New Peshawar Valley


The KPK government will develop the “New Peshawar Valley” residential development. The property offers all the newest conveniences and services at affordable prices. In addition, the KPK authorities have set aside a sizable area to improve regions. The gated community with a flawless mechanism to ensure a high level of protection.

This Society, approximately four times the size of Hayatabad, will occupy one-sixty thousand acres of land and have enough space for more than eight lacs people along with all six of Peshawar’s and Nowshera’s significant districts.

There will be eighty thousand properties of 3-Marlas to 4-Kanal housing in this metropolis, distributed according to the requirements and abilities of all social classes, including the wealthy. In addition, a further area of four thousand Kanals by broad roadways will interconnect the city to Grand Trunk road and Official Way.

All significant local authorities structures and facilities, notably police stations, will be relocated to this new city, as well as the regional assembly, governor, and civil administration. Further, this blog will discuss the details of this unique city.

Developers and Owners

The KPK government is developing this unique New Peshawar Valley housing endeavor. The KPK Government has hired qualified people to create world-class facilities. Moreover, skilled development, engineering, design, construction, and architectural teams are working around the clock to give the inhabitants a luxurious living environment and extravagant and opulent amenities.

Owners & Developers New Peshawar Valley

Moreover, the construction team has persuaded the customers to invest securely in this magnificent  Society. The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government are the New Peshawar Valley developers and owners. For the citizens of Peshawar to lead happy lives, the builders are committed to constructing an excellent and appealing dwelling project.

New Peshawar Valley NOC

The Peshawar Development Authority has officially approved the New Peshawar Valley NOC. Moreover, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa official authorities are working on this project. As a result, it raises the project’s worth making it a worthwhile investment.

Since the authorities of KPK own the Peshawar City, all small initiatives within the project have received approval from the PDA.

New Peshawar Valley NOC Approved

New Peshawar Valley Location and  Map

With immediate access via the Bagh Banan Road,  adjacent to the Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and primarily Hayatabad Road, New Peshawar Valley has situated on prime property. Buyers and investors can also take GT Road and the Northern Bypass to get there.

The project has located 13 kilometres south of the GT Highway and M1 Motorway interchange, which separates Nowshera and Peshawar. This Society’s location is one of its critical defining qualities, providing it with the most straightforward approachable dwelling development in Peshawar. Access to all of Peshawar’s key locations was quick and straightforward.

New Peshawar Valley Location

New Peshawar Valley Access Points

Customers and residents can access this Society from these significant routes.

  • Hayatabad is 2 minutes from the Society.
  • The Peshawar Shamshatoo Road is only 4 minutes from the neighbourhood.
  • Jalozai Shamshatoo is 8 minutes away from New Peshawar Valley
  • Bagh Banan Road is 9 minute’s drive from the Society
  • New Peshawar Valley is 19 minutes from Cherat Road.
  • Engineering and Technology Jalozai University Campus is 25 minutes from Society.
  • Peshawar Ring Road is 31 minute drive away from this Society.
  • The Society is 35 minutes far from M1 Motorway.
  • The Bacha Khan International Airport is 45 minutes away from New Peshawar Valley.

New Peshawar Valley Nearby Sites and landmarks

This Society developers have placed it in an ideal vicinity. Some of the significant landmarks neighboring the city are:

Nearby Places New Peshawar valley

  • Peshawar City
  • Mall Road
  • Hayatabad Road
  • Medical Complex Hayatabad
  • Garhi Baghbanan
  • Peshawar University
  • Peshawar Zoo
  • Shamshatoo Road
  • Golden Areena Wedding Hall
  • Jalozai Industrial Estate
  • Wazir Bagh Park
  • Civil Hospital Shamshatoo
  • WAPDA Town
  • Peshawar Jalozai Campus of the University of Engineering and Technology
  • Abaseen Sports Complex

New Peshawar Valley Master Plan

A well-qualified specialist panel created the New Peshawar Valley master plan. The latest development will be over six times as big as Hayatabad and approximately three times the Regi Model Town. It renders the residential community one of KPK’s most centrally located and up-to-date residential communities. Construction on the residential development is taking place on 186,400 Kanal.

New Peshawar Valley Land Distribution

The developers have proposed mainly the sixty-two thousand and fifty-six residential properties in many distinctive categories.

Master Plan New Peshawar Valley

The land distribution of the Society are;

  • The Residential plots will have covered the 41%, which is around 42816 Kanal of the total Society’s land.
  • The Commercial plots will have covered the 5%, which is around 5092 Kanal of the total Society’s land.
  • The land reserved for infrastructure is 28%, which is around 30299 Kanal of the total Society’s land
  • The land reserved for green belts and open Areas is 16%, which is around 17338 Kanal of the Society’s land
  • The land reserved for the public building is 7%, which is around 7324 Kanal of the Society’s land
  • The land reserved for the cemetery is 2%, which is around 2123 Kanal of the Society’s land
  • The land reserved for the dumping site is 0.78%, which is around 830 Kanal of the Society’s land
  • The land reserved for the Utility Areas is 0.48%, which is around 515 Kanal of the Society’s land

Plot for Sale in New Peshawar Valley

The developers have only disclosed the residential Society with different dimensions, which are

  • 3-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal

Number of properties in New Peshawar Valley

The number of dwelling properties in New Peshawar Valley is

  • 3-Marla Above 15,602 plots
  • 5-Marla Above 16,539 plots
  • 7-Marla Above 2,977 plots
  • 10-Marla Above 11,268 plots
  • 1-Kanal Above 15,475 plots
  • 2-Kanal Above 1,000 plots
  • 4-Kanal Above 565 plots

New Peshawar Valley Zones

The New Peshawar Valley has twenty-three distinct zones. In addition, It has divided into seventeen residential zones, including One zone for health, Three for education and industry, One for parks and recreation, and One for sports.

Land Use in Facilities

  • The land use in Media Enclave is 1,132 Kanal
  • The land use in the Sports Complex is 2,751 Kanal
  • The land use in the Education City is 3,021 Kanal
  • The land use in the Provincial Assembly is 832 Kanal
  • The land use in the Medical Complex is 2,359 Kanal

Khyber Park of New Peshawar Valley

With a total land size of around 1000 acres, New Peshawar Valley Khyber Park has regarded as the biggest park in the entire world. The park’s significance had elevated by its breathtaking design. A golf course, Lake, historical town, Ghandhara Gallery, amusement park, forest, adventurous arena, cycling area, and other facilities will have included in the park.

The highlight of the Khyber Park.

  • The 9-Hole Golf Course is around 90 acres and 721 Kanal.
  • The Lake is approximately 12 acres and 96 Kanal.
  • The Cultural Village is about 47 acres and 345 Kanal.
  • The Ghandhara Museum is around 6 acres and 50 Kanal.
  • The Theme Park is around 62 acres and 493 Kanal.
  • The Park and Forest are around 675 acres and 5400 Kanal.
  • The Adventure Arena is around 56 acres and 450 Kanal.
  • The Circulation and Tracks are approximately 52 acres and 417 Kanal.

New Peshawar Valley Payment Plans

The New Peshawar Valley payment plans will offer a purchaser fantastic home development investments with top-notch facilities that will probably provide substantial returns in the future. However, the Society management has not yet released its official payment schedule. Currently, the housing project is at the pre-launch stage.

Investors can easily afford the payment schedule. Plots for sale in the housing venture had offered at the following prices:

  • The 3 Marla plot for sale in New Peshawar Valley is Rs 425,000/- with a deposit of Rs 42,500/-
  • The 5 Marla plot for sale in New Peshawar Valley is Rs 934,520/- with a deposit of Rs 93,424/-
  • The 7 Marla plot for sale in New Peshawar Valley is Rs 1,307,080/- with a down payment of Rs 130,708/-
  • The 10 Marla plot for sale in New Peshawar Valley is Rs 1,867,480/- with a down payment of Rs 186,748/-
  • The 1-kanal plot for sale in New Peshawar Valley is Rs 2,200,000/- with a down payment of Rs 220,000/-


*Note: The New Peshawar Valley payment plan can change after a specific time. Always make sure to conduct a thorough study before buying a plot. Customers can also contact the New Peshawar Valley administration for more information.

New Peshawar Valley Development Status

Mahmood Khan, the chief minister of KP, has instructed the relevant authorities to finish all prerequisite tasks by the deadline to begin actual construction on the New Peshawar Valley City residential project as soon as possible.

The authorities had briefed participants on the project’s development to date. Still, they have assured that specialist has created basic zoning plans for the residential building. In contrast, work on the feasibility study, design, and comprehensive conception of the development was ongoing and will be finished by May this year.

Furthermore, it stated that land ownership under the land-sharing mechanism was ongoing and that the management had already given 286 application forms to owners. Meanwhile, the relevant deputy commissioners had also finished verifying 6571 Kanals of property. Similarly, hiring for essential posts like Project Manager was nearing completion.

The new dwelling project has anticipated providing all the perfect and faultless dwelling possibilities. The steps for levelling and chopping the land will soon begin. The New Peshawar Valley development report indicates that construction will start right away.

Large machinery will have seen nearby, indicating that construction will soon begin. As a result, the tree plantings within the community, which will bring calm and serenity to the area, will significantly improve.

Latest News of New Peshawar Valley

The latest information on residential building improvements will have found on the official website. Customers can also communicate with Ghafari Marketing for further details.

Public Notices of New Peshawar Valley

Visit the Society’s official website to gather more updates about the Society notices.

Application Form of New Peshawar Valley

On PDA’s official website, online forms are accessible for download and upload.

Affix the necessary paperwork to the application form:

  • Copies in the colour of the applicant’s CNIC and power of attorney
  • Publish two images of the customer and the general counsel.
  • The Sub-Registrar office has certified a duplicate of the general power of lawyers.
  • the original contract for sale with the applicant
  • Legal record of the applicant’s selling deed from the Sub-office Registrar’s
  • most recent edition of Fard-e-Malkiat
  • Include duplicates of every Sarkar in the active effect Jamabandi
  • Include the NOC or the agreement of the two DPS.
  • Include the No Encumbrance Certificate from the Sub-office Registrar.
  • Include the testimony on paper with a 100-rupee stamp.
  • Include a copy of the payment receipt from your completed application form.

Membership Form of New Peshawar Valley

Contact the Society’s official website to get the membership form, or the purchasers can also contact Ghafari Marketing.

Registration Form of New Peshawar Valley

Contact the Society’s official website to get the registration form, or the purchasers can also contact Ghafari Marketing.

Intimation letter of New Peshawar Valley

The formal intimation letter is currently available to buyers. However, the letter is initiated only for the 25-day.

Amenities in New Peshawar City

The fantastic amenities and conveniences enhance Society’s value and draw customers. Thanks to its reasonable prices, spacious plots, and outstanding services, it is a masterwork in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

Top Amenities in New Peshawar Valley

The New Peshawar Valley developers provide the features that are;

Sustainable Society

The environmentally friendly surroundings of the Society convey a conflicted picture of nature and elegance. Residents may enjoy a peaceful view thanks to parks and gardens and breathe clean, fresh air thanks to vegetation along the roadways. It encourages an environmentally responsible lifestyle and has shown to be a desirable setting to reside.

Commercial Hub

The developers have assigned the  5% of the New Peshawar Valley for commercial activity. An extensive range of commercial plots for stores, restaurants, and markets are available in the housing development. Everything will be there, including food, clothing, technology, stationery, eateries, and more.

Best Facilities

Tenants of the residential development receive the most fantastic services. Buyers are in a secure environment. Furthermore, customers have access to many facilities, including healthcare, education, power, gas, distilled water, playgrounds, gyms, Mosques, shopping centres, ATMs, and banks.

World’s Largest, Khyber Park

The largest park in the world is available in New Peshawar Valley, which spans a territory of Eight thousand Kanal. It has a lake, hiking paths, a country club, an amusement park, cultural museums, a forest, an adventurous arena, circulation, and other facilities.

Serene Environment

A clean atmosphere and ideal settings are necessary for a positive and prosperous existence. It also makes it possible for people to spend more money outside. The gorgeous flora and clean air are available for residents to enjoy since they are peaceful and rejuvenating. The builders have built a dependable drainage system to ensure residents live in a safe and sustainable atmosphere.


This economic Society has swiftly emerged as the top residential complex because of its reasonable rates, providing purchasers with a great time. As a result, investors can afford to pay a fair amount and live a friendly lifestyle.

High ROI

The only way to maintain extra money or a valued asset in its present state in modern Society is to invest it. A quick and steady economic investment return is possible. Purchase some land to develop it later. Now buyers can use leasing it to bring in money each month. The annual rent increase is a certain percentage.

Features of New Peshawar Valley

Some of the fantastic features of Society are:

  • PDA-Approved
  • Affordable
  • Secured Neighborhood
  • Provision Of Basics
  • Serene Vicinity
  • Proper Drainage System
  • Extensive Space for Dumping Areas
  • Commercial Areas
  • Great Infrastructure

Pros and Cons

Each choice a people make has its share of benefits and cons. Since this list favours the edges, the decision is appropriate. Nevertheless, an individual must also consider the factors that may ultimately have the most significant influence on them and make judgements in that context. Buyers will use the list of advantages and disadvantages for this Society to decide whether to invest in the beautiful project.


  • Availability of Commodities
  • Availability of Top-notch Academic Institutes
  • Budget-Friendly
  • World Largest Park
  • Extensive Commercial Area
  • Sustainable Neighbourhood
  • Gated Community
  • Excellent Architecture
  • Well-planned Master plan


  • Assumption of high prices

Booking Procedure in New Peshawar Valley

Carefully examine every detail to your satisfaction to avoid any misconceptions or misinterpretations. Always confirm NOC and permitted documents with the authorities. The documentation must also be genuine if there are other means to satisfy the customers’ requirements. Finally, before finalising any property buy or sale, ensure the funds align with the acquisition strategy. It will effectively finish the purchase or sale.

Step 1

Buyers should consult with experts in real estate investing, such as Ghafari Marketing. The real estate consultancy company has 20 years of profitable industry experience, exposing it to more detailed and trustworthy market analysis. Furthermore, keep an eye on the Society’s official site for developments.

Step 2

Contact us to reserve the property at New Peshawar Valley. When our advisor explains the form’s purpose, our sales staff will give the form to interested potential customers. Furthermore, customers can get the form from official websites.

Step 3

We strongly advise customers to go to the property’s vicinity in person to confirm that no one has misled them about the outlook and development of the area. Then, when they are happy with the location, they can make a deposit to hold the properties.

Document Required for plot booking New Peshawar Valley

The plots available for purchase in New Peshawar Valley offer several benefits. First, however, customers must present the needed paperwork.

The following documents are required to purchase the property.

How To Book Plot in New Peshawar Valley

  • 2 Photocopies of buyer CNIC/NICOP
  • 2 Photocopies of Nominee CNIC
  • 2 Latest Photos of the Buyer
  • Receipt of the Down payment

Balloting in New Peshawar Valley

The developers have not decided on the official date of the Society balloting. But keep in touch with Ghafari Marketing or continuously check the Society’s official website to obtain information on the Balloting. Lastly, as soon we get details about the New Peshawar Valley balloting, we will share them with our customers.

Why Invest in New Peshawar Valley

The most lucrative business to invest in is real estate, among others. The investment may have several benefits. First, it’s because it has excellent investment return potential. Although it’s crucial to keep in mind that if done right, it will only be successful.

This economic community has swiftly emerged as the top housing project because of its reasonable rates, allowing investors a great time. As a result, investors can afford to pay a fair price and live a budget-friendly lifestyle.

An investor could start to generate additional income after buying a property. Investors purchase land, develop it, and rent it to generate a steady income. It would be best to look at the New Peshawar Valley file rate. Investments in this Society will grow in value for you over time due to their yearly appreciation.

FAQs New Peshawar Valley 

Q1: Who are the developers of the New Peshawar Valley?

A1: The Government of KPK has launched this magnificent Society with affordable prices for the ease of the customers.

Q2: Is New Peshawar Valley Legal Society?

A: The Peshawar Development Authority has approved the New Peshawar Valley NOC. So, this is a PDA-Approved Society.

Q3: Is New Peshawar Valley Legal an affordable Society?

A3: Yes, the pre-launch New Peshawar Valley payment plan is affordable with exceptional amenities. The authorities have built the Society to provide reasonable premium living standards to the customers.

Q4: What is the New Peshawar Valley Location?

A4: New Peshawar Valley location map has situated in a prime district with immediate access via the Bagh Banan Road,  adjacent to the Jallozai Shamshatoo Road, and primarily Hayatabad Road.

Q5: What are the current properties available in Society?

A5: The residential plots available for sale in New Peshawar Valley are

  • 3-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal


According to reports, the government launched New Peshawar Valley with the proper approval from the PDA. With directly connecting from Bagh Banan Road and Hayatabad Road, it has situated on a prime piece of land. It is a fantastic housing development with top-notch facilities that will probably offer excellent returns in the future.

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