Islamabad Model Town


Islamabad Model Town is a stunning residential community. Also, it offers a supreme living experience for its residents. It is a gorgeous project in the heart of Islamabad. More, it is proof of modern city planning. It is in the center of Park View City and the Bahria Enclave.

Besides, Society’s design is a sign of excellence. It is a blend of comfort and well-being. It serves the diverse desires of its residents. Thus, a keen focus is on creating a friendly environment. IMT offers a wide range of plots for sale. Plus, they are very within the means prices.

IMT also offers many other advantages. Besides, it is in the city’s premier area. It is close to major highways. More, it is near the commercial centers. Lush green areas also surround it. Thus, It is a self-contained project. It is a lovely place to make a perfect home here.

Developers and Owners

The Model Project Pvt Ltd is the Islamabad Model Town developer. Also, Naveed Imad and Malik Tahir are their CEOs. It is a reliable property development company. Besides, they are part of many, many superb housing projects.

Owners and Developers

Their projects are stunning. Plus, they have skills in this area. Syed Rizwan Munir is its planner. So, Urban Solutions are its design consultant. They aim to please their buyers. Their project offers the best services to the inhabitants.

NOC Status

The Islamabad Model, Town NOC status, is “Not Issued.” So, that means CDA still did not have permission for Society to operate. But, authorities approved its LOP on October 30th, 2019. More, It is foremost to note that investing in a project without a NOC is risky.

It will soon get its approval. For now, It is better to wait for its approval. Once, it gets its NOC, it will be safe to invest the buyer’s lifetime savings. Then this project will offer high profits. Also, there will be no legal troubles here.

Islamabad Model Town NOC

Location and Map

Islamabad Model Town is in a posh area of Islamabad. It is on Malot Road. Also, it is near Bahria Enclave. Park View City is also close by. Plus, It is a new housing society that is still under development.

It will offer a variety of plots for sale at affordable prices. Besides, it is on a major road that connects Islamabad with Rawalpindi. The Simly Dam, which is a popular area, is close to it. So, buyers can get here from different ways of Islamabad.

Islamabad Model Village Location Map

Access Points

Society is close to the many routes of the twin cities. So, it is reachable from most of the area. Also, it has accessibility from

  • 7 minutes away from the Park View City
  • 10 minutes short drive from Kuri Road.
  • 12 minutes distance from the Jagiot Road
  • 20 minutes away from the Khana Pul.
  • 22 minutes distance from the Samli Dam
  • 25 minutes away from Faisal Avenue.
  • 28 minutes from the Murree Road
  • 30 minutes distance from the Srinagar Highway
  • 35 minutes away from the IJP Road

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

It is in the center of the Islamabad city. So, there is no doubt that it is in a great spot. Also, there are many famous sites surrounding it. Some of these vital sites are

  • Bahria Enclave
  • Comsat University
  • New Islamabad Internation Airport
  • Park View City
  • Quaid-e-Azam University
  • Shaheen Town
  • Soan Garden
  • Rawal Enclave

Master Plan

It is a new housing scheme in Islamabad. Also, the Islamabad Model Town master plan is 423 Kanals. Yet, it is still developing it may extend in the future. Right now, it offers many plots for sale. It is a vast investment chance. Thus, it has the potential to be a desirable community.

Society layout has all the fantastic facilities. So, buyers here can enjoy the rest of their lives. It is in a scenic spot. Also, now it has many plots for sale. Thus, buyers should not waste this chance. Later, when it gets its approval, the prices will be out of reach. Invest now to get that benefits.

Islamabad Model Village Master Plan

Residential Plots

Society has a total of 23% of the area for residential plots. Also, it will have different sizes of property. It will give a chance to the buyers to buy the most suitable homes. For now, it has 259 plots. Yet, it is developing, so more property will also be added.

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

5% of the Society is for commercial plots. Also, it will have a variety of properties. It is a great chance to put the money in a safe place. Now, it has 24 plots for sale. But, per its layout, it is 20 Kanal of area for business plots. So, it will give plenty of investment chances to the buyers.

  • 8 Marla
  • 16 Marla

Payment Plans

Islamabad Model Town payment plans are quite in the budget. Also, they are very affordable from the others. It is an excellent deal for the buyers. Plus, it has installments too. So, the buyers who cannot pay at once can pay a small monthly amount.

The first deposit is 20%. Later, it will have 8 or 24 quarterly installments. Thus, check the website for information about the Islamabad Model Town payment 2023. Here is the plan

Islamabad Model Town Residential Plots Payment Plans

  • 3.5 Marla plot total cost is Rs 1,970,000/-. Also, the deposit is Rs 350,000/-. The 36 monthly installment is Rs 33,750/-. Last, the possession is Rs 405,000/-
  • 5 Marla plot total cost is Rs 3,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 350,000/-. Also, the second booking is Rs 350,000/-. Plus, the 8-quarterly installment is Rs 350,000/-. The 24- quarterly installment is Rs 116,669/-.
  • 8 Marla plot total cost is Rs 5,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 500,000/-. Also, the second booking is Rs 500,000/-. Plus, the 8-quarterly installment is Rs 500,000/-. The 24- quarterly installment is Rs 166,667/-.
  • 10 Marla plot total cost is Rs 6,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 650,000/-. Also, the second booking is Rs 650,000/-. Plus, the 8-quarterly installment is Rs 650,000/-. The 24- quarterly installment is Rs 216,667/-.
  • 1 Kanal plot total cost is Rs 12,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,200,000/-. Also, the second booking is Rs 1,200,000/-. Plus, the 8-quarterly installment is Rs 1,200,000/-. The 24- quarterly installment is Rs 400,000/-.
  • 2 Kanal plot total cost is Rs 20,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,000,000/-. Also, the second booking is Rs 2,000,000/-. Plus, the 8-quarterly installment is Rs 2,000,000/-. The 24- quarterly installment is Rs 666,667/-.

Development Status

Society work is going is a fast speed. Also, it has made significant progress in recent months. Plus, most of the area is 100% developed. It has faced some issues too. Hence, it is on a distant site. That makes it expensive to transport materials. Plus, it is in an earthquake-prone zone. It means the safety of the buildings is the top priority.

But, it is not a big fallback. As all the area of Islamabad is on the fault line. So, quality buildings can prevent damage. Again, it is close to other housing societies. There is a lot of competition. Yet, with these challenges, the venture gets the buyers’ attention. Thus, it is an attractive pick for buyers.

Some latest updates on its development are

  • The work on the main boulevard is complete. Also, now it is open to traffic.
  • Its infrastructure is almost complete.
  • The work is underway in houses and commercial buildings.
  • The work will soon start at school and the hospital.

Amenities and Services

It is one of the grand housing schemes in Islamabad. Also, it is the most lovely spot. That connects the twin cities. So, it is an excellent option for the residents of both cities. Some of the essentials services are

Top Amenities

Availability of the Utilities

Society has all kinds of utilities. Also, it offers them nonstop. There is a proper system. Besides, it is a sought-out venture. It has connections of all the basics. More, the buyers will find excellent net service here. It has a vast dumping area. Plus, it has Smart houses. That will allow people to maintain their daily lives.

Healthcare and Education Facilities

It is crucial to consider the amenities that are important to you and your family. Also, it is better to choose the Society close to the city. Or, it has all the things within it. The families like the places that are close to schools and hospitals.

So, the good news for the buyer is that it has close to the top schools in the city. Besides, it has schools within it. There are also many hospitals in a short drive. So, it is a complete bundle for the buyers. Thus, it will meet their needs and budget.

Entertainment Facilities

The Society offers a variety of entertainment facilities. Also, it has many parks in it. It is in the green area. So, it will allow buyers to have a relaxed time. More, it has many cafes. It will give people great places for the get-together.

Plus, it has gyms and spas. People here can take the best care of themselves. Besides, it s very close to the shopping mall of the twin cities. Residents can get there in a short drive. Last, it is likely that more entertainment options will be available in the future.

World-Class Security

It is a safe gated neighborhood. Also, there are many checkpoints here. So, it is safe for the kids. They can move around freely. Plus, it has security cameras all over it. That will give the 24/7 check on the project. More, the security guards move around. Most buyers want to invest in an area that is for them.

Salient Features

Society has all the modern features that attract customers. Once it is complete, it will be an ideal project to invest in. It already has a lot of fame. Some of these fascinating features are

  • Accessible
  • Abundant Amenities
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Calm Area
  • Excellent Security
  • Fair Prices
  • Gated Community
  • Hospital
  • Installment Plans
  • LOP approved
  • Masjids
  • Recreational Areas
  • Schools

Why Invest in Islamabad Model Town

It is a great place to invest in twin cities’ real estate. Also, it offers many advantages. It is a high demand for property. Plus, its excellent location makes it more favorable. It will offer good returns. Thus, it is a profitable investment in Islamabad. Here are some reasons to invest in IMT.

High Demand

IMT is a famous housing society with high demand. Also, it has many factors that make it perfect housing. Its prices are affordable. More, it has a good reputation from the start. It means it is a good chance that the investment will appreciate over time.

Excellent Location

IMT is close to major highways. Also, other essential landmarks are within a short distance. It makes it easy to get around and access amenities. It is close to the Islamabad International Airport. That makes it a convenient place. Thus, the price of the land in the area is very high. So, take this chance and invest here now.

Affordable prices

It is the most affordable housing option in the area. So, it is a great investment for people of all income levels. Also, it has a range of plots for sale. Buyers have options in types and prices to choose from. Thus, anyone can find a property that fits their budget.

Good returns

It is in a place that offers a high ROI. Also, this means that buyers are likely to make a profit here. If they decide to sell the property in the future. Besides, its high demand for property and fame are two of the reasons why to invest here now. It will be a great decision. Again, when it is 100% complete, it will be a great place to live.

Pros and Cons

Society has many pros. Also, living here will be an excellent deal. Buyers will have the best time of their lives here. Plus, they will enjoy every bit of it. Yet, it has some misconceptions about it. The list of all of these.


  • Ideal Place
  • LOP approved
  • Easy Access
  • Excellent Quality
  • Affordable Prices
  • Playgrounds and Parks
  • 24/7 Utilities
  • Water Filtration Plant
  • Sewerage System
  • Internation Standard Infrastructure


  • Perception of high prices of property.

How to Book a Plot in Islamabad Model Town

Society has an online booking process. Also, buyers can go to the sale office of the Society to book a plot. They will get some info from there. But, the essential thing is research.

It will give them a chance to explore the best deal. Plus, it will give an idea about the budget. Then buyers can set their budget as per it. Besides, talking to the real estate consultant first is even better. They can help them in many ways.

Step 1

Buyers must talk to the best property consultants. So, Ghafari Marketing is one of the most famous firms in this field. They have a vast set of skills in this. Also, they have helped tons of buyers.

Step 2

They have the best sales teams. Also, offer what is best for the buyers. They aim to meet the buyer’s needs within their budget. So, contact them to get the deals that suit you.

Step 3

The best thing is to go and visit the whole site of the project. But, in case of any issue, the sales team also gives the virtual tour. It will the progress idea to the buyers. More, if buyers like it, they can pay the booking fee to book a plot here.

Document Required for the Booking

The buyers need to attach their credentials to the booking form. So, these documents are

How To Book Plot

  • Photocopies of the customer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • Next-to-kin CNIC two photocopies
  • Passport-size latest pics of customer’s
  • Receipt of the booking fee


Q1: Is CDA approved for the Islamabad Model Town NOC?

A1: No, the CDA still has not issued its NOC. But, it has approved its LOP.

Q2: What is the Islamabad Model Town location?

A2: . It is on Malot Road. Also, it is near the stunning Bahria Enclave. Other famous projects Park View City is also close by. Besides, it is in the area that links both twin cities. In both cities, buyers can invest here.

Q3: What are the sizes of the Islamabad Model Town houses for sale?

A3: IMT master plan is over 423 kanal. More, it has a variety of options. 23% of the area is for housing. Also, the Islamabad Model Town plots for sale are

  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Q4: What are Islamabad Model Town commercial plots payment plans?

A4: IMT commercial plot payment plans are not public yet. But, the residential payment plans are here. They are very affordable and for all types of customers.

Q5: Is Islamabad Model Town a good investment?

A5: Yes, it is a significant investment in the twin cities. Also, its location and amenities make it more desirable. Its future high demand can offer a high ROI to buyers who invest here now.


Islamabad Model Town is a new project close to Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Also, it is a venture of Model Project (Pvt) Limited. It is in an excellent location. The site is famous for its calm and beautiful spot.

That means that residents have access to all significant facilities of Islamabad city. Plus, it has abundant modern amenities. Most of all, it is the most affordable housing option in the area. Thus, it is one of the safe investments for all classes of buyers in the city. So, visit Ghafari Marketing to get the best property in IMT.

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