Nova City Islamabad Commercial Block


Nova City Islamabad Commercial Block is the perfect housing Scheme Block that offers you your dream lifestyle. Commercial blocks in Nova City Islamabad have a lucrative offer for those who want to invest in commercial property.

Nova City understands the need for business blocks in the residential community, and given the current demand for business areas, they have introduced them in Nova City. Commercial blocks add value to the housing plan and capture the attention of local and international investors.

Before discussing these commercial blocks in detail, let’s quickly review the Nova City Islamabad housing project. These commercial blocks will bring a huge invasion of demand, and investors will be more than happy to invest in this project in the long run. The return on investment (ROI) will be excellent for investors.

About Nova City Islamabad:

Nova City Islamabad is a complete and exclusive housing project led by Nova City Developers. The housing project enjoys a privileged location near the Rawalpindi ring road and the CPEC route.

In addition to the privileged location, the housing scheme offers excellent and unlimited investment opportunities. It encourages a wide range of commercial and residential at low prices. It is where all the features and conveniences of a luxurious lifestyle are at your disposal.

The Nova City housing scheme is designed to meet citizens’ needs for housing and business. The housing community is designed under modern living standards.

Owners & Developers Nova City:

Nova Developers are working on this magnificent housing project. With a passion for delivering world-class housing projects, the developers at Nova are pleased to present this hopeful project.

Moreover, they are an innovative and dynamic group of developers dedicated to investment and high-end real estate development. With their new project, Nova City in Islamabad, they intend to redefine people’s standard of living.

This project combines the prime location, impressive architecture, excellent urban planning, and affordable prices to meet customer requirements. However, the sense of creativity combined with the best quality opens a new era in Pakistani property.

With its dedicated and expert team, Nova City developers excel in pursuing expertise. The whole project is the best plan by designers, architects, and engineers who create a unique identity for this housing scheme.

Nova City Islamabad commercial block:

From now on, Nova City offers the Pueblo business district. Society will soon announce the other commercial blocks, making it more convenient for investors.

Nova City Islamabad Pueblo Block:

The Nova City Pueblo Block is identical in luxury, which can be seen in the overall development of the Nova City. Nova City Pueblo Block offers great facilities for its residents, along with a great shopping area. There are two categories of commercial plots available on this block: 4 Marla and 8 Marla.

Master Plan Nova City Commercial Block:

The Commercial Block’s master plan is under ingenious planning, and it’s interesting to imagine what reality will look like once it’s implemented. Moreover, the natural features of the projected site are spectacular.

Inventors offer a significant return on investment as they seek to improve their lifestyles. Residents will have access to luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities, support, and quality upgrades throughout their stay, ensuring the home is worth living or investment. Therefore, the developers will implement the property’s foundation and design seamlessly with the support of a team of highly qualified professionals.

The developers’ main goal is to offer luxurious yet affordable living space in the Commercial Block of Nova City Islamabad. In addition, they will also provide innovative, customer-focused work and living environments.

The project is currently in its pre-launch phase, so the master plan has not been made available to the public. On the other hand, we have very little useful information to share with you about the design and details. However, we can inform you about the blocks that are being planned.

Development Nova City Commercial Block:

Pre-launch development is currently taking place here, indicating that the developers’ vision is broad. Subsequently, with the official approvals and launch of the commercial block, the developers aim to complete the development work quickly to give people the best standard of living.

Here, the best prices on land with flexible installments attract potential investors. You can reserve your place at discounted prices with the opportunity to earn future profits.

Payment Plan Nova City Islamabad Commercial Block:

Nova City is known for offering easy investment channels. And therefore, these reasons are not only reasonable but also excellent value for money when combine it with the installment plan. Those not willing to pay in advance can also benefit from this payment plan.

Rates for commercial land in Nova City are as attractive as in the launch phase. Prices are subject to future increases, but people who take advantage of the opportunity can benefit from early prices.

  • 4 Marla Commercial plot: 6,000,000
  • 8 Marla Commercial Plot: 12,000,000

Salient Features Nova City Commercial Block

The most excellent features of the housing plan are the following:

  • CCTV cameras and an advanced security system are installed
  • A fully fenced host community to keep everyone safe
  • Wide and carpeted paths
  • The main entrance is impressive.
  • 120 feet Wide Boulevard
  • Green belts
  • Street lamps
  • Shopping area
  • Water filtration systems
  • Ecological neighborhood
  • Perfect drainage system
  • Broadband and fiber optic technology
  • CNG stations and Petrol pumps
  • Zoos, parks, and animal reserves
  • Paths for pedestrians and joggers
  • Banks and ATMs
  • Playgrounds for children
  • Mosques
  • Hospitals
  • Educational institutions
  • Waste management systems are kept in good condition
  • Water, electricity, and natural gas 24/7 available

Reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad Commercial Block

After learning about the housing community, one may wonder why anyone would consider an investment in Nova City Islamabad.

Firstly, the reason is that investors primarily consider a higher return on investment (ROI) when it comes to investing. Nova City, Islamabad, appreciates the accessibility of the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC Corridor. It stands out in the market for this base. The value of housing in this region has increased dramatically in recent years due to assessment.

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, Nova City’s prime location offers appeal. All major city centers are within walking distance. However, this is the time to create your property in Nova City, Islamabad, to maximize your productivity.

World standards will measure the progress and comfort of this block. Furthermore, the concept is not only cost-effective but also meets all the needs and desires of the residents. More than 2 million Chinese citizens are likely to move to Pakistan due to the CPEC route in the next few years. As a result, society is trying to reach world standards to ensure the local people have a luxurious and comfortable life.

Another reason for its incomparable facilities is to improve the quality of life in Pakistan. This housing association has the potential to be an exemplary community offering state-of-the-art luxury and services with many complimentary features. The project is completely risk-free both in terms of investment and housing.


The overview of commercial blocks in Nova City Islamabad is a great investment opportunity. It meets the demand for commercial real estate in the real estate market. It will not only lead to a significant investment in the commercial area but also provide an incentive for people investing in residential space.

However, the best way to buy a plot in commercial block real estate is through a payment plan. But the option to pay in a single transaction is also available.

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