Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is a new housing development. It’s the best option to live in as many facilities and amenities exist. Eighteen Islamabad is the most luxurious housing project in the Twin Cities. This is one of the best constructions for the elite class of Islamabad/Rawalpindi. It’s having a tagline too, “A Place to Reflect A Place to Relate,” The project’s worth is USD 2 billion.

It is divided into two major phases, the first of which is now open for business. By 2022, Phase 2 should be complete. The First Phase is under RDA, whereas the Second Phase is under CDA sector H-17. This will be a multibillion mega project that meets worldwide standards. It covers incredible features and a luxurious view in the middle of a golf course.

It offers wonderful smart and luxurious villas in the middle of a golf course. At the same time, this society offers magnificent homes with views of an 18-hole PGA-standard golf course and the gorgeous Srinagar Highway.

Eighteen Islamabad Owners & Developers:

Eighteen Islamabad is a joint venture between Ora Developers and the Saif Group in Islamabad’s Eighteenth sector, near the Motorway.  Ora Developers, Saif Group, and Kohistan Builders & Developers aim to bring a new and worldwide lifestyle.  They brought together the best in design, architecture, and sustainable living to build the ultimate lifestyle destination.

Owners & Developers of Eighteen Islamabad

They’re also known to deliver a variety of successful real estate projects, such as:

  • Silverstone at Caribbean
  • Nocera Ltd in London
  • Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus.
  • Nile City in Cairo, Egypt
  • Pyramid Hills in Cairo, Egypt
  • Zed in Egypt
  • North Coast in Egypt

Eighteen Islamabad Locations:

Location Map Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad is located on the Srinagar highway, 5 kilometers from Golra Mor and 3 kilometers from the Lahore-Islamabad exit. It is the most convenient housing community in Islamabad, and it is only a few kilometers from the Islamabad International Airport. The project is near University Town, one of the region’s oldest housing societies.

It’s also accessible from the roadway between Kashmir and Srinagar. It is located in the heart of Sector H-17 Islamabad and benefits from a fantastic location.

  • It’s easily accessible from many points
  • Mumtaz City is around 10 minutes away.
  • Top City 1 is only 12 minutes away.
  • 14-minute drive to Faisal Town
  • PECHS Islamabad is a 17-minute drive away.
  • WAPDA Town is around 22 minutes away.
  • Islamabad’s Kingdom Valley is 30 minutes distant.
  • Faisal Hills is a 33-minute drive away.
  • Blue World City is a 40-minute drive away.
  • Gulberg Islamabad is a 50-minute drive away.
  • Islamabad Smart City, Pakistan’s capital, is 50 minutes distant.

Eighteen Islamabad NOC:

The CDA has approved Eighteen Islamabad’s NOC. After hearing this update, citizens are running to book their plot in Eighteen Islamabad because society has not been charged with any illegal expansion or land violation.

Furthermore, investors can put their money into this project with security. On February 18, 2018, the NOC was issued.

Eighteen Islamabad Master plan:

Masterplan Eighteen Islamabad

Calisson RTKL developed the exceptional master plan, and the master plan was turned into a stunning housing society by the renowned urban planner WATG. This unique golf course was also created to be a part of the IDG housing development in the United Kingdom.

This housing project includes 2000 residential units, 1068 villas, 900 apartments, and high-value commercial structures. This beautifully built landscape also includes a luxurious Clubhouse, a medical facility, a five-star hotel, premium retail establishments, and a business center.

The society contains a large main boulevard and other interconnected roads and streets. There are enough regions for green belts and planting to improve the society’s scenic quality and filter the air.

The housing scheme’s master plan also includes the following:

  • An 18-hole golf course is available at the club.
  • The resort includes 150 rooms and a 5-star boutique hotel that can accommodate up to 1000 people.
  • The Square, which features high-end retail and entertainment options
  • The Hub, which is a World-Class Business Center
  • The Clinic is equipped with cutting-edge medical technology.

Residential Plots at Eighteens Islamabad:

  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Villas at Eighteens Islamabad:

  • 10 Marla Villas (4 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)
  • 1 Kanal Villas (5 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)
  • 2 Kanal Villas(5 Bedroom, 7 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 4 Kanal Villas (6 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 3 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 8 Kanals (7 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 6 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)

Apartments at Eighteens Islamabad:

The heights in Eighteen Islamabad provide residents with exquisite residential options. Luxury apartments with 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms are available. The flats are huge and equipped with modern amenities. For ventilation, they have windows and vacant spaces. There is a bathroom in each of the bedrooms. There is a modern kitchen, lounge, drawing room, patio, and laundry room.

Villas At Eighteen:

The Villas Eighteen Islamabad

At Eighteen Society, there is a one-of-a-kind real estate project that comprises 1/2, 1, 2, 4, and 8 Kanal sizes and will be private villas, making them ideal for bigger families or those seeking large accommodations. Eighteen’s villas are for individuals who appreciate the best things in life.

These fully-fitted residential units, which come in various sizes, architectural styles, and interior layouts, combine elements of luxury, comfort, and sustainability. Eighteen’s masterminds have designed homes up to worldwide standards, in keeping with the strong tradition of premium designs and Italian craftsmanship in the interiors.

Villas at Eighteens Islamabad offers:

  • 10 Marla Villas (4 Bedroom, 5 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)
  • 1 Kanal Villas (5 Bedroom, 6 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces)
  • 2 Kanal Villas(5 Bedroom, 7 Bathroom, 2 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 4 Kanal Villas (6 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 3 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)
  • 8 Kanals (7 Bedroom, 8 Bathroom, 6 Parking Spaces, Swimming Pool)

The Heights at Eighteen:

There are over 28 pavilion-style structures in the heights, each having a fixed number of flats per level and a maximum of seven floors. These apartments, which range from studio to three-bedroom apartments and five-bedroom penthouse designs, offer excellent homes with extensive balconies to suit various demands and lifestyles.

These one-of-a-kind settlement plans range from 775 square feet to 4,579 square feet. The views of the 18-hole golf course add to the beauty of the internal area.

The Heights Eighteen Islamabad

The Commercial Properties at Eighteen (The Core):

The Core is the newest and most high-tech business space in the Twin Cities. The design of this business hub, which is housed in 13 distinct buildings, reflects local culture and architecture while providing the most up-to-date office amenities.

This Core is also in a fantastic position, just ten minutes from the new international airport and 20 minutes from downtown – ideal for both local businesses and multinational firms.

Underground parking, ultra-fast fiber technology, constant power supply, high-speed elevator, and 24/7 CCTV surveillance are few of the amenities available. Office spaces start at 750 square feet, with a modular floor plan that allows for full flexibility to fit various sizes.

The Club:

Club Eighteen Islamabad

With its Club, Eighteen provides an outstanding degree of luxury living. A professional 7200-yard 18-hole Championship Golf Course is available. The golf house is located in the center of the complex and provides spectacular panoramic views and top-of-the-line leisure amenities. Residents of the society use the Club as a social and entertainment hub.

The Club, which includes a cricket pitch, squash courts, a sports hall, swimming pools, a pro shop, yoga studio, and a cigar bar, is the hub of golf, social activities, and entertainment activities at Eighteen.

The Square:

The Square at Eighteen is the ultimate retail destination, with exclusive high-end shopping and dining centered around a welcoming open-air square for residents and tourists.

It  divided into three levels and has a designated entrance from the motorway, allowing convenient access for the twin cities.

It’s a thrilling location that provides the best in retail therapy and unmatched entertainment opportunities. Visitors can enjoy a safe and enjoyable shopping experience while sampling gourmet cuisine at fine dining establishments.

The Square Eighteen

The Clinic:

Eighteen delivers the greatest healthcare with an exclusive state-of-the-art medical center that offers residents emergency and non-emergency medical facilities on site. Inpatient and outpatient wards are available, with residential specialists on call. These services are within a few minutes drive of the residents’ homes.

The Clinic Eighteen

The Resorts:

The Resort at Eighteen is a five-star boutique hotel with extraordinarily high standards for eighteen’s residents to enjoy. With only 150 keys, it offers the privacy and seamless personal service that the world’s best hoteliers are known for. The Resort represents the modern essence of Eighteen with a splash of top hospitality in the form of international cuisines. An exotic experience includes:

  • A luxurious spa.
  • Fitness center.
  • Extraordinary fine dining selections.
  • A first-class ballroom.
  • Event space that can host 1,000 people.

The Resorts at Eighteen Islamabad

Eighteen Islamabad Payment Plan:

Eighteen Islamabad offers a very flexible payment plan, demonstrating that it is not a financial hardship for buyers. Even though the villas’ costs are a little high, this is no longer a concern because it has a payment plan with an installment option, so one does not have to worry as much.

This society is not only one of the best places to live but also one of the best projects to invest in, as growing property prices and the project’s ideal location ensure a strong return on investment.

All of these houses are available in easy installments through this attractive residential project. A 15% down payment is required for these villas and apartments to be reserved.

The payment plan of Eighteen Islamabad is:

Salient Feature Eighteen Islamabad:

Salient features at Eighteen are mentioned below:

  • Surrounded by lakes and hills.
  • Wide roads and main ways.
  • Premium living at Apartments and Villas.
  • Preserved greenery and scenic beauty.
  • Lifestyle and sports facilities like Gym and Spa.
  • Situated around lakes and hills.
  • International level 18 Hole Golf Course
  • International standard Health Centre

Eighteen Islamabad Amenities:

Eighteen Islamabad is the best option if you wish to live a modern lifestyle. Apart from its ideal location and legal status, Eighteen Islamabad provides all of life’s necessities. Under the roof of Eighteen Islamabad, you may access all of life’s amenities, from education to health, eating to exercise.

Luxurious lifestyle:

Eighteen Islamabad is the ideal place in Islamabad to live a luxurious lifestyle. To raise the community’s living standards, the society provides contemporary homes, 5-star hotels, and major shopping malls.


In residential development, parking spots are critical. As a result, Eighteen Islamabad’s master design contains big parking areas that can handle many vehicles. In addition, the administration ensures that the cars in the parking area are completely secure.


Water, Gas, and Electricity Facility:

Society continually provides its people with water, Sui gas, and electricity. They are not subjected to load shedding. There are electricity backups and generators to provide electric supply in a power outage.

There is also no shortage of Sui gas. Water filtration plants and boring water systems are also available in society.

Educational Institute:

Eighteen Islamabad has many schools, colleges, and universities

Educational Institutes

  • The City School
  • The City School Nursery
  • Roots Millenium School
  • National College of Arts
  • Riphah International University
  • FAST University
  • HITEC University Taxila Wah Cantt

Medical Facilities:

The developers do not neglect residents’ medical treatment. As a result, the developers built a clinic that provides residents with emergency and non-emergency medical care 24/7. The clinic has a well-equipped A&E department, as well as inpatient and outpatient wards, as well as a staff of specialists.

Security System:

Residents are guaranteed security 24/7 by the housing society. Walk-through gates and security officers are posted at the entrance to keep an eye on anyone entering the society.  For the residents’ safety, guards continue to monitor the society.

Waste disposal system:

With the trees and other plantings, the environment in the housing complex is clean and refreshing. There is a proper waste management system in place, and trash carts are strategically placed throughout society.

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Reasons to Invest in Eighteen Islamabad:

The Eighteen Islamabad project has a budget of 2 billion USD. The following are some of the reasons why you might want to buy it:

  • There are 150 rooms in this boutique hotel and halls and event areas that can accommodate over 1,000 people.
  • The Club at Eighteen includes a clubhouse, cricket ground, pavilion, squash court, tennis court, sports club, swimming pool, pro shop, and yoga studio.
  • Some hospitals are fully equipped and provide excellent health treatment.
  • Mosques are located near each other for easy access and convenience.
  • Natural resources are utilized in the most cost-effective manner feasible, resulting in an environmentally pleasant atmosphere.
  • The huge villas are beautiful and large, making them suitable for large families or individuals who require a lot of living space.
  • A large 18-hole golf course is great for resting and offers a spectacular view of the residences.
  • The International Standard Schools & Colleges are open to the general public to recognize the importance of education in today’s society.
  • There is a network of wide carpeted roads to get around the traffic.

How to Book Plot in Eighteen Islamabad:

How to Book in Eighteen Islamabad

The booking process for this luxurious housing society is as simple as it gets all you have to follow some steps to reserve your plot. The following is an overview of the booking process for the Eighteen Islamabad:

  • A copy of the owner’s CNIC is required.
  • A copy of any family member’s CNIC
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Down payment is required

All of these items are required for purchasing a plot in Eighteen Islamabad. As a result, you’ll be able to embrace your new house with all of the amenities you’ve imagined.

Eighteen Islamabad Pros & Cons:



Modern Infrastructure Rates are high compared to other societies
Lush green areas
High Standard of living
A society of the upper-class with a wide range of living options
A city within a city.
Secure investment

Frequently Asked Question FAQs:

1-What is Eighteen Islamabad?

Answer: Eighteen Islamabad is a high-profile new residential development in Pakistan’s capital city.

2-Is the NOC of Eighteen Islamabad approved or not?

Answer: The CDA has approved Eighteen Islamabad’s NOC.

3-What is the location of Eighteen Islamabad?

Answer: Eighteen Islamabad is located on the Srinagar Highway in the 18th sector of Islamabad and also be reached through the GT route.

4-What makes Eighteen Islamabad society different from the rest of the societies?

Answer: Eighteen of Pakistan’s most unique and forward-thinking cities are Islamabad. This project will be elevated in Islamabad and Pakistan due to its magnificent architecture, amenities, and entertainment.

5-Who is the owner of Eighteen Islamabad?

Answer: Eighteen Islamabad is a joint venture between Ora Developers and the Saif Group in Islamabad with Kohistan Builders and developers.


Eighteen Islamabad will leave a great impression, and it will be the most significant development project in Islamabad. This housing program is the first step in bringing international standards to Pakistan by utilizing local resources and transforming Pakistan into one of the world’s most developed countries.

At Islamabad’s most desirable and trendy address, live a unique and significant lifestyle surrounded by the best facilities and comforts. With ease and convenience, you can get your ideal home. Here, luxury takes on a new meaning that renews and redefines your life.

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