Marina Sports City Residencia Lahore


Marina Sports City Residencia is a new modern housing Society in Lahore. It is in over 1,000 Kanal of land. Also, it offers a range of housing options. It is a housing part of the Al Noor Orchard Lahore. Besides, it is the Largest LDA-approved Society. It has the best facilities. This development also has a community center. So, it has the best medical and educational facilities.

The project aims to provide its residents lavish lifestyle. It has many amenities. Also, It is near major highways. It is on the Lahore-Jaranwala Road. So, it has a proper transportation system. Society is accessible from the major routes of the city. Its location is the main reason why buyers invest here.

This Society is LDA-approved. Its developers are well-known. Also, they have a proven track record. They have delivered the best projects. So, there are many phases in Society. Its first phase is complete. Now, many residents are living here.

Developers and Owners

Al Jalil developers are the Marina Sports City Residencia developers. Also, Mr Nasrullah Warraich is the chairman of the company. Mr Shahid Hassan Warraich is the CEO of the Al Jalil developers. They are reliable. Also, they offer hi-fi projects in the country. Their projects are modern. They aim to provide the best facilities. So, the buyers trust them. They invest in the projects. Well, their projects are secured. They offer high profits. It is a good decision to invest in them.

Marina Sports City Residencia Owners & Developers

Al Jalil Developers Projects

The developers offer sustainable projects. So, it will improve the quality of life. Also, their projects are affordable. They are popular. So, they want to develop better lives. Thus, the demand for the projects is high. That means high returns. So, buyers have an excellent option to invest in them. Some of their Projects are

  • Al Jalil Garden Housing Scheme
  • Lahore Entertainment City
  • Al Aziz Residencia
  • Housing Scheme Al Noor Orchard
  • Al Baari Residencia

NOC Status

The Lahore Development Authority has approved the Marina Sports City Residencia NOC. The Society is legal. So, it offers a secure investment. Also, lawful projects are more reliable. Buyers want to invest in these projects. So, their money is safe here. The developers got the NOC in the initial stage. Besides, it is the best investment opportunity for buyers. LDA approves it. So, don’t miss your chance. Invest in this Society now.

Location and Map

Marina Sports City Residencia’s location lies in the perfect spot. It is on the Lahore-Jaranwala Road. Also, it is close to the Faizpur interchange. It is near the M2 and M3 motorways of Lahore. The site of the project is ideal. Plus, It is the main reason to invest here. So, all the city’s major roads have linked with the community.

The buyers can find it easily. All the essentials are within reach of the residents. Thus, its prime area is worth the investment. It will be the most accessible Society in the city. Easy access is the main thing that buyers see in the property. So, this project has this perk.

Marina Sports City Residencia

Access Points

Society is accessible from the various routes of the city. The Marina Sports City map is ideal. Also, it can offer high profits. So, the access points of this remarkable community are

  • At the Lahore-Jaranwala Road
  • 5 minutes drive from the Faizpur Toll Plaza
  • 9 minutes away from the Lahore-Multan M-2 Interchange
  • 11 minutes distance from the Lahore-Abdul Hakeem M-3 Motorway
  • 12 minutes away from the Sagianwala Bypass
  • 15 minutes drive from the Lahore Ring Road
  • 19 minutes from the Sheikhupura-Sharaqpur Road
  • 45 minutes away from the Allama Iqbal International Airport

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

There are many significant sites near the community. It will increase the value of the project. So, the nearby places of the community are

  • Al Baari Residencia
  • Al Jalil Garden
  • Lahore Ring Road
  • M-2 Motorway
  • M-3 Motorway
  • Park View City Lahore
  • Park View City Villas
  • Shahdara
  • Sheikhupura

Marina Sports City Residencia Master plan

This Society is the latest residential place in the Al Noor Orchard. So, developers have well-planned the Marina Sports City Residencia master plan. All the facilities are in it. Also, there are many different size beautiful plots for sale in Society. The buyers have a wide variety here. They can choose their ideal homes. Thus, it is a perfect family space. It is a sustainable community.

It is in the stunning vicinity. Besides, residents can find all the basics within Society. It has excellent schools. There are medical facilities. For the children, there are plenty of parks and playgrounds. Plus, It is a safe place for families. So, buyers can imagine a secure living here.

Marina Sports City Residencia

The marina sports city residencia plots for sale available are

Residential Plots

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Payment Plan

The Marina Sports City Residencia Payment plans are very affordable. The buyers can invest here without going over the budget. Also, it is in the ideal location. So, investment here will offer good returns.

The 5-year payments plan of the marina sports city residencia is a golden chance for the buyers. Plus, the deposit is only 10%. Also, it has installments. It has a 6-half yearly installment plan. So, it is within the budget of the buyers. It will give chances to buyers to invest here. So they can upgrade their lifestyle. For more details, contact Ghafari Marketing.

Marina Sports City Residencia Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • 3 Marla plot total price is Rs 1,750,000/-. The booking is Rs 175,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 175,000/-. So, the balloting fee is Rs 350,000/-. The 6-half yearly installment is Rs 50,000/-. The 50 monthly installment is Rs 11,000/-. Last, the possession is Rs 200,000/-
  • 5 Marla plot total price is Rs 2,450,000/-. The booking is Rs 250,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 250,000/-. So, the balloting fee is Rs 450,000/-. The 6-half yearly installment is Rs 75,000/-. The 50 monthly installment is Rs 15,000/-. Last, the possession is Rs 300,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot total price is Rs 4,500,000/-. The booking is Rs 450,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 450,000/-. So, the balloting fee is Rs 800,000/-. The 6-half yearly installment is Rs 125,000/-. The 50 monthly installment is Rs 28,000/-. Last, the possession is Rs 650,000/-
  • 20 Marla plot total price is Rs 7,500,000/-. The booking is Rs 750,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 750,000/-. So, the balloting fee is Rs 1,500,000/-. The 6-half yearly installment is Rs 225,000/-. The 50 monthly installment is Rs 45,000/-. Last, the possession is Rs 900,000/.

Development Updates

Society is developing at a fast pace. The developers have finished the land work. Also, there is too much progress in Society. The developers are working hard to complete the project on time. They also monitor all the things. So, all the items are as per international standards. It is a high-quality project. Besides, LDA approves this project. So it has a high chance to complete on this time.

It is a top-selling property in Lahore. So, invest here to get the most profit. Also, visit Ghafari Marketing to check Marina Sports City Residencia’s latest development Status. The development is in process in these areas

  • Jamia Masjids
  • Link Roads
  • Linear Park
  • Golf Course
  • Land Work
  • Plot Cuttings
  • Land Levelling
  • Solar Street Light
  • Tennis Courts
  • Plots Developments
  • Overhead Tanks
  • Main Thoroughfare
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Site Office and Marketing Office

Amenities and Services

It is an affordable housing project. It is a modern Society. Also, all the amenities are available here. Plus, It is the best housing project in Lahore. So, it is a model for other projects. It has large green spaces. This housing complex is full of facilities. Besides, Society is a part of the most famous project. So, it has all the modern amenities. Some of them are

Sustainable Society

Society is full of greenery. The air quality in Lahore is poor. So, developers have put lots of trees in this Society. The residents can live in a serene area. Too, It has a proper dumping system. Also, the surrounding is clean. Residents can enjoy a clean and healthy life.

There are all the basics available here. There is constant availability of water. Also, it is a significant issue in the country. It also has a power grid. So, it is a no-load-sheading place. There is also the provision of gas. The buyers don’t have to use cylinders. Besides, there are 24/7 medical services. It has the best schools. All the facilities will make the residents’ lives easy.

Secured Community

It is a gated Society. There is a proper system of security. Also, the safety of residents is essential. The community has CCTV cameras. There are personal armed officers. So, they can protect it from the inside. Plus, the entrance has checkpoints. It is a safe area. Thus, it is a family-friendly community.

Water Filtration Plants

Society has water reservoirs. There are big tanks of water. So, its residents will have a proper supply of it. Also, clean water is a basic need. The Society has several filtration plants. Residents don’t have to spend much money on clean drinking water. Thus, buyers all need to be in their footsteps.

Commercial Area

Society has its commercial area. Developers know its importance. Also, any community is incomplete without a retail site. The residents can get everything inside the community. There is super mart here. Thus, they can buy their food items from here. Again, there is also a shopping mall. Here the buyers can find the best brands.

Commercial Hub

Salient Features

Society has many fantastic features. Also, it is in central Lahore. So, it is the best investment opportunity. It is popular among overseas Pakistanis. So, some of its perfect features are

  • Ideal Location
  • Theme Parks
  • Power Grid
  • Sewerage System
  • Clean Area
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Drag Race Track
  • Community Center
  • Sports Museum
  • Recreational Area
  • Shopping Mall
  • Masjid
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Medical Facilities
  • Cemetery

Why Invest in Marina Sports City Residencia

The Society is a project of reliable developers. But still, buyers want to know whether their investments are safe. It is a safe Society. So, here are why investing in marina sports city is a good investment for 2023.

Reliable Developers

The Al Jalil developers are one of the best developers. Their team is skillful. Also, their projects are famous. They aim to meet customer satisfaction. So, they create a better living for buyers. Their projects offer great returns.

Buyers invest in them to gain the most profits. Besides, their housing societies are modern. They have all the facilities. It will improve the lifestyle of the residents. So, the buyers have seen their past projects. They trust them.

Easy Access

Society is in the perfect spot. The buyers have easy access to it. Also, its location is the main reason to invest in marina sports city residencia. The buyers want to invest here. Besides, it is the closest Society to Lahore. It is in great demand. So, don’t miss a chance to invest here. Call Ghafari Marketing for updates.

LDA -Approved

The community is legal. The authorities have approved it. So, the investment here is a good decision. The approved Society has a reasonable resale price. Most, buyers already get benefits from it. Also, residents can live stress-free lives here. It is a safe venture. The LDA approved its master plan. Besides, it is the biggest approved project.

Affordable Prices

The payment plans are very reasonable. There is also a 5-years installment plan. So, the buyers can invest here without tension. The booking price is ten percent. Also, the confirmation fee is 10%. It is a golden opportunity to invest. Last, the 3 Marla plots cost only Rs 1,750,000/-. It is the best time to invest here.

Pros and Cons

Society has many investment benefits. Also, here is the community’s pros and cons list for the buyers


  • Sustainable Society
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 Security
  • Easy Access
  • Affordability
  • High ROI
  • Reliable Developers
  • Provision of Basics
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Power Grid
  • Sewerage System
  • LDA Approved
  • Serene Locality
  • Rapid Development
  • Well-Planned Infrastructure


  • Perception of high rates of the properties

How to Book a Plot in Marina Sports City

The booking process in the marina sports city residencia is simple. But still, there are some things essential to check first. First, check all the documents. Do market research. It is best to consult professionals. Check the budget before investment. It can affect the lifestyle. So, be assured of it. Some steps could easier this process.

Step 1

Consult a reliable real estate consultant. Ghafari Marketing is here to help you. Also, we have 15 years of experience. Our team does the best research. So, we aim to provide the best deal to our customers.

Step 2

The sale executive helps the customers to find their ideal properties. They check the customer requirements. Also, they did the best research. So, they can give choices as per their need. They help with the application form. We are happy to help the buyers anytime.

Step 3

We advise the buyer to visit the project site. By that, they can check it in person. So they don’t have any misunderstanding. Plus, if they like the location. They can pay 10% booking price to book a plot in Marina Sports City Residencia Lahore.

Documents Required for Booking

There are some documents required with the application form. It will make the process transparent. So, these documents are

How To Book Plot in Marina Sport City

  • 2 photocopies of the buyer CNIC/NICOP
  • Photocopies of Nominee CNIC
  • 2 photos of the buyer
  • The receipt of the downpayment

Latest News about Marina Sports City Residencia

The buyers can get the latest news from the Society website. Also, they can visit Ghafari Marketing. We will update it as we get new information.


Q1: What is Marina Sports City Residencia Lahore?

A1: The Marina Sports City Residencia is the new addition to Al Noor Orchard. It is a residential Society. It is the best community in Lahore.

Q2: Who are Marina Sports City Residencia developers?

A2: Al Jalil developers are the Marina Sports City Residencia developers. They have done a lot of projects. Also, all of their projects are a huge success.

Q3: What is Marina Sports City Residencia NOC status?

A3: The LDA has approved the Marina Sports City Residencia NOC. So, it is a lawful project. Plus, its developers all projects are legal. Buyers trust to invest in their projects.

Q4: Where is the Marina Sports City Residencia Location?

A4: Marina Sports City Residencia’s location is on Lahore-Jaranwala Road. Also, it is close to the Faizpur interchange. It is near the M2 and M3 motorways of Lahore.

Q5: Is Marina Sports City Residencia a good investment?

A5: Of course, it is part of a big project. Also, it has various properties. It is in an ideal spot. The prices are affordable. So, investing here is a good choice. It could yield high returns.


Marina Sports City Residencia is a lavish housing Society. Its developer aims to offer the best housing facilities. So, they put all the modern amenities here. The prices of the plots are very affordable. Plus, It has a perfect location for building a dream house.

Also, buyers can live in a calm vicinity here. It is a good investment option. It is a legal Society. Ghafari Marketing advises buyers to invest here. It will offer buyers high profits. Plus, It is the best investment option for overseas Pakistan. So, invest here to secure your money.

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