Sanjwal Model Town


Sanjwal Model Town is a new housing project of Bin Tahir Associates Bin Abbasi. It is on the Sanjawal Road, Attock. Also, it is near Jhalla Chowk. The housing Society debuted in 2017. Besides, it offers ready-to-possess plots. It has many plots for sale. Both housing and commercial properties are available here. So, this Society is the best investment opportunity in Attock.

The Society does not offer a plot file. So, it is a good deal for the buyers. They will get the balloted plots. Also, the plot numbers will have allotted. The buyers can avail of the 2-year payment plan. It has affordable prices. So, buyers can get high returns on their investments. Further details about the Society are available in this blog.

Developers and Owners

The Bin Tahir Associates Bin Abbasi are the Sanjwal Moedel town developers. This company has a successful track record. Also, they deliver their projects on time. They offer the best housing projects. So, their projects are of international standards. They have all amenities. Besides, It will increase the residents’ standards. They will have the best housing. Thus, prices are affordable.

The team works day and night. So, to offer promised excellent standard. The firm provides a high-quality housing complex. There is every facility. Besides, buyers have complete trust in them. Their projects are secure. So, buyers invest in the projects.

Sanjawal Model Town Owners & Developer

NOC Status

The Sanjwal Model Town NOC is in the process. The developers have submitted the documents. Also, it will take to review. But soon, it will get approved by AMC. The developers are working hard to get it done sooner. The NOC approval is crucial. It will make the buyer’s investment secure. So, the legal Society has more value. Also, it has high-profit margins.

Location and Map

The Sanjwal Model Town location lies on Attock’s Sanjwal Road. It is the most accessible Society in the city. Also, this will guarantee its success. The site location is critical in the housing project. So, buyers choose accessible projects. The easy access to Society doubles its worth. It will be a significant investment. Residents don’t have to travel long for the basics.

Sanjawal Model Town Location Map

Access Points

Society has easy access. It is in a perfect location. Also, buyers can reach here from various routes. So, some of the Sanjwal Model town access points are

  • At the Sanjawal Road, Attock
  • 1 minute drive from the Jhalla Khan Chowk
  • 4 minutes away from the Teen Meela Chowk
  • 5 minutes from the Attock Road
  • 9 minutes drive from the GT Road
  • 10 minutes distance from the Tarbela Road
  • 18 minutes away from the Burhan Interchange
  • 18 minutes from the New City Paradise
  • 20 minutes away from the M-1 Motorway

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

Society is in an ideal location. It has surrounded by various famous landmarks. So, some of these significant sites are

  • Wah
  • Burhan
  • Kamra
  • Islamabad
  • Attock
  • Hassan Abdal
  • Rawalpindi
  • Mall of Attock
  • Lawrencepur
  • New City Paradise

Master Plan

The skilled team has created the Sanjwal Model Town master plan. After its debut, investors are keen to invest here. Construction on Blocks A, B, and C has progressed to a significant degree. Executive Block, the housing society’s newest addition. So, It opened to the public not too long ago. If someone confirms the investment in the project. Buyers will receive street and plot numbers.

Sanjawal Model Town Master Plan

Block of Sanjwal Model Town

Society has different blocks. The developers offer unique blocks. Also, each has the best facilities. They have basic facilities. It will increase its worth. The residents can live happy life here. Besides, these blocks will improve the lifestyle of the residents. So, the details of the blocks are not available. Contact Ghafari Marketing for the details. The available Blocks are

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • Sanjwal Model Town Executive Block

Residential Plots

There are many plots for sale in Sanjwal Model Town. The properties have different sizes. Also, the buyers have vast choices here. Besides, they can choose the best for them. The residential plots of the Society are famous among buyers. It will make its worth high. So, the different-sized properties available are

  • 5 Marla
  • 5.5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The Society also has commercial plots. These plots are very affordable. Also, commercial plots can be a significant investment. Society has everything which can expand the business. Besides, it connects with all the major routes of Society. It can become a new business hub. So, the commercial plots for sale in Sanjwal Model Town are

  • 3 Marla
  • 3.5 Marla
  • 4 Marla
  • 20 Marla

Payment Plan

The Sanjwal Model Town payment plans are very affordable. The buyers can book a plot for a small deposit. There is also a facility for 24 monthly installments. Also, It will increase the buying power. Thus, buyers can have their ideal homes at affordable prices.

Society has every facility that eases lives. Buyers will not regret investing here. So, don’t miss your chance. Invest in this Society now. Visit Ghafari Marketing for the Sanjwal Model Town’s new payment plans for 2023.

Sanjwal Model Town Residential Plots Payment Plans

  • 5 Marla Plot price is Rs 2,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 500,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 500,000/-. The monthly installments are Rs 1,020,000/-. So, the yearly installments are Rs 480,000/-
  • 5.5 Marla Plot price is Rs 2,750,000/-. The deposit of Rs 550,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 550,000/-. The monthly installments are Rs 1,140,000/-. So, the yearly installments are Rs 510,000/-
  • 6 Marla Plot price is Rs 3,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 600,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 600,000/-. The monthly installments are Rs 1,260,000/-. So, the yearly installments are Rs 540,000/-

Sanjwal Model Town Executive Block Plots Payment Plans

  • 6 Marla Plot price is Rs 2,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 750,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 500,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 31,500/-. So, the first balloon of 10% within 6 months is Rs 250,000/-. The second balloon of 10% within 12 months is Rs 250,000/-.
  • 7 Marla Plot price is Rs 2,800,000/-. The deposit of Rs 840,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 560,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 35,000/-. So, the first balloon of 10% within 6 months is Rs 280,000/-. The second balloon of 10% within 12 months is Rs 280,000/-.
  • 10 Marla Plot price is Rs 3,500,000/-. The deposit of Rs 1,050,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 700,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 43,750/-. So, the first balloon of 10% within 6 months is Rs 350,000/-. The second balloon of 10% within 12 months is Rs 350,000/-.
  • 1 Kanal Plot price is Rs 7,000,000/-. The deposit of Rs 2,100,000/-. Also, the confirmation is Rs 1,400,000/-. The 24 monthly installments are Rs 87,500/-. So, the first balloon of 10% within 6 months is Rs 700,000/-. The second balloon of 10% within 12 months is Rs 700,000/-.

Sanjwal Model Town Commercial Plots Payment Plans

  • 3 Marla plot price starts at Rs 3,000,000/-
  • 3.5 Marla plot price starts at Rs 3,500,000/-
  • 4 Marla plot price starts at Rs 4,000,000/-
  • 20 Marla plot price starts at Rs 20,000,000/-

Development Status

The development work in Society is going in full swing. Also, the developers have made much progress in the gated community. The workers are working day and night. All the processes are under close observation.

So they can provide high-quality projects. Besides, the layout of the Society is well-planned. The street has numbers. Buyers can buy the balloted plots. Thus, buyers have finished the work on blocks A and B. Now, they are working on the executive block. Soon the community will also get its approval. So, it will be the best investment chance. Visit Ghafari Marketing to check the latest development updates about Sanjwal Town.

Amenities and Services

Society provides housing at affordable prices. Also, with all the modern amenities and services. Any community built in the current day needs to have those facilities. So, this Society is a model for others. Society has large green spaces. This housing project has every single facility. Besides, Society is the most famous project in Attock. So, this Society has the most modern amenities.

Top Amenities in Sanjwal Model Town

Close to Nature

This Society is close to nature. It has beautiful surrounding. Also, the people who made it want to ensure it meets international standards. It will help slow down global warming. It will also lessen environmental damage. So, Society is where you should put your money and stay.

Provision of essentials

There is the highest level of convenience in this Society. So, some of these are provision power, gas, and water. These conveniences are available in each block. There is a drainage system. Also, there are filtration plants. The builders also installed the underground cabling network. It will guarantee that there will be no power outages.

Gated Community

The residents of the gated Society will feel safer. Fencing can add to the worth of the property. Also, it makes living there more comfortable and secure. The resident will also enjoy modern developments. Like, the Security cameras. Thus, the guards will bring order back to the neighborhood.

Parks and Recreational Areas

Society has a water-themed park. Also, there are many small playgrounds around the community. It will allow the children to play here. So, they can get some physical activities. It is significant for children. Thus, parents can also watch their children playing.

Water Filtration Plants

Safe drinking water is crucial. Also, developers install a water filtration plant here. So every resident can access safe water. As it is a good step by the management. It will also fulfill the needs of the residents.

Salient Features

Society has many fantastic features. It is the modern Society in Attock. Also, the city is very close to twin cities. So, it has valuable land. It will be the best investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis. Some of the stunning features are

  • Prime Location
  • Affordable Prices
  • Well-planned Master Plan
  • Experience Developers
  • Commercial Plots
  • Availability of Provision
  • Jamia Masjids
  • Themed Park
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Power Grid
  • Remarkable Entrance
  • Constant Security

Why Invest in Sanjwal Model Town

Sanjwal Model Town is the modern Society. Investing here will provide high profits. Also, the demand for housing is increasing. So, people want to invest in new projects. It will secure their money. But choosing suitable projects is very important. So, Here are some reasons why investment in Sanjwal Model Town is best in 2023.

Ideal Location

Society is in a great spot. It has easy access. All the major sites of the city connect with it. Also, it is very close to twin cities. It is the best feature of Society. So, buyers want to invest in the Society close to the town. This project is in a perfect location. Its map will increase its worth. So, it will offer good returns on the investments.

Balloted Plots

The Society offers ready-to-possess plots. Society has balloted properties. Also, when the buyers make the investments here. So they will get the property and street number. The management did not offer the plot file. The layout of the Society is well-planned. Thus, residents can easily live here. They don’t have to wait to get the possessions of the plots.

Affordable Pricing

The payment plans of the community are affordable. In times of inflation, buyers want to invest in property. The developers offer reasonable prices. Thus, the buyer can buy the plots. It will increase the buying capability of the buyers. They will also encourage them to invest. The 5 Marla in Sanjwal Model town is available for Rs 2,500,000/-. Also, with the monthly installments. So, don’t waste time. Invest here now.

Profitable Investments

Investing in Society will provide good returns. It not only has modern features. Also, it is in an excellent place. The Society offers different-sized properties. There are still plots for sale here. So buyers can still take the chance.

Thus, the community also provides commercial property. It will allow businesses to invest here. Its perfect amenities can make it a commercial area. So, invest in the Sanjawal Model Town commercial plots now. The 3 Marla commercial plot is available for Rs 3,000,000/-. For more detail contact us.

Pros and Cons

The investment in the housing project is a great deal. So, knowing about Society before investing in it is crucial. Here we provide a list of the pros and cons of Society. Buyers can check it before investing here.


  • Experience Developers
  • Easy Access
  • Affordability
  • Modern Society
  • Serene Atmosphere
  • Quality living
  • Gated Community
  • Secured Area
  • Provision of Basic 24/7
  • Great Infrastructure


  • The conception of high rates

Latest News about Sanjwal Model Town

The Society NOC will soon get approval. So, for more details, stay connected with the Society’s official website. Or buyers can also contact Ghafari Marketing for help.

Allotment Certificate in Sanjwal Model Town

For the certificate, contact the official website of the Society. Or buyers can also contact Ghafari Marketing for help.

Balloting in Sanjwal Model Town

For balloting updates, contact the management. Or, buyers can visit the Ghafari Marketing website.

How to Book Plot In Sanjwal Model Town

The buyers need to confirm everything about the community. It will give them satisfaction. Also, investment is a big decision. So, it is significant to do it wisely. Investment here is not complex. But we still give some easy steps to buyers. Check them before making any decisions.

It is essential to check the reliability of the developers. Also, check your budget before making any rash decisions. It will be crucial for stress-free investment.

Step 1

It is good to consult with the experts. It will be essential to get the relevant information. So, Ghafari Marketing is an experienced consultant. They have decades of knowledge. Also, they will make a detailed market search for the customers.

Step 2

If you want to invest in Sanjwal Model Town, contact us now. Our sale team will find the best deal for you. Also, they provide you with the best options in your budget. They also help you in filling the application form.

Step 3

Visit the property site. Check all the details. Also, it will ensure that you are not misguided. After you are delighted. Then, make the initial payment. It will book your plot.

Document Require For Booking

The document required with the application form are

How To Book Plot in Sanjwal Model Town

  • Buyer CNIC/NICOP photocopy
  • Next to kin CNIC photocopy
  • Buyer latest photographs
  • Deposit slip of the downpayment


Q1: Who are the owners of the Sanjwal Model Town?

A1: The Bin Tahir Associates are the Sanjwal Model Town developers.

Q2: Is Sanjwal Model Town a legal Society?

A2: The Sanjwal Model Town NOC approval is in process. But it will soon get its approval.

Q3: Where is Sanjwal Model Town?

A 3: Sanjwal Model Town map is in Sanjwal Road Attock. Also, it is near GT Road.

Q4: Is Sanjwal Model Town an affordable Society?

A4: Of course, it is an affordable Society. Also, it has a two-year installment plan. So, the buyer can invest here without the stress of budget.

Q5: Is Sanjwal Model Town a good investment?

A5: It is a good investment. It is in the perfect location. Also, it has excellent amenities. In the following years, it will be the most successful project of the Attock.


The Bin Tahir Associates have done an incredible job with the Sanjwal Model Town project. The magnificent housing society is the symbol of luxury. Also, it has affordable properties. It will make it the most profitable project.

So, it has a rapid development. Soon the developers will finish the Society. Besides, the developers are working on getting the NOC approval. After that, this community will be the most successful project in Attock city.

Sanjwal Model Town has the most excellent payment plans. It has the best quality infrastructure. Also, it has the fastest growth rate. So, the housing community has beautiful natural settings. Investors are showing interest in the housing project. Thus, this Society has promising financial prospects. Visit Ghafari Marketing for more assistance.

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