Murree Hamlets


Murree Hamlets is a new residential project in the main Expressway Murree. It is a modern community that offers residents a safe and enjoyable place. Also, it is the most trendy holiday destination. More, it is known for its stunning scenery.

It is a perfect place to spend the summers due to its mild weather. Besides, it has many outdoor activities. It is close to Sozo Park. That is one of the biggest water parks in the country. Plus, it has many water rides.

The project will provide residents with a quality of life. Also, it has a variety of housing plots for sale. That most of buyers can afford. So, it is one of a kind housing project. Besides, it is a popular tourist destination. The demand for property in this serene area is high. Thus, the prices are likely to continue to rise in the future.

Developers and Owners

Ghafari Marketing is the Murree Hamlets developer and owner. Also, it is a notable real estate firm. The CEO of the project is Engr. Abuzar Ghafari. Plus, developers have twenty years of experience in the property field.

Murree Hmalets

Now, they have started their project. They have a vast knowledge of the buyer’s needs. So, their team of expert engineers has started this project. The firm values its customer satisfaction. Thus, they offer high-end projects for them.

NOC Status

The Murree Hamlets developers offer the plots on the Registry Intaqal.

It is vital for many reasons. Plus, it will ensure that the transfer of ownership is legitimate. The new owner has the right to the property. Thus, it also helps to protect the interests of both the buyer and seller.

Murree Hmalets NOC

Location and Map

Murree Hamlets Location is on the Islamabad-Murree Expressway. It is in the Lower Topa area of Murree. Also, it is close to the Ramada Resort Murree. The Sozo Water Park is near this project. More, it has surrounded by mountains and pines.

That provides scenic views. So, it is only 50 km from Islamabad International Airport. Rawalpini city is only 45 km (28 miles) from here. Thus, it is in the prime location at Murree.

Murree Hmalets Location Map

Access Points

Society is on the main expressway. So, it is close to all the major routes. Also, it is in a hilly area. Plus, it is a popular location for the visitors. Thus, the roads here are clean and developed. That gives easy and clear access. More, some of them are

  • 5 minutes from the Ramada Resort Murree
  • 10 minutes distance from the Sozo Adventure Park
  • 12 minutes away from Mall Road Murree
  • 15 minutes drive from the Jheel Gali
  • 20 minutes away from the Church of Saint Francis Xavier
  • 30 minutes distance from the Gulmarg
  • 45 minutes drive from the Rawalpindi
  • 60 minutes away from the Islamabad

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The location of this Society is in the prime area of the Murree. Also, it is best for the picnic spot. More, buyers can have a relaxing time here amidst the scenic views. They can enjoy a peaceful nature here. The sites near it are

  • Avari Hill View
  • Dominion Hill
  • Green Valley
  • Marco Polo Resort
  • Pine Hills
  • Pinewood Resort

Master Plan

The Murree Hamlets master plan is well-planned. Also, it has different sizes of housing plots for sale. That will give many affordable options to the buyers. More, the roads here are wide and well-paved. It will grant easy access.

Plus, it has all the facilities that will ease living here. It is a modern housing scheme. Besides, it will uplift the lives of the buyers. The houses here will have all the facilities. Thus, it is a sustainable project. It has proper security. So, buyers can live here freely.

Residential Plots

For now, Society only offers housing plots. So, more buyers can invest here. It is a great option for buyers who want to settle in a serene vicinity. Also, the plots for sale here now are

  • 2 Marla
  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Payment Plan

The Murree Hamlets payment plans are very affordable. Most of all, the majority of buyers can invest here. Its prices are within the reach of the buyers. For now, its prices are not public yet. But, it has a 1-year installment plan.

The downpayment is 15%. Also, the confirmation fee is 15%. There are also 8 monthly and 4 quarterly installments. That is reasonable. For more details, contact its developer and owner, Ghafari Marketing. They have the latest info about its prices.

Payment Plan Murree Hamlest_2024-01

Development Status

The NOC of the project is already approved. In fact, this gives the high point to the Society. Soon, the development will also start in the area. The skill teams will lead the work here. More, it will have rapid progress.

The construction of the homes will begin soon. Also, there will be a lot of work starting here soon. Clearly, the best thing about this project is that it will offer buyers ownership. Any of the new housing projects does not provide that. So, buyers should take benefits from this.

Amenities and Services

This project offers many modern high-end services. That’s why, it will be the best housing option in Murree. Also, it is a livable community. That meets the needs of its residents. More, it will promote a high quality of life in the area.

Top Amenities

Provision of Basic

The neighborhood has all the modern-day facilities. Also, it has expected in cities. But, they all are hard to find in the hilly areas. It has power and gas connections. Plus, water is available for use. The Society has the proper water storage. More, it has a diverse range of properties. All the other things are within the reach of the people. Thus, it is a whole housing package for the people.

24/7 Security

Security is one of the most essential things in a modern society. Also, buyers want to feel safe. So, by providing a high level of security, societies can help to create a sense of security. That will give peace to buyers.

More, buyers want to invest in a family-friendly area. That they can live there without stress. Besides, it is a basic need of the people. Thus, it has CCTV cameras all around it. There are checkpoints and guards here too.

Gas Connection

Living in a hilly housing society has many advantages. Also, it offers stunning views and fresh air. But, one of the biggest challenges of living here is getting access to gas. As it is not readily available in the cities.

Due to extreme weather, people have to take other options. Plus, they are dangerous and expensive. So, the good news for the buyers is that this project has a gas facility. Thus, people can enjoy it here even in the cold weather too.


It is a well-maintain community. Also, cleanliness is an important factor. As it is the most beautiful place. So, buyers want to live in a clean community. Thus, it has a regular garbage collection system. The street will be clean. Besides, it has a proper sewerage system. That makes it a scenic and clean project.

Easy Access

The Society is on the Murree Expressway. So, buyers can come here with ease. Besides, buyers can get around quickly from here. All the major facilities are in a small drive. More, the routes here have well-developed. That is a great deal when living in a hilly area.

Salient Features

Society has many unique features that make it different. Also, it’s the best investment in Murree. It is best for building homes. Or, it is also suitable for investment purposes. So, invest here now.

  • Accessibility
  • Tranquil Location
  • Fair Prices
  • Installment Plan
  • Different-size Plots
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Full Security
  • Provision Utilities
  • Masjids
  • High-Quality Living

Why Invest in Murree Hamlets

There are many reasons why buyers should consider investing here. Also, it is a profitable investment in a great locality. Besides, the property here is in demand. Thus, buyers can gain the most returns on it. Some of the reasons are

High demand

It is a popular tourist destination. So, the demand for housing in the area is high. Thus, this means there is a high chance that the investment here will increase in value over time.

Affordable Prices

The prices of housing are reasonable from other projects. Also, it makes it a good option for investors looking to get into the real estate market on a budget. There is an installment option here. So, buyers don’t have to spend much money at once.

Tourism Potential

It is the country’s most famous tourist destination. So, investment here is a great deal. Besides, the tourism industry will grow in the coming years. It will create demand for housing in the area. Thus, that will boost the value of your investment.

Beautiful Scenery

Society is in a beautiful town with stunning scenery. So, it makes it a desirable place to live. Most of all, it is a great locality to spend the holidays. Many people travel to this place. As a result, it will be a valuable investment.

Pros and Cons

There are many perks to investing in this project. Also, buyers will have some misunderstanding about it too. Here are the details


  • Legal Society
  • Registry Inteqal
  • Well-Planned Master Plan
  • Inexpensive
  • Provision Of All Needs
  • Well-Maintain
  • Picturesque Surrounding
  • Secured Area
  • Close to Major Sites


  • Assumptions of the high-priced plots

How to Book a Plot in the Murree Hamlets

The booking process is very simple here. Also, the downpayment is only 15%. It is a legal housing scheme. So, the money invested here will be safe. The buyer will get the plot ownership once they pay the full payment. Here are further steps to follow

Step 1

It is a project of Ghafari Marketing. Also, they are in this field for more than 2 decades. So, contact them for more details.

Step 2

The sales teams here will give buyers the details about the prices of the Society. Also, they will provide the best deals to the buyers. So, buyers can have choices in the investment.

Step 3

The best thing is that buyers oversee the project site. So that, they have a clear idea of the location and progress. After that, they must pay a 15% deposit to book a plot here.

Document Required for the Booking

The document required with the booking form of the Society are

How To Book Plot

  • The Buyer photocopies of the National Identity Card
  • Nominee photocopies of the National Identity Card
  • The photographs of the buyer
  • The downpayment receipt

Murree Hamlets Latest News

The buyers can get forms and news from Ghafari Marketing. Also, they can check the webpage from time to time for more details.


Q1: What is the Murree Hamlets?

A1: Murree Hamlets is a new residential project in the main Expressway Murree. Also, it is a project of Ghafari Marketing. More, the CEO of the project is Engr. Abuzar Ghafari. They have a great property consulting firm in the twin cities.

Q2: What is the legal Status of the Murree Hamlets?

A2: Yes, the legal authorities have approved the project. Plus, the developers offer the plots on the registry intaqal to the buyers.

Q3: What is the Murree Hamlets Location?

A3: Its location is on the Islamabad-Murree Expressway. It is in the Lower Topa area of Murree. Also, it is close to the Ramada Resort Murree. The Sozo Water Park is near this project.

Q4: What are the plot sizes in the Murree Humlets?

A4: Society only offers housing plots. So, more buyers can invest here. It is a great option for buyers who want to settle in a serene vicinity. Also, the plots for sale here now are

  • 2 Marla
  • 3.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

Q5: Is Murree Hamlets a good investment?

A5: It is an excellent investment. More, it is in the most famous place. The land here is in good demand. Plus, the prices are fair. So, investment here can yield profits.


Murree Hamlets is a new housing scheme in the beautiful hills of Murree. Also, investment in the project is a sound option. It offer the plots on the Registry Intaqal. More, it has great tourism potential. It is in a serene locality. Plus, the prices of the project are within the budget.

There is also an installment plan too. Besides, the government of Pakistan is investing in the development of Murree. That will make the land more valuable. Thus, the demand for housing will increase in the area. That will also boost the value of your investment. So, invest here now to get the maximum benefit.

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