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Park View City Islamabad is a wonderfully constructed and sophisticated civilization with all of the latest amenities. Park View City is a housing society that was commissioned by a business owner—in Islamabad’s luxury Zone IV, surrounded by the strange and spectacular Margalla Hills backdrop.

Furthermore, Park View City’s location is genuinely great; it is close to all areas of accessibility, making it a highly handy and demanding place to live. This property project’s scenic vistas and high-end amenities make it a popular choice among potential purchasers.

Furthermore, it will be ideal for families that wish to live in a safe, family-friendly neighborhood with a modern vision and spectacular views of the surrounding countryside if all goes according to plan.

Park View Premium Apartments Karachi, Park View Lahore DHA, and Park View Villas Lahore are some of the company’s such well developments. Apart from that, Mr. Abdul Aleem Khan, a renowned politician and businessman leads the group.

Park View City Islamabad has been given the name as the “golden jewel” of Islamabad because its prime qualities, rapid growth, and elevated technology have attracted both domestic and international investment. Main commercial draw is its high-quality development and serene natural setting, earning it the moniker “heaven on earth.”

Park View City Islamabad owners and developers:

Several of the Vision Group’s most well-known ventures is Park View City. Vision Group is one of the owners of Park View City. It is among the most renowned housing societies in Islamabad.

Aleem Khan, a senior and committed leader of PTI owns the Vision Group. This is one of their initial ventures in Islamabad. This project is one of the Vision Group’s leading real estate housing societies, and it provides maximum returns and profits to its investors.

The group also plans to enter the Karachi real estate market with Park View City Karachi for its Karachi investors.

Park View City Owners & Developers

Projects by Vision group:

Since its beginning in 2012, the vision group has executed several ground-breaking real estate projects. The Pakistani real estate sector has been influenced by the Vision Group.

In less than a decade, it established itself as one of the most trusted and trustworthy development firms. Vision group has completed several ambitious programs that use contemporary architecture aspects.

The list consists of the vision group’s outstanding achievements.

  • Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation
  • Park view City located at I.I.Chundrigar road-Karachi
  • Park view City in Islamabad
  • Corporate Center at Mall road-Lahore
  • Parkview Signature Apartments at Gulberg-Lahore
  • The National School
  • Parkview Villas at Multan road-Lahore

Park View City Islamabad NOC:

The NOC for Park View City is approved by the CDA on June 1, 2018, along with all other planning permissions. You can check the NOC’s complete information on the official website (CDA).

CDA has already issued Park View City NOC with letter no. CDA/PLW/Zone-4(94)/12/Vol-I/168. Its NOC had previously been withdrawn due to its problematic approach via Malot Road. It was, however, quickly reinstated after a victorious judgment in the issue.

Park View City Islamabad NOC

Park View City Location and Map:

The Park View City Islamabad Map gives us an overview of the housing society’s overall geographical features and sceneries. Bahria Enclave is right across the street from Park View City.

About 15 minutes from the Serena Hotel Islamabad, 5 minutes from Bahria Enclave and Bani Gala, and 1 minute from the lush green botanical Park, as shown on the map. With over 7000 kanals of land and numerous residential and business blocks.

It is 8 kilometers from Chak Shahzad through Park Road & Kuri Road, Kashmir Highway, Lehtrar Road, and Islamabad Road Route.

Park View City Location Map

PVC is a well-known landmark! There are a few housing societies in the area. However, most don’t have the advantage of the convenience of being close to three main highways and the quiet Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens amid Margallas.

The society, which consists of 1200 Kanal of land with many residential and business complexes, for people from all areas of life, this is a tremendous chance. The society is located on Malot Road, which has convenient access through Kurri Road. To make place for the massive project, the CDA has granted a 200-foot wide road.

Nearby Places & Landmarks:

The Islamabad Botanical Gardens are a short walk away and take less than a minute to reach. Park View City is 8 kilometers away and may be reached via Chak Shehzad.

Park View City is 7.2 kilometers from the heart of Islamabad, and Serena Hotel is 4.8 kilometers away. Furthermore, Malot Road facilitates access to society. Furthermore, Park View City is located away from all of the pollution and noise while still being close to significant monuments.

Near the Margalla Hills, the society is stretched out over 106.90 Kanal of rich nature. Residential and commercial blocks with a range of land sizes are also included in the plan. Park View City also possesses all of the desirable traits of civilization.

Park View City Islamabad Master Plan:

The master plan for Park View City Islamabad is meant to give clients and investors modern amenities. Park View City’s master plan is organized in alphabetical order.

Society is split into two sections, residential and business. The residential blocks in the society are A, B, F, J, and K, each of which has a five-marla plot. Ten Marla plots are available in blocks A, B, F, H, and I in society. In B Block, M block, and D block, 1 Kanal plots are available.

Our society is connected by these three highways. The major boulevard route in our town is 200 feet wide. The widening of these roads would make it easier and more accessible to get to Park View City in Islamabad.

Park View City Islamabad Master Plan

This is a perfect time to invest in Park View City Islamabad since fresh improvements are underway that will increase its value. Park View City has evolved into an ideal location for both residential and commercial activity.

A ground-breaking ceremony for a commercial plaza was recently held. Park View City will be a prominent residential society with special amenities for its loyal clientele in the future.

The Park View City Master Plan comprises a vast region. It contains a variety of plots, such as:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla

In contrast, the Park View City master plan includes the following types of units:

  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

The launch of luxury residences is part of the Park View City master plan. Aside from that, commercial plots are offered in the following categories:

  • 6 Marla
  • 8 Marla

The entire neighborhood is organized into several blocks, starting with A and ending with J. Furthermore, advanced amenities such as well-paved roads, street lights, beautiful green belts, and other amenities are available.

Park View City Project Details:

Park View City Islamabad project details consist of Commercial and residential blocks that make up Parkview City Islamabad. The master plan is broken down into alphabetical sections. The administration also presented an extension block “J” in the society during the current balloting event conducted at the society’s facilities.

Residential Plot Sizes

  • 5 Marla (26″x 50″)
  • 8 Marla (30″x60″)
  • 10 Marla (35″x70″)
  • 1 Kanal (50″x90″)
  • 2 Kanal (75″x120″)

Commercial Plot Sizes

  • 6 Marla (35″x40″)
  • 8 Marla (40″x45″)

The above-mentioned plots in Parkview City Islamabad Housing Society can be reserved with a 20% down payment, with the remaining balance due in eight equal quarterly installments over two years. Apart from this, Park View City offers an extraordinary block named Overseas Block.

Park View City’s Development Status in Islamabad:

Park View City is growing at lightning speed. The construction of Blocks A and B are nearly complete. Furthermore, the main entrance gate, as well as the green side parts, are complete.

Investors have recently asked the development process to be accelerated. As a result, the development is proceeding at a quick pace, and they will be ready for allotment shortly.

Status of Possession:

Park View City has already declared the plot possessions for the originally developed blocks in a balloting event. Officials claim that society will grow in two years and that all possessions will be distributed at the same moment. Bookings are now available. On the other hand, investors should act at the correct time to avoid missing out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Park View City A & B Blocks:

Block A:

Block A, which is adjacent to Park View City Gate 2, is 60 percent to 70 percent developed. The construction of multiple homes is complete, and people are living in peace. Bookings are now closed, but plots are still available for resale. Possession plots of 5 and 10 marlas are available.

Block B:

Block B is likewise 60% developed, with plots ranging from 5 to 10 Marlas and 1 Kanal. It is adjacent to Block A. The bookings for this block in Park View City have closed. Plots, on the other hand, are available for resale. Near this block is the Blue Mosque, a key attraction in society.

Park View City Terrace C Block: 

The stunning and scenic vistas of Islamabad are well-known. Islamabad’s gorgeous landscape gives it the ideal site to live a contemporary lifestyle while also enjoying nature. All of this is now yours to enjoy.

Exclusive terrace flats have been launched in Park View City, Islamabad. Park View City’s Block C is at a good location. Residential terraced plots of 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plot are available on a heightened block.

Another feature of this block is the food court. There are only a few of them. So don’t wait anymore and get your beautiful apartments now.

Terrace Plots of 10 Marla:

C block is the place to be if you want views, extra room, and accessibility. The site is ideal, being close to the principal masjid. These are rare 10 marla plots with a 3570 square meter size.

There were only a few plots available in C Block. These unique 10 marla plots are a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Views of the magnificent and lush Margalla hills, as well as the huge panoramas of the twin cities, are available.

Plots on the Kanal Terrace:

They’re known as open plots in Park View City. Exclusive plots with some of Park View City’s greatest views. E Block is a premium block that is currently in Phase 1.

Park View City Block D:

This is Park View City’s most elevated block. Residential plots of one kanal are available in Block D. This block provides a breathtaking perspective of the society and the federal capital.

Park View City Block E:

Residential plots of one kanal are available in Block E. Some of them, though, are terraced parcels.

Park View City Block F:

From your balcony, enjoy the Margalla winds and breathtaking sunsets. It’s perched atop a hill with a spectacular view of the botanical gardens. Now is the time to reserve your land in this exclusive neighborhood. F Block, including 5, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots. Furthermore, additional ground cutting throughout the block has resulted in the addition of 1 and 2 Kanal terraced plots.

Park View City H Block:

In Phase 2, this is our most valuable and premium block. It is conveniently located downtown and only 2 minutes from the major boulevard, making it a perfect location. H Block offers a yearly payment plan with ownership available after the down payment.

In these big houses, you may enjoy a peaceful lifestyle with top-notch amenities. Park View City, Islamabad’s H Block, has plot sizes ranging from 5 to 10 marlas and 1 Kanal. As a result, the investor’s optimal plot size is determined by their funds and preferences.

Park View City Residential Plots:

Residential Plots of 3.5 Marla:

In Block K, Park View City offers 3.5 Marla limited plots for payments. The plot can be reserved with a 20% down payment and the remaining balance paid in 30 simple monthly installments.

Residential Plots of 5 Marla:

A three-year payment plan is available from the Overseas Block. Plots of 5 Marla are available at a discount of 10%. The block, in contrast, would have a special gate and committed health and educational services if it received a 25% discount. Free Wi-Fi will be available in the international block.

Residential Plots of 7 Marla:

A beautiful location, 7 marlas in H block offers a great mix of modern and urban living. The 7 marla size in the H block ranges from 30 to 60.

Residential Plots of 8 Marla:

A unique and ideal size for your everyday needs. 8 Marla plots in J block are extremely limited and are our most popular product. The 8 marla size in J Block is 30* 60.

Residential Plots of 10 Marla:

The Overseas Block offers a three-year payment plan. Only 10% of 10 Marla plots are available for booking. The block would have a special gate and exclusive health and educational services with a 25% discount.

Residential Plots of 1 Kanal:

Only 20% of 1 Kanal plots are available for booking. In comparison, the block would have a special gate and dedicated health and educational services with a 25% discount.

Residential Plots of 2 Kanal:

In the winter, relax on your balcony with a cold afternoon breeze and a fog-covered city. Alongside a new 2 Kanal plot category with luxury facilities, your dream comes true.

Park View City Commercial Plots:

3.5 Marla Commercial Plots:

The launch of a unique commercial In the Overseas block, there are 3.5 marla plots available. Overseas is one of Park View City’s most prestigious blocks, offering one-of-a-kind amenities to our valued customers. There is a two-year payment plan available. For international commercials, the delivery time will be one year.

6 Marla Commercial Plots:

The first downtown location in Islamabad will be at Park View City. With a beautiful lake in the middle of 300 Kanal of lush greenery. This city will be unlike any other, including well and prestigious brands and restaurants.

8 Marla Commercial Plots:

These exclusive commercial plots facing the lake would have a great view of the lake. Our 8 marla commercial is the best deal you’ll get to deliver great value on the market. Enjoy your cup of tea with a wonderful view of the hills and the bay.

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block

Park View City is an amazing accommodation society that has met the needs of everyone, from residential and commercial properties to classic flats of Park View City Islamabad Villas, from residential and commercial properties to iconic flats and Park View City Islamabad Villas, and everything in between.

The Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block is the most recent addition to the famous project. Park View City made use of cutting-edge technology to provide a world-class lifestyle that meets worldwide living standards.

Grand residencies near Gate 1 will be available to the international community. The Overseas block has possibilities for 5, 10 Marla.

Park View City Overseas Block Payment Plan


Furthermore, due to the international standard facilities that it provides, this block has a higher dollar value. This indicates that investing in any asset of this money-spinning block will almost certainly result in a large profit in the years ahead.

Park View City Islamabad Golf Estate: 

Following the success of Park View City, an innovative and opulent housing society, Vision Group has announced the start of yet another intriguing community development. Within Park View City Islamabad, the ‘Golf Estate’ is a recently introduced beautiful community.

In the heart of Park View City, a spectacular and sensational property is being built. This development is being built as a large and opulent residential community centered on a 9-hole golf course of world standards.

Park View City Golf Estate

Golf Estate is ideal for those who like high-end amenities, comfort, and luxury in their lives. The Golf Estate is conveniently placed near the famed Bahria Town and is easily accessed via Park View City Islamabad’s 2nd entrance. Furthermore, Park View City’s management has yet to reveal a Golf Estate master plan.

The 5 Marla and 10 Marla plots were initially offered at exciting and cheap pre-launch prices to present an investment opportunity to Pakistan’s local investor community. Residential plots in the Golf Estate are available for purchase with a 15% down payment.

Park View City Golf Estate Payment Plan


Because this block is unique, it comes with its own set of benefits. The following is how Park View City Golf Estate is divided into percentage ratios:

The golf course gets 60% of the greenery.

A total of 40% of the unoccupied land is committed completely to residential use.

The Walk Commercial-Downtown:

This project’s business center is the Walk Commercial Downtown. It will provide entertainment and necessities to the city’s inmates. Commercial plots of different sizes are available in the given area. Within the community, Park View City will construct a Dubai-based primary business center.

Downtown will be a business center where a variety of national and international firms will set up shop. Furthermore, a lovely lake in the heart of the city will substantially enhance its attractiveness and worth. Downtown Commercial is selling commercial plots in the 6 and 8 Marla range.

The Walk Park View City

The Walk will be Park View City’s most sophisticated and elegant sub-project. The Walk Commercial, according to the administration, will be a haven for well-known businesses.

The Walk’s infrastructure will be visually stunning, with neon lights and gorgeous architecture. It will provide residents with an out-of-this-world shopping experience.

The payment plan of The Walk follows the installment method where you have to give a 20 percent down payment, after which you are suppose to submit 8 quarterly installments within the total period of 2.5 years.


Park View City Apartments:

Park View City Islamabad offers Park View City Terrace Apartments at reasonable rates. The apartments are to be built within Block A and Block B of the PVC.

Following are the types of Terrace Apartments:

  • Studio/One Bedroom Apartments
  • Two Bedroom Apartments
  • Three Bedroom Apartments

Park View City Terrace Apartment Payment Plan


Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan:

Park View City Islamabad has a total area of over 1200 kanals. However, due to rising demand, a future extension may be necessary. The land area of the society is further divided into residential and commercial sections. PVC Islamabad’s residential sub-sectors are referred to as blocks, and each block has a different distribution of plot sizes.

Park View City Downtown Commercial Plots Payment Plan:

This block consists of two types of commercial plots. The membership fee is 100,000, and a 6 marla plot is available at down Payment 25% of the total plot price.

The balance must be paid in six quarterly installments. Commercial plots of 8 marla are accessible  with a membership fee of 200,000. Each quarterly payment is approximately 7,000,000 per.

Commercial Downtown Payment Plan Park View City

Park View City Block A and B – Residential Plots Payment Plan:

Blocks A and B, there are three different residential plot sizes to choose from. 5 marla, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal are some of the options. Each plot size requires a 25% down payment, with the remaining total balance in four quarterly installments.

Park View City Payment Plan for Terrace C-Block:

Residential plots of 10 marlas in Terrace C block are available for 10,000,000. The initial payment is 2,500,000, with four quarterly payments.

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan for Block C, D, E:

Residential plots of 1 and 2 Kanal are available in Park View City Islamabad’s C, D, and E blocks. All of these plots require a 25% down payment and are pay in four quarterly installments.

Park View City Islamabad Payment Plan – For Block F:

Block F has five different plot sizes available. These include 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal plot. 5 marla plot is available for 5,000,000 while 10 marla plot is available for 8,500,000.

Park View Islamabad Payment Plan – Block H:

The payment plan for Block H in Park View City is for three different sizes of plots. These include 5 marlas, 10 marlas, and 1 Kanal.

Park View City – Block J Payment Plan:

There are four categories of residential plots in Block J. These include 5 marlas, 10 marlas, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal. The down payment for each type of plot is 25%.

Price Comparison and Discounts:

The comparison of prices of different blocks in Park View City shows that its prices might be higher than in some residential societies. But if we compare it to the overall rates in Islamabad, it is affordable. The location of the plots makes them worth the cost.

Category Plots:

A 10% fee is  being charged for category plots like the corner, park facing, and those on the main boulevard.

Silent Features Park View City Islamabad: 

Park View City boasts a lovely setting and features that would appeal to any nature lover. Park View City is a well-known brand in the real estate industry. Not only does the flora and location add to the beauty of the location, but it also delivers pleasant weather.

In addition, Park View City Islamabad includes exceptional features such as:

  • Park View City is a unique residential development with unrivaled facilities and a fresh perspective.
  • People will be able to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities at the society’s club and community center, including bowling, swimming pools, snooker, cricket, tennis, and golf.
  • Park View City Amenities
  • Commercial zones, which include some of the biggest names in retail, will suit all of your needs and provide you with an exciting and practical shopping experience.
  • There will be a separate park for visitors to enjoy.
  • The overseas block will have its gate for protection and privacy.
  • Residents of the Overseas Block will have access to their own business space.
  • The Vision Group’s Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation has decided to create a new National School branch in Park View City.
  • The religious importance and value of beautiful mosques will be preserve as part of this unique housing project.
  • The Gumrah River, which flows through the area, also serves as a reliable source of water for the village.
  • The organization is also planning to build a dam to collect and use water, and construction has already begun.

Park View City Islamabad Amenities:

A well-known name in real estate development and management is the construction of Park View City. They have ensured that the project’s individuals will have access to all available amenities, such as those found in urban centers. The following are some of the project’s key features and benefits.

Educational Facilities:

The community will include schools, colleges, and other educational facilities. Moreover, the establishment of the National School, which the Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation oversees, is the first step in the right process.

Educational Facilities in Park View City

Imax Cinemas:

Residents of this city will be able to enjoy 3D technology and IMAX cinemas as their foremost source of amusement. They would be able to easily find entertainment in the confines of their environment.

Commercial Zone:

Inmates will be able to obtain products from well-known brands thanks to the city’s commercial Walk.

Parks, Zoos, and Entertainment Areas:

The developers’ primary goal is to provide residents with a fun and healthy environment. As a result, parks, and zoos have been included.

Park at Park View City Islamabad

Community Centers and Clubs:

The master plan includes community centers and clubs to ensure that residents participate in healthy actions and experiences.

Health Facilities:

The project will involve the construction of hospitals and other related health facilities. They will be Design properly and staffed by professionals.

hospital at Park View City


Park View City will be a gated community to ensure that the project’s individuals are completely safe. Furthermore, the perimeter wall and area surveillance will aid in the residents’ safety.

Electricity, Gas, and Water Supply:

Water, gas, and electricity will also be available in the cities nearby. The manager must make sure that the residents’ water supply does not become a problem, and that is the proper planning for this intention.

Parkview community dominates other communities in the region because it is naturally rich with natural resources, the most important of which is the availability of underground water.

Underground Electric Lines:

To ensure the safety of the residents, society will keep the electricity lines underground. It will also protect the electric lines from natural disasters such as wind and rain.


Park View residential society will also include mosques and other religious facilities.

Mosque in Park View City Islamabad

Reasons to invest in Park View City:

Park View City Islamabad is a brilliant project with a clear objective of providing unrivaled amenities. Every structure in the society is design with a distinct point of view and practicality in mind to provide residents with an ennobling living environment.

Park View City is a project by Vision Group in Islamabad that offers residential plots, business plots, residential villas, and flats. The world-class residential project includes a Turkish-style grand mosque, renowned schools, a huge hospital, Park View Mall, and a large community center.

The housing society’s magnificence is evident in the 200-foot main boulevard, extensive road network, numerous green belts and parks, and underground electricity. We are also deals in Blue World City , Kingdom Valley Islamabad,

You may be wondering if all the fuss is actually worth your hard-earned cash! In this piece, we’ll go over six things you should think about before investing in Park View City!

  • Fast Development: Possession in A and B block of Park View City
  • Idea Location.
  • Commercial Area
  • Grand entrance
  • The Art of Maintaining Economy
  • Large Plots Dimension

How to Book Plot in Park View City Islamabad:

Park View City Islamabad is a large development project with many different blocks and sub-sectors. It is necessary to check the availability of a plot as well as other details such as the total cost and payment plans before making a reservation.

To easily book your favorite residential/commercial plot at Park View City, contact Ghafari Marketing for this.

How to Book Plot in Park View City Islamabad

To make a reservation, you’ll need the following documents:

  • A fully completed application form (available at site office and website)
  • A copy of the CNIC
  • Photographs in passport size: 2
  • Receipt of a payment order for the 20% down payment in the Park View City bank account.

Our company would require the applicant’s NICOP as well as the documentation listed above for Overseas Investors. You can speak with any Ghafari Marketing estate agent to get guidance on your desired item. Once you’ve made your decision, your agent will send you a booking form and a deposit for the asset you’ve chosen.

Pros & Cons Park View City Islamabad: 

When it comes to the pros and cons of Park View City, the pros win out. It is a very profitable society with excellent residential options.

The following are the pros and cons of Park View City Islamabad:



This project has an ideal locationHigh Price.
No Objection to NOC
A peaceful environment
Pollution-free environment
Timely development
Zone with no load-shedding
Water is readily available due to the great accessibility of the water table.

FAQs Park View City Islamabad:

1-What is Park view city?

Answer: Park View City is a luxurious housing development in Islamabad, Pakistan.

2-Where is Park View City Location?

Answer: PVC Islamabad is near Bani Gala. It is located in Islamabad’s Zone IV, close to Bahria Enclave Islamabad.

3-What is the name of the owner of Park View City?

Answer: The owner of this opulent masterpiece is Mr. Aleem Khan and the developers of this society are Vision Group of Companies.

4-What is the Legally status of Society?

Answer: Park view city is a legal housing scheme with NOC and planning permission approved from CDA.

5-What is the update on construction in Park View City?

Answer: The development work is still in full swing.

6-Is investment in Park View Islamabad profitable?

Answer: Yes, it is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that will not result in any losses for shareholders.

7-What are the available Plot Sizes?

Answer: PVC offers 5, 8, and 10 Marla along with 1 and 2 Kanal Residential Plots. In the commercial section, this society offers 6 and 8 Marla Commercial plots for sale in Park View.

8-When would the possession be hand over?

Answer: Park View City management has already handed over possession of plots to investors in the fully developed sectors. However, the sectors under development would have the plots handed over for possession after balloting.

9-What is the status of Park View City’s development?

Answer: The majority of the blocks are nearly complete, and houses are being built at a rapid pace. Park View City Islamabad became home to a large number of families. For more information, see Park View City Blocks.

10-Do they offer Instalments?

Answer: Yes, Park View city offers installment plans for the convenience of customers.


In conclusion, Park View City Islamabad is a top-tier housing society in the capital. That is without a reason to suspect a wonderful society to live in, with stunning vistas, all necessary utilities, and modern conveniences.

It’s also a fantastic society for investing in. Investors will receive a substantial return on the completion of this project. Park View City is also a good choice for both residential and commercial properties. To put it another way, Park View City offers a complete package!

Ghafari Marketing is a leading real estate agency in Pakistan that works on a variety of projects in a variety of cities. If you have any queries, please contact us right away. In Short, if you need any assistance with a real estate sale or buy, continue to frequent our website for more vital news and information!

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