Safari Valley


Safari Valley is a new residential project developed by Bahria Town Pvt Ltd. Also, It is in the heart of Bahria Town Rawalpindi phase 8. It is close to the beautiful hills of Lohi Bher. More, the project offers a tranquil lifestyle. It has calm and green living. So, it is a little bit away from the city. But, buyers can reach here in a short drive.

Society consists of four residential blocks. Also, the block name is Ali, Umer, Usman, and Abu Bakar. Each block has terrific features. Plus, all have a central park. There is a commercial area in every block. So, it is a posh project within the Society.

It is a popular choice for buyers. Plus, It offers a safe vicinity. There are excellent schools and healthcare facilities. Besides, the project is also well-connected. It is a blend of peace and luxury. Thus, it is the perfect place for all kinds of buyers. It has stunning natural surroundings. So, this can be an ideal venture for housing.

Developers and Owners

Bahria Town Private Limited is of Safari Valley developers. Also, Malik Riaz is the Safari Valley Owner. It is a large-scale real estate development company based in Pakistan. More, It Started in 1996. Soon, it became one of the country’s largest real estate firms.

Safari Valley Owners and Developers

It is a new project in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi. So, The project is still underway. The work will complete in the next few years. Besides, It has various housing options. The firm has many up-scale projects across the country. They are unique. Thus, they are of high quality. Some of their projects are

NOC Status

The Safari Valley NOC is still pending. The CDA approved it in 2017. But, it has not yet received the NOC from the EPA. Also, they raised concerns about the project’s environmental impact. It is a large-scale housing project. Plus, it will offer the house to over 1 million people.

The delay in the NOC can cause doubt among the buyers. Yet, Bahria Town has assured us that the project will have completed. Now, EPA is doing a study on the matter. It will give good news to the buyers. Also, it will meet all the environmental requirements.

Safari Valley NOC

Safari Valley Location and Map

It is in the Bharia Town Phase 8. Also, it is on the outskirts of Islamabad. It is close to the Margalla Hills National Park. More, the Rawalpindi District is to the east of it. The Chaklala Cantonment is in the south of the Society.

Safari Valley

Plus, the old Islamabad International Airport to its west. Besides, It is only 15 kilometers from the Islamabad city center. It is close to the major road of the city. The buyers will have to take a short drive to reach here. Thus, it is a prime location for the residents of Islamabad.

Access Points

Society is an ideal setting. Also, the main highway gives access to it. That makes it easy to reach. Plus, all the major sites are within a short drive from here. Some of them are

  • 15 minutes drive from the Old Islamabad Airport
  • 20 minutes distance from the Islamabad City
  • 25 minutes from the Faisal Mosque
  • 30 minutes away from the Shakarparian Park
  • 35 minutes from the Rawalpindi District
  • 36 minutes distance from the Rawal Lake
  • 40 minutes drive from the Chaklala Cantonment
  • 45 minutes away from the Pir Sohawa
  • 50 minutes from the Murree

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

Its perfect location is the house for other housing projects too. Also, many high-end projects are close to it. That makes it simply best. More, all the luxuries are in this place. Some of them are

  • Abdullah City
  • Bahria Town Phase 8
  • Bellevue Plaza
  • Marble Arch Enclave
  • Manhattan Heights
  • Overseas Enclave
  • River Vista
  • Taj Residencia
  • 1947 Housing

Master Plan

Safari Valley master plan is on 3000 Kanal. Also, it has more than 8000 plots. It has a network of wide roads. Plus, the main road is 160 feet wide. The streets inside it are 30 to 40 feet wide. More, it has many parks. It has a central park with a lake.

Safari Valley Master Plan

Besides, It also has many Masjids. There are top-class schools. Most of all, everything is here. It is an excellent option for housing. So, it is a tranquil setting. Thus, it is also a great investment opportunity. It has many terrific plots for sale.

Safari Valley Blocks

It has four different blocks. Also, they are still developing stage. So, there is little info about it. It has almost 8000 residential plots. Further, it also has commercial plots. Yet, the word about them is not out. Check the Ghafari Marketing to know about its latest news. Last, the blocks here are in the name of the Islamic Caliphs. They are

  • Abu Bakkar Blocl
  • Umer Block
  • Usman Block
  • Ali Block

Residential Plots

As per the latest development, it has two sizes of residential plots. Still, the work is underway. So, there will be more different-sized plots here. For now, the sizes of the plot for sale here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla

Safari Valley Payment Plan

It is not an expensive Society. Also, the prices for the other projects within the Society are among the buyer’s budget. But, the pricing of these projects is not public now. Yet, The prices may vary on plot size. There will be installment plans. So, more and more buyers can have the option to invest here. To check the new prices, visit Ghafari Marketing.

Residential Plots Prices

  • 5 Marla Safari Valley plot for sale ranges from 80-90 lacs
  • 7 Marla Safari Valley plot for sale ranges from 95 lacs-1.3 crores

Development Status

Safari Valley work is currently in progress. The project started in the year 2001. Also, its development will be over in 2025. More, the teams here are working at a fast speed. These are the development highlights

  • The majority of the roads here are ready.
  • There is a proper water supply system in the Society
  • The sewerage system is ready here
  • It has an electricity supply system
  • The Parks here are ready for the public
  • Several Mosques are 100% complete here.
  • 50% of the residences have developed
  • The construction of the commercial area is also underway

Amenities and Services

The project has all the high-end qualities. Also, the people will enjoy the scenic views here. Living here is a big deal. So, invest here with confidence. Some of its amenities are

Safari Valley Amenities


Scenic Views

It is the most beautiful project in the Bahria Town. Also, it is close to the Hill. Buyers will be amazed to see the beauty of the block. Plus, it has a lake. That further enhances its beauty. The developers maintain it by making the road on its natural curves. So, it is the perfect place in this sense.

Provision of Basic

All the basic utilities are here. So, buyers don’t have to go to other places to find them. That makes it an ideal package for living. Also, there is a power grid. Society has a proper water supply system. More, they maintain the quality of all things. It is another world within a Society. The roads are spacious. Besides, it has a Golf Club. This place will improve the lives of the people.


It has many Masjids. Also, Masjids are an essential part of our culture. These Mosques have beautiful architecture. Plus, all the facilities are here. It has temperature control. More, they have carpeted floors. There are water coolers here. Besides, they are in every sector. So, people don’t have to take a long walk to reach them.

Commercial Area

There will be a terrific commercial area here. Also, it will have the best shopping area. The parking spaces here will be massive. So, buyers don’t have to park their cars outside it. It can be the most extensive commercial zone in the area. Thus, investment in this will be a game changer. It will offer its buyers the highest profits.

Investment Opportunity

It is an excellent vicinity to invest. Also, still, there are many stunning plots for sale here. Buyers will have many choices here. More, they can also invest in business plots. The investment in the real estate is a great deal. Plus, it is in an established area.

The buyers already know the perks of living in this area. Besides, it is close to significant housing projects. Buyers are attracted to its high-end living. So, its demand is high. It is better to put your money here as soon as possible. Still, it is in the planning phase. The rates are now reasonable.

Salient Features

The neighborhood has fantastic features. Also, it is in the best housing Society of the twin cities. It is known for its ultra-luxuries. Thus, the buyers will find everything better here. So, invest here to get a high ROI.

  • Affordable
  • Commercial Zone
  • Community Club
  • Easy to Access
  • Grand Master Plan
  • Golf Club
  • High-End Amenities
  • Hospital
  • Medical Facilities
  • Mini Zoo
  • Premium Project
  • Power Grid
  • Water Reservoirs

Why Invest in Safari Valley

There are many exciting reasons to invest in this project. Also, it is a great investment opportunity. More, it is best for long-term investors. The prices in the area will increase. So, it will give the benefit the buyers. Besides, it is better in every aspect. Here are some reasons why Safari Valley is the best investment in 2023.

Ideal Vicinity

It is in the heart of Bahria Town, Islamabad. Also, it is the most sought-after real estate project in the twin cities. Plus, It touches the main GT road. It is also close to the highway. In short, it is just a short drive from every important city site. The buyers will also have easy access to it. Moreover, many tourist spots are near to it. It is in the scenic views. So, that makes it a convenient and accessible place.

Top-Class Amenities

The Society offers a wide range of terrific amenities. Also, its main highlight is a golf course. Moreover, it has a lake. That makes it a serene place. Plus, for the buyers, it also has a shopping mall. It will increase the economic activity in the area.

Besides, the best hospitals and schools are also in the same area. There are many outdoor places here for the families. So, they can have the finest time here. Thus, these amenities make it a great location. They offer residents everything they need in one place.

24/7 Security

This project is in one of the most secure housing societies. Plus, it has security guards 24/7. There are CCTVs all over it. Also, there are checkpoints at every entry. Besides, the residents feel safe here. Thus, it is best for people who want to raise their children in a safe zone.

Potential for appreciation

It is still a new development. So, it has a lot of growth potential here. As it progresses, there will be more advancement in this area. Also, that will make the value of properties higher. Thus, investment now can offer high profits in the future.

Best Investment

It is a great investment option for both short-term and long-term investors. In the short term, investors can profit by selling their properties at a higher price. Also, in a long time, buyers can enjoy increased plot rates. Or they can rent it for the monthly income. Thus, this makes it an excellent option for investors. It is a safe place for them to invest their money.

Pros and Cons

This place is the best housing area in the city. For sure, it has many perks to live in here. So, to further discuss its perks and cons, here are some of both


  • Easily Accessible
  • Gated Community
  • Affordability
  • Lavish Lifestyle
  • Constant Availability of Utilities
  • Top-Notch Security
  • Playgrounds
  • Lake
  • Golf Club
  • Shopping Mall
  • Sports Club
  • Power Grid


  • Buyers have an assumption that prices here out of their reach.

How to Book a Plot in Safari Valley

Investment here is a wise decision. Yet, the buyers should do a little market research first. The booking process for this project is easy. First, buyers need to download a form from the website. Then fill it to the given instructions. Moreover, getting help from people in this field is better. That could save some time in the future. Thus, they can help you in every step.

Step 1

Visit any real estate form you trust. Also, for your ease, here is Ghafari Marketing. They are in this field for a long time. Plus, their skills have helped many clients. So, call us or visit us any time.

Step 2

They have excellent sales teams. Also, they know how to help the buyers. First, they inquire about their demands of them. They do extensive research on that. So, that they can find a perfect deal for the buyers. More, they can assist them in every step ahead.

Step 3

They tell buyers to check the location of the project area. So, they can satisfy with the progress in the area. It is essential to go further. Plus, the team can give a virtual tour to overseas buyers. After that, the buyers must pay the initial deposit to book their plot.

Document Required for the Booking

The documents need with the application form are

How To Book Plot Safari Valley

  • The photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP (For Overseas)
  • Next-to-kin CNIC two photocopies
  • The latest pics of the buyers
  • Receipt of the down payment

Safari Valley Latest News

The latest info about the project is on the official website. For more, call Ghafari Marketing.


Q1: What is Safari Valley Bahria Town?

A1: Safari Valley is a housing project developed in Bahria Town in Rawalpindi Phase 8. Also, It is close to the beautiful hills of Lohi Bher.

Q2: Where is the Safari Valley Location?

A2: It is in the Bharia Town Phase 8. More, the Rawalpindi District is to the east of it. Besides, It is only 15 kilometers from the Islamabad city center

Q3: What is the total area of the Safari Valley?

A3: Safari Valley master plan is on 3000 Kanal. Also, as per the info, it has 25,000 plots. That have both housing and commercial plots. So, it has many options.

Q4: What are the prices of the plots in the Safari Valley?

A4: The 5 Marla Safari Valley plot for sale ranges from 80-90 lacs. Also, the 7 Marla Safari Valley plot for sale ranges from 95 lacs-1.3 crores. So, its prices are still within the reach of buyers compared to others.

Q5: Is Safari Valley a good Investment?

A5: It is a great investment option for investors. Also, buyers can profit by selling their properties at a higher price. It is in a perfect setting. All the facilities are within it. So, it is the ideal housing that every buyer wants.


Safari Valley is a great new development in Bahria Town Rawalpindi phase 8. Also, it is in the most accessible area. It is a short drive from the center of the city. No doubt, it is a decent place for housing. More, it has every luxury.

It has a Golf Club. More, it has a lake that makes it more serene. There are many playgrounds in the area too. Plus, it is one of the most secure housing societies. A 24/7 security force guards the area. Besides, as its development continues and more amenities will increase.

The value of properties here will increase. Thus, Ghafari Marketing thinks it is a great investment opportunity in 2023. Last, call us or visit our page for more information.

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