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DHA Quetta is the most prestigious housing project in Quetta. Quetta City is the capital of Balochistan. Also, It is the first project of the DHA in the region. Society provides a secure living place. Plus, it will offer a business environment to the City’s residents. Society is only 7 km from the Quetta International Airport.

More, it is just 16 km from the Quetta city center. So, it is in the ideal location for the buyers. It is the best housing place in the area. Also, it offers a modern community.

The project started in April 2019. Also, It has different phases. More, the first phase is DHA Quetta Smart City (Phase-1). Developers announced in September 2020. So, it has housing plots for sale. Too, the business properties are also part of it. Plus, the project offers many amenities. All the needs of the resident are within it.

Society has a modern style. It has lush green parks. Also, it has many Masjids in the community. Besides, all other facilities are available in the Society. There is speedy development work. The experts expect that this project will have completed by 2030. More, it will increase the economic activity in the region. So, it will be one of the best housing places in the Quetta city.

DHA Quetta is a good investment opportunity. More, it has the ideal location. Also, there is a need for quality housing in Quetta. Plus, Society has received positive feedback from buyers. The DHA Quetta file prices also rise. So, it is the right time to invest here. For more, look over the full article.

Developers and Owners

The project comes under the “Khushal Balochistan Vision.” It aims to develop a sustainable Society. So, the DHA took the first step. They join hands with other builders to build it. Also, it is the best project of the DHA. It is the first Smart City of the DHA.

They also give full attention to the DHA Quetta logo. Plus, it is a high-quality project. It has all the modern features. So, living here is like a dream. It is an excellent investment. The management team of the Society has many members.

DHA Quetta Owners & Developers

Members of the Management

  • Administrator
  • Chief Secretary Balochistan Province
  • GHQ
  • Representative, ex-Adjutant General’s Branch
  • Secretary
  • Secretaries of Law and Housing Departments Government
  • 2 Co-opted members

NOC Status

DHA Quetta is a legal Society. Also, DHA Quetta NOC is under the DHA Quetta Act XI 2015. Plus, Provincial Assembly and Supreme Court have legalized it. It is a secure project to invest in. So, buyers don’t need to think before investing their hard-earned money here.

As this project will offer them a high ROI. Also, the approved projects are the best for the investment. There is a high chance of growth in it. More, there are no legal issues in it. So, buyers will be tension-free here.

DHA Quetta NOC

Location and Map

DHA Quetta location is an attractive spot. It is ideal for buyers looking for a modern and scenic location. Also, it is 7 km from Quetta International Airport. More, the DHA Quetta map has linked to the Quetta-Chaman Highway. It is a link road between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Plus, Society is close to public transport hubs. That makes it a perfect area. Also, it is ideal for housing. It is close to many major roads. That makes it best for the business. So, its location is best for the buyers.

DHA Quetta Location Map

Access Points

The DHA Quetta location is perfect for buyers. Also, it has planned to offer the most perks to them. As the project will give more economic value to the region. So, the developer has placed it near the City. Plus, there are many access points for the Society. Some of them are

  • At the RCD Highway
  • 9 minutes away from the Western Bypass
  • 11 minutes from the Quetta International Airport
  • 13 minutes away from the Baleli Road
  • 15 minutes from the Quetta Railway Station
  • 19 minutes distance from the Western Bypass
  • 21 minutes drive from the Baleli Road
  • 23 minutes away from the Smungli Road
  • 24 minutes distance from the Civil Hospital Quetta
  • 26 minutes from the Quetta Serena Hote
  • 28 minutes from the Bolan University of Medical & Health Sciences
  • 30 minutes distance from the Quetta Railway Station
  • 35 minutes away from the Civil Hospital Quetta

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

Society is close to the many significant sites of the Quetta. Also, many famous hospitals and schools are nearby. It is a great place for the buyers. So, buyers will have all the facilities within their reach. Some of them are

  • Askari Housing Scheme
  • Askari Park
  • Arbab Town
  • Balochistan University
  • Balochistan Residential College
  • Bolan Medical Hospital
  • Cadet College Mastung
  • CMH Hospital
  • Jinnah Town
  • Jinnah Shopping Complex
  • Liaquat Park
  • Nawa Killi
  • Quetta Mall
  • Samungli Housing Scheme

Master Plan

The DHA Quetta master plan total covers an area of over 10,000 acres. Also, the DHA Quetta Phase 1 master plan is on 4000 acres. It is the first Smart City. Plus, the Supreme Court of Pakistan approves the Society.

More, the team of experts plans its master plan. The expert designer designs the DHA Quetta. Plus, its logo covers all the richness of the Province. The Sleeping Beauty and the Ziarat Residency Silhouette are in the logo. More, this project is as per the 2030 goals of sustainable development. It offers the best lives to the people. So, it is a lovely place to live.

The people are living their dream here. It will be good for the future to invest here. So, buyers don’t miss your chance to invest here. More, there are many different-sized plots available in the Society. They are fairly priced. Also, they are best to have a quality life. People here will have a calm life. So, the scenic sites will also be good for their health.

DHA Quetta

DHA Quetta Early Bird

It is a residential area. Also, the plot sizes range from 5 Marla to 1 Kanal. More, it is near the entrance gate. The work here is at a fast pace. Plus, there is a lot of development. Soon the block is ready for the balloting. Besides, there are only limited plots here. So, try not to miss the chance to enter in the balloting.

DHA Quetta Zones

Society has three zones. Also, all of them have various plots. These have different purposes. But, each one is unique. All these plots will cater to the need of the buyers. More, they can find the one which suits them best.

DHA Quetta Zone A

The Zone A is over 8,000 acres. Also, it is a residential area. So, it has housing plots. Most of the commercial properties are also in this zone. More, the prices of this zone are affordable. There is total security in the area. Plus, the residents have no tension. This zone had many different-sized plots for sale. People will have lots of choices here.

DHA Quetta Zone B

Zone B is over 2200 acres. Also, developers design it for public service. It has the best schools. There are many top schools in this zone. More, healthcare facilities are also part of this zone. The hospital here is open 24/7 to the public. So, they can get quality services. The prices are also reasonable here. Plus, the theme parks are also in this zone. There are also many playgrounds here. The security here is superb. So, parents can send their kids without any tension.

DHA Quetta Zone C

The Zone C is on over 1800 acres. This zone has farmhouses. So, it is a lavish zone of the Society. More, it has a sports club too. It has all the modern gadgets. Also, it has a world-class gym. Plus, the farmhouses for sale in DHA Quetta are in a perfect spot. They are scenic and spacious. Also, they are the ideal investment for the overseas Pakistani.

DHA Quetta Road Stucture

33% of the area of the Society is for road structures. Also, it has an extensive road network. So, buyers can feel the modern layout by just entering the Society. Plus, this road network will enhance the beauty of the Society. The buyers will feel the ease here.

  • Avenues 120 ft
  • Boulevard 180 ft
  • Expressway 316 ft
  • Minimum Road 60 ft
  • Parkways 240 ft

Residential Plots

There are many sizes of residential plots available in the Society. Also, buyers have choices here. They can opt for the property which is suitable for them. So, investment here is very easy. Plus, it is within the budget. The plots here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 16 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There are many commercial properties here too. Also, it can be the biggest business hub of the region. It is in a perfect area. Plus, all the facilities are available here. More, it is the City’s biggest housing scheme. So, people’s businesses can grow here with ease. The business plots here are

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

DHA Quetta Farmhouses

The farmhouses are also part of the Society. Also, they are in a beautiful spot. The views from here are breathtaking. Plus, these farmhouses are of per modern age. So, the farmhouses here are

  • 4 Kanal
  • 5 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Payment Plans

The DHA Quetta payment plans are within the budget of the buyers. Also, there are easy installments. The buyer should take advantage of that. Plus, there are two down payments. The first is within 30 days of the ballot. So, the second is within 60 days of the ballot. There are 16 quarterly installments. More, the buyer can contact Ghafari Marketing for the details. We are here to help.

DHA Quetta Residential Plots Payment Plans

  • 5 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 1,782,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 178,200/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 178,200/-. The ballot fee is Rs 4,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 89,100/-
  • 8 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 2,718,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 271,800/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 271,800/-. The ballot fee is Rs 6,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 135,900/-
  • 10 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 3,285,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 328,500/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 328,500/-. The ballot fee is Rs 8,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 164,250/-
  • 16 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 4,896,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 489,600/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 489,600/-. The ballot fee is Rs 10,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 244,800/-
  • 1 Kanal plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 5,760,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 576,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 576,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 12,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 288,000/-
  • 2 Kanal plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 11,160,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 1,116,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 1,116,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 15,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 558,000/-

Quetta DHA Commercial Plots Payment Plans

  • 4 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 11,430,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 1,143,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 1,143,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 15,000/-. Last, the 12 quarterly installment is Rs 762,000/-
  • 8 Marla plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 22,050,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 2,205,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 2,205,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 20,000/-. Last, the 12 quarterly installment is Rs 1,470,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 52,875,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 5,287,500/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 5,287,500/-. The ballot fee is Rs 25,000/-. Last, the 12 quarterly installment is Rs 3,525,000/-

DHA Quetta Farmhouses Payment Plans

  • 4 Kanal Farmhouse in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 17,000,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 3,400,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 3,400,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 30,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 637,500/-
  • 5 Kanal Farmhouse in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 19,125,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 3,825,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 3,825,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 40,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 717,188/-
  • 8 Kanal Farmhouse in DHA Quetta total price is Rs 29,400,000/-. The first deposit is Rs 5,880,000/-. Also, the second deposit is Rs 5,880,000/-. The ballot fee is Rs 50,000/-. Last, the 16 quarterly installment is Rs 1,102,500/-

Terms and Conditions

  • There are no taxes added to the above price
  • The taxes will be applicable as per the law
  • Development charges will be applied later
  • The prices can change without notice
  • 1% tax from the FBR for the filer buyers
  • 2% tax from the FBR for the non-filer buyers

DHA Quetta Affiliated Banks

There are many famous banks allied with the Society. More, buyers can make their cash payments from them. Also, they can get special series number forms from these banks. Plus, these banks are

  • Allied Bank
  • Askari Bank
  • Bank Alfalah
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • United Bank Limited

DHA Quetta Balloting

The DHA Quetta management has announced the first balloting in Early bird. Also, it contains the 1 Kanal plot in Sector A. More, 5 Marla marketing files are also part of the balloting. It is the most awaited. The ballots are essential. Also, there is a lot of selling and buying after this. It is vital in the DHA projects.

DHA Quetta 5 Marla Marketing File

The 5 Marla plots of the DHA Quetta are very famous among buyers. So, the location balloting of the 5 Marla files is on March 30th. It was a computerized process. More, the results are on the official website.

DHA Quetta 1 Kanal Residential Plots

The balloting of the 1 Kanal plot was on January 1st, 2023. More, it is also digital. Too, it will be transparent for the buyers. The results are available online. Plus, the new prices of the 1 Kanal plots are

DHA Quetta 1 Kanal Plot File Rates

  • Phase 1 DHA Quetta allocation of 1 Kanal is Rs 45 lac
  • DHA Quetta Phase 1 allocation of 1 Kanal Barcode is Rs 44 lacs
  • Phase 1 DHA Quetta allocation of 1 Kanal unsuccessful file is Rs 52.50 lacs
  • DHA Quetta Phase 1 allocation of 1 Kanal A6 is Rs 55.25 lacs
  • Phase 1 DHA Quetta 4 Marla Commercial Plot is Rs 85 lacs

*For more, contact now to Ghafari Marketing.

DHA Quetta Latest News

For any news and forms, buyers should visit the official website of DHA Quetta. Also, they can visit  www.ghafarimarketing.com

Development Status

The work in Society is at full pace. Also, management wants to complete the development soon. So, the buyers can live in this premium project. Plus, the developers have completed Society’s planning. Now, the building process is in the way. The soil testing is complete. More, the entrance gate has finalized. The work on the road work is starting now. So, these are the major advances in Society

  • Completion of the town planning
  • Completion of the grand entrance design
  • Soil Testing in the Society
  • Pre-criterion of contracting companies

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Amenities and Services

It is the Society of the DHA. Also, it is a high-end project. Living here is like a dream reality. There are many lavish facilities here. More, the buyer will be living their ideal lives here. This community will stir the real estate market in the region.

So, some of the best services by the Society are

Top Amenities in DHA

Smart City

It is the first Smart project of the DHA. Also, it is a sustainable Society. It is as per the goal of UN 2030. More, it is safe property development. The infrastructure here is stylish. Plus, the road network here is fantastic. So, it is a perfect housing complex. The buyers will find Smart advancements here

Provision of Basic

It is a grand masterpiece of the DHA. Also, it has all the facilities. There is no power shortage. More, there is proper water storage. Besides, the residents will find here the ease they deserve. It is a great Society for kids. It has an appropriate schooling system.

Plus, there are many playgrounds. There is also a sports club here. For the kids, it is a dream place. They will find everything that helps them grow in a safe environment. So, it is a perfect place for the households.

Diverse Properties

The buyers will have perfect investment opportunities here. Also, it has many properties. There are housing plots here. Besides, commercial plots are available here. They are in many sizes. The buyers can choose as per their needs. Plus, the prices are fair. They can offer high profits. So, the Farmhouses are also part of it. So, that was an excellent investment. It is in a perfect locality. Thus, it will attract buyers. They have many chances of investment here.

Commercial Area

The Society has many commercial properties. That will meet the business needs. Also, this place is a busy business place. It is a unique project. Plus, it is near every route in the City. So, it is best for the commercial area. More, this Society will increase the economic activities in the City. So, people can take the benefits from investing in business plots here.

Massive Road Network

Society has a massive road network. It offers the best development. Also, skilled workers have built it. Specialized tools had used in it. Plus, the central expressway is 316 ft wide. Society Boulevard is 180 ft wide. So, it will make the Society rush-free. It will also make it more elegant.

Salient Features

Society has all the things that people look for in an ideal home. So, buyers will not find any place like this. It has modern high-end facilities. Also, it is within the price range. Buyers are keen to buy a plot here. So, the unique features of this Smart housing project are

  • Burj Aziz Khan Dam 23 Mgd
  • Smart Electric meters
  • Modern Town Planning
  • Banks
  • Hotels
  • Smart Appliances
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Office Spaces
  • Renewable Energy Resources
  • Smart Transport System
  • Fiber Optic Connectivity
  • Grand Main Entrance
  • Pet Feeder
  • Smart Energy Solution
  • Halak Dam 4 Mgd
  • 100 Check Dams
  • Shamozai Dam
  • Smart Waste Management
  • Department Store
  • GPS Sensors on Waste Bins
  • Food Court
  • Banquet Hall
  • Joyland
  • Smart Electric Meters
  • Fuel Station

Why Invest in DHA Quetta in 2023

It is a great housing project for the buyers. Also, it is a DHA Society. That means it has no legal issues. More, it is safe for the buyers. The security is unmatched by others. Plus, the rates are within the buyer’s budget. It is in a flawless area. So, all that makes it ideal for investment in 2023. Some other reasons to invest in DHA Quetta are

  • It is a fast-paced project. The development here will have done in no time. Also, there are more chances of growth here, as seen in other DHA projects.
  • Society is in a spotless area. It is near the RCD Highway. Also, it is the most famous area of the City. More, all the significant routes give way to the Society.
  • It is the first Smart housing project of the Quetta. So, it will set a benchmark for others. Also, the features here are fantastic. It is one of the most notable reasons to invest in DHA Quetta.
  • The plots here are inexpensive. Also, all the features here are desirable for the buyers. So, they attract here on their own. The prices are significantly lower as per the high-end facilities. More, the 5 Marla in DHA Quetta is only Rs 1,782,000/-. That is acceptable for most buyers.

Pros and Cons

Here is the list of the Pros and Cons of the Society. Plus, the buyers can get an idea of the facilities it offers. The buyers will like every bit of this Society.


  • Smart City
  • Easy Access
  • Supreme Court Approval
  • Fairly Priced
  • Installment Plan
  • 24/7 Security
  • Grand Entrance
  • Adventure Park
  • Malls
  • Rapid Development
  • Water Filtration Plants


  • Perception of away from the central City
  • Assumption of expensive properties

How to Book a Plot in the DHA Quetta

Property investment is a risk-taking decision. Also, it can be beneficial. Moreover, one must invest in the right place at the right time. It will offer a high ROI. Plus, it is legal housing. There will be no legal issues in this project. But, still, it is good to check the paper before investing. Also, some steps could simplify the booking process.

Step 1

Consulting with a real estate consultant is a good option. Ghafari Marketing is a professional firm. More, they are in this field for more than a decade. The buyers can get their ideal deal with their help of them. Plus, their latest market research will help the buyers. They can use it to get the perfect plot.

Step 2

The sales executive team is very skilled. Also, they search as per the buyer’s demands. More, the available to the buyers help. They are here for the buyer’s questions.

Step 3

Buyers must visit the project site. Plus, they can check the progress. It will keep them satisfied. More, pay the first deposit to book a plot.

Document Required for the Booking

Some documents have required to send with the form. More, it will help to make the process transparent. These documents are

How To Book Plot in DHA

  • Photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • Next-to-kin CNIC photocopies
  • Two photographs of the buyer
  • Down payment receipt


Q1: Where is the DHA Quetta location?

A1: DHA Quetta location is 7 km from Quetta International Airport. More, the DHA Quetta map has linked to the Quetta-Chaman Highway. Also, it is close to the RCD Expressway. All the City gives access to this project.

Q2: What is the covered area of the DHA Quetta?

A2: The DHA Quetta master plan is over 10,000 acres. It has three zones. First, Zone A is 8000 acres. The Zone B is over 2200 acres. Last, Zone C is 1800 acres.

Q3: How is the DHA Quetta Logo?

A3: The skilled design of the DHA Quetta logo. Its design has a full view of the Province. Also, the logo has hills like Sleeping Beauty and the Ziarat Residency Silhouette.

Q4: What is the DHA Quetta Membership fee?

A4: The DHA Quetta membership fee for business plots is Rs 60,000/-. Also, the membership for the residential properties is Rs 30,000/-

Q5: Is DHA Quetta a good investment?

A5: DHA Quetta is a perfect investment in 2023. Also, DHA projects are highly in demand across Pakistan. The project is high-end. More, it is in a strategic place. It has affordable prices. Plus, it offers high ROI. So, buyers like these kinds of projects. They are suitable investments in real estate terms.


DHA Quetta is the first Smart City of the DHA and the Quetta. Also, it will lead future property development projects in Quetta. It will be a trendsetter. More, it is a lavish Society in Quetta City. It will offer quality lives to the buyers.

Plus, it has a modern master plan with all the facilities. It will give people the best investment opportunities. Besides, investing here is accessible. It is in a great area. The prices are affordable. What else a buyer wants in a housing project? So, according to Ghafari Marketing, it is an excellent investment in 2023. Also, Overseas buyers should put their investment in it. Last, it will return high profits in the future.

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