Farmhouses In Pakistan


Investment in farmhouses in Pakistan is a new trend. Many customers now want to invest in places which are usually away from the busy life of big cities. Because well-known personalities and corporate moguls have purchased them, farmhouses have become more and more sought-after in real estate. People desire them for a getaway, party homes, and other uses.

Farmhouses, which are often enormous homes on many agricultural lands, are becoming increasingly prevalent worldwide. As a result, many renowned developers have luxury farmhouses all around the country. The developers have modified and kept up each farmhouse project over time to retain its rich heritage.

Property investors might find a farmhouse to be an excellent investment. There are various options than renting it out, particularly if it comes with farmlands. Farmhouses are thought of as non-depreciating properties by several specialists as well.

Perks Of Investing In Farmhouses

Following are some of the most significant aspects of purchasing a farmhouse that could persuade buyers to buy.

  • Farmhouses will indeed hold their inherent worth as investments.
  • The most significant benefit is an increase in land value. Since the pandemic, numerous inhabitants have been relocating to faraway places, and infrastructure improvements are quickly catching up, driving up land prices dramatically.
  • Farmhouse proprietors relish the convenience of selling areas of farmland. It provides more freedom to keep the essentials and resell the space for more significant investment returns.
  • Another profitable option to make extra money is to lease out the area (after adhering to all the corporate regulations).
  • Another clever way to recoup the expenses of a farmhouse is through the agro-real estate.
  • As more people opt to live in an area that guarantees improved safety, greenery, and space, the appeal of farmhouses will only grow over time.

Top farmhouses in Pakistan

Many magnificent, appealing farmhouses are available for sale throughout the country. However, the buyers and stakeholders want to buy farmhouses in the big cities to get maximum profit from the land valuation. Here is the list of top farmhouses in Pakistan

Famous Farmhouses in Islamabad

In contrast to a home or a property in the city centre, investing in or purchasing a farmhouse enables buyers to create outdoor adventures. Islamabad has several ancient farmhouses in the Chak Shahzad region, although they are challenging to find and quite pricey. As a result, if investors want to own farmland in Islamabad, buyers should consider different choices.

Bahria Agro Farm Houses Islamabad

In Pakistan, agro farming has regarded as a captivating notion. Different cities of the country are regarded as the perfect locations to disconnect from the external world. So do in the serenity of nature.

One such opulent choice is the Bahria Agro Farm Houses, which Asia’s leading property developers offer. It enables buyers to enjoy the exceptional availability of alternatives in Bahria Town despite residing at the maximum height of Bahria Golf City.

The project offers buyers a reasonable price for two seventeen farmhouse housing units. 2489.38 Kanal is the total amount of authorized land for the project. The land-use matrix (updated plan) indicates that agro farms occupy 954.60 Kanal regions.

The condominiums and condos occupy 159.94 Kanal. Moreover, 110.58 Kanal will have used for future housing. Parking and commercial development will occupy 122.97 Kanal. Additionally, open fields and parks total 373.45 Kanal. Public structures cover 99.85 Kanal. The designated 51.17 Kanal is for the Cemetary.

Moreover, the broad, roomy highways cover the 606.82 Kanal.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 4.1-Kanal
  • 4.3-Kanal
  • 5-Kanal
  • 5.3-Kanal
  • 5.6-Kanal
  • 6.6-Kanal
  • 6.9-Kanal

Location of Bahria Agro Farm Houses

The Bahria Agro Farmhouses Islamabad position is on the major Angoori Highway in the Bahria Enclave-II neighborhood. Additionally, present nearby is Bahria Golf City. The farmhouses are in a fantastic place, enabling easy access to all the city’s major attractions and other housing estates, including Park View Villas, the amazing Nova City Islamabad, and the stunning Mall of Islamabad.

Bahria Agro Farm Houses Location

How To Access

The farmhouses are very approachable from various sites

  • Next to Angoori Road
  • Eight minutes from National Highway E-75
  • Ten minutes from Kashmir Highway
  • Sixteen minutes from Simli Dam Road
  • Nineteen minutes from Kiani Road
  • Twenty-three minutes from Muree Road

Nearby Landmarks

  • Bhara Kahu
  • Bharia Enclave II
  • Chattar Park
  • Green Enclave
  • Bahria Golf City

Payment Plan of Bahria Agro Farm Houses

Bookings for Bahria Agro Farm Houses’ payment plan are now open. The farmhouse for sale is obtainable with a simple three-year payment plan. Five Kanal farmhouses currently offer a payment schedule; the remainder will have updated over time. With only a 25% deposit, the booking fee begins at Rs. 45 Lacs.

Capital Smart City Farmhouses

A luxury farmhouse is available for purchase in the CSC. Envision yourself in a farmhouse in a twin city with good conditions and a beautiful green landscape as the backdrop.

If someone resides in a CSC Farm House, they can farm, race a bike, play, swim, and engage in numerous other activities. The farmhouses provide people with a tranquil atmosphere distant from the hectic city life. They have all the contemporary amenities and comforts. The farmhouses come in a variety of styles and dimensions as well.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Location of Capital Smart City Farmhouses

The luxurious CSC developers have placed farmhouses in the perfect housing development area. They have situated close to Islamabad Airport and Isb-Lhr, the M-2 Motorway. They provide buyers with the ideal setting to take in the area’s beauty, the picturesque views of the highway, and the lush surroundings.

How to Access

The CSC farmhouses are efficiently approachable from

  • M2 Motorway
  • National Highway
  • Chakri Road
  • Ring Road Rawalpindi

Payment Plan of Capital Smart City Farmhouses

The Capital Smart City developers have offered farmhouses various payment plans, including four years of instalments. In addition, of the ten per cent deposit required to reserve a farmhouse, the balance is due in equal quarterly payments.

  • The four Kanal of CSC farmhouse of Rs 29,500,000/-
  • The Eight Kanal of CSC farmhouse of Rs 49,000,000/-

Rudn Enclave Farmhouses

Rudn Enclave Islamabad developers have introduced Rudn Enclave Farmhouses in response to the rising farmhouse requirement. Furthermore, the farmhouses are of different sizes and styles as well. But first, let’s look a little more closely at the residential plan before we go into further detail about the farmhouses.

RMRSCO Pvt Ltd created the Rudn Enclave farmhouses on Rawalpindi’s prominent Adyala Road. The project represents the height of opulence and grandeur. Furthermore,  they provide homeowners a tranquil atmosphere apart from the hectic city life, and the initiative will compromise all the contemporary amenities and comforts. The Sizes of Farmhouses are

  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Location of Rudn Enclave Islamabad Farmhouses

The twin cities’ residents will find society ideal given its close closeness to them. The Society is located on Adyala Road, the primary access highway to the CPEC and adjacent to Bahria town.

Rudn Enclave Farmhouses Location

Furthermore, this lovely housing complex is close to Khasala Lake & Jawa Lake. It will improve the project’s aesthetics and address Society’s water problems. Rudn Enclave farmhouse is a successful real estate investment in the area because of its accessibility to requirements and significant city sights.

How To Access

The farmhouses are approachable from various sites

  • 24 minutes from Rawat-Chabeli Road
  • 25 minutes from LHR-ISB Motorway
  • 30 minutes from Bharaia Town Rawalpindi
  • 40 minutes from National Highway
  • 45 minutes from Saddar Rawalpindi

Payments Plan Of Rudn Enclave Islamabad Farmhouses

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including four years of instalments. A fifteen per cent deposit and a five per cent of advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse. The balance is due in forty-eight equal monthly payments.

  • The four-kanal Rudn Enclave farmhouses cost Rs 6,500,000/-
  • The eight-kanal Rudn Enclave farmhouses cost Rs 11,000,000/-

Gulberg Green Farmhouses

The IBECHS introduced Gulberg Green Farmhouses Islamabad, a Luxurious Agro Farms Housing estate, in 2005. The “Gulberg Greens” farmhouses scheme for luxurious living is a part of the Gulberg grand plan. Gulberg Greens, which has four hundred and nine residential plots totalling about three thousand eight hundred and sixty-two kanals of land, is situated in Mouza Koral Zone-IV. The CDA has approved the farmhouses.

  • 4-Kanal Jasmine Enclave
  • 5-Kanal Rose Enclave
  • 10-Kanal Tulip Enclave
  • 20-Kanal lily Enclave

Location of Gulberg Greens farmhouses

The  Gulberg Greens’ luxurious farmhouses had spread across several residential blocks. However, these farms are reasonably pricey due to their placement and the amenities in Gulberg Rawalpindi. It has situated 3 km from Benazir Bhutto Airport and approximately 12 km from Islamabad Club on Rawalpindi Expressway at the junction of Zones IV and V.

Gulberg Green Farmhouses Location

How To Access

The Farmhouses have approachable from various sites in Rawalpindi

  • Soan Garden
  • PWD Society
  • Judicial Society
  • Airport/ Koral Chowk
  • Airport Society

Payment Plans of Gulberg Greens farmhouses

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including two years of instalments. In addition, a twenty per cent deposit and a five per cent of advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse. The balance is due in eighteen equal monthly payments or six quarterly instalments.

  • The four Kanal jasmine enclave farmhouse is Rs 13,000,000/- with a deposit of Rs 2,600,000/-
  • Five kanal rose enclave farmhouse is Rs 16,000,000/- with a deposit of Rs 3,200,000/-
  • Ten Kanal tulip enclave farmhouse is Rs 30,000,000/- with a deposit of Rs 6,000,000/-

Pakistan Naval Farms

The opulent Pakistan Naval Farms residential area has located in a desirable area of Islamabad close to Bara Kahu & Simly Dam. The Pakistan Navy built the lovely farm housing complex, Pakistan Naval Farms. The developers have planned for ten thousand kanals of land near Simly Dam Road.

However, with portions of Phase 2’s extension areas still under construction, the civilization is only partially completed. The project has already seen the construction of many opulent farmhouses, but as the desire for farm property in Islamabad rises, prices are also rising dramatically.

  • 5-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal
  • 10-Kanal
  • 12-Kanal
  • 20-Kanal

Location of Pakistan Naval Farms

Pakistan Naval Farms serves as a hub between countryside and agricultural regions. The property has ideally situated in Islamabad Zone 4’s  Athal neighbourhoods. Its closeness to significant housing developments and Islamabad’s beautiful green environs make it the ideal spot to reside.

Moreover, it is adjacent to Park View City & Bahria Enclave. Malot Road, which connects Kurri Boulevard via Park Avenue and Simly Dam Street via Murree Highway, makes it simple to get to PN Naval Farms. In addition, the farmhouses will eventually have linked to the Murree Express Way north of Bara Kahu.

Pakistan Naval Farms location

How to Access

The farmhouses are reachable from various significant sites

  • 15 km from Rawal Chowk
  • 25 minutes from Serena Hotel
  • 25 minutes from Malot Road
  • 35 minutes from Bara Kahu
  • 60 minutes from Zero Point

Payment Plans of Pakistan Naval Farms

The developers have carefully considered the site of the Farms during planning. Moreover, the developers carefully selected the ten thousand Kanal for this venture. There are primarily five blocks: Blocks A, B, C, D, and E. The developers have not completed the development of blocks D and E, but the A to C blocks are finished and have assets accessible.

  • The five Kanal block B farmhouse is Rs 4.50 to 5.50 Crore
  • The five Kanal block C farmhouse is Rs 4.50 to 5 Crore
  • The eight Kanal farmhouse is Rs 7 to 9.50 Crore
  • The twenty Kanal farmhouse is Rs 15 to 20 Crore

Model Green Farms

In Pakistan, the Model Village Agro farmhouses of Model Village are a compelling concept, and towns like Rawalpindi are regarded as the best locations to disconnect from the external world and always in nature’s serenity. Moreover, the Farmhouses are situated next to the CPEC highway on M2, which is ideal for a farmhouse.

Environmentally ecosystem management is the idea behind agro farming. These farms seek to offer our customers a tranquil, natural environment that is secure for the environment. These farms provide a calm, comfortable, peaceful, and relaxing setting free of distractions. Agro Farmhouse offers top-notch amenities at the Farm Houses, including an olive grove, cycling trails, and a small dam.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 5-Kanal
  • 10-Kanal
  • 20-Kanal

Location of Model Green Farms

The setting serves as one of the key justifications for purchasing Agro Farms. These homes are the ideal escape from the rush of city life because they have located in a few of Pakistan’s most scenic and peaceful regions.

The Farms are available from across all major towns thanks to their advantageous location in Neelah Dullah, close to the CPEC route. They are also in a region with lots of natural resources, which makes it a fantastic place to lead a natural existence.

Model Green Farms Location

How to Access

The Farmhouses are accessible from various significant areas

  • Adjacent to Neelah Dullah
  • Chakri Road
  • M2 Motorway
  • Chakbeli Road

Payment plans of Model Green Agro Farms

Bookings for Farms are available with a fair and affordable payment schedule. In addition, the developers have offered affordable pricing for the properties for sale in Agricultural Farm Houses.

Four Kanal farms currently have available payment plans, while the others will gradually receive updates. The pre-launched reservation price, including land costs and construction fees, starts at Rs. 44 Lacs. Completion ownership is made available with a fifty per cent deposit, and the outstanding balance had repaid within six months.

  • The Four kanal farms price is Rs 5,000,000/-

Shalimar Kallar Kahar Farms

The new housing development in Kallar Kahar is called Shalimar Hill Farmhouse. Moreover, the  Farms plots may be reserved with a cash deposit or with simple monthly payments. Because of its cutting-edge architecture, excellent spot, and availability of all contemporary amenities, it ranks among the best modern housing complexes in Kallar Kahar. Therefore, it is perfect for both investing and leisure purposes.

  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Location of Shalimar Kallar Kahar Farms

It has situated on the highway close to the Kallar Kahar Junction and Swaik Lake. The development’s location is excellent since all contemporary conveniences, including the best road connections, accompany it. In addition, this breathtaking site will provide a top-notch living atmosphere.

How To Access

  • M2 Motorway
  • G T Road
  • Charki Interchange

Payment Plans of Shalimar Kallar Kahar Farms

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including two years of instalments. In addition, a twenty per cent deposit and a five per cent of advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse. The balance is due in three instalments.

  • Two-kanal farm price is Rs 6,000,000/- with a twenty-five per cent deposit of Rs 1,500,000/-
  • Four-kanal farm price is Rs 13,000,000/- with a twenty-five per cent deposit of Rs 3,000,000/-
  • The eight-kanal farm price is Rs 24,000,000/- with a twenty-five per cent deposit of Rs 6,000,000/-

LB Farmhouse Peshawer

A unique property in Peshawar, LB Farm Houses provides a great perspective of the neighbouring canal, gorgeous mountains, and captivating water features. The peaceful surroundings and beautiful scenery create a dreamlike setting.

It is the ideal location both for transient and long-term habitation. It benefits from solitude from the rush and bustle of metropolitan life whilst being close to all essential facilities and people.

Location of LB Farmhouse Peshawar

Peshawar’s Charsadda Road is where you’ll find it, and it’s not far from the Liaquat Bagh Nature Center. The following is the proximity from the directly adjacent regions

  • seven km from Northern Bypass
  • Ten km from Ring Road
  • Twelve km from M 1 Motorway
  • Thirteen km from PC Peshawar

LB Farmhouse Peshawar location

Payment Plan of LB Farmhouse Peshawar

LB Farm Houses provide affordable payment plans for their 1 or 5 Kanal farmhouses, spread out throughout twenty-four monthly payments. After depositing thirty per cent, the item can be a book.

In addition, a ten per cent down payment has required to take possession of the property. There are no additional options available, including payments made every quarter or every other month.

  • The price per Kanal is Rs 5,000,000/-

Farmhouses in Lahore

As the concept has grown popular and profitable in Lahore, individuals are now turning to farm buildings to host gatherings and celebrations. Some of the most crucial factors to consider while selecting a farmhouse are the location, the cuisine, and the concept.

Lahore Greenz Farmhouse

Lahore Greenz has the modern amenities and features (such as water parks and athletic facilities) needed for a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. Stunning private farmhouse with lovely interiors and a Flexible Lifestyle.

Future construction projects nearby include the National Highway phase II junction, DHA phase 10, and Askari 12  Lahore Greenz farms located in a great area of Lahore with direct access to the Roundabout and hospitals. Better prices compared to other farm projects in a more upscale setting.

  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal
  • 12-Kanal
  • 16-Kanal

Location of Lahore Greenz Farmhouse

As already discussed, Lahore Greenz is a cleverly designed and meticulously planned farm community situated in the ideal Bedian Road, Lahore area. Bedian Road, close to DHA Lahore and other societies, has been the hub of all city growth. The project receives a very much impetus from this feature. Lahore Greenz farm mansions have never before been as opulent.

Payment Plans of Lahore Greenz Farmhouse

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including two years of instalments. In addition, a twenty per cent deposit and a thirty per cent of advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse. The balance is due in twelve instalments

  • The two-kanal farmhouse is Rs 7,000,000/- and thirty per cent deposit Rs 2,100,000/-
  • Four-kanal farmhouse is Rs 14,000,000/- and thirty per cent deposit Rs 4,200,000/-
  • Eight-kanal farmhouse is Rs 28,000,000/- and thirty per cent deposit Rs 8,400,000/-
  •  Twelve-kanal farmhouse is Rs 42,000,000/- and thirty per cent deposit Rs 12,600,000/-
  • The Sixteen-kanal farmhouse is Rs 56,000,000/- and thirty per cent deposit Rs 16,800,000/-

Unity Family Farms

Lahore’s Unity Family Farms Barki Road is the best place to live and invest. Due to its prime location, cutting-edge planning, and supply of all necessary amenities, Unity Family Farms is one of Lahore’s best new home complexes.

Unity Family Farms is the most incredible option for those who like to live in home developments with modern amenities outside of crowded metropolitan centres. A great place to put investments in real estate is Farmhouses since there is an excellent opportunity of making money quickly.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal
  • 12-Kanal

Location of Unity Family Farms

On Barki Road, have mansions owned by the Unity Family. The Lahore Main Road, the Airport, and DHA Lahore Phases VI, VII and VIII are conveniently located nearby. The development’s location is excellent because businesses, business areas, offices, playgrounds, gardens, institutions, and good road links border it. The Unity Family Farmhouses’ breathtaking position will provide a top-notch living adventure.

How To Access

  • Signal free drive
  • Ten minutes from DHA, Lahore
  • Twenty-five minutes from Lahore Airport

Payment plans

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including two years of instalments. In addition, a twenty per cent deposit and a thirty per cent of advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse. The balance is due in twelve instalments

  • The price of four kanal farms houses is up to 1.46 to 2.50 Crore

Chaudhary Farms Model Village

The incredible amenities and facilities of Chaudhary Farms are the ideal combination. In addition, Barki Road provides direct and practical communication to Main Highway, Airport, Sardar, Canal street, and Jail road with easy access to DHA.

Everything necessary to create a cherished and opulent farmhouse neighbourhood is present at Chaudhary Farms. The community of Chaudhary Farms is a beautiful place to live in a farmhouse with the most engaged residents.

Location Of Chaduary farms Model Village

Located on Barki, a beautiful Cornish location with utter stillness and tranquil surroundings. An entire perimeter wall and a one-way entrance provide a secure and safe neighbourhood. Chaudhary farms is a remarkable community of farmhouses that promotes a laid-back way of life.

How To Access

The farms are easily accessible from

  • 10 minutes from Lahore Ring Road
  • 15 minutes from Lahore Airport

Payment Plan Of Chaduary farms Model Village

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including instalment plans. In addition, a deposit and advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse.

  • The per Kanal farmland is Rs 4,500,000/-

Paradise Farms Lahore

On Barki Road in Lahore, there is a luxurious and contemporary development called Paradise Farmhouse. It provides people with a gorgeous farmhouse and tranquil recreational facilities. Builders of Paradise built Paradise farmhouses to deliver top-notch farms to Lahore.

This extensive and remarkable project provides beautiful farms for sale in Lahore for those looking to live a more naturalistic way of life. The surroundings are a perfect fusion of technology and peace, equipped with all the conveniences needed for an enjoyable lifestyle.

Location of Paradise Farms Lahore

the developers have placed it in a prime area on Main Barki Road. The best entrance is at Paradise Farms. A thriving community of farmhouses. Additionally,  Broadest Construction & Roads. Only Farm Having Installed Sewerage. The location of the farms has guaranteed a high starting return on investment.

How To Access

The farms’ locations have approachability from

  • At Main Barki Road
  • 10 minutes from Lahore Ring Road
  • 15 minutes from Lahore Airport

Payment Plan of Paradise Farms Lahore

Farmhouses in the Society have offered various payment plans, including instalment plans. In addition, a deposit and advanced payment can be deposited at the moment of confirmation to reserve the farmhouse

  • The per Kanal farmland is Rs 7,000,000/-

Heaven Farms Lahore

The LDA approved Safari Gardens’ Haven Farms project. The Hajveri Developers are the ones responsible for creating Haven Farms. In addition, affordable dwelling and business plots had offered at Safari Garden Lahore. As a result, its occupants enjoy a pleasant way of life and an up-to-date environment.

  • 2-Kanal
  • 3-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Location of Heaven Farms Lahore

The perfect position of Sue Asal Road, near  Kasur Road, is where you’ll find Safari Garden Lahore. The proximity to primary roads and sites increases the development’s worth.

How To Access

The farms have easy availability from

  • 5 minutes from Ladheke Road, Lahore
  • 8 minutes from Kasur Road, Lahore
  • 12 minutes from Raiwind Bypass

Payment plans of Heaven Farms Lahore

Another Safari Garden project that has received LDA approval is Haven Farms. The similar Hajveri Developers who created Safari Garden also created Haven Farms. Due to its 2.5-year payment plan, Haven Farms’ payment schedule is incredibly accommodating and reasonably priced.

  • The two-kanal farm price is Rs 9,000,000/-
  • The three-kanal farm price is Rs 12,600,000/-
  • The four-kanal farm price is Rs 16,000,000/-
  • The eight-kanal farm price is Rs 32,000,000/-

Farmhouses in Karachi

The Pakistani metropolis of Karachi is renowned for its vibrancy, rich culture, fantastic food, picturesque landscapes, and, obviously, opulent farmhouses. Constructing and using farmhouses has been increasingly popular over the last few years. People use farmhouses to host rich celebrations and joyous ceremonies and grow organic food there.

Mustafa Farms

In Karachi, a brand-new housing development is called Mustafa Farms. It offers abundant living with all contemporary conveniences. It is a fantastic option for those looking to put money into a successful initiative. In the future, the industry will undoubtedly be more successful than it is. So do yourself a favour and contribute to this worthwhile endeavour.

  • 1000 sq yds
  • 2000 sq yds
  • 4000 sq yds

Location of Mustafa Farms

The project has situated in Gadap Town, Karachi, near Kirther Park Avenue. This Society’s placement is one of its critical distinguishing characteristics, rendering it among Karachi’s most approachable residential Society. Access to all of Karachi’s key places was quick and straightforward.

Payment plans of Mustafa Farms

The payment plan is very reasonable for investors to participate in Society. The following is a list of the currently available costs for the Mustafa Farmhouse Karachi properties.

  • The 1000 sq yds price is Rs 5,500,000/-

DHA Oasis Farmshouse, Karachi

DHA After the considerable success of DHA Oasis Phase 1, Karachi has opened up DHA Oasis Farmhouses Phase 2. Farmhouses will be available in exchange for either a lump sum or easy payments over four years. With the beautiful natural scenery of DHA City as a backdrop, Phase 2 of the DHA Oasis Farmhouses rises as a masterpiece of excellent construction.

  • 4-Kanal
  • 5-kanal
  • 6-kanal

Location of DHA Oasis Farmshouse

The DHA Oasis Farmhouses, including Phase 2 and the Chalets, can be found in Karachi’s Sector-1 DHA Zone. The proximity from the Hyderabad–Karachi highway to the construction site is small. However, the project’s location is excellent because it is close to all necessary modern conveniences and uses a straightforward strategy.

Payment Plans of DHA Oasis Farmhouse

Although DHA’s farmhouses are available on a 4-year payment plan, the price cap for a four kanal farm house now starts at eight crore rupees, significantly higher than the initial launch price. In addition, there will be additional costs for things like location, type of farmhouse, and built-in amenities.

  • The four-kanal farm is Rs 80,000,000/-
  • The five-kanal farm is Rs 90,000,000/-
  • The six-marla farm is Rs 100,000,000/-

Bharia Farmhouse, Karachi

The Bahria Farmhouses has built with the modern family in mind, and they have located next to a world-class zoo and amusement park. These farmhouses provide their inhabitants with the pinnacle of luxury and a charming way of life, making them the ideal location to relax and unwind. Bahria Farmhouses have meticulously crafted to provide a high standard of living and unrivalled aesthetic excellence.

  • 4000 sq yds
  • 6000 sq yds
  • 8000 sq yds

Location of Bharia Farmhouses

In a prime location on Super Highway, next to Tauheed Square, are the Bahria Farms in Bahria Town, Karachi. Farmhouses are located only four kilometres from the main gate. These rural homes are convenient for getting to Bahria Town and the greater Karachi metropolitan area because of their proximity to Jinnah Avenue. Located near the Bahria Farmhouses

Payment Plans of Bharia Farmhouses

The developers have broken down the payment plans for Bahria farmhouses into three distinct categories, which correspond to the different sizes of the homes.

  • The 4000 sq yds farm of category A price is Rs 7 to 8 Crore
  • The 6000 sq yds farm of category B price is Rs 8.5 to 10 Crore
  • The 8000 sq yds farm of category C price is Rs 9 to 11 Crore

Arabian Farmhouse, Karachi

Another fantastic establishment right in the middle of Karachi is the Arabian Farmhouse. Arabian Farmhouse is one of Karachi’s inexpensive farmhouses on Super Highway, not far from Baqai University. This rustic farmhouse makes for a beautiful picnic location if buyers want to unwind and enjoy the company of loved ones.

The farmhouse is like a mini-resort, with its private park, playground, and swimming pool. A trip to Pakistan’s ancient sites is a must if customers have a penchant for the past. View a selection of Karachi theatres perfect for a fun day with the kids or friends.

DHA Quetta Farmhouse

In the recent past, the coastal city of Gwadar has been the primary focus of numerous real estate development projects initiated in the province of Balochistan. Nevertheless, one project in particular in the regional capital has attracted a large amount of attention from investors: the DHA Quetta.

The administration of DHA launched this cutting-edge property development in Balochistan’s provincial capital to bring the same standard of living to the region’s residents.

DHA Quetta, which opened its doors to residents in 2019, is the city’s most prestigious residential area. Construction is currently underway in various regions of Society as part of this cutting-edge housing plan, which is in its early stages. Check out DHA Quetta’s homepage for up-to-the-minute information.

  • 4-Kana
  • 5-Kanal
  • 8-Kanal

Location of DHA Farms, Quetta

DHA Quetta, like all DHA neighbourhoods, is in a fantastic spot. This neighbourhood is only 7 kilometres from the International Airport of Quetta and is positioned 16 kilometres from the city’s heart.

How To Access

The farmhouses are accessible from

  • Bolan Medical College
  • Quetta Railway Station
  • Quetta Western Bypass

Payment Plans of DHA Farms, Quetta

Farmhouses of varying sizes are also on offer by the housing society. The payment plan consists of four equal-year payments. One 4-Kanal rural home, for instance, can be purchased for Rs. 1.7 crores. For the farmhouse, customers will need to initially put down ten per cent and then make Sixteen quarterly payments of roughly Rs. 6 lacs.

  • The four-kanal farm is Rs 17,000,000/-
  • The five-kanal farm is Rs 19,125,000/-
  • The eight-kanal farm is Rs 29,400,000/-

Gwadar Farmhouses

It requires intelligence, planning, and strategy to pick a fantastic location. Keeping this in mind, we have carefully selected areas that will be desirable today and in the foreseeable. We have also considered future lifestyle trends and construction activities that are impacting the Gwadar Farm Houses neighbourhood. Tricon Ventures is committed to making a development that will have sought after not just today but for many years to come.

Gwadar Farm Houses have well located for magnificent peace and simple accessibility to the rest of Gwadar City, thanks to its proximity to the city’s central business district and the city’s charming mountains and exciting greens.

The home is ideal for a family to live in and for hosting parties, thanks to the beautiful landscaping. The developers have adjusted every aspect of the Gwadar Farm Houses to accommodate customers’ needs. This place has a calming effect on you and provides a liberating setting to appreciate life. To relax and let go of tension.

F&J Group Farmhouses

It’s impossible to think of the F&J Group Farmhouse without picturing the iconic farmhouse. It is the perfect place to return home after a hard day at the office. Our updated take preserves the same essence while providing convenient features like an outbuilding and minimal upkeep materials.

Farmhouse designs by F&J Group are as diverse as the farms they oversaw across the country. The family-friendly Farmhouse plans that originate on sprawling 100-acre lots in Mouza Gazdan Bal, Region Gwadar, are perfect for buyers and their loved ones.

Typical features of an F&J Group Farmhouse include a front porch, a formal living room, a dining room, a kitchen, and additional bedrooms on the second floor. As a result, the contemporary farmhouse is the best option for accommodating a growing family.

  • 1 Acre
  • 2 Acre


There are numerous benefits to settling down in a farmhouse. Farmhouses in Pakistan offer an idyllic setting for those who value peace in a rural setting. This peaceful area is ideal for those who want city conveniences without sacrificing their need for quiet.

Due to the rising desire for high-end properties close to natural settings, most new housing developments now include farmhouses in their overall design. An ample outside space is a common feature of farmhouses, allowing homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without leaving their property.

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