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Park View City Islamabad is a charismatic housing project that has met everyone’s needs. Subsequently, this project has from commercial and residential properties to classic apartments and Park View City Islamabad Villas. The Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block is the latest addition to this special project.

Furthermore, Park View City will launch Overseas Block in the big project, and you can be sure that it meets all the requirements of international standard housing. The planners specially designed the Block, incorporating the most advanced technology and facilities to give Pakistanis abroad an exquisite living experience.

The society felt the need to introduce this particular Block in the application of Pakistanis abroad seeking a safe place, recognition, and identity to investing in the real estate industry of Pakistan. Therefore, the overseas Block in Park View City offers great housing and a variety of business opportunities. The properties in this Block will be value-creating and in high demand.

Subsequently, the Park View City Overseas Block is in high demand as people outside Pakistan look for a trustworthy place that offers a luxury lifestyle. Overseas Block offers comfortable life and strives to become a business. NOC of Park View City is approved by CDA.

Therefore, the residential plots in the Park View City Overseas Block have an added value due to their great popularity. In addition, overseas block plots in most housing companies have more publicity to attract foreign investors, such as Overseas Block and Overseas Prime Block of Capital Smart City.

Location of Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block:

The Park View City overseas Block is in the most privileged area of Park View City, near Gate no 1. Moreover, the Block is located near the project’s commercial center and will offer its residents a fruitful investment beyond an elite life.

Salient Features of Park View City Overseas Block:

Park View City is a perfect residential community for overseas Pakistanis with extraordinary features and a new vision. Therefore, each community block is planned with a unique view and functionality to give its residents a divine life. Here are some salient features mention below.

Gated Community:

Park View City is a fully enclosed, secure neighborhood surrounded by a wall covering all sides of the project. The neighboring communities to Park View are not completely covered in this way, while this community has even blocked the side close to the national forest area.

Beautiful Mosques:

Taking care of the religious values and significance of the beautiful mosques will also be part of this great housing plan.


Incorporating the best educational institutions and schools is established in the community, offering the best curriculum near the apartment blocks so that they are easily accessible and with minimal distance.

Further, the Vision Group has established the newest branch of the National School in Park View City, which will operate under the Vision Group-owned Abdul Aleem Khan Foundation, among other well-known educational facilities.


Park view City will build a specially designed large hospital in the community to alleviate health problems with the latest technology and modern equipment.

IMAX Cinema:

Park View City will be a pinnacle of luxury and entertainment; Cinemas with IMAX and 3D technology will also offer you an incredible movie experience.

Parks & Zoo

Parks, zoos, and other recreational activities are also included in the community plan to provide elements of enjoyment for all ages.

Community Centers & Clubs:

The association’s clubhouse and community center will allow residents to enjoy a variety of indoor and outdoor sports. For example, these sports include bowling, snooker, swimming pools, cricket, tennis, and golf also.

Amenities of Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block:

Overseas Block delivers high-quality amenities and services to people. The overseas Block offers the following amenities:

24/7 availability of electricity, water, and gas:

The availability of electricity, gas, and water is a priority at Park View Islamabad and will be provided in all parts of the community on a 24-hour basis.

Above all, Park View City is superior to other communities in the region as it is naturally blessed with natural resources, among which the presence of groundwater is paramount.

Water is available less than 50 feet from the ground, and the Gumrah River, which runs through their region, also ensures an adequate water supply in the community.

The plan for every house in the community includes building an underground water storage cistern to store the abundance of rainwater received in the area.

The association also has a plan on the way to build its dam for collecting and using water. Work on this dam has already started in the community.

24/7 monitoring:

The community takes the safety of its residents very seriously and ensures that a network of CCTV cameras is installed throughout the community.

Pioneering development:

With the best craftsmanship and the most majestic development, the city of Park View will be a landmark of modern civilization in Pakistan.

Modern infrastructure and elegant housing plan:

The lush green and natural environment of Park View City Islamabad overseas block is beneficial. And this project will become one of the milestones under construction. Moreover, High-rise buildings, modern infrastructure, and elegant house plans will contribute to its appeal.

How to book plots in Park View City ?

The original prices offered on the Overseas Block will be available at a comfortable 3-year rate. Therefore, to reserve your plot, contact our staff at Sigma Properties. The necessary documents are,

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • Copy of your kin’s CNIC
  • 2 images in passport size

Additionally, the residents can pay the reservation amount through money order, cash, or direct cash transfer to the company account. The reservation begins with an initial payment of 20%.

The investor will know the exact position of Overseas Block in a month or two. But it is the most profitable and productive investment. The land is available at the most affordable prices, and the growth potential is huge.

You are planning on investing in a safe place to put your money and provide a safe environment for your family. Look no further than Overseas Block.

Payment Plan of Park View City Overseas Block:

Park View City Overseas Block offers 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal housing packages. As a result, the payment schedule includes a 20% initial payment with a 2-year installment plan that includes 08 quarterly installments.

PVC ISB Overseas Block New Rates-01

Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block Pros and Cons:


  • Ultimate and prime location
  • No litigation NOC or permit concerns
  • All basic and modern facilities available
  • The atmosphere is quite peaceful
  • Contamination-free zone
  • Large return on investment
  • Development is happening at a rapid pace
  • Underground water is about 50% feet
  • The company will be a load-free zone with its power plant


  • Prices are high in contrast with other societies


The overview of the Overseas Block is impressive. Therefore, Park View City will be one of the strongest social orders in Islamabad after its successful implementation. Overall, Park View City Islamabad Overseas Block appears to be a promising investment outlook for investors and residents.


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