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Saffron City Islamabad is the new housing project on Rawat GT Road. All the conveniences of modern life will be available in Society. Also, it makes this community the best investment. The SKB builders are the Society developers. Still, there are many plots for sale available in Society. Besides, prices are affordable.

It is the first Pakistan housing community with 45% land for greenery. Also, Society has a lake, forest, and orchard park. There are vast green belts. Thus, the residents will feel secure in the project. It has top security and technologies.

Developers and Owners

SKB builders are the Saffron City developers. The company stands for Sadullah Khan and Brothers. Also, SKB Group has been working since 1954. They have projects in Pakistan, Afghanistan, KSA, UAE, and Kenya.

The CEO of SKB is Mr. Malik Tariq Awan. Mr. Haroon Arshad is the Director of sales. Also, he has worked on many housing projects. That sold well and made money. So, Investors think this is a safer and more profitable investment. Also, overseas customers will invest in secure projects. Lastly, Visit Ghafari Marketing to learn more about the housing complex.

NOC Status

The Saffron City NOC is processing. Also, the builders have developed the LOP for Society. The builders have presented all documents to the official. So, the authorities will soon approve the NOC. As well the housing Society is in Rawalpindi. So, the RDA will allow the Saffron City NOC.

NOC of Saffron City

The builders know the investors only invest in legal projects. So, they tried to get approval soon. Also, this matter needs time. But developers hope to get NOC soon. It will be the most profitable project in twin cities. So, invest here now.

Location Map

The Saffron City Islamabad Location lies in the prime area of the twin cities. It is close to the zero point and the Blue area. Also, it is n G T Road. So, it is also near the Rawalpindi Ring Road. The Muree Expressway and other routes also give access to Society. Thus, Society has easy access from Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The Saffron City location map makes it ideal for buyers of twin cities. Also, the developers find the perfect location for this community. The cost of the land is high. So, Society will provide good returns on the investment.

Location Map of Saffron City

Access Points

Society is in a prime location. So, many routes will give easy access to Society. It will make Society an excellent investment opportunity. Also, it’s near G T Road. Which makes it accessible. Some of the access points are

  • 2 Minutes distance from DHA phase 3
  • 4 minutes away from the Rawat G T Road
  • 7 minutes drive from the Giga Mall
  • 10 minutes from the Bharia Town Rawalpindi

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

It is a large community. Also, buyers may easily reach the city’s key attractions. So, this housing complex is near all the twin cities’ landmarks. Some famous sites are

  • T Chowk
  • Rawat
  • Bahria Town Rawalpindi
  • DHA phase 3
  • Giga Mall
  • Arizon City

Master Plan

Master Plan of Saffron City


The Saffron City master plan has modern features. Also, it includes housing and commercial plots. Also, the quality facilities will make it for everyone. So, all the residents have their dream lives.

The services are of international standards. Plots for sale in Saffron City are beautiful. Thus, it’s an excellent investment. For a more detailed master plan, contact Ghafari Marketing.

Residential Plots

There will be different-sized residential in the community. Also, everyone will be able to get the same services and living standards. All investors will be able to make a great living this way. So, investors can make a good return on investments. The residential plots in Society are

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

There will be commercial plots. Also, Society has perfect location and facilities. The buyers’ business will grow here. So, it will be a significant long-term investment. The expected sizes of commercial plots are

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Payment Plans

The prelaunch saffron city payment plans are available now. Also, the prices are affordable. The developers offer the best facilities. So, they also provide installment plans. There are 30 monthly and 6 half-yearly installments.

Thus, they also know investing a large sum of money is difficult. The deposit is only, and confirmation is only 10%. Buyers can have possession at 10%. So, invest now in a prelaunch rate. The rates are very affordable for the buyers.

For now, Developers did not disclose the prices of commercial plots. The 5 Marlas commercial plot has a 1-year installment plan. Also, visit the Ghafari Market website for new payments. Detail of the Saffron City payment plan 2023 are

  • 5 Marla plot price is Rs 2,550,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation rates are Rs 255,000/-. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 29,750/-. So, the 6 bi-annual installments are Rs 148,750/-. Besides, the possession is only Rs 255,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot price is Rs 4,500,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation rates are Rs 450,000/-. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 52,550 /-. So, the 6 bi-annual installments are Rs 262,500/-. Besides, the possession is only Rs 450,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot price is Rs 8,500,000/-. Also, the booking and confirmation rates are Rs 850,000/-. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 99,167/-. So, the 6 bi-annual installments are Rs 495,833/-. Besides, the possession is only Rs 850,000/-

Terms and Conditions

  • The non-refundable form processing fee is Rs 5000/-
  • These prices are only for General Plots
  • Prelaunch payment plans are for a limited time
  • 10% extra charges for each category plot
  • Customers must pay the installments on the 5th of the month
  • Customers can use a pay order/cheque for the payments
  • Prices will have changed without notice

Development Status

Construction in the area will start soon. The construction team will also guarantee it will be according to international standards. Also, it has led to a decrease in building waste. The contractors have built the main avenue. So, the Society’s entrance is almost ready. It is crucial to invest here due to the affordable property. Besides, Ghafari Marketing is here to assist its clients.

Latest News of Saffron City

For the latest information about the Society, visit the official website. Also, buyers can get in touch with Ghafari Marketing.

Saffron City Application form

For an Application form, the customers must contact the administration. Also, visit their official website.

Saffron City Verification Form

For the Verification form, the customers must contact the administration. Also, visit the Society’s official website.

Saffron City Membership Form

For the Membership form, the customers must contact the administration. Also, visit their official website.

Saffron City Registration Form

For the Registration form, the customers must contact the administration. Also, visit their official website.

Amenities and Facilities

Top Amenities in Saffron City

Society has many modern facilities. Also, residents can enjoy these amenities at affordable prices. So, it will help buyers to buy property here. It will also increase the value of Society. Thus, it will be a profitable housing complex in the city. Some of the amenities are

Saffron Grand Masjid

The Masjid will be the largest Mosque in the region. Also, it will have equipped with modern services. The developers have designed beautiful Islamic art. It will be a masterpiece. So, it will also be a tourist attraction.

Global School System

No one can deny the importance of quality education. Also, residents want to best for their kids. That’s a good education. For that, they work hard. Thus, management is working to create the best academic institutes.

Saffron Medical Complex

The Medical Complex will be one most advanced medical facilities. Also, It will have constructed as per international standards. So, it will have the most recent medical technologies.

Saffron Sport Complex

A healthy lifestyle needs outdoor sports. So, to maintain physical fitness, there is a sports complex. Thus, children will have many chances to develop their skills. The complex will include both indoor and outdoor games.

Saffron Country Club

The Country Club will be one of the most luxurious places. Also, families can visit various elegant services here. So, here they can entertain. They can have fine dining. There is a fitness center. Besides, other amenities like a swimming pool and wellness spas. There will be a variety of venues available for families.

Saffron Golf Club

There is a local golf course. Trainers with a very high level of expertise will be in charge. Also, It will not only become a location to engage with a community of business executives. It will also contribute to the beauty of Society. So it has a stunning landscape of lush green fields and lakes.

3D Cinema

Society has the biggest Cinema in the twin cities. Besides, families can come here. They can watch movies in 3D. Thus, it will be an excellent experience for families.

Salient Features

Society has many unique features. That makes this Society more desirable. Also, some of the features of Society are

  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Recreational Area
  • Mall and food court
  • Medical facilities
  • School and Colleges
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Water Tanks
  • Sewage System
  • Gated Community
  • Constant Security
  • Parking Spaces
  • Grand Mosque

Why Invest in Saffron City

The Saffron City Rawalpindi will soon be a mega housing project. That people can move to settle. Also, the housing society has a block for overseas. Besides, the world-class feature will improve people’s lives.

Even investors can start long-term businesses that make money. Also, they will be able to build a sustainable way of life. It has modern medical care and schools. There will also be other highlights that everyone can use. So, there are many investment benefits.

Pros and Cons

Every decision a buyer makes comes with both pros and cons. Still, a person must consider what factors might affect them the most. So buyers must make wise choices.  Also,  It is a list of good and bad things for Society. So,  It will also help buyers to decide.


  • Prime Location
  • Easy Accessibility
  • Affordable Prices
  • Availability of Basic
  • Commercial Hub
  • Educational Institutes
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Grid Station
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Filtartion Plants
  • Mosque
  • Community Center
  • Golf Club
  • Sport Complex
  • Fitness Area
  • Parking Area
  • Malls & Shop


  • Assumption of high prices

How To Book Plot In Saffron City

Booking a plot in the Society is simple. Yet, we are here to help new buyers. Also, we will provide you with more info about the booking process. So, they will also feel better about investing in this area. First,  talk to officials about the legal documentation.  Then, ensure the money and the investment plan are in sync.

Step 1

Talk to a real estate agent about market trends before you buy a home. Ghafari Marketing has been helping customers find good deals for 20 years. Also, visit the Society’s official site to stay updated on its activities.

Step 2

Get in touch with us to book a plot. Our sales staff know the best prices and deals. Also, they provide you with the application forms. So, consumers will have to fill them. Our team will assist you in every step.

Step 3

Buyers should see the land for themselves. Also, it will help avoid false information about Society’s location and growth. So, make the deposit to secure your plot.

Document Required for Booking

How To Book Plot in Saffron City

Buyers have to submit their documents with the application form. Also, the documents include

  • The photocopies of buyer CNIC/NICOP
  • Next to kin CNIC photocopies
  • Buyer fresh photos
  • Receipt of the deposit of the plot


Q1: What is Saffron City Islamabad?

Answer1: The Society is the upcoming housing project. Also, it is here to fulfill the needs of twin city residents.

Q2: Who are the Saffron City developers?

Answer2: The SKB builders have developed the Society. Also, the SKB builder CEO is Malik Tariq Awan.

A3: What is the location of Saffron City Islamabad location?

Answer3: The Saffron City location is on Rawat G T Road.

Q4: Is the Saffron City payment plan affordable?

A4: Yes, the prelaunch payment plans are very affordable. But they are for a limited time. So, invest now.

Q5: Is Saffron City a good investment?

Answer5: Of course, Society is in an ideal place. Also, it has easy access from both twin cities. The cost of land is very high. So, it will provide good returns on investment.


Investors in the twin cities will find the saffron city ideal for them. Also, it is the most profitable opportunity. World-class services will be available here. So, it is what all investors will want. The developer is building a new way of life. Thus, it will help investors to realize their dream of living.

Most investors can afford the Society plot for sale. Besides, plot prices will be affordable for investors of all backgrounds. The blog talks about everything necessary for the housing project. Lastly, Ghafari Marketing will help its customers choose the best investment. So, get in touch with us right away.

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