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Nova City Peshawar is the latest project that is near the Charsadda Interchange. Moreover, Nova City developers have built this housing Society. It lives up to its promise of giving its buyers a beautiful, comfortable place. In addition, the project is at the top of property investment lists due to its excellent location. Nova City Peshawar stands out because of its facilities, affordability and rapid development.

Society developers aim to give investors the best commercial and living opportunities. Also, this project is getting the attention of overseas Pakistanis. The features and perks offered and agreed upon are at a global scale. Lastly, Read the full article to know the details about the Nova City Peshawar.

Owners and Developers

Nova Developers Private Limited, a famous real estate company, is the  Nova City Peshawar developer and owner. Furthermore, the company started in 1997 as a non-government institution. In addition, Mr Junaid Afzal has started the firm. Now he is also the CEO of the group.

Owners & Developers Nova City Peshawar

Nova Developers have been in the real estate business for 25 years. Moreover, they have valuable experience. In the past twenty years, they have worked on many successful projects. Furthermore, the developer has a clear plan for a project with all the modern features at affordable prices. Then sell it at the best prices on the market. The company has over 500 employees and brings in $269.4 million.

Nova Developers Projects

The developers aim to provide people from all different socio-economic groups can afford the best housing facilities. So that buyers can still afford the business. Additionally, they keep taking into account the higher cost of living. One of the Nova Group’s best qualities is that they can finish projects on time. Some of the great projects are

NOC Status

The TMA has approved Nova City Peshawar NOC. Moreover,  one of the most important things that bring buyers to a housing Society is its approval from authorities.

The people in charge of the housing community took all the legal steps for its approval. In addition, Nova City Peshawar NOC’s approval makes it an excellent place to invest money that will pay off in the long run.

NOC Nova City

Location and Map

The Nova City Peshawar Location map is excellent because it lies near the M-1 Motorway next to Charsadda and Peshawar.  Moreover,  The  Motorway M-1 is a critical route that links Peshawar to other major cities. Northeast of Peshawar, on Peshawar Ring Road, the highway starts.

The M1 Motorway is 155 km long and has 14 interchanges at different places, such as the Peshawar Ring Road. The fact that the residential Society is close to M1 Motorway helps make it more valuable. Moreover, Nova City Peshawar’s location is very convenient. That makes it more desirable to buyers and people who want to buy property there.

Location Map Nova Peshawar

Nova City Peshawar Access Points

The developers have placed the Nova City Peshawar map as an ideal spot. Additionally, some of the access points of Society are

  • Located at Isb-Pesh M1 Motorway
  • 5 minutes drive from DHQ Hospital Route
  • 7 minutes distance from Mardan Road
  • 12 minutes away from Charsadda City
  • 13 minutes from Charsadda Road
  • 15 minutes drive away from Bacha Khan University
  • 19 minutes away from Peshawar City
  • Almost 19 minutes distance from N-5 and G. T Road
  • 19 minutes from Peshawar Northern Bypass
  • 23 minutes distance from the City of Mardan
  • Nearly 23 minutes drive from Peshawar Ring Road
  • 25 minutes distance from Risalpur City
  • 36 minutes away from Nowshera City
  • 51 minutes from  the Bacha Khan Airport

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

There are several famous landmarks around the Nova City Peshawar Location. Some are

  • Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway M-1
  • Peshawar
  • Mardan
  • Risalpur
  • N-5 National Highway
  • Nowshera
  • Charsadda
  • Charsadda Cemetery
  • Risalpur Airbase
  • Paradise City Nowshera
  • Bacha Khan University
  • The Bacha Khan International Airport

Master Plan

The Nova Developers team has done a great job of making the Nova City Peshawar master plan. The grand plan covers an area of about 2,000 Kanals of the best land.  Furthermore, in   Phase-1, developers continued to be worked on quickly. In addition, the developers have recently announced Phase II.

The Nova City Peshawar master plan has a wide main road connecting small lanes and streets. There are many green parts and areas to plant trees, which add to the dramatic look of Society. In Phase I, there are a variety of plot sizes for residential and business use.

Nova City Peshawar developers want to balance price, comfort, luxury, and environmental impact. Also, this Society’s goal is to ensure people are safe and secure. Another reason is that buyers can put their money into it without worrying.

Moreover, this was the main reason the developers bought the Nova City Peshawar  NOC. NCP is a legal Society that will provide long-term sustainable development.

Nova city Peshawar Master Plan

Plots for sale in Nova City Peshawar

There are many affordable plots for sale in Society. The developers have not fully disclosed the Nova City Peshawar master plan. However, the residential plot details are available. The developers have offered different-sized properties. Moreover, the buyers can choose between the properties according to their needs.

The residential plots available in Nova City Peshawar are

  • 5-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Payment Plan

The developers have provided the affordable Nova City Peshawar payment plan in a way that makes it easy for buyers to spend. Moreover, the Society started Phase I early payment plan with 40-monthly and 8-half-yearly installments over 4 years. The easy payment plan brings in a lot of buyers in KPK and throughout the country.

The Nova City Peshawar Residential Plots Payment Plans

  • 5 Marla Nova City Peshawar costs Rs 2,550,000/-. The down payment is Rs 510,000/-. In addition, 40 monthly installments are  Rs 21,500/- and eight installments are  Rs 132,500/-. Moreover, the possession charges are 120,000/-
  • 10 Marla Nova City Peshawar costs Rs 4,975,500/-. The down payment is Rs 497,500/-. In addition, 40 monthly installments are  Rs 32,500/- and eight installments are  Rs 299,000/-. Moreover, the possession charges are 200,000/-
  • 1 Kanal Nova City Peshawar costs Rs 7,650,000/-. The down payment is Rs 765,500/-. In addition, 40 monthly installments are  Rs 44,500/- and eight installments are  Rs 492,000/-. Moreover, the possession charges are 404,000/-

Nova City Peshawar Payment Plan

Nova City Peshawar PHASE-1 Payment Plan

Terms And Conditions

  • In the payment plan, the developers have sold non-category plots separately.
  • A 10%  additional charge will be on category plots.
  • The developers can change prices at any time before any notice.
  • The customers have to pay all payments by the 10th of every month.
  • The  Development fee is part of the current costs.
  • Make a check or DD payable to Nova City Developers.
  • Customers must pay a 10% confirmation fee within 45 days of booking.

Development status

The developers have quickly built the Nova City Peshawar. In addition, the management has almost completed Phase I of the residential district. The government has also talked about Phase II of the residential plan.

All the essentials, like drinking safe and clean water and availability of electricity and gas, are available in Society. Moreover, the developers have also done the balloting of  Phase I. Also, the developers have announced the balloting result.

Amenities and Services

Top Amenities in Nova City Peshawar

NCP aims to give buyers the best and most modern facilities and services in the world.  Additionally, the buyers are seeking to invest in Society. Also, Nova City Peshawar is a safe community with the most current and luxurious amenities. Some things about NCP are:

Sustainable Development

The goal of NCP is to give investors the best and most modern facilities and services in the world. Moreover, it is also a primary reason investors want to put investment in this Society. Society is a safe community with the most modern and luxurious amenities.

Commercial Area

The commercial area is among the best things about Nova city Peshawar. Also, each sector has its commercial area. Therefore, all of the necessary markets will be in this area. Also, all national and global brands will be on this list.

Availability of Basics

Water and electricity are two of the most important things to worry about now. Further, individuals must always have access to water, gas, and electricity. Also, NCP is trying to ensure that this facility is available to owners and residents.

Medical Facilities

People need health care if they want to live anywhere. Nova City Peshawar assures that its people have access to the best healthcare facilities in the world. Also, DHQ hospital is only 15 minutes from NCP.

Health Facilities

Schooling Facilities

Education is essential for a Society to work. Therefore, Nova City Peshawar shall ensure that all people there have access to good schools. As a result, there will be some top-notch schools, colleges, and universities.

Gated Community

NCP is a gated community with a security system that works perfectly. Security is also one of the essential things in Nova City Peshawar.


Nova City thinks that Mosques should be accessible to people. Moreover,  This makes it easier for them to practice their religion, resulting in many mosques in Society.

Magnificent Mosque

Recreational Area

Nova City has a lot of things to do for fun, like gardens, wildlife parks, and playgrounds. But Nova City also wants to make sure that people have healthy lives. So, Society developers have offered many ways to have fun.

Salient Features

The developers have provided many unique features in Society to facilitate the residents. Moreover, some of these amenities are

  • Ideal Location
  • Famous Neraby Site
  • Approved Society
  • Sports Arena
  • Commercial Area
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • Rapid Development
  • Peaceful Environment
  • Gated Society
  • Secured Community
  • Well-Planned
  • Mosque
  • Power Grid

Investment Benefits Of Nova City Peshawar

There are many reasons to invest in Nova City Peshawar. To begin, Nova City Peshawar is in an area that is both highly profitable and accessible. Second, it gives buyers the most profitable investment choices that provide the best value for money.

The relevant authorities have granted a Nova City Peshawar NOC. In addition, Society features the finest services and facilities for its residents.

Society developers’ objective is to offer the buyers housing facilities. Therefore, developers give customers access to the most rewarding investment opportunities

The quality of its transportation is another factor that attracts real estate buyers. Also, the Society developers built it to meet the needs of the citizens at affordable prices.

Pros and Cons

Every choice a buyer makes has both good and bad things about it. Moreover, this list leans toward the corners, so this choice makes sense. But, an individual must also consider what factors might affect them the most in the long term. Then make choices based on them. Customers can decide whether to invest in Nova City Peshawar based on the pros and cons.


  • Availability of Basics
  • Best Schools
  • Affordable Prices
  • Parks and Playground
  • Community Center
  • Shopping Center
  • Sustainable Community
  • Constant Security
  • Perfect Locality
  • Beautiful Architecture
  • Well-planned
  • Good Maintenance


  • Assumption of costly property
  • The misconception of being far from the city

Booking Process in Nova City Peshawar

Customers should carefully check all details. Moreover, their satisfaction level is essential to avoid errors or misconceptions. Constantly review with the authorities about the NOC and the needed paperwork. Also, the paperwork must be actual if other ways exist to satisfy the client’s needs.

Lastly, Customers should ensure that the money matches the plan for buying the property before they buy or sell it. It will make sure that the transfer or sale goes well.

Step 1

People who want to invest in property should talk to experts like Ghafari Marketing. The company has performed well in its field. In addition, they have  20 years of experience. That will give them access to more comprehensive details. Additionally, they have credible market analysis. Also, keep checking the official website of the Society for new information.

Step 2

Get in touch with someone right away to reserve the property in Nova City Peshawar. Then, when our advisor explains the form, our sales executive will give it to interested buyers.

Step 3

Customers should go to the project place in person to ensure that the companies haven’t given them false information about the region’s progress and future. Then, if they like the area, they put down a deposit to hold the property.

 Documents Required To Book Plot

To reserve a plot, go to the official website, print the application form, and attach personal information, such as documents that are

  • 2 CNIC/NICOP photocopies of the buyer
  • 2 CNIC photocopies of the nominee
  • The 2 photographs of the buyer
  • The deposit slip of the property down payment

How To Book Plot in Nova City Peshawar

Booking form of Nova City Peshawar

The customers want Nova City Peshawar booking form because it is unique and only available for a limited time. At first, buyers could only get a Nova City Booking form from a bank, but now they can get it from several real estate companies on the market. In addition, Ghafari Marketing has a quota of Nova City Peshawar reserving forms that no one else can use.

The bank provides the Nova City Booking forms are

  • Habib Bank Private Limited
  • JS Bank
  • Bank of Khyber

Balloting of Nova City Peshawar

The developers announced Phase 1 of Society on January 2022. Moreover, the developers also announced the balloting of Phase 1 of the Society on March 23 2022. Balloting in a residential project is essential to its growth. Furthermore, Nova City Peshawar is doing what it needs to do to help Society develop as soon as possible.

Therefore, the developers have announced the most recent Nova City Peshawar balloting for several residential properties. Furthermore, the developers have published the ballot results.

The balloting for Phase I, also called the Pakhtunkhwa Enclave of the Society. Moreover, in Phase I, the residential plots are Five and Ten Marla and One Kanal. In addition, the housing community owners asked all official members to come to the first ballot results in May 2022. The management has posted the ballot results on the residential Society’s  Facebook page and website.

FAQs Nova City Peshawar

Q1: Is Nova City Peshawar is legal Society?

Answer: Yes, the TMA has authorized the Nova City Peshawar NOC.

Q2: Who are the builders of Nova City Peshawar?

Answer:: Nova developer private limited is the Nova City Peshawar developers and owners. In addition, the company has done many famous projects all over Pakistan.

Q3: Where is Nova City Located?

Answer:: The Nova City Peshawar Location map is excellent because it lies near the M-1 Motorway next to Charsadda and Peshawar

Q4: How affordable is this Society?

Answer: Of course, Nova City Peshawar is an affordable Society. Additionally, the developer has offered a reasonable Nova City Peshawar payment plan. In addition, with easy installments over four years.

Q5: What is the detailed Overview of Nova City Peshawar master plan?

Answer: The Nova City Peshawar master plan covers an area of about 2,000 Kanals of land. In addition, the available residential plots for sale in Nova City Peshawar are

  • 5-Marla
  • 5-Marla
  • 7-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Q6: Who can help find the best deal in Nova City Peshawar?

Answer: Ghafari Marketing helps many buyers find the most beneficial property deal in multiple Societies.


Nova City Peshawar is a reasonable opportunity to invest in the first construction company in the market. Moreover, the gated community is a desirable area with 24-hour security surrounded by gates.

The location is one of a kind, and the facilities are the best in the world. Furthermore, Society has educational complexes that meet international standards. Hospitals are open 24 hours a day. In addition, some plants provide clean energy and water. Nova City Peshawar is a great place to make an investment that will pay off in the years to come.

Nova Group has developed Nova City Peshawar. Moreover, they have already made Nova City Islamabad and Nova One Lahore famous investors. People from all over Pakistan have been investing, and the best time to invest is in Nova City Peshawar. Also, customers can get the highest return on investment right now. Lastly, Its only goal is to give people a world-class living with all facilities at a price they can afford.

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