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Taj residencia Islamabad is one of the top housing societies in Islamabad which is located on Bhatta road. It is owned by the Sardar Group Of companies. Taj residencia NOC is approved by RDA. It is a complete masterclass society having amenities like mini golf, a 5-star hotel, an urban environment, and much more!

Taj Residencia Islamabad is a massive housing project of a commercial real estate enterprise. Its goal is to create a lovely dream world for Pakistanis, realizing their dreams of living in a luxurious society.

Taj Residencia guarantees that the community is designed systematically and that multiple amenities are readily available, enhancing the experience of both investors and residents.

Furthermore, one of the most prestigious advantages is having natural beauty and modern construction at your feet. As a result, Taj Residencia offers the opportunity to create a masterpiece that will provide people with an unforgettable experience.

Owners & Developers:

Owners & Developers Taj Residencia Islamabad

Developing and owning this project is a source of great pride for the Sardar Group of Companies. When it comes to luxury housing, this firm has a stellar reputation. During their formative years, the company was in Iraq.

The company has a particular focus on the auto industry, both as a dealer and a provider of rental vehicles. Then they made an offer they couldn’t refuse: participation in one of Pakistan’s most ambitious building projects, The Centaurus Mall.

In addition, due to its expansion, the firm has declared its intention to participate in the residential development known as Taj Residencia. On top of that, The firm is well-known for developing and managing high-end housing Societies in Pakistan, where they’ve earned a name for providing the finest residences and an exemplary level of service.

In addition to opulent fixtures and conveniences, our gated community offers its inhabitants a concierge service designed to meet their individual needs. From concept to completion, the developers oversee every step of every project to maintain our unrivalled standards.

Location Map of Taj Residencia

If investors wish to make an adequate investment near the capital, this Society is an excellent option. While Taj Residencia Location, developers have directorially placed it in the twin cities, it is only a few minutes from the capital city of Islamabad.

Additionally, the I-14/I-15 connection highway is the primary access point for this endeavor. The developers have designated ten thousand Kanal of land for this Society. Nowadays, the only way to get to Society is to take the area I-14 link path in Islamabad.

Furthermore, the Rawalpindi Ring Road will soon provide another gateway to the Motorway.

Taj Residencia Islamabad Location

How to Access Taj Residencia

The developers have built this Society in the prime region as significant routes of twin cities have linked to the Society. There is no compulsion to take a time-consuming trip to achieve this community. The Society is accessible from

  • Developed at Bhata Road
  • Five minutes from Chakri Road
  • Five minutes from Quaid-e-Azam Hospital
  • Twenty-two minutes from phase II CBR Town
  • Twenty-five minutes from M2 Motorway
  • Twenty-five minutes from Grand Trunk Road
  • Thirty minutes from Islamabad Airport

Nearby places & Land Marks

The developers have placed this Society in the developed area, where many other ventures are also evolving. Therefore, it will give prospective buyers many options and choices. Moreover, this Society has unique features which make it different from other property developments. Some of the nearby places of this Society are

  • Islamabad
  • Centaurus Mall
  • Afshan Colony
  • Allama Iqbal Colony
  • Misrail
  • Rawalpindi
  • Mivida City
  • Valencia Town

Taj Residencia NOC

Society falls under the jurisdiction of the RDA. Moreover, the good news for the buyers is that the RDA has approved the Taj Residencia NOC. Therefore, buyers can invest in this premium property without any concerns.

NOC Taj Residencia Islamabad

The  NOC-approved neighborhood possesses an ideal location and many cutting-edge services and facilities. Purchasers’ will have long-term economic security by putting their hard-earned money into such endeavors. Property investments may eventually generate rental revenue or significant investment gains as Society evolves.

Master Plan Taj Residencia

For the builders, it was important that residents not have to sacrifice their standard of living to purchase the land, so they made sure to provide for both necessities and more extravagant wants.

Parks and business districts are incorporated into the property’s design to maintain a harmonious atmosphere. It’s like having a small city inside of a larger one. While technically part of the RDA, Society lies within proximity to Islamabad.

This project’s primary access point is the I-14/I-15 connector road. The RDA has given the Taj Residencia NOC to use ten thousand kanals of land. In Society, the developers have offered ready-to-live-in constructed Dream Villas and properties in various sizes and positions (including standard, side, Main Avenue, park-facing properties, etc.).

Taj Residencia Islamabad Masterplan

The developers have broken the entirety of phase I into sections. And it consists mainly of dwelling and corporate land. However, the business hub has also expected to house modern shopping malls and districts on par with those seen in international financial capitals.

Centaurs Mall-II and other surprise features and services are part of Pakistan’s upcoming most significant dwelling property development. In addition, the Royal Club is a component of this whole concept.

Distribution of Property

A variety of houses, condominiums, and villas are available for sale. But growth is slow compared to other suburban dwellings. As a result, most of the land is for lodging and business use.

Residential Plots

The Residential property available in Society is of

  • 5-Marla
  • 8-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 14-Marla
  • 1-Kanal
  • 2-Kanal

Commercial plot

The Society contains the commercial property for the sale is of

  • 5-Marla

Dream Villas

The goal of the Dream Villas project in Islamabad will be to set a new standard for luxury. The land is perfect for those who want to construct luxurious mansions. It goes up to its name as one of the premier cultural and utilitarian retail attractions.

This perfect gated project also features amusement parks, bookstores, recreation centers, and Masjids to meet religious and social needs. Dream Villas have the most desirable combination of landscape design and interior design for a luxurious lifestyle.

Taj Residencia Dream Villa

There are different-sized villas in Society, which are

  • 10-Marla Villa Mediterranean
  • 10-Marla Villa Eclectic
  • 10-Marla Villa Modern
  • 14-Marla Villa
  • 1- Kanal Villa Model
  • 1-Kanal Villa

Blue Bell Taj Residencia

Blue Bell Taj Residencia developers have created their master plan to provide residents with an experience, unlike any other country. New to the Society, the Blue Bell Block offers affordable home plots. The block has currently offered the Residential properties of

  • 8-Marla

Payments Plan of Taj Residencia

The Taj Residencia payment plans are affordable and feasible, and the Society appears to be an excellent place to invest in the market for high-end residential living.

Moreover, it’s less disruptive and more appealing than average because of its proximity to many crucial centers and built-in technologies. The properties can be purchased with a twenty per cent deposit using the Taj Residencia payment plan and instalment schemes.

Buyers can save six per cent on their instalment if they pay it all at once. In addition, if customers buy multiple properties in a specific area, such as along a boulevard or a park’s front, the builders will drop ten per cent off the price.

The minimum down payment for corporate and residential land is twenty per cent. The remaining balance, however, is split into six equal quarterly instalments.

Taj Residencia Payment Plan

Taj Residencia’s Residential Payment Plan Of 1 Year

  • Five-Marla Residential property is Rs 7,500,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 2,250,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 1,312,500/-
  • Eight-Marla Residential property is Rs 9,000,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 2,700,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 1,575,000/-
  • Ten-Marla Residential property is Rs 11,500,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 3,450,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 2,012,500/-
  • Fourteen-Marla Residential property is Rs 15,000,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 4,500,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 2,625,000/-
  • One-Kanal Residential property is Rs 20,000,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 6,000,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 3,500,000/-
  • Two-Kanal Residential property is Rs 28,500,000/-. The thirty deposit is Rs 8,500,000/-. In addition, four quarterly instalments of Rs 4,987,000/-

Taj Residencia’s Commercial Payment Plan Of 1 Year

  • Five-Marla commercial property is Rs 36,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 10,800,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 6,300,000/-

Taj Residencia’s Residential Payment Plan Of 1.5 Years

  • Five-Marla Residential property is Rs 6,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,950,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 758,333/-
  • Eight-Marla Residential property is Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,250,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 875,000/-
  • Ten-Marla Residential property is Rs 9,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,850,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 1,108,333/-
  • Fourteen-Marla Residential property is Rs 12,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 3,600,000/. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 1,400,000/-
  • 1-Kanal Residential property is Rs 15,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 4,500,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 1,750,000/-
  • 2-Kanal Residential property is Rs 25,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 7,500,000/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 2,916,667/-

Taj Residencia’s Commercial Payment Plan Of 1.5 Years

  • Five-Marla commercial property is Rs 30,655,000/-. The deposit is Rs 9,199,710/-. In addition, six quarterly instalments of Rs 3,577,688/-

Taj Residencia’s Residential Payment Plan Of  2.5 Years

  • Five-Marla Residential property is Rs 6,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 600,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 600,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 480,000/-
  • Eight-Marla Residential property is Rs 7,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 750,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 750,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 600,000/-
  • Ten-Marla Residential property is Rs 9,500,000/-. The deposit is Rs 950,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 950,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 760,000/-
  • Fourteen-Marla Residential property is Rs 12,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,200,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 1,2000,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 960,000/-
  • 1-Kanal Residential property is Rs 15,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 1,500,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 1,500,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 1,200,000/-
  • Two-Kanal Residential property is Rs 25,000,000/-. The deposit is Rs 2,500,000/- after thirty days of booking Rs 2,500,000/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 2,000,000/-

Taj Residencia’s Commercial Payment Plan Of 2.5 Years

  • Five-Marla commercial property is Rs 30,655,900/-. The deposit is Rs 3,066,590/- after thirty days of booking Rs 3,066,590/-. In addition, ten quarterly instalments of Rs 2,453,272/-

Payment Plan Of Blue Bell Block

  • Five-Marla residential property is Rs 4,750,000/-. The deposit is Rs 850,000/-. In addition, monthly instalments of Rs 4,750,000/-

Why Invest in Taj Residencia

The Society’s developers promised Its residents a high standard of living, civility, and a secure environment. The neighborhood is also appropriately positioned near CDA districts I-14 & I-15 and adjacent to primarily Link Road, making it straightforward to get to Islamabad.

The prospective buyers and investors have already purchased most of the properties, and the constructed plots are extremely popular. Upcoming changes are, therefore, only expected to rise. Moreover, the buyers will have plots ownership right after the deposit.  It suggests that buyers can start working on their property immediately.

In addition, Society offers buyers and investors the chance to live luxuriously in their ideal house, offering the most modern comforts and a great location. The Society’s developers have created its road map to make it possible to drive a short distance and locate everything residents will require.

Several amenities include healthcare, institutions, shops, Supermarkets, and much more. Furthermore, the developers have paid particular attention to the clinic and airport so that Society residents may get there in a hurry in under a minute to ten.

There are no significant disruptions in the essential services, including gas, fresh water, electricity, and other supplies. The Taj Housing Society’s development opportunities are also bright because even after the architect has finished phase 1, they will continue to construct phase 2.

Salient Features of Taj Residencia

The developers of Society ensure that Society has many features which will make this Society the most lucrative property investment in twin cities. The most significant features of Society are

  • Infrastructure and buildings that are both visually striking and highly desirable
  • Exceptional commercial points in an ultra-modern setting
  • Playgrounds and Green areas to play and relax
  • A Royal Club for excellent family fun
  • Destinations like Wildlife parks & Botanical Gardens
  • The best Hospital has located nearby
  • Anticipated Centaurus Mall
  • Jamia Masjids
  • Best Schooling Institutes
  • Secured Guarded Community
  • Provision Of Basics
  • Oval Park
  • Mini-Golf-Club
  • Sports Complex fully equipped

Amenities of Taj Residencia

The property’s owners have ensured that all modern conveniences are available to the tenants. Inexpensive and unique to Pakistan, the relevant services and facilities are listed below.

Top Amenities in Taj Residencia Islamabad

World-Class Infrastructure

The gated community is working toward an environmentally friendly transportation system to meet the needs of drivers, walkers, cyclists, and anyone else who wants to get around with relative ease.

In the future, people will be able to take advantage of more efficient, technologically advanced transportation options. The hotel’s administration plans to construct a one-of-a-kind, five-star property that will provide its guests with unparalleled luxury. The accommodations will be reasonably priced and built to best practices.

Wildlife Park

The builders have planned to create a magnificent and naturalistic Jungle Safari to provide a one-of-a-kind living experience for the community’s inhabitants. They anticipate this will be an adventure that occupants and visitors have never previously experienced.

Botanic Garden

Botanical Garden

The Society’s botanical garden will give a realistic alternative to urban living. The proximity to nature would create a setting unlike any other in Pakistan’s residential properties.

People’s health suffers as urbanization forces them to spend less time in the natural environment. The community is creating this nature preserve to promote healthy life by reducing its effect on the natural environment.

Grand Mosque

In this Society, everyone’s needs, including their religious ones, will be met. To do this, architects are constructing a stately Jamia Mosque. This new mosque will feature cutting-edge design and technology to create a brilliant place of worship.

Grand Mosque Taj Residencia Islamabad

Water Reservoir

Its architects have considered the water requirements of the residents of the Society. Two lakes are constructed, for this reason, allowing residents to divert a considerable quantity of clean water from use in household activities. In addition, the developers have installed  Water purification facilities that will also be commonplace in this futuristic Society.

Community Graveyard

The cemetery is a fundamental component of any community. Due to the natural cycle of life and death, locals may choose to honor the departed by burying their loved ones and offering up prayers for their continued happiness in the hereafter. Additionally, members of the Society may pay a visit to the cemeteries of family members.

Golf Club

The developers have decided to build the mini golf of premium standards by taking cues from the blueprints of a more illustrious society like Blue World City. As a result, the residents of this building will have access to a rare and luxurious amenity.

Commercial Zone

All of the citizens’ demands, both economic and commercial, have been met by the designers. The solution provided by Society is a consolidated shopping district. All of a community’s business requirements will have met in these regions.

Scenic Views

Two stunning lakes will set this community apart from others in the area. Aquatic life will thrive in the lakes, and locals will enjoy the beautiful scenery. The housing community developers have designed to minimize its environmental impact.

They ensure that the new parts of the environment are left alone. Because of this, Taj Residencia has become a peaceful haven where its occupants can unwind.

Development Status

The community’s developers have set four blocks for some significant changes. In addition, these four towers will soon include a wide variety of apartments to meet the housing needs of financiers.

Also, the best amenities will be made available throughout the building of the remaining blocks. The builders also ensure that the buildings’ underlying infrastructure is up to par. As a bonus, that will boost the cost of living and the profitability of investments.

The following are the latest updates on developments

  • Cutting, filling, and levelling the soil is part of the developers who have carried out massive Earth Works. Further, in bulk earth, most of the task has been finished.
  • The provision of water and electricity, two of the most fundamental utilities, is a top priority, and this is evident that developers have started the actual work on the ground.
  • The occupants will benefit significantly from the planned and efficient water drainage, and wastewater system developers have installed.
  • Contractors have built the Grand Boulevard Road, central boulevards, auxiliary roads and streets at a breakneck pace.
  • The building of shopping centers in both the central business district and all surrounding neighborhoods has commenced.
  • Stone masonry is also well underway, with careful attention paid to every detail so that future enhancements will have made.
  • Parks are being built in every area of Society to boost the community’s attractiveness and naturalness.

Pros & Cons of Taj Residencia

This Society has lots of amenities and leverages that residents admire and desire to invest in this remarkable Society. Moreover, Society has gained lots of admiration from customers. The customers and investors already have most of the property in Society.


Here are some Pros of the Society

Rapid Development

Almost four blocks of Society have developed. The developers and constructors worked tirelessly to complete the project on time. As a result, the developers have ready the blocks A, B, C and D, which are popular among the citizens of the twin cities. Society developers have expected to develop this great neighborhood within the year entirely.

Extravagant lifestyle

The developers understand that individuals are investing their lifetime into Society. Moreover, the developers put in their best efforts to deliver all the luxuries and comforts to prospective citizens. Therefore, this Society will be the most lucrative investment for the inhabitants and investors due to its extravagant characteristics.

Proximity To Significant Sites

The developers of Society pay full attention to its locality. The Society’s proximity to the twin cities and nearby areas makes it the city’s most approachable latest property development. The customers don’t have to travel for long to reach this ideal neighborhood.

Constant Provision Of Essentials

The developers have provided all the essentials to occupants without any interruptions. The developers have made systems in which there will be no power cuts or shortages of water and gas in any season.

Top-Notch Infrastructure

The team of specialists has made the layout of the Society. The architecture of the Society is beautiful and aesthetic. Moreover, the developers make sure to build wide streets and avenues to give Society a luxurious look and provide free traffic flow in the Society.

Scope Of Expansion

The developers and construction teams have developed phase 1 of the Society within one year, and they start working on phase 2 immediately. Therefore, it has expected that developers will have completed its construction, too, and Society developers will fully develop it in the following years.

Overseas Best Option

Society’s luxuries, security, and serene ambience are perfect for the Pakistanis currently residing in other countries and wanting the same amenities in their country. Moreover, the world-class architecture and facilities will draw the attention of overseas Pakistani.


There are some cons about this Society which are as follows

Far From City

The buyers have perceived that the Society is too far from the city and people must travel long to reach there. However, it is not entirely true the Society is just ten minutes from the Quai-e-Azam hospital and a few minutes from twin cities.

Little Expensive

Society is a little expensive compared to new developments. However, its location and skyrise facilities will make it worthwhile.

How To Book Plot In Taj Residencia

Society developers make it for the buyers to book a property. However, some simple steps exist to avoid fraud and clear property transfer.

Step 1

Contact trustworthy real estate consultants for precise information regarding the Society’s booking procedures, payment plans and discount offers.

Step 2

The Sale executive of the firm will guide the best deals to the customers according to customers’ needs and budgets

Step 3

It is advisable to pay a personal visit to the location so the buyers know about their plots’ development and precise location.

Step 4

The deposit of the property will be paid in advance by the buyers. Therefore, it is essential to follow the payment plan carefully to avoid any turbulence in future.

Document Required For Booking

To make the process more transparent, the buyers have to affix some credentials along with the application for booking

  • Buyers’ latest passport-sized photographs
  • Buyer two photocopies of CNIC/NICOP
  • Nominee two photocopies of CNIC/NICOP
  • The receipt of twenty per cent of the deposit amount


Q 1: Who are the developers of Taj Residencia?

Answer:  Sardar group of companies are developing this stunning dwelling project.

Q 2:  What is the precise setting of the Taj Residencia?

Answer: The developers have strategically placed the Society in Sectors 1-14 and 1-15 of Islamabad.

Q 3: Is Taj Residencia NOC approved?

Answer: The RDA authorized the NOC of the Society.

Q 4: What are the variations of property in Society?

Answer:  The residential property starts from 5, 8, 10 and 14-Marlas and 1 and 2 Kanal. The industrial plots of 5-Marla are also up to purchase.

Q 5: When was the possession given to buyers in Taj Residencia?

Answer: Developers have ensured to provide the possession of the property to the buyers once they submit the deposit. The buyers can start construction on the property immediately.


A unique society, Taj Residencia Islamabad caters to the needs of accommodation and business customers. Residents can choose from various plot types, including dream villas, business plots, and shopping centers.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable advisers if you have any questions or want to learn more about Society or your alternatives. It tends to be significantly noisy and more desirable because of the proximity to numerous significant hubs and constructions, providing the comfort buyers seek.

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