Why New City Paradise 3.5 Marla is Best for Investment


New City Paradise is the best housing project near the M1 Motorway. It is also close to the Burhan interchange. Also, the CPEC route is near. Investing in this project offers high profits on investment. So, there are many benefits for residents here. Besides, there are career chances. It is accessible. There are many picnic sites to visit here.

The latest addition here is New City Paradise 3.5 Marla plots. Also, New City developers are famous. Buyers have complete trust in them. So, they offer the best Societies. These projects provide good returns on investment. Thus, overseas Pakistanis are keen to invest in their projects.

The New City Paradise master plan is on 4,256 Kanal of land. It has housing and commercial plots. Also, Society has all modern facilities. This project is already popular among buyers. So, developers now also offer 3.5 and 5 Marla residential plots. Besides, they aim to provide the best housing option for low income families.

This blog has all the latest information about the New City Paradise 3.5 Marla. So, the buyers did not miss the chance to invest here. Buyers can have the best housing here. Also, the prices of the properties are affordable. For more detail, continue reading this blog.

Reason to Invest in New City Paradise 3.5 Marla Plots

The 3.5 Marla residential plots are new in Society. It is a great investment opportunity. Also, buyers now have a chance to invest in modern Society. They can build their dream houses here. Investment here is safe. Besides, Society is in a serene location. The other reason to invest in the 3.5 Marla plot in NCP are

Reliable Developers

This Society is the project of New City Developers. Chaudhary Qamar zaman and Saad zaman are the New City Paradise developers. Also, they have skilled people on their team. Their projects are successful in Wah city. As, their work is up to international standards. The projects are affordable. Besides, projects have all the modern facilities. Buyers trust their projects. So, they invest in here.

The developers work on many projects. Also, their projects are very successful. Buyers like to invest in these projects. So, some of their projects are

  • New City Wah Phase 1
  • New City Wah Phase 2
  • Shopping Mall of New City Arcade
  • The Avalon
  • Business Square

New City Paradise New City Wah Developers


The New City Paradise NOC is PHATA approved. The authorities have approved the 4,256 Kanal of land. Also, developers are working on getting approval for more land. But still, it is good news for the buyers. It is a legal housing project. So, investments here are safe.

The legal Society has more value. Thus, buyers have more trust in legal Society. They are very interested in investing in these societies. That’s why legal Society has more value. So, residents can live here comfortable life.

New City Paradise NOC

Ideal Location

The New City Paradise 3.5 Marla location is in the perfect spot. The buyer can invest in central Islamabad City. Also, the prices are very affordable. The Society is near the M 1 Motorway. Bhurhan Interchange is also close to the project. So, it is in a prime location.

This housing complex has easy access. Residents will have a perfect life here. Thus, all modern facilities are close. The major routes of the twin cities have connected to Society. The buyers will have a significant advantage from this ideal location.

Easy Accessibility

The Society has the perfect location. So, many routes connect it with the city. Buyers can reach here with various paths.

Top Amenities in New City Paradise

Some of the access points are

  • Near the Burhan Interchange
  • 2 minutes away from the M-1 Motorway
  • 10 minutes drive from the Hazara Motorway
  • 10 minutes distance from the New City Wah
  • 15 minutes from the Bahtar Interchange
  • 18 minutes away from the Rawalpindi-Islamabad Interchange
  • 20 minutes distance from the New Islamabad International Airport
  • 22 minutes distance from the Quaid Avenue
  • 25 minutes away from the M-2 Motorway
  • 26 minutes from the Jhang Bahtar Road
  • 36 minutes distance from the Thalian Interchange

Affordable Prices

The New City Paradise 3.5 Marla payment plan is reasonable. These are affordable housing. So, the downpayment is around 12%. Also, there is an installment plan. There are 36 monthly installments. It also has 4-half yearly installments. Thus, the prices are very affordable. All backgrounds of people can invest here. It is a great chance to invest. Society has limited 3.5 Marla plots. So, Invest now.

Check the other affordable Societies. Like Kingdom Valley, Saffron City, and Nova City. Also, the detailed payment plan for 3.5 Marla residential plots for sale in the New City Paradise is

  • 3.5 Marla plot total price is Rs 1,580,000/-. Booking charges are Rs 185,000/-. Also, the confirmation fee is Rs 185,000/-. The 36 monthly installments are Rs 20,000/-. So, the 4-half yearly installment is Rs 60,000/-. The balloting price is Rs 125,000/-. Last, the allotment charges are Rs 125,000/-

Salient Features

The 3.5 Marla plots also have the same unique features. The developers offer the best services here. Also, the buyers will have all the essential amenities. The resident can live high quality life here. Society is an ideal vicinity to raise a family. Some pros of investing in 3.5 Marla of NCP are

  • Reasonable Rates
  • Reliable Developers
  • Constant Security System
  • Accessible
  • Commercial Hub
  • Parks and Playground
  • Community Center
  • Educational Complex
  • Hospital
  • Allocated Dumping Area
  • Mosques
  • Sewerage System
  • Beautiful Views
  • Sports Complex
  • Shopping Malls
  • Basic Utilities
  • Underground Cabling
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Gated Community


The New City Paradise 3.5 Marla plots are the best investment opportunity. Also, 3.5 Marla plots seem to be the best choice for people who want to invest in real estate at a price they can afford. The plots are close to everything they need. It has schools and a hospital. Thus, there is a shopping center and a sports complex. So, the prices are also affordable. That will make it a good choice for investment.

Ghafari Marketing can provide the best deal on 3.5 Marla plots in New City Paradise. Society has limited plots. So, don’t hesitate. Contact us now for the best deal.

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