Nova City Islamabad


Nova City Islamabad is a new residential neighborhood of twin cities. This housing community has been built to serve as a hub between the two cities, with modern amenities and reasonable prices. The objective is to reach Pakistanis from all socioeconomic backgrounds with this endeavor.

This development will eventually go head to head with the city of Islamabad, mega-developments. Nova City has excellent investment possibilities, per the real estate experts.

Nova Group’s firm has developed the Nova City Islamabad on the M-14 Motorway close to the New International Airport of Islamabad, which the PHATA has approved. Society is currently the best residential and investment opportunity in the city.

In addition to being a symbol of affordable luxury, the housing society provides residents with a safe place to call home. The Nova City is a neighborhood where all one “s housing needs and wants can be met.

Nova City Developers and Owners

The Nova Developers owns and is responsible for designing the new neighborhood. Nova Group’s CEO is Mr Chaudhry Junaid Afzal. Moreover, he is one of the most well-known names in the construction business in Pakistan. The developer’s reputation also precedes it in the property industry. Additionally, this is a result of their superior design and future-oriented strategies. They are working on The Nova Society, shaping it into a masterpiece.

Nova City’s Owners keep the futuristic and luxurious lifestyle in mind in all of their ventures, and they offer stellar customer service and thorough consulting to anyone who needs it. Unlike other notable builders, Nova Developers’ property investment engineers are often praised for the exceptional precision with which they plan and execute their projects. The professional developers’ ultimate goal is to transition the community to a more modern and streamlined life.

Owners & Developers of Nova City

Nova Developers Projects

A highly competent team of designers, urban planners, experts, and other experienced employees work around the clock to complete the projects on schedule. Each employee on the team has been hand-picked because they are highly qualified and have an extensive understanding of real estate improvement, domestically and abroad. Regarding the results of their hard work and dedication, Nova City is just one more shining example.

The developers’ main goal is to provide the most desirable housing options to all segments of Society at reasonable prices. To keep the venture within reach of investors, he is also continuing to factor in the rising cost of living. The Nova Group’s ability to complete property projects on schedule is one of its greatest strengths. Some of their fantastic projects are

Nova City Islamabad NOC

The TMA Fateh Jhang and PHATA have approved the Nova City NOC. For real estate investors and housing societies alike, the NOC is paramount. So it is because having a NOC means that an accommodation society is legitimate and that everyone in the project can rest easy.

Furthermore, Nova City Islamabad NOC of 903 Kanal has been approved for construction. Social progress must now be made as rapidly as possible. Society has reached dizzying heights because of our remarkable capacity to win approval. Everything related to promotion has officially begun. Companies from all over the world should join forces to improve the country’s infrastructure.

A review of the file tracking method by TMA, as reported in the Nova City NOC Notification, lends credence to the initiative. After individuals deposit a file, TMA will monitor its integrity and safeguard it against corruption. It helps with the property investment industry’s quest for greater openness. In addition, TMA will review the payment schedule and project plan before issuing a NOC to ensure that the stockholders will not suffer a loss.

Nova City NOC for Dedicated Interchange

Nova City has received permission from the Motorway Police and authorities of the National Highway to build a separate interchange. There were transportation and accessibility issues in Nova City.

However, the developers were committed to fixing them so that inhabitants could always enjoy a stress-free commute. The appropriate authorities came for a thorough inspection to double-check all the security measures.  After noting the Society’s dedication, Nova City has granted permission for a dedicated interchange connected with the M-14 motorway.

There will be more money to invest now, which is good news for the economy and Society. With the sanctioned dedicated interchange, people can quickly enter and leave the social system.

The residents can now travel more easily thanks to the proximity of major thoroughfares like the New Islamabad Airport, the Hakla DI Khan Motorway, and the Proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road. The nova City Islamabad is now a viable option for buyers for commercial and dwelling construction.

Nova City Islamabad Location and Map

Location of Nova City Islamabad

Nova City is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Moreover, the customers will find this area very lucrative due to its proximity to the Islamabad Airport, which is only a few kilometers away. Nova City  Islamabad’s location map benefits from its location near several major cities and a variety of convenient transportation options, which is attractive to potential inhabitants and investors.

A prime location between Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Nova City is a must-visit for anyone visiting the two cities.   It enjoys an excellent location close to the planned Ring Road of Rawalpindi and the CPEC. The Society’s primary entrance faces Ring road, with CPEC providing access to the community’s alternative layout. This housing development will then be connected to all the major roads that head toward the urban core of Rawalpindi.

The location is strategic, as both twin cities can quickly reach the city’s center from here. In addition to its convenient location, the M-2 motorway also provides quick access, which boosts the area’s appeal to potential residents and business owners.

The New Islamabad Airport can be reached in a matter of minutes. The airport’s proximity makes the area an excellent investment for frequent fliers. Nova City was designed for professionals who need easy access to various modes of transportation and mobility.

How To Access

The Nova City Islamabad location has access to many routes. Some of these are

  • Adjacent to CPEC
  • Neighboring Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Next to Ring Road Interchange-CPEC Road
  • 4 minutes from Kanial, Rawalpindi
  • 7 minutes from Bango, Attock
  • 9 minutes from N-80, Qutbal, Attock
  • 11 minutes from Dhok Korak
  • 22 minutes from Islamabad Airport
  • 26 minutes from Isb-Lhr M2-Motorway
  • 27 minutes from Islamabad
  • 32 minutes from Rawalpindi

Nearby Landmarks and Sites

Some of the nearby landmarks and places of the Nova City Islamabad Location are

  • Attock
  • Twin Cities
  • CPEC Route
  • Islamabad Airport
  • N-80
  • Fateh Jhang
  • Capital Smart City
  • Isb-Lhr M2 Motorway
  • Top City-1
  • Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • Mumtaz City

Nova City Master Plan

Nova City Master Plan

The developers have acquired the thousand kanal of land for the Nova City Master plan. Nova Developers’ initiative for this project is being undertaken with an eye toward the future to create a world-class metropolitan area with cutting-edge amenities.

Moreover, the developers promise a substantial financial return for their clients who wish to improve their standard of living. Additionally, the housing complex offers its residents cutting-edge, high-end amenities.

Additionally, quality enhancements throughout the project will make the residence desirable for residing or investing in Society. In addition, the group’s outstanding and eligible individuals will guarantee the property’s design, construction, and overall progression according to plan.

The developers’ primary goal is to create a high-end yet reasonably-priced place to call home. It will also be a creative and customer-focused community. Nova City Islamabad’s developer has taken the community from a vacant plot of land to a place where cutting-edge modern architecture and amenities are the norms in a short time.

The 400-foot-long central thoroughfare is an impressive sight for both locals and guests. The 35 miles of pathways and nearly 500 kanal of prospect park are ideal for fitness and wellness. The eco-friendly options are suitable for today’s Society. Moreover, the plots for sale in Nova City Islamabad are luxurious and ideal for dwelling and business.

Nova City Islamabad Residential Plots

People who want to be residents of a prestigious neighborhood with carefully chosen amenities have the ideal opportunity at Nova City. The property’s buildings are all customized. In Society, the lots are sizable and well-maintained. As a result, individuals can take in the abundance of plants and the fantastic city view. The Nova City Islamabad residential assets for sale are

  • 5-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 14-Marla
  • 1-kanal

Nova City Islamabad Commercial Plots

The plots of Society’s commerce are advancing swiftly. Today’s career options decide to launch their businesses in well-established neighborhoods. Companies of all sizes can find all they require in Nova City’s handy location.

Additionally, the commercial plots in Nova City Islamabad come in various sizes, making it possible for you to find the perfect spot for the business. Establishing a new company there is straightforward due to the accessibility of amenities like electricity and water supply.

Due to the excellent architecture, business owners need not worry about maintaining their facilities. It has a sophisticated road infrastructure. The commercial plots for sale in Nova City Islamabad  are

  • 4-Marla
  • 8-Marla

Nova City Islamabad Blocks

Additionally, the development’s strategic location and comprehensive idea are causing the plots to sell out swiftly. Given recent events, experts anticipate that property prices will rise soon. Therefore, if people wish to invest in this opulent housing Society, this neighborhood is a great chance.

The group has also developed an instalment plan for the convenience of its stakeholders. Attractive and roomy plots for sale are available in Nova City. Farmhouses, private homes, and commercial properties are all for sale in Nova City as part of the initiative. Moreover, the developers have divided Society into distinctive blocks

  • Esport Block
  • Overseas Block
  • Pueblo Block
  • Nova City Villas
  • Nova City Farmhouses

Esport Block of Nova City Islamabad

The Nova Group has debuted the  Nova City Islamabad Esport Complex, which includes a football field and a badminton court. In addition, Nova City Islamabad’s E-Sports Block has especially established to provide inhabitants with a healthy lifestyle. The top management’s actions realize the goal of completing a sustainable and environmental housing scheme.

With the aid of Nova City’s E-Sports Block, legendary bowler Shoaib Akhtar, who served as the special guest on this historic occasion, discussed the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. The builders delivered on their pledge and ambition to create an environmentally friendly home community close to the Esports Block launching ceremony. In addition, the plot for sale in Nova City Esport blocks are

  • 8-Marla
  • 14-Marla

Overseas Block Of Nova City Islamabad

Society has introduced a new block to meet the needs of customers worldwide. It is ideal for people who live abroad because it offers the same amenities at reasonable prices.

This latest arrival to the Overseas Block was created with the needs of the Pakistani community living abroad in consideration. The overseas block would offer the most modern facilities and amenities, serving as a lucrative investment opportunity for twin cities.

A safe residential area of Nova City World of Overseas Block, the developers have developed it to offer great homes, business spaces, and first-rate amenities. Following the official announcement of advertisements and a payment schedule by the society administration, the introduction of business property soon. In addition, the plots for sale available in Nova City Overseas blocks are

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 20-Marla

Pueblo Block Of Nova City

Following the popularity of the  Esports Blocks, Nova City Islamabad recently launched the Pueblo Block.  Moreover, the block compromises the residential plots of   3.5 marlas and 4 and 8 marla commercial plots, which are available in this affordable residential block and sold on a four-year simple instalments plan.

Because of its distinctive characteristics and solid foundation, Nova City has quickly attained a sufficient level of fame. In addition to introducing new blocks, the community has been diligently completing development duties. As a result, we can count on Nova City to fulfil its obligations on schedule. Plots available in the Nova City Islamabad Pueblo block are

  • 5-Marla Residential Plots
  • 4-Marla Commercial Plots
  • 8-Marla Commercial Plots

Nova City Royale Villas

Villa Royale, a prestigious condominium project, will be constructed by The First. It is strategically located adjacent to the CPEC and the Islamabad Airport. Residents in this wealthy neighborhood can easily access any amenity without leaving their community. Villa Royale, which features exceptionally opulent residences, offers a lifestyle without comparison.

The First Company has a strong reputation and has existed for a long time when its construction is concerned. During Nova’s history, they have worked diligently to broaden the definition of efficiency to satisfy various investors. The goal of The Villas is to offer a wide range of delights. Their primary goal is to provide cutting-edge alternatives for business and dwelling estate. The Villas for sale in Nova City

  • 5-Marla
  • 5-Marla

Nova City Farmhouses

A competent group of professionals with years of knowledge conceived has developed the Nova City Farmhouses master plan. The Nova City Farmhouses builders have promised to offer amenities included in any contemporary farmhouse anywhere in the world. The Farmhouses will also include all of the distinctive amenities.

The Nova City Farmhouse’s prices will be reasonable and inexpensive. For buyers with minor stakes, the prices of products have been kept low by the builders. A particular focus will be placed on maintaining the infrastructure at the best standards while maintaining the costs as low as possible.

In addition, the expansive landmass will provide a tranquil setting that will enable people to have an unfathomably peaceful and comfortable future. Moreover, the farmhouses for sale in Nova City Islamabad are

  • 2-Kanal
  • 4-Kanal

Nova City Islamabad Payment Plan

The Nova City payment plans have simple payment arrangements and are reasonably inexpensive. Compared to the excellent facilities, the properties for sale in Society are more affordable. To provide buyers with a simple opportunity to make money in Islamabad, the administration and builders have made an effort to keep the cost as reasonable as possible.

In addition, the developers also offer the instalments plan to increase the buying powers of the investors. The detail of the payment plan of Nova city are discussed below.

Nova City Payment plan for Residential Plots

  • The 5-Marla property costs Rs 2,750,000/-. The deposit is Rs 590,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 295,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 18,950/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 79,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 770,000/-
  • 8-Marla property costs Rs 4,004,000/-. The deposit is Rs 810,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 405,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 20,870/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 158,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 1,131,200/-
  • 10-Marla property costs Rs 5,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,000,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 500,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 25,000/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 200,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 1,400,000/-
  • 14-Marla property costs Rs 6,750,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,425,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 712,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 30,875/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 275,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 1,890,000/-
  • 1-Kanal property costs Rs 9,600,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,960,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 980,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 43,800/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 400,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 2,688,000/-
  • 2-Kanal property costs Rs 18,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,850,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 1,425,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 126,375/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 631,875/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 5,040,000/-

Nova City Islamabad Payment Plan

Nova City Payment plan for Commercial Plots

  • 4-Marla property costs Rs 6,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,200,000/-. In addition, forty monthly instalments of Rs 75,000/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 225,000/-.
  • 8-Marla property costs Rs 12,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,400,000/-. In addition, forty monthly instalments of Rs 150,000/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 450,000/-

Payment plan for Esport Block

  • 8-Marla property costs Rs 4,004,000/-. The deposit is Rs 810,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 405,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 20,870/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 158,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 1,131,200/-
  • 14-Marla property costs Rs 6,750,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,425,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 712,000/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 30,875/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 275,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 1,890,000/-

Nova City Islamabad E sports Block Payment Plan

Nova City Payment plan for Overseas Block

  • The 5-Marla property costs Rs 2,250,000/-. Therefore, the deposit is Rs 450,000/-. In addition, forty monthly instalments of Rs 29,500/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 77,500/-.
  • 10-Marla property costs Rs 4,150,000/-. Therefore, the deposit is Rs 830,000/-. In addition, forty monthly instalments of Rs 49,999/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 165,005/-.
  • 20-Marla property costs Rs 8,000,000/-. Therefore, the deposit is Rs 160,000/-. In addition, forty monthly instalments of Rs 99,000/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 305,000/-.

Payment plan Nova City for Pueblo Block

  • The 3.5-Marla property costs Rs 1,275,000/-. The deposit is Rs 225,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 127,500/- each. Moreover, the instalments of forty months are Rs 12,750/- or eight half-yearly instalments are Rs 28,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 286,000/-

2-year Payment plan for Nova City Villas

  • The Villas costs Rs 17,500,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 200,000/- each. Moreover, the monthly instalments are Rs 400,000/- or bi-annual instalments are Rs 4,000,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 5,500,000/-

3-year Payment plan for Nova City Villas

  • The Villas costs Rs 19,500,000/-. In addition, both booking and confirmation are Rs 200,000/- each. Moreover, the monthly instalments are Rs 6,400,000/-, or after nine months, the instalments are Rs 4,000,000/-. Lastly, the possession is Rs 5,100,000/-

Payment Plan Terms and Conditions

  • The above pricing applies to non-category properties. Category properties will be subject to 10% more fees.
  • These special pre-launch charges are only accessible to a restricted few entries.
  • As mentioned earlier, the costs can change without advance notification.
  • By the tenth of every month, instalments are due.
  • Development fees are included in the rates as mentioned earlier.
  • Payments are only payable to “NOVA CITY DEVELOPERS”.
  • 10% booking fees must be paid within forty-five days of the reservation.

Payment Plan Significant Notice

  • Failure to pay the confirmation deposit within forty-five days of making a reservation will result in termination and a seventy-five per cent refund of the deposit within six months.
  • Just at the time of verification, a cash payment can be changed to a four-monthly, monthly, or half-yearly instalment with equal amounts.
  • Prices do not include relevant taxes, fees, or other government costs.

Recent Development Status

Due to the constant functioning of over a thousand massive components of machinery on-site, construction development is progressing quickly. The builders have built the principal avenue, and the Society’s gateway entrance is nearly complete.

Since the Society has multiple secure access points for residents to enter, they find comfort. For the benefit of the locals, the builders also built multi-story medical facilities and schools. The recent developments in Society are

  • The cutting process is sixty-five to seventy per cent complete.
  • On-site equipment operating day and night
  • Completion of the sports complex is expected shortly—a top-notch complex featuring both outdoor and indoor sporting venues. A basketball court, a football field, and two large tennis courts are indoors. Currently fully operational
  • Parking and several roadways have been finished.
  • ongoing work of a mosque
  • Indoor and outdoor gymnasiums are both available.
  • Two of the many parks envisioned in the Nova City master plan have already been built.
  • The import of water filtering plants has been ordered.
  • Nova City is being cut. Commercial plots are also being sold.

Latest News of Nova City Islamabad

On the official website, the most recent information on changes in the residential building has been published by the officials. In addition, customers can get in touch with Ghafari Marketing.

Public Notices of Nova City Islamabad

Keep visiting the official website of Nova City, and their officials frequently post public notices and updates about the Society.

Verification Form Of Nova City Islamabad

Go to the Society website and follow the instructions to access the Nova City verification form. In addition, anyone can see the status of their registration file by entering the file registration number.

Bank Vouchers of Nova City Islamabad

Print the bank voucher by selecting the download link, and then send it along with the appropriate, valid documentation to make monthly instalment payments.

Possession Charges of Nova City Islamabad

The Society possession charges are included in the payment plans.

Application form of Nova City Islamabad

Anyone can fill out the application form for Nova City Islamabad from the online webpage or administration. However, they would need to submit their documents along with the application.

Membership Form of Nova City Islamabad

The management of the Society can provide the membership form.

Registration Form of Nova City Islamabad

The management of the Society can provide the registration form.

Allotment Certificate of Nova City Islamabad

The investors and prospective buyers can acquire the allotment certificate of the Society from the official management of Nova City Islamabad.

Transfer Process of Nova City Islamabad

The investors and prospective buyers can acquire the details about the transfer process of the assets from the official management of Nova City Islamabad.

Payment Modes of Nova City Islamabad

Visit the official homepage of Nova City to get detailed information about the modes of payment.

E-tracking in Nova City Islamabad

Customers can track their property status by visiting the official website through the registration numbers of their property.

Amenities of Nova City Islamabad

Top Amenities Nova City

The development’s architecture and construction will adhere to global standards. The area also has plans to welcome the over two million Chinese residents who will be moving to Pakistan as part of the CPEC  shortly. Therefore, Society makes sure to adhere to worldwide standards to accomplish its goal of providing a pleasant and abundant living to the people.

The project’s unparalleled amenities are also supplied to raise Pakistan’s living standards. It is also a projected private community that offers all modern luxuries and comforts with mechanical components. Therefore, putting money in and living in the project is entirely secure.

Eco-Friendly Neighborhood

Safe Community Nova City Islamabad

When it comes down to it, the occupants’ security is all that concern. Therefore a perimeter wall gives residents the assurance they need to feel secure at all times, day or night. Everybody worries more about the protection of their family, and rightfully so.

If a society cannot provide a secure atmosphere, neither residents nor investors may be enthusiastic about investing in the project. Because of this, Nova City is a securely gated neighborhood.

Nova Schools

Since Nova City has an excellent school, the builders have been driven to deliver superb teaching because they understand the value of education. Additionally, the builders will build global standard campuses to give residents’ kids access to a top-notch education.

Top-Notch Security

Any unwelcome entry is restricted by its site boundary. Only well-watched gates are used to leave and enter the site, ensuring security. The task of upholding tranquilly on the premise must be given to qualified security personnel and cutting-edge improvements. Sophisticated Video surveillance monitoring is present across the entire building and is active around the clock.

World-Class Infrastructure

The roads, property, and sturdy infrastructure are built with exquisite characteristics and the latest cutting-edge application frameworks to retain complete action. Moreover, the developers have developed this sophisticated and opulent dwelling venture to provide an extravagant lifestyle to occupants.

Waste Disposal System

A reliable waste disposal technique is essential to the venture’s sustainability. Nova City intends to set up a system for real estate rubbish disposal. The Society’s developers will have offered a wholly automated and expertly managed layout for the convenience of the occupants.

Water Filtration Facilities

Nova City aspires to be a prosperous and self-sufficient community. The supply of safe drinking water to its residents represents one of the remarkable aspects of an exclusive accommodation society. The construction of a cutting-edge water filtration facility will guarantee the availability of safe drinking water for the entire population.

Fresh environment in Nova City Islamabad

 Salient Features

The fantastic features of Nova City Islamabad are

  • Skilled guards and Surveillance video cameras
  • Gated Society
  • Solar Street lights
  • Appropriate Waste and Sewerage System
  • Water filtration Facilities
  • Parks and Playgrounds
  • Spacious Green belts
  • Tracks for Jogging and Cycling
  • Best Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Zone
  • Aesthetic Mosque
  • Well-maintained Society

Pros and Cons

Every decision a person makes has its proportion of advantages and drawbacks. The choice is appropriate since this list leans in favor of the edges. However, a person must also consider what variables might ultimately have the most significant impact on them and make decisions in that light. The checklist of benefits and drawbacks for Nova City Islamabad will assist customers in deciding whether to invest in the magnificent project.


  • Constant Availability of Essentials
  • Best Academic Institutes
  • Affordability
  • Parks and Civic Centre
  • Shopping Centre
  • Sustainable Locality
  • Constant Surveillance
  • Perfect Vicinity
  • Excellent Architecture
  • Well-planned Neighborhood


  • Perception of Expensive property
  • Perception of being far from the city

Booking Process of Nova City Islamabad

To prevent any misunderstandings or ambiguity, please carefully double-check all information to the level of satisfaction. Always check with the officials about NOC and authorized paperwork. In addition, the paperwork must be legitimate if other ways exist to meet the client’s requirements.

Finally, ensure that the finances match the purchase plan before concluding any acquisition or sale of the properties. The transaction or sale will be completed successfully in this way.

Step 1

Investors should speak with property investment specialists like Ghafari Marketing. The company has 20 decades of successful experience in the field to obtain access to even more thorough and reliable market analysis. Additionally, keep checking the Society’s official website for updates.

Step 2

Get in touch immediately to reserve the Nova City Islamabad property. Our sales department will distribute the form to prospective clients who have shown interest when our advisor clarifies its purpose.

Step 3

To guarantee that they haven’t been misinformed about the region’s perspective and development, we highly urge clients to visit the estate’s location in person. Then, following their satisfaction with the place, they deposit money to reserve the properties.

Document Required For Booking Plots

To book a plot, visit the official website and print the application form and affix personal information with it, like the documents.

How To Book Plot in Nova City

  • CNIC/NICOP Photocopies Of The Buyer
  • CNIC Photocopies Of The Nominee
  • Latest Photos Of Investor
  • Deposit Slip Of The Down Payment

Terms and Condition

The accompanying conditions and restrictions should be considered as buyers proceed through the Nova City Islamabad plot reservation procedure.

  • The asset will be permanently cancelled if the buyer doesn’t validate the plot within forty-five days. In this case, seventy-five per cent of the investment will be returned to the buyer over six months.
  • The buyer will receive a ten per cent discount on the entire purchase price and a five per cent reduction on a fifty per cent down payment.

Balloting of Nova City Islamabad

On Tuesday, January 10, 2023, Nova City Islamabad held the first-ever computerized ballot of its housing and business plots. The vote-assigning plot identifiers include all relevant dwelling and business plot files. After declaring the election results, Society will also make its official map available.

All qualified individuals and their relatives were welcomed to a complete celebration organized for the ballot at the development site on Fateh Jang Boulevard. A family festival with kid’s activities, refreshments, a live performance, and other activities was also prepared for the families. In addition, leading Pakistani musicians were asked to perform at the occasion to amuse the attendees.

Balloting Results of Nova City Islamabad

Results will be made public immediately after the formal ballot process for the individuals who attend the ceremony, which is set to start at 8:30 PM. Therefore, individuals who could not be present will have to wait to confirm their results online. The management will soon upload the balloting results on the Nova City Islamabad official website.

Why invest in Nova City Islamabad

One leading cause to invest in Society is that financial experts actively search for higher investment returns when investing in real estate. Because of the twin cities’ accessibility and the CPEC route, Nova City Islamabad location has enhanced value. Therefore, it is among the key factors contributing to the estate’s high market value.

The straightforward Nova City payment plan covered in depth in this article could also pique buyers’ interest. Additionally, the plots’ costs are exceptionally affordable and attractive. The eco-friendly surroundings, top-notch amenities, and lush surroundings that the builders will offer to the residents provide the housing Society with a worthwhile investment.


Q 1: Is Nova City Islamabad a legal project?

Answer: The TMA Fateh Jhand and PHATA have authorized the Nova City Islamabad NOC. So, it indicates that this project is legal and safe for investment.

Q2: What is the Nova City Islamabad Location?

Answer:  The Nova City Islamabad Location Map lies on Motorway M 14 near Islamabad International Airport.

Q3: Is Nova City Islamabad worth the investing project?

Answer: Yes, due to the proximity to the vital site of the twin cities and its affordable payment plans, this project will offer a lucrative deal to its customers.

Q4: Who is the Nova City Islamabad Owner and developers?

Answer: The remarkable Society developed by the Nova developers, owned by Mr Junaid Afzal.

Q5: How is Nova City different from other housing projects?

Answer: Nova City is a multi-use development created to offer people distinctive experiences at a reasonable price. Its creation has received the full attention of a team of professionals.


A premium residential development called Nova City Islamabad provides customers with all the needs for an extraordinary way of life. The bare necessities, modern luxuries, and indulgences will be available here to satisfy your needs.

Moreover, the development is also a safe area to invest in or for dwelling purposes. The architects’ latest methods and individual requirements were considered when planning this first-rate lodge society. Lastly, contact us at Ghafari Marketing if you want to invest in this magnificent project.

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