Hawk’s Melbourne City


The Hawk’s Melbourne City is a premier residential project. It is in the bustling City of Rawalpindi. Plus, it is a project of the Black Hawk Group. They are the top real estate developers in the country. Also, Society had inspired by Melbourne City. So, Melbourne is a lovely city in Australia. This project offers luxurious living spaces. So, the amenities cater to its residents’ modern lifestyle.

The Society is close to major commercial areas. Also, the major City’s top schools and hospitals are near it. More, its prime location gives easy access from all across the City. All the necessities are available within the Society. So, it provides a calm environment. Residing here will be like a dream come true. Besides, the residents of twin cities have a lifetime chance of investment here.

The project provides its residents with a great life. It has fantastic amenities. Also, it has scenic gardens all around it. The community hall is where residents can gather for social events. To know more about it, continue reading this blog.

Owners and Developers

Black Hawk Builders and Developers are the Hawk’s Melbourne City developers and owners. Also, they are very skilled. They have decades of experience. More, they aim to offer the best housing projects. They work hard to turn their dream into reality. So, they want to offer a high-quality project. Catering the needs of the buyers is their number one priority. For that, they provide the best services in their projects. So, don’t delay. Book your plot here now.

hawks melbourne owners & Developer


NOC Status 

The RDA has approved the Hawk’s Melbourne City Rawalpindi LOP. The layout plan approval number is RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-277/1228/2022. Still, the developers are waiting for the approval of the NOC. But, they are hopeful that soon the RDA will approve it too.

As the legal Society has more worth. The developers are working hard to get it. The NOC is the first thing that hooks the buyers. Besides, everybody wants to invest in legal Society. So, it is good news for buyers that this Society LOP is already approved. It is ready to develop. It is the best time to book a plot here. More, once it’s NOC approved, its prices will also increase.

NOC of Hawks Melbourne City

Location and Map

The Hawk’s Melbourne City Location is on Chakbeli-Rawat Road. It is in the best setting. Also, DHA Phase III is close to Society. The main G T road is also near it. More, Ring-Road gives it easy access. It is the finest place in the twin cities. Plus, the land cost here is high. So, investing here is a wise choice. The location has a great impact on the success of the housing project. Thus, community buyers have a significant advantage of its ideal site.

hawks melbourne Location Map

Access Points

The Society is in the perfect location. It is ideal for the citizens of the twin cities. Plus, all the major sites are the Hawk’s Melbourne City access points. So, buyers can reach here with ease. Some of the access points are

  • Located at Rawat-Chakbeli Road
  • 3 minutes away from the Chakbeli road
  • 4 minutes drive from the main GT Road
  • 6 minutes away from the Rawat City
  • 7 minutes distance from the Kallar Syedan Road
  • 9 minutes away from the Islamabad Expressway
  • 17 minutes from the Kahuta Road
  • 19 minutes distance from the T-Chowk
  • 20 minutes drive from the Giga Mall
  • 25 minutes from the DHA phase 3
  • 50 minutes distance from the New Islamabad International Airport

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Hawk’s Melbourne City map has encircled by many famous Sites. Plus, many other real estate projects are developing in the exact location. So, it is the most admirable site of the twin cities. Buyers will get high profits. As it is in the perfect place. So, some of the landmarks near it are

  • Bahria Town
  • Bagga Sheikhan
  • Chakbeli
  • Countryside Farms
  • DHA
  • DHA III – Gate II
  • Gigal Mall
  • Golf Floras 2
  • IST University
  • Kallar Syedan
  • Moza Gangal
  • Rawal City
  • Rawat
  • Rudn Enclave
  • Turkish Smart City
  • Tab City
  • PAEC Employees Housing Society
  • Zeta-1 Mall

hawks melbourne City Accessability

Master Plan

The world-class team of designers has designed the Hawks Melbourne City master plan. It is over the land of 2,500 Kanal. Plus, its LOP is already approved. It has 200 feet wide Boulevard. Also, the master plan has all the details about the community. It is a well-planned layout. More, it has different blocks. All the blocks are unique from each other. The Society has all the services. So, there are still many plots for sale here.

The community has great residential plots. Also, the commercial plots are part of the layout. Plus, it has lovely apartments. That ranges from 1 to 4 bedrooms. More, they all have quality finishes. The apartments are spacious. Society has six blocks. The available Block of Society are

hawks melbourne City Master Plan

Hawk’s Melbourne City Blocks

  • Central Melbourne Suburb
  • Fawkner Suburb
  • Fitzroy Suburb
  • Glenroy Suburb
  • North Central Melbourne Suburb
  • South Central Melbourne Suburb

Residential Plots

There are different size residential plots for sale in Hawks Melbourne. More, they are in a perfect setting. It will allow buyers to choose as per their needs. So, it will offer a variety of investment choices. Plus, these housing plots are spacious. All the facilities are available here. Buyers can live a stress-free life here.

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

This project also has commercial plots. It will cater for their business needs. Plus, residents will find all their basics here. Also, they can start their business here. It is a great place. All the facilities are here. More, it is close to the main City. So, it can be a new business hub in the twin cities.

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Payment Plan

The Hawk Melbourne City payment plans are reasonable. Also, it has an easy installment plan. The prices are low. So, all kinds of buyers can invest here. More, the booking is only 25% in this project. There are 48 easy installments. It is a golden chance for investment. Plus, it is a dream project. Living here will enhance the lifestyle. So, here are the details of the Hawk Melbourne payment plan 2023

Hawk’s Melbourne City Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • 3 Marla plot total cost is Rs 1,125,000/-. The deposit is Rs 281,250/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 11,250/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 33,750/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 168,750/-
  • 5 Marla plot total cost is Rs 1,875,000/-. The deposit is Rs 468,750/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 18,750/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 56,250/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 281,250/-
  • 7 Marla plot total cost is Rs 2,450,000/-. The deposit is Rs 612,500/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 24,500/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 73,500/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 367,500/-
  • 10 Marla plot total cost is Rs 3,350,000/-. The deposit is Rs 837,500/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 33,500/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 100,500/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 502,500/-
  • 1 Kanal plot total cost is Rs 6,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,625,000/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 65,000/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 195,000/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 975,000/-

Hawk’s Melbourne City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • 3 Marla plot total cost is Rs 5,250,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,312,500/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 52,500/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 157,500/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 787,500/-
  • 4 Marla plot total cost is Rs 7,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,750,000/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 70,000/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 210,000/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 1,050,000/-
  • 5 Marla plot total cost is Rs 8,750,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,187,500/-. So, the 48 monthly installments are Rs 87,500/-. 4 yearly installments are Rs 262,500/-. Last, the 15% possession fee is Rs 1,312,500/-

Development Status

The development process is going at a full pace. The earthwork is underway. Plus, the process of construction will be starting soon. The developers are working day and night to finish the project on time. The LOP is now approved. So, there is no limitation on the building process.

Soon, the Society will be ready. The residents will find everything here. It will be a dream project for the salaried people. Plus, It is the best investment opportunity of 2023. These things will add to the Hawk Melbourne development status in 2023.

  • Cricket Stadium
  • Golf Course
  • Linear Park
  • Link Roads
  • Mosques
  • Main Boulevard
  • Marketing Office
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Operational Tube Wells
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Smart Villas
  • Street Lights
  • Smart Homes
  • Tennis Courts

Amenities and Sevices

The Society offers modern amenities. It will help the residents to live the best lives. Plus, all these facilities are affordable. Buyers don’t have to spend a lot of money to avail them. More, this is a luxurious housing project. So, all the services are within the reach of the residents.

Some of the amenities here are

Top Amenities Hawks Melbourne City

Smart Housing

The Society offers high housing to the buyers. The buildings are safe. Plus, developers make sure to use quality material. They use the new technology to secure the building. More, developers worked on the details. It is a great community. Plus, all facilities are within reach. It will allow the residents to live in peace.

Sustainable Society

It is a sustainable Society. The developers want to offer a natural setting to the buyers. So, they set aside a large area for the greenery. It will give the clean air. Also, it will offer scenic views. The developers use the best technology. So, they can lessen the waste. The greener the community, the more sustainable it will be.

Secure Society

The biggest issue nowadays is the security. It is a secured gated Society. Plus, it has a proper security system. There are several CCTV cameras here. Also, there are security guards here. They will guard the Society. The residents can live a safe life here. It is a great perk in the twin cities.

Provision of Basic

The Society has many amenities. It has a proper system of electricity. So, there is no load-shedding. Also, there are water reservoirs. More, there is no shortage of water. Residents can live an everyday life here. They have all the facilities. Plus, it will ease their daily routine. Also, there is a shopping area. The best schools are also part of the Society. It is a complete housing project.

Business Hub

The Society has many commercial plots. They are of different sizes. Also, it is in an ideal spot. All the City’s major routes give access to it. So, it will be a new commercial hub. Investing here will result in high ROI. So, don’t wait to invest here.

Salient Feature

This housing project has many unique features. It is ideal for living. Also, it is excellent for investment. So, some of its fantastic features are

  • Affordability
  • Community Hall
  • Church
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Grand Mosque
  • Gated Community
  • Horse riding club
  • Hospitals
  • Imam Bargah
  • Maintenance Services
  • Open Theatre
  • Parks and Playground
  • Provision of essential utilities
  • Tram Transport System
  • Wild Safari
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance
  • Water Filtration Plants

Why Hawk Melbourne is the best Investment in 2023

It is a grand housing project in the center of the twin cities. Its location is the best thing about it. Also, it is modern Society. It has inspired by Melbourne City. The developer offers lavish housing to the buyers. Also, they can live quality lives here. There is every possible facility here. The developers aim to provide the dream project to the buyers. More, there are many reasons to invest in Hawk Melbourne City. More, here are some of the reasons why it is an excellent Society to invest.

Ideal Location

The Society is on Chakbeli-Rawat Road. It is in the best location. Also, DHA Phase III is close to it. The main G T road is also near it. More, Ring-Road gives it easy access. It is the finest place in the twin cities. Also, buyers can get here with ease. The Giga mall is just a few minutes’ drive from here.

Affordable Prices

The project has all the luxuries within the budget. Also, a range of plots is for sale in the Hawk Melbourne. More, it is a lovely area. The prices here are affordable. Also, there are easy 48 monthly installment plans. The buyers can have dream homes in this Society. Plus, it has all the facilities. So, Residents will find everything within their reach. The prices are still very low than others. Plus, the 3 Marla plot is only for Rs 1,125,000/-.

Rapid Development

There is rapid development in the Society. The developer is working at a fast pace. Plus, the developers have finished the land work. Also, the RDA has approved its LOP. The construction is underway. Soon, the project will be ready. The residents will find every amenity here. It will be a dream project for all kinds of buyers.

Investment Opportunity

The Society will soon be legal. Also, its developers are the top-ranked. The location of the project is perfect. More, the pricing is very affordable. All that makes it the best housing complex to invest in. Plus, buyers have attracted to it. So its value increase over time. It is the best home for the residents. Also, buyers will have high profits from it. So, it offers high ROI. The price is more affordable than others. Once it gets approval, its costs will rise. So, invest now.

Pros and Cons

The Hawk’s Melbourne City is the best housing project in the twin cities. More, the list of the pros and cons are


  • Affordability
  • Easy Access
  • Serene Society
  • Gated Community
  • LOP Approved
  • Reliable Developers
  • World-Class Security
  • Rapid Development
  • Provision of Basic
  • Theme Parks
  • Power Grid
  • Water Filtration Plant


  • Assumption of high rates of the plots.

How To Book Plot in the Hawk Melbourne

The booking process is transparent here. So, the application form was available from the Society’s official website. Buyers can download it from there. Second, buyers must align their budget before investment. Last, check the paperwork. Here are some more steps to easier the process.

Step 1

It is helpful to consult a skilled real estate consultant. Also, buyers can contact Ghafari Marketing. They have 15 years of experience in this field. Plus, they did proper market research. So, their information is authentic.

Step 2

The sales teams will help the buyers to find the ideal deal. Also, they are available all the time for the queries. They gather the specific need of the buyers. Then, they help them find the best plots as per need. So, taking advice is a wise decision.

Step 3

It is good to visit the project site. So, buyers can see Society progress. Plus, if they like it. They can deposit a downpayment to book the plot. Ghafari Marketing is here t help out the buyers at any time.

Documents Required For the Booking

The booking process is so simple. Plus, only a few documents have required with the booking application.

How To Book

So, here are details of these documents

  • Buyer photocopies of the CNIC/NICOP
  • Nominee CNIC photocopies
  • Buyer photographs
  • Receipt of the downpayment


Q1: Where is Hawk Melbourne’s Location?

A1: The Hawk’s Melbourne City Location is on Chakbeli-Rawat Road. It is in the best setting. Also, DHA Phase III is close to Society. The main G T road is also near it. More, Ring-Road gives it easy access. The Giga Mall is also within a few minutes’ distance.

Q2: How are the Hawk Melbourne developers?

A2: The Black Hawk Builders and developers are the Hawk Melbourne developers. Also, they are famous builders in the country. They aim to offer the best housing. More, they focus on the buyers’ needs. So, they know the condition of the modern time.

Q3: What is the Hawk Melbourne NOC Status?

A3: The RDA has approved the Hawk Melbourne City Rawalpindi LOP. The layout plan approval number is RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-277/1228/2022. Soon, the Society’s NOC will get approved. It will be the best legal project in the center of the twin cities.

Q4: What kind of Hawk Melbourne plots are for sale?

A4: There are different sizes of plots available in the Society. Also, the housing plots of 3, 5, 7 and 10 Marla are available. More, the commercial properties of 3,4 and 5 Marlas are also here for sale.

Q5: Are the Hawk Melbourne payment plans affordable?

A5: Yes, the Hawk’s Melbourne City payment plans are affordable. The developers aim to offer the best housing for all buyers. So, they also provide a four-year installment plan. It will ease the buying process of the buyers.


The Hawk’s Melbourne City is a grand residential project. It offers a perfect fusion of comfort and sophistication. It is ideal for those who want to live in style. Also, they can enjoy a modern lifestyle in the heart of Rawalpindi.

It is perfect for long-term investment. Plus, It is also best for the living. As it is a beautiful housing project. Thus, its facilities and pricing make it the best investment in 2023. So, invest here now. For more of the latest information, contact Ghafari Marketing.

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