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Forest Town Islamabad is a newly built real estate housing project in Islamabad that offers an eco-friendly environment and peaceful living with all the modern amenities. It is also a legal housing project that offers a reliable housing investment. Additionally, the location and prices of the plots will attract investors to make a long-term investment here.

It is a different housing project because it offers investors many benefits and high returns. The housing scheme also promotes greenery and urban forest in the community. Therefore, the investment here becomes a unique and valuable real estate investment.

In addition, the project has extraordinary design and features that make it stand out from other similar projects in the twin cities. This amazing features and specific design of the Forest Town Islamabad is another reason that attracts the attention of the investors and buyers.

Forest Town Islamabad Owners & developers:

The Milestone Properties Management PVT Ltd and Malik Shahzaib Enterprises Pvt Ltd developed this excellent housing project. In addition, the developer aims to build a housing project according to eco-friendly strategies.

Both organizations have a good reputation in the real estate development industry with a history of projects delivered on time and client satisfaction. However, according to the experience and successful projects by the developers in the real estate development industry, Forest Town Islamabad will also be a milestone.

Investing here will also be the best real estate investment opportunity to achieve a cool and quiet living standard. And the developers have a professional team of experts who know the art of creating amazing housing projects. Finally, to have a different life experience, investing here will be a sustainable decision.

Forest Town Islamabad NOC:

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) for Forest Town Islamabad is in progress and will soon be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

However, the authorities have already provided the necessary documentation and requested the relevant authority for approval. Therefore, the developers have complied with all the procedures for successfully allocating NOC.

Forest Town Islamabad Location Map:

Forest Town Islamabad is at Rawat Chak-Beli Road, near Rawalpindi Ring Road. However, the location of a project plays an important role in its success and popularity. Therefore, when we talk about Forest Town, the location is accessible via several routes.

The Forest Town Islamabad is easily accessible through the following routes:

It is approximately 60 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport

  • 50 minutes away from Imam Bari Shrine
  • 50.9km away from Fatima Jinnah Park
  • 48 minutes away from Faisal Mosque
  • 36 minutes away from the Railway station
  • 25 minutes’ drive away from T-Chowk Islamabad
  • 18 minutes away from Rawat Fort
  • 15 minutes from GT Road

Nearby Places & Landmarks:

Forest Town Islamabad has various nearby places and landmarks.

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Bahria Town Islamabad
  • DHA Islamabad
  • Bahria Garden City Islamabad
  • Galaxy Riveria Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Giga Mall Rawalpindi
  • Galaxy Mall Bahria Town Islamabad
  • Liberty Tower Bahria Islamabad
  • The Grande River Hills Bahria Town Phase 7 Islamabad

Forest Town Islamabad Master Plan:

Different plots are available in Forest Town Islamabad to facilitate the future residents of the society. Forest Town Islamabad is ready to set higher standards of luxury living in an ecological environment for the people of the twin cities.

The master plan has given us that this project is designed to be loved and approached by people with its eye-catching infrastructure and attractive amenities to the residents. The Development Authorities have some of the best architects, designers, and engineers who work hard to make this society a dreamland.

Residential Plots:

Various residential plots are available here with all the advance and essential amenities. In addition, the housing project has very affordable rates. Therefore, the investment in residential plots is worth reaching a high standard of living. However, some of the residential plots available here are:

  • 4 Marla plot
  • 6 Marla plot
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot

Commercial Plots:

The housing project is also offering commercial plots to all future investors. In addition, the developers want to allow investors to grow financially. High-quality infrastructure will also help to generate more leads and opportunities. However, some of the commercial plots available here are as follows:

  • 5 Marla plot
  • 8 Marla plot


Farmhouses will offer comfort and a luxurious lifestyle to all future investors. In addition, the housing scheme provides the best standard of living for all future residents. And as we know, it is an individual need to take a break. Therefore, developers have offered farmhouses to potential investors and residents. Finally, the sizes of the farmhouses available here are:

  • 2 Kanal Farmhouses
  • 4 Kanal Farmhouses
  • 8 Kanal Farmhouses

Forest Town Islamabad Payment Plan:

The real estate payment plan is the first thing that comes to mind for all investors. In addition, the developers aim to create sustainable living standards at an affordable price.

In addition, pre-launch payment plans are available to give investors a rough idea of plot prices. However, to improve investment rates, an installment plan is also planned. On the other hand, the total prices of residential or commercial plots are as follows:

Forest Town Residential Plot Payment Plan:

Forest Town Islamabad Payment Plan

Forest Town Commercial Plot Payment Plan:

Forest Town Commercial Payment Plan

Salient Features Forest Town Islamabad:

The Society has several salient features that will increase the housing project’s value. In addition, some of the excellent features are the following:

  • Green Beds
  • Health Clinics
  • Fitness Area
  • Salons and Spa
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Educational Institutions
  • Eco-Friendly Housing Scheme
  • Commercial Areas
  • Malls and Groceries
  • Parking Area
  • High-Quality Infrastructure

Forest Town Islamabad valley Amenities:

Forest Town Islamabad offers several amenities to its future residents and investors. In addition, the most significant are the following:

Access to all facilities:

The developers aim to provide all the basic amenities to the investors that offer the best lifestyle to the future residents. In addition, there will be 24/7 access to electricity, gas, and water. These amenities will also be there at an affordable price. Finally, investing here can help achieve a sustainable standard of living.

High-quality infrastructure:

The infrastructure of this housing project is of high quality and will help achieve a sustainable lifestyle for its future residents. In addition, this housing project’s buildings, houses, and mosques will be of high quality, guaranteeing a higher standard of living.

Commercial Centers:

The developers of Forest Town Islamabad will provide commercial opportunities to all future residents. In addition, various commercial properties are available to help residents start their businesses according to their preferences. The attractive property of all these properties will also be available at an affordable price.

Health & education centers:

The developers will also offer health and education facilities to all investors. Also, the schools and universities available here will follow an international standard to help get a high-quality education at affordable prices. In addition, health facilities will also be available in the community to assist future residents in any medical emergency.

Secure society:

The Forest Town Islamabad is a fully secured housing project with a boundary wall. In addition, the developers are offering the best lifestyle to all future residents. Also, CCTV cameras will help capture all the society’s activities. And the security guards will also guard the community to avoid societal inconvenience.

Reasons to invest in Forest Town Islamabad:

The housing society has all the essential and advanced facilities. In addition, the developers aim to offer the best lifestyle to all of its future residents. Also, the plots’ location and prices are the best and most fascinating aspects of investment.

And the amenities available in this housing society will be present, which will help to offer the best lifestyle to all future residents. In addition, the house will soon receive its legal status. However, the developer’s name is enough to get the maximum investment. Finally, investing here will help to generate high-end financial benefits and world-class living standards.

How to Book Plot in Forest Town Islamabad:

We always advise our respected customers who inquire about the latest management booking procedure to clarify any communication. The reservation procedure is quite simple.

How to Book Plot in Forest Town Islamabad

Follow the steps given below for the booking of plots:

  • Fill out your reservation request form with full attention
  • Attach copies of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Please pay the first payment by check or money order to “Forest Town Islamabad,” but confirm the handling process in case of new changes.
  • Cash payments are also accepted after confirmation from management.
  • Submit all necessary documents, pay, and get a receipt

Documents Requirements:

The following documents are required to purchase a property :

  • Two passport-size photos
  • NICOP for customers abroad
  • Two copies of your national identity document
  • Two copies of your nominee’s id card

Forest Town Islamabad Pros & and Cons:



Prime Location Prices are high
CCTV Cameras
Gated community
Spa and Salons
Medical Units
Access to all Essentials
Schools and Colleges
Malls and Groceries
Parks and Play Grounds
High-Quality Infrastructure
Affordable Residential Project

FAQs of Forest Town Islamabad:

Q1. What is Forest Town Islamabad?

Answer: Forest Town Islamabad is a newly built real estate housing project in Islamabad that offers an eco-friendly and peaceful living environment with all the modern amenities of life.

Q2. What is the location of the society?

Answer: The location of Forest Town is at Rawat Chak-Beli Road, near Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q3. What is the legal status of society?

Answer: The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) will soon approve the NOC of Forest Town Islamabad.

Q4. Who develops the Forest Town Islamabad?

Answer: Milestone Properties Management PVT Ltd and Malik Shahzaib Enterprises Pvt Ltd developed this excellent housing project.


The housing project has all the basic amenities and the obligatory properties to achieve a better standard of living. In addition, the developers are offering their residents the best standard of living at affordable prices.

Moreover, another fascinating feature is the location of society that will help investors make the ultimate real estate investment.

More importantly, its urban forestry concept is also one of the attractive features of society. And the facilities, including all the basics and high-end amenities, will improve the standard of living for residents.

So, Ghafari Marketing strongly recommends that investors take advantage of this housing scheme. If you want to live in a quiet and comfortable place with a touch of nature, then Forest Town Islamabad will be the best choice.


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