T&T Housing Scheme


T&T Housing Society is also called Telegraph and Telephone Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Also, It is a CDA-approved housing scheme. It is in the F-17/2 Islamabad. More, it is close to Fateh Jang Road. The project is over an area of 1000 Kanal. Plus, it offers a variety of plots for sale. Most of all, it is an approved project, so investment here has zero risk.

This residential project offers people a calm and safe space. Besides, it has a top-notch layout. It is close to the lush green surroundings. Plus, it caters to the needs of people from all walks of life. It has all the necessary amenities. Thus, it is a well-executed Society. That offers high-quality residents.

Developers and Owners

T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society Limited are the T&T Housing Society developers and owners. Also, it has over 10,000 members. Who are all employees of Telegraph and Telephone. Plus, Society has a solid financial base. It has a successful project in the city. Thus, people here have the best lives.

The venture has managed by a board of directors. Also, the members of the Society have elected him. The board handles all the work. Plus, it is a non-profit organization. Besides, the profits will use for other work. It aims to provide comfortable housing to its members.

T&T Housing Society Owners & Developers

NOC Status

The CDA gives its approval to the T&T Housing Society NOC. Also, it was issued on January 30, 2008. It allows the Society to develop a Society in Sector F-17/2. Plus, it has already set up a large part of the land. It is currently selling plots to members and the general public. Thus, the NOC ensures that there will be no legal problems in the future.

T&T Housing Society NOC

Location and Map

The T&T Housing Society location is in Sector F-17/2, Islamabad. It is on the main Fateh Jang Road. Also, that is a major mainline connecting Islamabad and Rawalpindi. More, Motorways M-1 and M-2 are close by.

The Gulshan-e-Sehat E-18 is near it. Besides, it is also not far from the Islamabad Expressway. It is a well-settled venture. So, that offers a wide range of modern comforts. The prices of plots for sale in the T&T Housing Society Islamabad are low cost.

T&T Housing Society Location Map

Access Points

The project is close to the many other vital routes of the twin cities. So, many it is nearby in various ways. Also, some of them are

  • 20 minutes drive from the Jinnah Super Market
  • 25 minutes away from the Islamabad Expressway
  • 30 minutes distance from the Rwalpidi City
  • 33 minutes drive from the Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park
  • 40 minutes away from the Kashmir Highway
  • 45 minutes from the Defence Road

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

It is in the developing area of the city. Moreover, many other popular housing projects are also close to it. That shows the site will soon be a major housing hub of the twin cities.

  • MPCHS Tele Gardens
  • Faisal Town
  • Shalimar Town
  • D-18
  • Top City
  • University Town

Master Plan

The T&T housing society is in the Sector F-17/2 of Islamabad. Also, it provides affordable housing for government employees. More, its T&T Housing Society master plan is 1000 kanal. The CDA approves Its NOC and LOP. So, it has many high-end comforts.

It has many different sizes of housing plots. Plus, the commercial plots are also in it. There are many other vital facilities. Thus, it is one of the sustainable projects in the city. It has features such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting. Last, it has many green spaces that can allow future work in it.

T&T Housing Society Master Plan

Distribution of Land

Society’s master plan has split into these categories

  • Residential Area: 491.01 Kanal
  • Commercial Area: 33.98 Kanal
  • Institutional Plots: 39.85 Kanal
  • Playgrounds and Open Spaces: 73.26 Kanal
  • Roads and Highways: 248.94 Kanal
  • Cemetery: 18.56 Kanal
  • Green Spaces: 87.60 Kanal

Residential Plots

Residential plots are the foundation of any housing scheme. Also, they create a sense of community within a housing scheme. They can raise the rate of the land. More, the T&T Housing Society plots for sale attract investment. Thus, they offer high profits. The sizes of the plots here are

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 12 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Payment Plans

The T&T Housing Society payment plan is its key highlight. They are very reasonable. Also, they suit the needs of the buyers. More, The project is for the employees. Its prices are within the reach of every buyer.

Plus, it has installment plans. It will give the rest to the buyers. Besides, it’s a government project. It aims to offer the best homes at a price that is affordable to everyone. Still, for the details of its prices, contact Ghafari Marketing. They will guide the buyers about the latest T&T Housing Society payment plan 2023. So, call for info.

Residential Plots Prices Range

  • 5 marla plot in Society ranges from Rs 1.15 to 1.25 crore.
  • 7 marla plot in Society ranges from Rs 1.4 crore to 1.6 crores.
  • 10 marla plot in Society ranges from Rs 1.6 to PKR 1.8 crore.
  • 12 marla plot in Society ranges from Rs 2.1 to PKR 2.4 crore.
  • 1 kanal plot in Society ranges from Rs 2.75 to PKR 3 crore.

Development Status

Society is already a house for hundreds of people. Also, the Society is almost in the final stage. Most of its work is underway. But, teams here ensure that they will do work at full pace. So, some of the progress done here is

  • The road network is complete. Also, it has a regular traffic flow now.
  • The sewerage system installation is complete and functional.
  • A gas piping network work is also 100% complete.
  • Society water supply system is complete.
  • The underground cabling of the electricity is complete.
  • Most of the construction is complete. More, the rest is also in full swing.
  • The Nimra Mosque is also open to the people.

Amenities and Services

Society has a master plan that attracts the twin cities’ buyers. Also, it has all the modern features that are the buyers’ needs. It offers high-end lives. Plus, it is a government project. These projects are in high demand. That’s why it gives high value. Thus, that makes it a lucrative project.

Top Amenities

Basic Utilities

The project will offer all the comforts for the people living here. More, it has a well-executed layout. It has a power station. Plus, the power cabling is underneath the land. Many overhead tanks store the water for the people. Besides, the work on the gas pipeline is complete. So, every house has a connection to the gas. There are many parks. Thus, families have leisure facilities here too.

Medical Facilities

Society is close to all the top hospitals in the city. Also, soon it will have its hospital. That will offer good medical services. More, it will be available at fair prices. The families here will have access to quality medical assistance. Besides, all the city’s hospitals are a short drive from the city. Thus, it is in Islamabad’s prime area.

Sustainable Society

It is a sustainable housing venture. Also, all of it is in the natural setting. The developers also manage to limit the loss during construction. So, the area remains clean. There are many green spaces left in the layout. Plus, it will have used in the future to expand. Besides, Society has solar panels. It also has storage for the rainwater. Thus, they can use it afterward.

Gated Neighborhood

It is a safe gated neighborhood. Also, there is extra security. The people here are living safe lives. More, It has cameras all around it. The guards are roaming around the Society. Besides, the houses here have a security system too. It is a safe scheme. Thus, it is the best area to stay.

Salient Features

It is a well-planned housing scheme. More, it has all the todays modern features that are all becoming the need of the people. Also, this project serves all the demands of the buyers. Some of these are

  • Accessible
  • Grand Entrance
  • Community Club
  • Power Grid
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • Sewerage System
  • Diverse Properties
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • CDA-Approved Society
  • Well-planned Layout

Why Invest in T&T Housing Society

It will soon be one of the best housing Societies in the twin cities. Also, it has many qualities that make it better than others. It is in the best locality. Almost, all features catch the buyers. So, here are some reasons to invest in here.

Low Investment Cost

The investment cost of a plot in T&T Housing Society is low. Also, other new housing societies in Islamabad are very expensive. Plus, it is a government project. It has meant to offer low-cost housing to the people. Yet, it gives a high ROI. Its vital features make it the best project to live in Islamabad.

Easy Payment Plans

The Society offers a variety of payment plans to suit buyers. Also, the down payment is only 25%. So, more buyers can get the benefits. The installment time is over 10 years. Besides, they can pay easy installments of 10% of the total price. Thus, it will be per year for 10 years.

High Rental Yield

The rental yield here is high. Most of all, because it is a legal venture. Plus, it is an ideal location for the twin cities. It is close to both cities. So, there is a high demand for leasing homes in the area. Thus, it will profit the buyers of the Society.

Good Resale Value

Its plot’s resale value will be good in the future. Also, getting the CDA approval is a big deal. Not every Society has the same perk. Plus, its high-end services make it a better spot for the citizens. Besides, the one thing that affects the price is the location. And, there is no doubt that this is now the posh area of the city.

Peaceful Environment

It is a peaceful and secure community. More, it has a 24-hour security system. Plus, the guards are patrolling the grounds. Thus, this system helps to keep residents safe. Also, its green spaces give relaxing vibes to the residents. So, it is a great reason to invest here.

Pros and Cons

Society is a good investment chance. More, it is a well-developed housing society. It has a lot of growth potential. But, it has some risks too. So, here is a pros and cons list of it.


  • Access to Essential Sites
  • Approved LOP
  • Affordable Prices
  • Provision of Utilities
  • Sustainable Community
  • Full Security
  • Sewerage System
  • Quality Infrastructure
  • Community Club
  • Sports Clubs
  • Graveyard


  • Assumption of being far from the Islamabad City

How to Book a Plot in T&T Housing Society

The great factor about this project is that it is a CDA-approved Society. Plus, the developers have a good reputation. Still, it’s good to check the latest info before investing. Also, is it better to hire a consultant. More, it is a big investment. So, fit the budget before investing. It will also give insight into the risks. Thus, taking advice is a better option. Here is how it can ease the process for the buyers

Step 1

The buyers should search for the best property consultant in their city. Also, Ghafari Marketing is the best firm in the twin cities. More, they have vast knowledge in the field. They help the buyers in finding the deals that suit them the best. So, visit them now.

Step 2

The buyers should tell their needs to the sales teams. So, they can help them in their search. Also, they can search the other options within the budget. Plus, they can help further in the booking process.

Step 3

Buyers should visit the Society. By that, they can check the development there. More, it is better to check all the things first. It will please them. Last, if they like it, pay the deposit for the plot booking.

Document Required for the Booking

For the transparent process, some documents buyers will submit with the application. So, they are

  • The two copies of the buyer CNIC/NICOP
  • Next-to-kin two CNIC photocopies
  • Buyer two pictures
  • The receipt of the plot deposit

How To Book Plot


Q1: What is the T&T Housing Society?

A1: The Society, called Telegraph and Telephone Employees Cooperative Housing Society. Also, It is a CDA-approved housing scheme. It is in the F-17/2 Islamabad.

Q2: What is the T&T Housing Society location?

A2: The Society’s location is in Sector F-17/2, Islamabad. Plus, It is on the main Fateh Jang Road. Also, that is a major mainline connecting Islamabad and Rawalpindi. More, Motorways M-1 and M-2 are close by.

Q3: What is the T&T Housing Society NOC Status?

A3: The CDA gives its approval NOC for 1000 Kanal of land. Also, it was issued on January 30, 2008.

Q4: What are the details of the T&T Housing Society payment plan?

A4: Society payment plan is its key highlight. They are very reasonable. Also, they suit the needs of the buyers. There are affordable, easy installments too. So, many buyers can invest here without getting over budget.

Q5: Is T&T Housing Society a good investment?

A5: It will be the best housing Society in the twin cities. Also, it is an approved venture. More, it has soo many possibilities to develop. It will grow in the future. So, people who are investing now will get the most profits.


T&T Housing Society is the best housing project in the twin cities. Also, many reasons make it a perfect housing venture. First, it is in a prime vicinity. That is close to the main routes and thoroughfares.

More, it is close to public transportation hubs. Second, it is a well-developed society. It has many modern features. Third, its developer is reputable. They have good in other projects too. Fourth, it has growth potential. It is in a locality that is close to both cities.

So, their citizen wants to invest here. Thus, its high demand offers excellent returns. Its prices are also within the reach of the buyers. Last, to get the T&t Housing Society’s latest news, contact Ghafari Marketing.

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