/-. The 8 installments are Rs 2,100,000/- each. Also, the membership fee is Rs 64,140/-
  • 12 Marla Villa (5-Bedroom) total cost Rs 23,000,000/-. So, the 20% booking fee is Rs 4,600,000/-. The 8 installments are Rs 2,300,000/- each. Also, the membership fee is Rs 64,140/-

Development Status

DHA Multan is an expanding housing community. Most of the sectors are complete. Also, buyers can live here now. The developers have developed the roads. More, the streets have numbers.

The Society has all the basic facilities. So, it is an excellent place for families to live. The DHA Multan development status for the year 2023 also has many updates. Also, some of the developing projects of the DHA Multan are

  • Bilal Masjid
  • Center Square
  • Dealer Enclave II
  • DHA Membership Club
  • Food Court
  • Fast University
  • Healthcare Facility-AM99
  • Indoor Sports Club
  • 1st BTS Jazz Tower
  • Masjid e Amna
  • Main Office
  • Masjid Quba
  • Mega Mall
  • Pakistan Square
  • Rescue 1122
  • Rehmatullil Alameen Mosque
  • Shopping Arcade
  • Theme Park
  • Twin Tower
  • Water Park
  • 3D/5D Cinemas

DHA Multan Phase-I 1st Balloting

There are two ballots done in the Society. The first balloting has held on 2nd October 2018. More, the first ballot has many phases. The first phase has the balloting on the DHA Multan Villas. Also, the location ballot of the property was on 31st July 2019.

Plus, the 2 Marla commercial plot balloting was on 15th September 2019. So, the DHA Rumanza Golf Community Ballot ceremony was on 5th December 2020. Last, the latest General & Location balloting was on 12th August 2021.

DHA Multan Phase-I 2nd Balloting

The second bolting was on 30th September 2021. Many buyers are part of the function. Also, the results were available online. The ceremony was live. So, it can remain transparent to the buyers. There are 5500 plots in the balloting. More, the sizes of the plots are 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. The 4 Marla commercial plots are also part of the balloting. So, the price of 1 Kanal plot ranges from Rs 10-11 million after voting.

DHA Multan Challan Form

The buyers can get the form on the official website. Download the form for the plot booking. Also, for more help, buyers can contact Ghafari Marketing.

DHA Multan Application Form

The form was available on the official website of the DHA Multan. For more data, buyers can contact Ghafari Marketing.

Amenities and Services

The Society offers the best amenities for its residents. The prices are also within the budget. So, it is a significant investment in 2023. The community has a lavish lifestyle. Some of the best amenities of the Society are

Top Amenities at DHA Multan

Ideal Location

The Society is in the perfect spot. All the major sites of the city give access to the community. Also, it is on the motorway. So, the buyers from other cities can also reach here. The land has a high value. Plus, buyers will have a lot of profits by investing here.

Serene Surrounding

The Society is close to the natural setting. The Society has a large green area. So, it has a clean place. The quality of air in the community is good. More, it is a scenic Society. Residents will enjoy the natural beauty here.

Safe Community

It is a safe community. Also, it has CCTV cameras all over it. There is security staff across Society. Plus, all the gates have checkpoints. The families can live here in peace. So, they can have a stress-free lifestyle. There is no crime within the Society.

Modern Facilities

The Society has lots of facilities. First, it has no power shortage. The community has a power grid. It is a big issue in Pakistan. So, people can live here without load-shedding. Also, there are water tanks. It will give constant access to water.

There are also water filtration plants. The residents will have 24/7 clean drinking water. More, Society can sui gas connection. All the sectors have it. There are parks. Last, the lifestyle here is luxurious.


The Masjids are an essential part of the culture. All the sectors of the Society have their own Masjid. More, these are beautiful Masjids. They have all the facilities. Also, there is a proper cooling system here. The residents will find a calm spot in the community.

Salient Features

The Society has all the modern features. It is an ideal community for the buyers. Also, it offers the best quality lives. Some of the exclusive features of the Society are

  • Arena
  • Askari Housing
  • Beautiful Locality
  • Dealers Enclave I
  • DHA Multan Villas
  • DHA Multan Nursery
  • Executive Lounge
  • Electrification of Sectors
  • Fast University
  • Gymnasium
  • Swimming Pools
  • Saloons
  • Shops
  • Sewerage Treatment Plant
  • Tombola Kid’s Play Area
  • Theme Parks
  • 360 Zoo
  • Rumanza Golf Course
  • Villas Community Plant
  • Water Theme Park

Why Invest in DHA Multan 2023

The Society is a new area in Multan. Also, it provides offer many investment options. It is one of the golden opportunities in the city. More, it is the best way to secure a financial future. It is an excellent luxury place to live. Plus, it will offer high ROI.

Let’s discuss the many advantages of living and investing in DHA Multan.

Best Pricing

The Society offers luxury on a budget. Also, there is a range of plots for sale in the DHA Multan. So, Society is a lovely community. The prices are reasonable. More, there are easy installment plans. The buyers can build their dream homes here. Society has all the things. So, Residents will find their every single need here. The prices are still very low for the services. Plus, the 5 Marla plot is only for Rs 5,500,000/-.

Diverse Property

There are many plots for sale in the DHA Multan. The buyers have a lot of choices here. So, it is the best investment option in 2023. There are many residential plots here. More, commercial plots are a great investment option. There are also Villas for sale here. So, buyers can invest here as per their budget. The plots are remarkable. It can be the best investment in 2023.

High ROI

The Society is legal. Also, the developers are reliable. The location is perfect. More, the pricing is reasonable. All that makes it the best housing project. Plus, it has high demand from buyers. So it has great value. Its perfection makes it ideal for housing. Also, all that can cause high profits. So, investment here offers high ROI. The prices are still low. Once it has completed, the costs will rise. So, invest now.

Pros and Cons

Every housing project has its pros and cons. The list of the Pros of this Society is far bigger than the Cons. More, it will give buyers an exact idea about it. So, the DHA Multan pros and cons listed here.


  • Gated Community
  • Easy Access
  • Affordability
  • Reliable Developers
  • Rapid Development
  • Approved Society
  • Installment Plans
  • Diverse Plots
  • Clean Society
  • Provision of Basic
  • Secured Society
  • Power Grid
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Cemetery


  • Assumption of pretty high prices

How To Book A Plot In DHA Multan

The process is simple. Still, for the ease of buyers, we explain it here. The application form was available from the official website. Also, buyers can download it. Second, one must check the budget before investment. It is a big decision it can affect the lifestyle. Last, check the paperwork of the Society. Here are some extra steps to ease the process.

Step 1

It is good to take advice from an experienced real estate consultant. For that, buyers can contact Ghafari Marketing. We have 15 years of experience. Plus, we have proper market research. So we can provide authentic information to our customers.

Step 2

Our sales teams will help the buyers to find the ideal deal. They gather the essential information. Then, they will find the best plots as per the budget. So, taking advice from us is the best decision.

Step 3

It is best to visit the Society site. It is essential. So, buyers don’t doubt Society. Plus, if they like the housing project. Pay the downpayment to book the plot in it. For more questions, contact us now.

Document Require for the Booking

For the transparent process, the buyer must attach their document with the form. So, the records are

  • 2 photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • 2 photocopies of the next-to-kin CNIC
  • Passport-size fresh photos of the buyer
  • Receipt the deposit.

How To Book Plot in DHA Multan


Q1: Is DHA Multan a public or private Society?

A1: DHA Multan is the housing project of the Defence Housing Authority. It is not a private housing scheme. Plus, the government of Pakistan owns it. So, it is a safe investment.

Q2: How big is DHA Multan’s master plan?

A2: DHA Multan’s master plan is on over 9,000 Kanal. It has many housing plots. More, it has commercial properties of 4 and 8 Marla. Also, DHA Multan villas are famous among buyers.

Q3: Where is the DHA Multan location?

A3: DHA Multan location is on Matital Road. It is also close to Bosan Road. Also, Bahauddin Zakriya University is near the Society. Besides, the DHA Multan head office is close to Public School Multan.

Q4: How much are the 5 Marla DHA Multan plot prices?

A4: The 5 Marlas plot in DHA Multan ranges from 38 to 49.50 lacs.

Q5: What are the latest prices of DHA Multan 2023?

Q5: According to the DHA Multan payment plan 2023, the 5 Marla plots cost Rs 3-4.5 million. More, the 8 Marla plots cost Rs 5.7 to 6.5 million. The 10 Marla plots cost Rs 6.5-8.5 million. Plus, the 1 Kanal plot rate is Rs 9.2-10.70 million. So, the 2 Kanal plot price is Rs 20.70-30.30 million.

Q6: Is DHA Multan a good investment?

A6: Yes, it is an excellent investment. Society is in the perfect spot. Plus, the prices are within the means. The facility it offers is unmatched. So, the buyers can make a high profit from this community.


DHA Multan is a fantastic housing project. It is a lavish housing Society. Plus, it offers a high-quality lifestyle. It has all the qualities of the modern Society. So, it is ideal for buyers who want to build a dream house.

The Society is in a serene area. It has world-class security. More, all the facilities are on the doorsteps of the residents. The land cost is high. Besides, It will continue to increase. Also, investing here is a profitable decision. This Society can be the best investment opportunity in 2023. So, don’t miss the chance to invest here. For any help, Contact Ghafari Marketing.

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