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TAB City Rawalpindi is a new luxurious residential Housing project with world-class amenities located nearby the main GT road Rawalpindi. This project brings a great deal for both investors and the local community. Also, the unique factor about Tab City is its fantastic location, which offers splendid views of the beautiful hills.

In addition to the great location, the investment opportunities in society are endless due to several commercial and housing opportunities and profitable prices. It is an ideal society for people who want to live and raise a family in an orderly and clean environment with the best facilities.

Tab City Rawalpindi is mega real estate development project by Tab Builders. The project also catches investors’ attention because of its outstanding features and amenities. This society was founded to meet the housing needs of residents of the twin cities. Additionally, the provision permits citizens to profit from affordable housing options.

This society is being developed on the present-day infrastructure essentials by serving the needs of overseas Pakistanis. In addition to this, this society is being developed in a modern style.

Tab City Rawalpindi Owners & Developers:

The developers of any society are a crucial part of the project. Tab City is a project by Tab Builders, Pakistan’s most well-known business. In addition, they are noteworthy in the real estate world for their development expertise. They have a team of talented architects, engineers, and managers. Also, they’re known for building high-quality, advanced, and revolutionary societies.

Additionally, it holds numerous highly successful ventures, which are excellent examples of corporate principles and skilled work ethics. Furthermore, they own many Kanal lands, which they have a series of in real estate development. Hence, they have lots of understanding of this business.

Furthermore, the core includes Ret. Maj. Col. Taimur Sultan Awan, Ahmed Bilal Malik, and Mr. Ali. These specialists are dedicating their time and energy into developing one of the best groups while rendering occupational management, design, and preconstruction services.

Tab City Rawalpindi Location Map:

The location of Tab City Rawalpindi makes it very appealing to investors, who are therefore attracted to it. In particular, its location is why Tab City Rawalpindi is such a favorable investment location. It’s in a location that has become quite popular.

Real estate investment is chiefly dependent on location; therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in Tab City Rawalpindi near the GT Road Rawat. So, the project is only 10 minutes from the Centre of Giga Mall. However, it is found in a peaceful and inspiring area.

Tab City Rawalpindi Nearby and Accessibilities:

It is essential to consider where the society is positioned; if its surroundings are near and easy to get to, investors will always favor a location like that. Here is a list of nearby places close to the Tab City Location.

  • T-Chowk
  • Giga Mall
  • Rawat City
  • Islamabad Expressway
  • Rawat Police Station
  • Royal Village Restaurant

Tab City Rawalpindi NOC:

The NOC (No Objection Certificate) is essential to completing several tasks. It demonstrates an entire society’s growth throughout the lawsuit. The developers have submitted their NOC application to the relevant authorities for Tab City Rawalpindi.

Having a NOC on hand is extremely important when dealing with property investments. The Tab City housing society will soon receive its NOC from the relevant authorities. The developers have submitted their NOC application to the relevant authorities (RDA)for Tab City Rawalpindi. 

Tab City Rawalpindi Master plan:

Tab City Rawalpindi Master plan is managed by a group of highly competent and experienced professionals with decades of experience in the relevant department. They designed and developed the master plan for Tab city using their high-quality expertise. The remarkable new society is expected to include and offer all necessary and luxurious amenities in the vicinity.

The company has hired experienced engineers they will ensure that its infrastructure, as well as development, is at the top of the line. Tab City Rawalpindi offers residential and commercial plots in their Mustafa Block. The residential plots in these blocks are as follows:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Tab City Rawalpindi Payment Plan:

Tab City Rawalpindi has a highly flexible payment plan, which is affordable and accessible for individuals. Additionally, the developers have disclosed the payment plan for certain blocks. However, the entire payment plan will be released after final development.

To facilitate the investors, Tab city is offering 5 Marla Residential plot at Rs. 2,275,000 with a down payment of Rs. 455,000. And the remaining amount can be paid in 36 easy installments with Rs. 50,555 per month. Similarly, the developer offers 7 Marla Residential plot in Rs. 3,080,000 with down payment of Rs. 616,000 and monthly installment Rs. 68,444.

With the fair payment schedule, Tab City is offering the plot of 10 Marla in Rs. 4,250,000 with the initial down payment of Rs. 850,000 and installment of Rs. 94,444 per month. On the other hand, 1 Kanal Residential plot in 8,200,000 is being offered with a down payment of Rs. 1,640,000 and monthly installment of Rs. 182,222.

However, the payment plan for the first ever block in Tab City Rawalpindi, Mustafa Block is as follows:

Tab City Payment Plan

Tab City Rawalpindi development status:

Development work will begin on the Tab City in the near future. The developers also ensure fast construction and development work. In addition, the residential project will offer high-end facilities to investors soon after development work begins. And the construction process will be in accordance with the urban planning rules and regulations, which will help to reduce the waste of construction materials.

Another aspect is that all investors will guarantee an eco-friendly and peaceful environment that includes the planting campaign in the community. Finally, Ghafari Marketing will inform all investors about the development work here. So keep in touch with us. To Know More about New Peshawar Valley, New Metro City Gujar Khan visit www.ghafarimarketing.com.

Tab City Amenities and Features:

Tab City Rawalpindi aims to offer its residents and potential investors the latest facilities in line with its purpose. The area is attractive to investors for various reasons, such as the facilities available and other perks. Additionally, it’s a safe area and offers every convenience and amenity. A few examples are:

Amenities in Tab City Rawalpindi

Sustainable Growth:

The community has supreme importance on sustainability as one of its primary goals. The people driving this project are optimistic that they can create a sustainable community that can rival the most elite anywhere on the planet.

In addition, they plan to establish parks and protect the existing vegetation to protect the natural world, similar to those of the Lahore smart City. Furthermore, in the current economic turmoil, it is crucial to adopt sustainability practices and care for the environment.

Resources for energy and water:

In these difficult times, people are worried about access to water and power. Additionally, it is of absolute necessity to ensure that the population has continuous access to electricity, gas, and water. Tab City’s efforts help make this facility accessible to the people.

Medical Treatment:

Everybody should have access to top medical services. Furthermore, this society will provide the most sophisticated medical services available worldwide. Dental clinics and other hospitals will be added to enhance people’s lives.

Formal Education:

The importance of education lies in the fact that it holds an enormous amount of importance compared to other things. Tab City will ensure that residents can access the top standard of educational institutions. Society will include schools at any level.

Secured Neighborhood:

Tab City can be described as a secure neighborhood with the latest technology in surveillance. Surveillance cameras will be placed in every location to ensure its residents’ security. Furthermore, the security level is one of the significant worries of the people who run and manage this society.


The community’s developers and the property’s owner emphasized the residents’ proximity to the local mosques. Because residents can choose to follow any religion, many mosques are likely to be situated in the vicinity to accommodate a significant number of Muslim residents.

Sports Activities:

The recreational activities include zoos, parks, and other outdoor attractions. Offering a healthy and balanced space in which society’s investors can reside is one of society’s main priorities. It is the housing society that is built by keeping various leisure activities in consideration throughout the construction.

Reasons to invest in Tab City Rawalpindi:

There are numerous reasons for investing in Tab City Rawalpindi. First, it’s a highly new and viable opportunity for people to buy homes. Additionally, those who do not desire to live in the city of Rawalpindi can purchase an apartment in this society.

It is easily accessible from the city but in an incredibly peaceful area. It is also an official society with reputable homeowners and builders. Furthermore, plots can be reserved now since the pre-launch prices are affordable.

How to Book Plot in Tab City:

To reserve your dream plot at Tab City, Visit GHAFARI MARKETING Office today with these documents:

  • Two passport-size images
  • Two copies of your CNIC
  • Two copies of your next of Kin’s CNIC
  • For overseas
  • Two copies of an Overseas ID Card along with the documents mentioned above

How To Book Plot in Tab City Rawalpindi

Tab City Rawalpindi Pros & Cons:


  • High-quality Infrastructure
  • Underground Electricity System
  • High-end Security System
  • Boundary Wall
  • Quality Development


  • Development process is time taking

Tab City Rawalpindi FAQs:

Q1. What exactly is Tab City Rawalpindi?

Answer: Tab City is a new upcoming residential project with a lush green hill view, state-of-the-art amenities, and an ideal location that can easily be accessible to all the major places in twin cities.

Q2. Where is Tab City located?

Answer: The Tab City Rawalpindi is located on the main GT road Rawalpindi. This magnificent housing society is approximately 10 minutes away from Rawat and Giga Mall.

Q3. Who are the developers of Tab City ?

Answer: This astonishing housing project is developed by the Tab Builders, who aim to deliver the high-quality residential and commercial housing societies to their investors.

Q4: Is Tab City Rawalpindi a legal entity?

Answer: The NOC of Tab City is under process, and it will soon be granted by the RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority).

Q5. What Plot sizes are available in Tab City?

Answer: The following sizes of residential plots are available in Tab City Rawalpindi:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q6. Does Tab City provide a payment plan?

Answer: To make it easy for investors, developers have devised a simple and hassle-free three-year payment plan that features a 10% down payment followed by 36 installments available at Tab City.


To conclude, Tab City Rawalpindi is a new housing project for the residents of Rawalpindi currently in the development phase. This housing society is an affordable investment option for low-income individuals as well.

Additionally, Tab City is a soon-to-be registered housing society with the latest modern amenities and facilities. The payment plan for this society will be made public shortly. Furthermore, investors are confident in Tab City due to its owners and developers. In addition, this project allows people from Rawalpindi to invest in and own a brand of an innovative and well-designed housing society.

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