MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2


Investors, property buyers, and home seekers across twin cities are in for a treat as Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) come up with its mega housing project ” Multi Gardens Phase 2“.

After the successful launch of Faisal Town Phase 2 is anything to go by, this subsequent launch is all set to stir the markets positively in twin cities. This good housing project is expected to fulfill the dreams of many to have a luxurious lifestyle.

MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is a perfect choice. This brand-new residential project offers a variety of homes in a beautiful, peaceful setting. With ample green space and easy access to all the amenities you need, Multi Garden Phase 2 is perfect for families or anyone who wants to live in a spacious and relaxed environment.

So, if you are looking for a luxurious lifestyle, MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is worth considering.

Owners and Developers Multi Gardens Phase 2:

MPCHS Phase 2

The Multi Gardens Phase 2 project is the brainchild of MPCHS, a Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society. This society has a long and successful history of developing high-quality housing schemes across the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

They have a track record of delivering beautiful housing schemes, including Islamabad Gardens in Sector E-11, Tele Gardens in Sector F-17, Multi Gardens in Sector B-17, and the Multi Residencia & Orchard Scheme at Jhang Bahatar Interchange.

The society is made up of experienced engineers, architects, and developers who are dedicated to creating luxurious, livable communities for their members. MPCHS is committed to delivering a world-class product that meets the needs and expectations of its clients.

MPCHS has focused on fostering property development and investment. The project offers investors substantial profit potential that they must take advantage of. Buyers are promised the best degree of returns on investments (ROI).

Location Map of MPCHS Phase 2:

The MPCHS Multi Gardens phase 2 Islamabad project spans 7000 Kanal and is located on Main Chakri Interchange M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway. MPCHS is a worthwhile investment since it is located in the center of Margalla Hills and is stocked with contemporary facilities.

The Islamabad International Airport and CEPEC are both within a short drive of this luxury housing development, which is underpinned by cutting-edge development. The major hubs and locations of the Twin Cities are all easily accessible from this society.

Nearby Places & Landmarks:

It is conveniently located near several important landmarks and attractions:


  • N-125 is only about a 5-minute drive away.
  • M-1 Motorway is only about a 13-minute drive away.
  • Almost a 19-minute drive from the Srinagar Highway
  • Fateh jhang Tarnol Interchange is about a 15-minute drive away.
  • Islamabad International Airport is only about an approximate drive away.
  • Brahma Jhang Bahtar Interchange is approximately 22 minutes away by car.

NOC of MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

The planning Permission & No Objection Certificate (NOC) for Multi Gardens Phase II was issued in 2010, but the layout was approved by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in 2008. The CDA and other appropriate authorities have carefully reviewed and given their clearance to the Multi Gardens Phase 2 project, which is being undertaken by a respected developer.

Therefore, all investors and sincere buyers who wish to build the home of their dreams can invest in our housing project with total security.

You can confirm the NOC information for this housing project on the CDA’s official website. Every housing society should obtain NOC because it increases the likelihood of its dependability and profitability.

NOC Approved MPCHS Phase 2

Master Plan MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

The architects and planners of this housing society’s project have skillfully designed it to offer investors and sincere buyers remarkable features and amenities. A large portion of the Multi Gardens B-17 Master Plan is broken up into various blocks.

It provides residential plots in a range of sizes to meet the needs of families of all sizes and income levels. To create aesthetically beautiful elevations and cutting-edge living amenities, the developers have employed a skilled team of architects, designers, and town planners.

The project offers a range of residential and commercial land sizes, as follows:

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Residential Plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 14 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanals

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Commercial Plots:

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Payment plan MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

The payment plan for Multi Gardens Phase 2 is quite flexible, offering ample options to choose from. Multi Garden Phase 2 has proven to be a popular choice for both domestic and international customers due to its high investment potential.

The five-year installment plan and flexible payment options of this exquisitely designed housing project guarantee a significant return on investment over the next few years. The new development will include plots measuring 5.56 Marla, 8 Marla, 10.89 Marla, 14.22 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal.

Residential Plot Payment Plan:

  • A PKR 580,000 down payment is required for a 5-Marla plot, which costs PKR 3,080,000.
  • Plots of 8 Marla are available for PKR 4,180,000 with a PKR 680,000 down payment.
  • The 10 Marla plots have a total price of PKR 5,480,000; however, they can be reserved for PKR 780,000 with a down payment.
  • A down payment of PKR 880,000 is required to purchase a 14 Marla for Rs 6,780,000.
  • A 1-Kanal plot is available for PKR 8,980,000 with a PKR 8,980,000 down payment.
  • The price for 2 Kanal is PKR 16,980,000 with PKR 16,980,000 down payment.

Prices are approximately 10% higher than in Faisal Town Phase 2, but down payments are nearly identical. This gives you the freedom to own your dream home.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to book your plot!

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Payment Plan

MPCHS Phase 2 Payment Plan


Development Status:

Blocks A, B, C, C-1, D, E, and F all have fully developed plots that have already been granted possession. On G.T. Road, the main entry gate is open for two-way traffic. Additionally, 2 Tube-wells are fully functional.

You can buy or rent hundreds of pre-built flats, homes, commercial spaces, stores, villas, and other types of real estate at MPCHS Multi Gardens 2, a well-developed housing development.

Salient Features of Multi Garden Phase 2:

You’ll not only be purchasing a valuable piece of property, but you’ll also have access to first-rate facilities and services. The massive housing development is bordered by a bustling neighborhood and provides its residents with all the conveniences they could need. Just look at a few of the features:

  • Prime Location
  • Gated Community
  • Serene Outdoors
  • Beautiful Nature Views
  • Fitness Centers
  • Commercial Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • Malls and Shops
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Quality Development
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
  • World-class Infrastructure Development

Benefits of Investing in MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

As an investor, there are several benefits to consider when investing in Multi Gardens Phase 2. First, the project is situated in a prime location, making it a lucrative investment opportunity. The society is well-planned and includes all the modern amenities and facilities that you and your family would need.

Second, the returns on investment are high, making it a wise financial decision. The development is already witnessing high demand from buyers, so you can be assured of healthy returns shortly.

Luxurious Lifestyle Awaiting at Multi Gardens Phase 2

If you’re in the market for a luxurious lifestyle, Multi Gardens Phase 2 is worth checking out! This new mega housing project promises all the amenities and features you could ever want or need, from lush gardens and state-of-the-art security to top-of-the-line recreational facilities.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to schedule a tour of this amazing development and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Amenities at Multi Gardens Phase 2

The latest launch by the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) is the much-awaited Multi Gardens Phase 2. This gigantic project is set to provide a high-end living to those who dream of a luxurious lifestyle.

If you’re on the lookout for a prestigious, world-class address, read on for a detailed look at what this development has to offer. The development will comprise numerous world-class amenities, including:

Amenities in MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2

Smart Housing:

The development has been designed with smart housing in mind. This means that residents will be able to control features such as climate, lighting, and security from their mobile devices or laptops.

Eco Environment:

The project is set in an eco-environment, which will help residents enjoy the fresh air and maintain a healthy balance.

State of Art Infrastructure:

From water and gas to electricity and broadband, the infrastructure for this project is second to none. You’ll never have to worry about having what you need.

Health and Clinics:

The housing society ensures that its tenants have access to healthcare and medical amenities. The hospitals will be outfitted with cutting-edge technology and highly skilled medical experts from a variety of fields.

27/7 Security maintenance:

Security and maintenance services will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. CCTV cameras will also monitor society’s main boulevards and roadways, ensuring that the development is always safe and well-maintained.

 This is surely going to be one of the most sought-after addresses in the twin cities.

A Brighter Future for Pakistan:

Pakistan’s real estate sector is currently on the rise, with more and more housing societies and projects being announced every day. This is good news for the people of Pakistan, as it means that they now have a wider range of options when it comes to finding suitable housing.

What’s even better is that many of these housing societies are aimed at the high-end market, with luxurious facilities and top-notch security arrangements. Multi Gardens Phase 2 is one such project, and it offers a lifestyle that is beyond compare. If you’re looking for a place to call home that provides all the comfort and convenience you could ever dream of, then Multi Gardens Phase 2 is worth considering.

Reasons to Invest in Multi Gardens Phase 2

Society offers excellent investment potential, and all the necessary factors can be taken into consideration for a respectable return on investment. However, we strongly advise you to invest in freshly announced blocks because the expenses are so low and the development potential is so high. There are several reasons why you should invest in Multi Gardens Phase 2. Here are some of the most compelling:

  1. The scheme is located in a prime location and is bound to appreciate over time.
  2. 2. It offers high-quality construction and luxurious amenities, perfect for those who want to live a life of luxury.
  3. They offer state-of-the-art infrastructure, so you can start enjoying your new home with world-class features.
  4. 4. The price point is excellent, especially when you consider the quality of the development.
  5. The cooperative nature of society means that you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of living in a gated community.

Like all of the developers’ prior projects, this housing development has previously been granted legal status by CDA. This project has already getting hype from investors and is regard as a successful housing project in Islamabad because of its quick development pace and prime location.

Multi Gardens Phase 2 Booking Procedure:

Bring the necessary documentation to the Ghafari Marketing office or Open the MPCHS Phase 2 Society website and obtain the application form that is there. Complete the form and include all the supporting documentation requested on the society’s official website and form.

Pay a down payment in support of MPCHS Phase 2. The management of this housing organization has made it apparent through public announcements that original pay orders are required to be submitted for reservations.

Ghafari Marketing strongly advises you to follow the following guidelines before buying any property:

  • Examine the Authority’s NOC (No Objection Certificate).
  • Verification of documents is required.
  • When purchasing a home, ensure that the funds available match the payment plan.
  • Examine the availability of services such as water, gas, and electricity.

How To Book Plot in MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2

Documents Required for booking:

The following documents are required to purchase property in Multi Gardens phase 2:

  • Two passport-size photographs.
  • NICOP for multinational clients.
  • Two copies of your National Identification Card and two copies of the identification card of your next of kin.

Pros and Cons Multi Gardens Phase 2:

Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society has a lot to offer its residents. But what are the pros and cons of living in this development? Let’s take a closer look.

On the pros side:

residents will have access to top-class amenities, including

  • Smart housing system
  • Eco environment
  • Excellent infrastructure
  • Schools, hospitals, and shopping malls.
  • Serene Outdoors
  • Beautiful Nature Views
  • Fitness Centers
  • Commercial Area
  • Grand Mosque
  • Gated Community.
  • They will also have access to ample water, gas, and electricity resources.

On the downside,

  • Some people may find the cost of living in MPCHS to be a bit too high.
  • In addition, the development is not yet complete, so those who move in may experience some construction noise and dust.


MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 is the perfect opportunity to invest in real estate and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. With world-class amenities and excellent facilities. Additionally, it offers genuine purchasers and investors in Islamabad and Rawalpindi a rare chance to invest.

This housing project has received approval from the Capital Development Authority (CDA), thus if you’re looking for the best prices on the project’s plots, this development is sure to be a hit with homeowners and investors alike.

If you’re looking for an exciting new investment opportunity, don’t miss out on Multi Gardens Phase 2.

FAQS MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2:

Q1: Is MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 a legal and authorized project?

Ans: The Multi Gardens Phase 2 project is approve after rigorous evaluation by the CDA and other relevant authorities.

Q2: Who is behind Multi Gardens Phase 2 in Islamabad?

Ans: Zedem International Pvt. Ltd. has developed Multi Garden Phase 2 in Islamabad.

Q3: What is the current MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 location map?

Ans: The Main Chakri Interchange M2 Islamabad Lahore Motorway is where Multi Gardens Phase 2 is located.

Q4: Is the B-17 MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 a good investment?

Yes, Multi Gardens Phase 2 will undoubtedly be the best investment opportunity in Rawalpindi.

Q5: Does MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 have the potential for a high return on investment?

Yes, because the MPCHS Multi Gardens Phase 2 payment schedule is affordable for families and small investors, which increases the likelihood of high-yield investment returns.

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