Grace Valley


Grace Valley is the new housing project on the Grand Trunk Road. Also, it is over 1000 Kanal in the area. Plus, it has many beautiful plots for sale. It is a CDA-approved housing scheme. Besides, it is in a prime location. All major amenities and landmarks of the city are close by. More, it is a secure project with 24/7 security. The Society offers a variety of entertainment facilities. Too, it has a modern and efficient infrastructure. So, it has underground power and water lines.

Society is in a twin city’s prime location. More, it is close to the Islamabad Expressway and the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Besides, It is progressing at a fast pace. It will be soon complete in a few years. So, It is a great investment opportunity. It is for the people who wish for a modern and affordable home in Islamabad.

Developers and Owners

The Grace Valley (Pvt) Ltd are the Grace Valley developers. Also, its CEO is Mr. Abdul Rasheed Khan. He has experience of over twenty years in the real estate industry. Besides, they have many projects all over Pakistan. It is a registered firm. Again, it is with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan. The company has a good economic spot. Thus, their projects are popular in the market.

Grace Valley Owners & Developer

NOC Status

The CDA has approved the Grace Valley NOC. More, Capital Development Authority issued the NOC on March 10, 2023. That means that Society can develop and sell plots. Now, Society meets all the CDA’s requirements. It is a major milestone for the housing scheme. Besides, It means that the Society is now a safe investment. The buyers can be confident that their investments are in a secure area. So, it is the best option in the twin cities.

Grace Valley NOC

Location and Map

Grace Valley’s location is on GT Road. Also, it is close to the Mouza Rawat. That is a popular residential area. More, it is also close to the Islamabad Expressway. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is also nearby. It provides easy access to other parts of the twin cities. Plus, the area is in lush green fields and hills. That provides a scenic backdrop. The Society is well-planned and has a modern design.

Grace Valley Location Map

Access Points

All the main sites of the twin cities will give easy access to it. Also, it is close to all the facilities of the cities. So, it is in a great place. Some of its access points are

  • 5 minutes distance from the Mouza Rawat
  • 7 minutes away from the Islamabad Expressway
  • 10 minutes drive from the Fauji Foundation Hospital
  • 15 minutes from the Rawalpindi Ring Road.
  • 20 minutes drive from the Rawalpindi Golf Club

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

This project is in a new popular area of the twin cities. Also, it is close to both cities. So, there are many housing schemes in here. Some of these projects are

  • Bahria Enclave
  • Capital Smart City
  • DHA phase 8
  • Faisal Town
  • Giga Mall
  • Lake City
  • Soan Garden
  • Taj Residencia

Master Plan

Grace Valley master plan is over an area of 1000 Kanal. Also, it will have a total of 10,000 residential plots. More, there will also be a business area of 100 Kanal. Its layout is well-thought. Thus, it will be a blend of comfort and lavish lifestyle. Its location makes it a good investment.

Grace Valley Master Plan

Society developers aim to offer residents quality living. So, they developed it with the new tech. That will limit waste. Also, it has the latest security features. It is a well-planned neighborhood. The lives here will be tension-free. Thus, it is a terrific place to raise a family.

Residential Plots

Society will have a total of 10,000 residential plots. So, there will be many variety of plots for sale here. Also, in which 5,000 will be 5 Marla plots. The 7 Marla plots will be 3,000. Too, the 10 Marla plots here are about 2,000. Besides, it is still underway. It will have an extension in s future.

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There will also be a commercial area of 100 Kanal. So, buyers will have many options in business plots for sale. Its locality will soon make it a business hub in the region.

  • 4 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plan

The Grace Valley payment plan is affordable for the masses. Also, it will offer the best value for the money. In the future, the buyers will gain the profit from it. More, the booking will start from 25%. There will be installment plans for the people.

So, things will get more in the budget. There are two plans. First, it will have 24 monthly installments. Second, it has 4-half-yearly installments. It will be a great deal for future buyers. Besides, the possession is only 15%.

5 Marla plot price is Rs 4,500,000/-. Also, the 25% booking is Rs 1,125,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 50,000/-. More, the 4-half-yearly is Rs 375,000/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 675,000/-

  • 7 Marla plot price is Rs 6,300,000/-. Also, the 25% booking is Rs 1,575,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 70,000/-. More, the 4-half-yearly is Rs 525,000/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 945,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot price is Rs 9,000,000/-. Also, the 25% booking is Rs 2,250,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 100,000/-. More, the 4-half-yearly is Rs 750,000/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 1,350,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot price is Rs 16,000,000/-. Also, the 25% booking is Rs 4,000,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 175,000/-. More, the 4-half-yearly is Rs 1,350,000/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 2,400,000/-

Grace Valley Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • 4 Marla central commercial plot price is Rs 20,000,000/-. Also, the 50% booking is Rs 10,000,000/-. The 12 monthly installments are Rs 583,334/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 3,000,000/-
  • 7 Marla business bay plot price is Rs 35,000,000/-. Also, the 50% booking is Rs 17,500,000/-. The 12 monthly installments are Rs 1,020,834/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 5,250,000/-
  • 8 Marla (40*45) commercial complex plot price is Rs 40,000,000/-. Also, the 50% booking is Rs 20,000,000/-. The 12 monthly installments are Rs 1,116,667/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 6,000,000/-
  • 8 Marla (31*58) commercial complex plot price is Rs 40,000,000/-. Also, the 50% booking is Rs 20,000,000/-. The 12 monthly installments are Rs 1,116,667/-. Last, the 15% possession is Rs 6,000,000/-

Terms and Conditions

  • 10% Extra charges on plots Boulevard/Park Facing/Corner
  • 5% Discount on Full Payment
  • 1% penalty on any late installment
  • The down payment is non-refundable
  • Installments are payable every month.

Development Status

The Grace Valley development is in full swing. The entrance is ready. Also, the main roads are now complete. It has many security checkpoints in it. Plus, every block has basic utilities. There is a sewerage system all over it. Now, the work is going on the green spaces. So, it is the buyer can buy a plot here. The Society will finish within the next two years.

Ongoing Development

The other projects which are in progress are

  • Central Park
  • Cinema
  • Community Center
  • Golf Course
  • Shopping Mall
  • Mosque

Amenities and Services

The community has all the up-to-date services. Also, it is a modern-day Society. So, it will meet the people’s demands. Residents will have access to all city’s features. More, it is an excellent vicinity. Here people can live a restful life. So, some of the modern amenities here are

Top Amenities

Provision Of Utilities

Society has all the essential utilities for the people. Here, residents will have power, water, and gas. It has proper water storage. So, people will get a fair share of water. Too, it has a power station. It will be no load-shedding place. It has water filtration plants on every block. Plus, residents will have safe water. There are green places here. Thus, people here will have a relaxing time outdoors.

Sports Club

Society has many green places. Also, it will soon have its own sports club. It has all the new technology. So, young players will have access to facilities. The community will now have an 18-hole Golf course. Thus, it will have a golf club too. There will be countless facilities for other sports.

Safe Community

There are now security checkpoints at all the entry and exit points of the Society. So, there are guards in them. They will check all visitors before they can enter the Society. Also, there are security cameras in the community. It will keep an eye on all the movements. Thus, it will offer total security to the residents.

Sustainable Society

It is in the foothills of the Margalla Hills. So, it has a stunning backdrop. Also, that will give the residents a variety of outdoor activities. It has many parks and green belts. Plus, it will provide a space for future expansion. Besides, it is also close to many natural attractions. The Rawal Dam and the Margalla Hills are very close to it.

Salient Features

It is a wonderland for the citizen of the twin cities. Also, its features will attract more buyers toward it. So, investing here will be a great option. The beloved features here are

  • Prime Location
  • Fair Prices
  • Close to the Twin Cities
  • High-End Amenities
  • Legal Society
  • Commercial Zone
  • Secure Area
  • 24/7 Utilities
  • Well-Planned Layout
  • Parks and Green Belts
  • Community Center
  • Sports Club
  • Golf Course
  • Power Station
  • Graveyard

Why invest in Grace Valley

As there is no question about it that it is a grand scheme to live. Plus, in the distant future, it will offer an excellent ROI. Also, experts are calling it the best investment in the twin cities. There are many valid reasons for them. Here, are some reasons to invest here in 2023

Ideal Placement

It is a prime location. So, all the roads of the twin cities give access to it. It has good connectivity to famous sites. Plus, it has proximity to essential amenities. That is very important for the buyers. Besides, its well-planned master plan attracts buyers. So, it is fair to say that it is an attractive investment option.

Growth Prospect 

Society has an excellent chance for growth. Also, it will have expansion in the future. Plus, buyers like it very much. It is a great sign of success. So, Its prices will rise too. That will give high profits to the buyers. Besides, it is near to the commercial hubs of the twin cities. That gives ease to the occupant here. Thus, that can contribute to long-term value appreciation.

Job Opportunities

It is close to the major cities. Also, Also, that means that there are many employment opportunities available. There will be many businesses in the area. So, it creates a lot of work chances. There will be new jobs here. Thus, people may find jobs here. It will boost the economic activities in the area. Plus, it will increase its demands. The people who are living here will get the benefits from that.

Good Investment

Society is still under development. Also, that means that there is a lot of investment potential. Besides, it is in a prime location. It has luxurious features. As it develops, the value of properties will increase. Its place is vital for businesses and investors. Thus, its amenities make it a desirable position. So, its prices are rising. That shows that it is ideal for Society to live in the twin cities.

Pros and Cons

For now, this project has liked by the buyers. They like its highlights. So, it is a milestone that buyers wanted it. Here, is the list of what buyers like or don’t like about it.


  • Reliable Developers
  • Easy Access
  • CDA Approved
  • Affordable Prices
  • Fast-paced Development
  • Provision of Utilities
  • Profitable
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Sustainable Neighborhood


  • Assumption of being distant from the cities
  • The perception of the high value of the plots

How to Book a Plot in Grace Valley

The plot booking here is not complex. But, the search for the right plot is not easy. So, it is essential to search for investing. It is a matter of hard-earned money. Also, it will not offer the best results if it is not a perfect property.

Thus, it is good to look at these things before. Besides, getting help from a professional is the sound option. They can help you in many ways. Here are some steps that buyers should take before the plot booking.

Step 1

Consult a professional who knows the market. Also, Ghafari Marketing is the best real estate consultant in the twin cities. They deal in many other major cities. So, they know all about the market. Thus, they can help you to find a perfect plot.

Step 2

Discuss your needs with the sales teams. More, they can find the place that suits you. Also, ask before to avoid any confusion. It is best to check all the documentation. Or, if you need help filling out the form and other processes, ask them. They are here to help the buyers.

Step 3

Do a visit to the site. Also, you can ask for a virtual tour from the sales teams. It is better to see the progress as a person. Thus, it will give you satisfaction. Besides, if you like the plot in the Society, pay the deposit to book it.

Documents Required For Booking

There are some credentials needed for the booking. Also, it is a need for a fair process. So, these documents are

How To Book Plot

  • CNIC/NICOP photocopies of the buyer
  • Nominee CNIC photocopy
  • Two pics of the buyer
  • Receipt of the deposit


Q1: Where is the Grace Valley Location?

A1: Grace Valley’s location is on Rawat T-chowk. Also, it is close to GT Road. That is a popular residential area. More, it is also close to the Islamabad Expressway. The Rawalpindi Ring Road is also nearby.

A2: What is the legal Status of Grace Valley?

A2: The CDA Islamabad has approved its NOC. So, it is an authorized venture. That means buyers’ investments are in the safe project.

Q3: Who are the developers of Grace Valley?

A3: The Grace Valley (Pvt) Ltd is the Grace Valley developer. Also, its CEO is Mr. Abdul Rasheed Khan. Besides, they have many projects all over Pakistan. It is a registered firm.

Q4: What are the sizes of the Grace Valley house for sale?

A4: The Grace Valley plots for sale are of different sizes. Also, the residential properties here are 5, 7, and 10 Marla. Plus, it also has the commercial properties of 4,7 and 8 Marla.

Q5: Are the Grace Valley payment affordable?

A5: Yes, its payment plans are fairly affordable than others. More, it has two installments plan that could give some slack to the buyers. There is 24 monthly installment plan. Plus, it also has a 4-biannual plan. That will make a good impact on the buyers.


Grace Valley Islamabad is a haven of luxury and comfort. Also, it offers an unparalleled living experience. It is the perfect setting for the twin cities. More, it is in the heart of the cities. The commercial hubs of the cities all are close to it.

Plus, it is very close to the natural beauty. It has a modern infrastructure with lush green spaces. Again, the master plan will cater to buyers’ needs. It has a diverse range of properties. Thus, its world-class amenities make it a sustainable choice. It is the ultimate choice for a prestigious lifestyle.

Society has a reputation for quality and reliability. Also, it focuses on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. It will set new benchmarks in the real estate industry. Last contact Ghafari Marketing to book a plot here. So, you don’t miss the chance to be a part of this thriving community

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