Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad


Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad: Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world. This city has a diverse population of high-standard and exclusive citizens. Another benefit of this city is its breathtaking beauty and a serene environment.

Islamabad brings back thoughts of natural scenic beauty, cleanliness, and modern living. However, the city is on its way to becoming a focus point with iconic buildings, shopping areas, mega malls, and much more.

Here, we’ll tell you more about successful Top commercial projects in Islamabad, which will help you decide on your next commercial property investment.

Majestic Mall | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Majestic Mall

Majestic Mall, located in B-17 MPCHS in Islamabad 2021, is an excellent commercial complex. This is, without a doubt, Islamabad’s best commercial investment. The Majestic Mall has a large number of halls and stores.

The architecture is highly attractively created because this building only has business units, hence the focus has been solely on the design. This mall features an earthquake-resistant surface, which is a significant draw. Only 15% of the down payment is required to secure a reservation.

Furthermore, Majestic Mall’s location in B-17 puts them close to GT Road and the new airport. Moreover, the businesses here provide a convenient 3.5-year payment plan, with a price starting at PKR 1,100,000.

Mall of Arabia | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Mall of Arabia | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

The Mall of Arabia is a commercial project in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad. The Imarat Group of Companies is the main developer of Mall of Arabia.

It’s a one-of-a-kind indoor shopping mall with an Arabic theme. The goal of constructing this magnificent shopping mall is to honor the Arab heritage. Arabic styles and patterns will heavily influence the infrastructure of the Mall of Arabia.

Imarat Group of Companies has proven its worth by incorporating new, unusual, and outstanding concepts into its projects regularly. The same developer developed and did an excellent job for Amazon Mall 1, followed by Amazon Mall 2.

Arabian Shopping Mall is Ideally situated near the entrance to Jinnah Gardens in Islamabad. It has been rated as one of the most significant investments due to the lack of indoor shopping malls in the neighborhood.

International cuisines, cinema, top brands, children’s play area, corporate offices, many thematic floors, fitness gym, play zone area, and much more can be found on the 8th floor of the building, which is built on a 15-Kanal area.

Gulberg Heights | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Gulber Heights | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

The Gulberg Heights, established by the Al-Ghani Group, is one of Islamabad’s most luxurious commercial projects. It is one of the Best Commercial Investments in Islamabad. This particular project is a representation of both elegance and beauty. Gulberg Heights is located in Gulberg Greens, on the central Gulberg Expressway.

Gulberg Heights is located next to Gulberg Arena in Gulberg Greens, on the central Gulberg Expressway. It is close to key centers and hubs. The commercial sector is divided into three levels.

Booking begins with a 20% deposit, with the remaining due amount payable in 12 quarterly installments.

Mall of Islamabad by Bahria Town:

Mall of Islamabad | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

The Mall of Islamabad is located on the Main Jinnah Avenue-Blue Area of Islamabad, in the heart of the Pakistani capital. If you’ve been looking for a fast-growing business in the heart of Islamabad, this is the spot for you.

The rates are reasonable, and they provide a satisfactory conclusion to your search for stores for rent in Islamabad. The mall, which includes commercial and residential buildings, follows the tradition of the Mall of Lahore. “An Ultimate Business Address” is the tagline for this huge project.

This commercial project is being developed by Bahria Town, Asia’s largest and most well-known private real estate developer. It is instrumental in modernizing Pakistan’s real estate sector in every aspect, and the mall is of great quality.

The mall has four floors and covers residential and commercial hub parking lots. Supermarkets, a children’s section, skyscraper apartments, food courts, national and international brands, and corporate offices are among the mall’s key attractions.

Park One | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Park One | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

Park One is a Paladin-style tower that was inspired by Park One. It has three commercial floors out of a total of 12, with a total of 210 commercial units with updated services and facilities.

The site is also ideal, it is on 10th Avenue, directly across from the F-10 (Commercial Block), and is one of Islamabad’s best commercial investments.

The location directly confronts Islamabad’s gorgeous and well-known Fatima Jinnah Park. Park One is a sophisticated development that includes both residential and commercial units. Park One is located in Islamabad’s lush green region and seeks to become the country’s most iconic infrastructure. APCO Group, a well-known company, developed and owns the project.

This commercial project is doing well in the competitive real estate market. It is highly regarded by residents of Islamabad as well as visitors who come to the city for vacations. If you haven’t been to any of these yet, you should!

Mall of Islamabad F-11 | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Mall of Islamabad F 11 | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

The Islamabad Mall is a reputable business venture. It’s a western-style shopping mall with over 100 companies all in one place. This commercial project is owned by Zahir Khan & Brothers (ZKB).

The Mall of Islamabad, also known as MOI, is a shopping mall located in the F-11 neighborhood of Islamabad. Islamabad Mall is gaining popularity due to its excellent design and convenient location. The first half of the total amount owed is due as a deposit, with the balance due in four installments.

MALL OF ISLAMABAD F-11 MARKAZ system can create business and leisure opportunities, with shops for sports and health products, a food court, cash and carry, electronics, cosmetics, ladies’ shoes, bags and accessories, fun land, cinema, children’s clothes, and home furnishings, as well as coffee shops and a variety of Eastern and Western restaurants.

The MALL OF ISLAMABAD F-11 MARKAZ also has standby generators, and the entire shopping mall is filled with natural light, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

D Mall | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

D Mall | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

Another fantastic commercial development in Islamabad is D Mall, commonly known as the Defense Mall. The framework of this project is elegant. This commercial project was designed by Al-Ghurair Giga, a well-known architect. D mall is renowned for its thousands of international and domestic brands.

The mall’s location is ideal, as it is in the middle of GT Road, namely in DHA Phase-2, just next to the Giga Mall. The first six floors of the D mall are mainly for commercial reasons. This mall houses all of the local and worldwide brands, as well as large retail outlets. There are other amenities such as well-known cafes, a children’s play area, and various other leisure spaces.

Yes, Dream Mall:

Yes, Dream Mall Coming Soon A project by Ghafari Marketing). CDA Approved Project at Commercial-Downtown Park View City Islamabad.

Twin Towers| Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Gulberg Twin Towers | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

Gulberg Twin Towers Islamabad is shopping heaven for individuals who enjoy giving and receiving gifts as well as shopping for themselves. Shopping here is about more than just buying things from stores; it’s about having a luxurious experience and connecting with friends and family in a beautiful environment.

Islamabad’s Gulberg Twin Towers is a residential and commercial complex. Several well-known residential communities surround it. Al Ghani Group of Companies (Private) Limited is the developer of the Gulberg Twin Towers in Islamabad. The company’s CEO is Haji Rizwan Ghani. For a long time, the organization has been providing remarkable projects in the twin cities.

Gulberg Twin Towers is a vast land development located near the Islamabad Expressway and within Gulberg Greens Islamabad. It provides affordable luxury retail stores, business offices, residential apartments, and penthouses.

There is the same number of apartments, stores, offices, and food courts in the two identical towers. There are 9 floors in total.

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Giga Mall Extension | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad:

Giga Mall Extension | Top Commercial Projects in Islamabad

Based on the success of Giga Mall, the Giga Group is introducing Giga Mall Extension, the twin cities’ urban hub. A stunning mosque will be built right on top of the structure, offering fantastic views of the twin towns.

A state-of-the-art theatre, children’s play zones, food courts, restaurants, and luxury hotels will be included. Additionally, escalators will provide convenient access to all levels on the various floors.

This ground-breaking structure will also connect directly to the Giga Mall and D-Mall, which are already open for business, creating a shopping, dining, and relaxation complex. Overall, the Giga Extension project will undoubtedly add to Islamabad’s ever-expanding skyline.


In the challenging real estate market in Islamabad, all of these new commercial projects are doing well. These commercial projects have received a lot of positive feedback from locals and visitors who come to Islamabad for vacations. You should go to any of these if you haven’t already.

Ghafari Marketing believes that you deserve nothing less than the best in all aspects of real estate.

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