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Motorway South City is the upcoming housing Society. It is in the South of the Islamabad M 2 Motorway. Also, it is a project of the South developers. Society is between Chakri and Neela Dullha Interchange.

It is nearby the New Islamabad Internation Airport. So, the land is costly here. But it is an affordable housing project. Besides, buyers will find every service here. It is a great housing project. So, investment here will offer a great deal.

The best amenities and a high standard of living are something that everyone hopes for. Besides, buyers want to invest in housing projects. But they need the knowledge to do it. So, Here’s a workaround that will do your goal.

Motorway City is a stunning community in Islamabad. Also, it is perfect for those who adore the outdoors. So, if anybody is seeking an urbanized way of life that’s still near nature. They should check out this community.

Here are the details of the Motorway South City Islamabad. So, keep reading it for more information.

Developers and Owners

South City Developers Pvt. Ltd. is the Motorway South City Developers. Also, They have a team of experts. The CEO of Motorway South City is Sajjad Ahmed Gondal. The company is known for its excellence. So, they have vast experience in this. The firm has become one of the best construction firms. Besides, they offer projects with good returns on their investment.

Developers are now the real estate industry’s first choice. Also, their team is an expert in the real estate market. So, their goal is to keep buyer money secure. They want to improve people’s standard of living. They offer the best services at reasonable prices.

Motorway south city Owners & Developers

Upcoming Projects

The developers are working on other projects too. Also, they are going to launch soon. So, some of their upcoming projects are

  • Islamabad South City
  • South Hills Farm House
  • South Fairmont (Club & Resort)

NOC Status

The Motorway South City NOC approval is under process. But soon, it will get approved. The developers are working hard to get the NOC. So, they have submitted all the documents. They know the importance of the NOC. The approved community has more value. So, keep in check with Ghafari Marketing for the NOC details.

Location and Map

The Motorway South City location lies on the south of the Islamabad Motorway. Also, it is between the Chakri to Neela Dullha Interchange. It is a perfect place to invest. The main gate of the Society is in the main Motorway. So, the project is precious. Society is accessible to the buyer. It is in a quiet place. Besides, the Surroundings are beautiful. It will be an excellent investment opportunity.

Motorway south city location Map

Access Points

The community is in the best place. It is on the main Motorway. So, the buyers can access here easily. Some of the access points of the Society are

  • At the main M2 Motorway
  • Few kilomoters from the Neela Dhulla interchange
  • 10 minutes away from the Chakwal Road
  • 20-25 minutes approximately from the Chakri interchange
  • 30 minutes away from the New Islamabad International Airport
  • 35 minutes drive from the Islamabad
  • 48 minutes from the National Highway N-5
  • 57 minutes distance from the Rawat
  • 60 minutes away from the Saddar

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Society is near major housing Societies. Also, the community is between the significant routes. Some of the nearby sites of this community are

Master Plan

The project is in the perfect location. The Motorway South City masterplan has well-planned. Also, it consists of all the features. The master plan is well-thought. So, there are all the basic amenities in Society. It has a Jamia Mosque.

Besides, there is a proper school system. These facilities will increase the lifestyle of the residents. Plus, they don’t have to leave the community for small things. There are also many different-sized properties available in Society. There are different categories of properties. So, the plots for sale are available in the Motorway South City.

Residential Plots

There are various sizes of residential plots. The buyer can buy them as per their need. Also, these plots are very affordable. They range from small to large residential properties. They have all the facilities. So, the buyer can increase their lifestyle here. The residential plots for sale are

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There are two sizes of commercial plots in Society. Also, these are very important in the housing complex. Society is incomplete without it. So, developers give a choice to them. The commercial plots available are

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Fram House

The Society has farmhouses too. These farmhouses are in the ideal place. Also, they have beautiful views of the natural surroundings. These farmhouses are best for investment. So, they are not far from the city. They are in serene vicinity. The sizes of farmhouses available here

  • 5 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Payment Plans

The prelaunch Motorway South City payment plan is available now. Also, it is affordable. The booking is at 20%. So, the buyers don’t have to pay much money for the booking. There is also the easy installment.

The buyers can buy the plots in Installments. Thus, there are 48 monthly installments. The confirmation and allotment fee is only 10%. Society has low-cost property. So, many buyers can invest here. The details of the prelaunch rates are

Motorway South City Residential Plots Payment Plan

  • 5 Marla plot is for the Rs 490,000/-. The deposit is Rs 98,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 49,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 6,125/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 49,000/-.
  • 8 Marla plot is for the Rs 790,000/-. The deposit is Rs 158,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 79,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 9,875/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 79,000/-.
  • 10 Marla plot is for the Rs 990,000/-. The deposit is Rs 198,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 99,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 12,375/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 99,000/-.
  • 1 Kanal plot is for the Rs 1,790,000/-. The deposit is Rs 358,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 179,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 22,375/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 179,000/-.
  • 2 Kanal plot is for the Rs 3,490,000/-. The deposit is Rs 698,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 349,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 43,625/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 349,000/-.

Motorway South City Commercial Plots Payment Plan

  • 5 Marla plot is for the Rs 2,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 500,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 250,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 31,250/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 250,000/-.
  • 10 Marla plot is for the Rs 5,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,000,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 500,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 62,500/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 500,000/-.

Motorway South City Farmhouse Payment Plan

  • 5 Kanal farmhouse is for the Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,500,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 750,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 93,750/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 750,000/-.
  • 8 Kanal farmhouse is for the Rs 120,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,800,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 900,000/-. The 48 monthly installment is Rs 1,750,000/-. Last, the allotment fee is Rs 900,000/-.

Terms and Condition

  • It is a prelaunch payment plan
  • Prices can change without prior notice
  • 10% extra charges on Category plots ( Corner, Park Facing, Main Boulevard)
  • 10% discount on cash for the amount

Development Status

The development is going in full swing. There are types of machinery working on the ground. Also, the land work is almost complete. The entrance gate is at the finishing point. So, it is a gated community. Society has tight security. Besides, now it is in the developing stages. It is a fantastic time to invest here. Last, we will update the Motorway South City development status. So, keep checking the Ghafari Marketing website.

Amenities and Service

There are many facilities in this project. The services here are as per international standards. So, it will ease the lives of the residents. It is in a perfect spot. Investment here is the best idea. Some of the services are

Top Amenities in Motorway South City

Sustainable Society

Society is very close to nature. It is in a calm area. Also, it is a little away from the city. So, it has less pollution. The air quality of the site is good. Buyers can live a healthy life here. Besides, Society has many green belts. Thus, buyers can live close to nature.

Secure Society

It is a secure gated Society. Residents can live here calmly. Also, management has set up the proper security system. There are security guards. So, they can keep in check the Society within. There are also security cameras in the project. It has checkpoints at every entry.

Provision of Basic

Society has all the basic facilities. There is constant availability of water. Also, it is a big issue in summer. The community has a power grid. So, it is a no-load-shedding area. There is also the supply of Sui gas. Residents will have everything. Thus, it is a great place to stay. It has a beautiful Jamia Masjid. Residents can pray there. Besides, there will be schools. It will also have medical facilities.

Recreational Areas

There will be many playgrounds in Society. Children will have lots of places to play. Also, they will have guarded. So, parents have no tension. There is also a community center. The Society also has a commercial area. So, residents can shop from there. This housing project will have various hotels. Residents will have entire lives here.

Salient Features

There are lots of unique features in Society. It has everything buyers want. So, Society will be worth more in some time. Its facilities will appeal to more buyers. Also, some of its features are

  • Ideal Location
  • Experience Developers
  • Secure Neighborhood
  • Best Infrastructure
  • Calm Environment
  • Recreational Area
  • All the Essentials
  • Smart Housing
  • Power Grid
  • Jamia Masjid

Why Invest In Motorway South City

Motorway South City is the new Society near Islamabad City. It has different properties. Also, its location is ideal. So, it is a golden investment chance. It can offer good returns. But, one thing has guaranteed it will raise the lifestyle. Thus, some of the reasons to invest here are

Perfect Location

Society is in a fantastic place. Also, its main gate is on M2 Motorway. Buyers will have easy access. Mainly, it is close to Islamabad. The land prices of the surrounding area are very high. So, it is a great reason to invest in Motorway South City.

Reasonable Prices

The plots of the Society are very affordable. The developers aim to give affordable housing to low-income families. So, the booking of the property is at 20%. There is also an installment option. It will give ease to buyers. Now, they can buy their ideal plot in 48 installments. The 5 Marla Plot in Motorway South City is only for Rs 490,000/-

Investment Opportunity

Society is in a perfect position. Its prices are very low. Also, it offers the best facilities. It can be a good investment opportunity. Besides, Society will soon get its approval. The community’s worth will increase more. So, real estate is the best investment in Pakistan. The prices of land always increase. So, it will be a profitable investment option.

Pros and Cons

Every housing project has a set of pros and cons. Yet, the list of pros is far more than cons. So, this list helps buyers to discover the benefits of this Society.


  • Rapid Development
  • Lavish Lifestyle
  • Easy Access
  • Constant Provision of Essentials
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Sewerage System
  • Constant Security
  • Eco-friendly
  • Affordable Prices
  • Power Grid


  • The misconception of high rates

How to Book a Plot in the Motorway South City

The booking process in this Society is easy. But still, for the ease of the buyers, we explain it here. Investment is a big decision. It could affect the lifestyle. So, make sure before investing. First, buyers should check the documents of the project.

After that, check double-check the budget. It will help in avoiding financial problems. Last, consult with a real estate consultant. They will do market research. Also, they will find you the best investment deal. It is better to check every before.

Step 1

Consult the Gafari Marketing. The firm has more than 15 years of experience. Also, they offer the best research to the buyer. They can give exact data about the latest developments.

Step 2

The sale executive will help the buyers with their search. They will find them the best deal. Also, they will help with the application form. So, consulting is the best decision.

Step 3

It is ideal for buyers to visit the project site. It has highly recommended. So, they do not doubt it. Also, if they like the project. Deposit to book the plot in it. For more queries, contact us now.

Document Requires For Booking

Some documents need to submit with the application form. So, the process is transparent. These documents are

How To Book Plot in Motorway South City

  • Customer’s CNIC/NICOP photocopies
  • Nominee CNIC photocopies
  • Customer’s latest passport-size photos
  • Receipt of the downpayment

Motorway South City Latest Information

The buyers can get the information by visiting the Society’s official website. Also, they can contact Ghafari Marketing or check the website.


Q1: What is Motorway South City?

A1: Motorway South City is the new housing Society. It is in the south of the M2 Motorway. So, it is near Islamabad City.

Q2: Who are the developers of Motorway South City?

A2: The South developers are the Motorway South City developers. Also, the CEO of the Society is Sajjad Ahmed Gondal. He is an experienced property developer.

Q3: Where is Motorway South City?

A3: The Motorway South City location lies south of the Islamabad Motorway. Also, it is between the Chakri to Neela Dullha Interchange. So, it is close to Chakwal Road.

Q4: Is Motorway South City an affordable Society?

A4: Yes, it is a reasonable Society. The prelaunch rates of the Society are affordable. So, it is the best time to invest here.

Q5: Is the Motorway South City a good investment?

A5: Yes, it is ideal for investment. It is a perfect site. Also, the area is safe. The best thing is its prices are affordable. So, it is a high-profit investment.


The Motorway South City is a new housing complex. It is in an ideal place. Plus, many other housing projects are in the same vicinity. It is close to Islamabad city. The area has a growth chance. Also, developers have experience.

Their other projects are also coming. There are different types of property available for sale. Besides, the prices are still low. So, don’t wait. Invest now. Last, visit Ghafari Marketing to find a perfect deal.

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