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Paradise City Islamabad is a new housing venture. Also, SK Groups is its developers. More, It is over 2453 Kanal. The Society offers a perfect location. Plus, it is in Sectors F-16, F-17, and G-17. It is a CDA-Approved housing project.

So, It falls under Zone II according to the CDA. Besides, Society has different sizes of plots. That starts from 5 to 20 Marla. Too, It also offers a limited number of commercial plots. In fact, the prices here are reasonable. Thus, it will make it an attractive investment option for buyers.

Society is in a prime location near the M-1 Motorway and the CPEC route. More, it is a well-planned neighborhood. It has an updated infrastructure. Plus, it has a vast network of roads. There is also a sewerage system and a water supply system.

Besides, it is close to the city’s high-end facilities. It is a safe community with a vibrant area. Also, it will have many upcoming projects. That will enhance its value. Thus, it is going to be a great project under the CDA.

Developers and Owners

The Paradise Developers are the Society owners. Also, the firm has a history of giving grand housing projects. Plus, SK Builders are the Paradise City Islamabad developers. They aim to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. Thus, it is a joint venture between Paradise Developers and SK Builders.

Owners and Developers

Besides, it is a good move for both companies. It allows them to expand their expertise. More, they can build together a massive project in Islamabad. It shows that the developers have committed to delivering a high-quality project. Plus, they have the experience and expertise to do it. So, it will be a heck of a deal for the buyers. It will be the best project for both. Thus, both firm values the buyer’s satisfaction.

NOC Status

The Paradise City Islamabad NOC has approval. Also, The CDA issued it on March 18, 2022. The NOC is a necessary permit for a housing society to start development work. Plus, the approval of the NOC is a positive sign for any project.

paradise city islamabad NOC

More, it is a good sign that the project is on track. So, It gives Society the legal right to sell plots. Thus, it protects the buyers of plots from fraud. Most of all, approval makes getting amenities from the government easier.

Location and Map

Paradise City Islamabad Location is on the Islamabad Zone II. Also, it is in the sectors Sector F-16, F-17 & G-17. It is on the Islamabad Expressway. Plus, it is only 10 kilometers away from New City, Wah. Besides, It is accessible from twin cities in many ways.

Society is next to the CPEC Route. More, it is also close to the M-1 Motorway. It provides easy access to other major sites and cities. Thus, it is a peaceful and serene area. More, it has surrounded by lush green trees and mountains.

paradise city islamabad Location Map

Access Points

This venture is in a perfect spot. Most of all, the city routes are giving access here. So, the people here will have no problem moving around the city. More, Its access points are

  • 10 minutes drive from the New City Wah
  • 15 minutes distance from the Islamabad Expressway
  • 15 minutes away from the Burhan Interchange
  • 17 minutes from the M1 Motorway
  • 20 minutes drive from the CPEC Route
  • 25 minutes distance from the Rawalpindi Railway Station
  • 30 minutes away from the Taxila City
  • 30 minutes distance from the Islamabad International Airport

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

There are many housing schemes in the area. Also, the prices and amenities here are high-end. So, it is a new prime area for the housing project. Plus, it is under the CDA. That means, the projects here are the best for investment in 2023.

Master Plan

The Paradise City Islamabad master plan is well-planned. Also, it has a total possession land of 2453 kanal. The total planned area is 2136 Kanal. Plus, the 1900 Kanal of the area is already CDA approved. Now, the developers have added 236 Kanal of land more in it. So, it is a mega high-end project.

For now, it is in the planning stage. The details of the plots for sale here are not public now. But, it will have many different sizes of housing properties. More, there will be a business plot too.

paradise city islamabad Master Plan

Society will also offer finished Villas. Also, the lavish apartments are part of it. Besides, it will be a whole community. Thus, it will have the top schools and hospitals. It will have many parks. Plus, there will be proper security. For sure, people can live flawless lives here.

Payment Plans

The details of the Paradise City Islamabad payment are not out yet. But, it will be affordable to the buyers. Also, there will be installment plans. Plus, the developers will offer discounts for early bookings. These incentives can keep you a significant amount of money on the plot.

More, anyone can book a plot in a small downpayment. There will be monthly installments. So, buyers will have no pressure to deposit a large sum of money. Besides, it is a great perk for them. Too, the plans will be for over 3 years. That is a good time to cover the price. As soon as, we get more details about the prices, we will share them on our page at Ghafari Marketing.

Amenities and Services

There are many facilities in this Society. Plus, these amenities make a living here more ideal. More, they contribute to the quality of life of the residents. That also makes it a perfect space. Thus, it will become the most wanted project in the city. So, it is a great deal to invest here now.

Top Amenities


The first amenity that a housing society should offer is a security system. Also, it includes CCTV cameras in every corner of the Society. Plus, there are security personnel moving all around it. It has gated entrances. So, it will ensure the safety of the residents. It is a big perk. Most of all, it will give the peace to the people.

Green Spaces and Parks

Green spaces and parks are essential for the well-being of the residents. Also, they provide a place for relaxation. They are also great for exercise. More, they also give aesthetic appeal. Plus, they are vital for Society to expand. Thus, it makes it more sustainable. It is a great approach. By that, people can get fresh air. That is crucial for their health.

Provision of Utilities

The Society has a reliable source of power. That means, there will be no power cuts here. It is great for the people who are living here. Plus, there is also a gas connection in the project. Also, there is a water backup system too. It is a CDA-approved project. So, buyers will get all the top-notch facilities here. Besides, all the top sites are nearby. Thus, all the amenities are on their doorsteps.


This project has many Masjids. Also, it will be open to all residents 24/7. These Masjids will be a place where residents can come together to pray. Plus, it will also be a great place to meet new people. It will help build community. Besides, these Masjids will be beautiful. They have all the facilities.

Salient Features

It has many outstanding features. Also, it will be a unique project. Its amenities and feature will make it the best housing project in Islamabad. So, it is an excellent investment deal for the buyers.

  • Accessible
  • Community Club
  • Healthcare Services
  • Education Institutes
  • Lake Views
  • Theme Park
  • Commercial Market
  • Zainab Memorial Medical College

Development Status

The development work here is going at a fast rate. Most of all, the land work is almost complete. The work has begun in developing the roads. Plus, there are hundreds of machinery in the area. Now, the developers have given the Pre-qualification notice. So the firms can join them to build the buildings and infrastructure. By that, the work will complete soon here.

Why invest in Paradise City Islamabad

It is a grand project of the CDA. Also, its developers and owners are reliable. It offers its residents a harmless residence to live. Plus, many other reasons make it best for the investments. So, some of the reasons are

Ideal Location

It is in a prime location on the outskirts of Islamabad. Plus, the Society is accessible from the twin cities. It is also close to major highways. Thus, it makes commuting to other parts of the city easy. More, it is a vital factor that will increase its value in the future.

High-end Amenities

The Society offers many quality amenities. It is close to the shopping mall. It has a cinema. Plus, it has a lavish a hospital and top schools. There are many playgrounds here. More, the theme park is also part of it. All this, will provide residents with a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Investment Potential

This venture has excellent investment potential. Besides, it is in an ideal location. Plus, there is rapid development here. The demand for properties in the area is high. More, it will continue to grow in the future. That will also double its value. So, buyers can get a profit from their investment here. Most of all, the prices here are still fair. So don’t miss the chance of investment. Invest now to get a high ROI in the coming years.

Pros and Cons

This remarkable Society has a lot to offer to its buyers. Also, there are many plus points here. Some will be on the list.


  • Easy Access
  • CDA-Project
  • Affordable
  • Secured and Safe
  • High Demand
  • Rapid Development
  • High Quality
  • Non-stop Provision of Basics
  • Modern Amenities


  • Assumption of being highly Priced Assets

How to Book a Plot in Paradise City Islamabad

The booking process in this Society will also be easy. Also, buyers need to check the latest news about the Society. Before checks the prices, it fits the budget. Now, there will be a discount on early bookings. So, check it with a reliable property consultant.

Step 1

Consult the Ghafari Marketing. Also, they have a vast experience. They aim to offer the deals that are best for the buyers. So contact them right away.

Step 2

The sales teams know the new offer and discounts. So, they can help buyers to get the most benefits from it. Plus, they are available for any issues and queries.

Step 3

Make a site visit. Also, check its progress. So, there will be no misleading. After that, complete the inspection, and pay the deposit to book a plot.

Document Required for Booking

There are essential credentials required with the form to book a plot. Also, it is vital to clear the distrust.

  • The buyer’s CNIC/NICOP photocopies
  • Nominee CNIC photocopies
  • Buyer’s passport-size pics
  • Receipt of the downpayment

How To Book Plot


Q1: What is Paradise City Islamabad?

Q1: Paradise City Islamabad is a new housing venture. More, it is a well-planned neighborhood. It has an updated infrastructure. Plus, it has a vast network of roads. There is also a sewerage system and a water supply system. Besides, it is close to the city’s high-end facilities.

Q2: Who is the Paradise City Islamabad developers?

A2: SK Builders are the Paradise City Islamabad developers. Plus, they aim to deliver high-quality projects on time and within budget. Most of all, It is a joint venture between Paradise Developers and SK Builders.

Q3: What is the Paradise City Islamabad NOC Status?

A3: It has an approved NOC. Also, the CDA issued it on March 18, 2022, of 1900 Kanal.

Q4: What is the Paradise City Islamabad Location?

A4: The Society offers a perfect location. Plus, it is in Sectors F-16, F-17, and G-17. It falls under Zone II, according to the CDA. Also, its location is near the M-1 Motorway and the CPEC route.

Q5: Is Paradise City Islamabad a good investment?

A5: It will be the best investment option for buyers in 2023. First, it is a CDA-approved project. Second, it is in the ideal vicinity. Third, its high demand makes it perfect for the investment perspective. For high profits, it is a great choice.


Paradise City Islamabad is a new housing society in Islamabad Zone II. The SK Group is its developer. Also, they are a reputable real estate developer. More, it offers high-end services to its residents. It has many recreational spaces.

Most of all, it is near to Islamabad. That makes it accessible from the city’s features. Plus, the work here is going in full swing. The prices of properties here are very reasonable. Besides, it will double in the future. Soon, the demand for housing will increase in this area. So, investment here will get you high returns. Call Ghafari Marketing to book an ideal plot here.

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