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In addition to Park View City Islamabad is the Park View Hills Estate Block. This results in a tranquil community with a terrific lifestyle and all contemporary comforts, surrounded by beautiful green surroundings.

It’s not uncommon for Park View City Islamabad to bring something novel to its inhabitants and investors, but this time it’s a brand-new neighborhood surrounded by greenery. The block’s launch is referred to by management on their social media platform. It would be a fantastic addition to the business after the Park View City Golf Estate Block.

According to the developer’s description, the Park View Hills Estate will be a building of apartments with spectacular views of the rolling hills covered in vegetation. We already know that Park View City Islamabad located in a quiet neighborhood near the city’s mountains. The Park View Hills Estate is located near the mountains. Park View City’s residential projects are touted to offer stunning view that have never been witnessed before.

Owners and Developers of Hills Estate:

One of Islamabad’s most sought-after housing societies is Park View City Hills Estate, which is developed by Vision Group employing contemporary architecture and technology. Aleem Khan, a prominent and active member of renowned politician , owns the Vision Group.

Given that Park View City Islamabad is their debut project in the city, they are offering cutting-edge innovations. Since its founding in 2012, Vision Group has completed unheard-of real estate developments. Vision Group has become one of the most reputable and trustworthy development companies in the area in less than ten years by dominating Pakistan’s real estate market.

Location of Park View City Estate:

There are no official descriptions or maps of the block available from management. However, we are certain that not just this block but also other blocks will live up to investor expectations. Hills Estate’s inauguration date has not yet been declared by Park View City Islamabad management, although it has mesmerizing landscapes of Murree and Margala right from your balcony. Soon after this block starts, further details will also be made public by Ghafari Marketing with its audience.

Master Plans for Park View Hills Estate:

This new hill estate Block offers all the standard facilities as well as improved amenities, just like the Golf Estate. The block has not yet received official information or a map, but management plans to provide it shortly.

Investors have great hopes for Hills Estate, just like they do for the other blocks. Hills Estate’s inauguration date has not yet been declared by Park View City Islamabad management, but we will have some wonderful news soon.

NOC of Park View Hills Estate:

Park View City is a CDA approved residential development by Vision Group in Zone IV, Islamabad. The condo has a 400-foot-wide thoroughfare providing direct access to the community from the highway. It is also accessible via Kurri Road and Bani Gala. This residential company is popular with investors due to its spectacular views and quality amenities.

Payment Plan for Park View Hills Estate:

  • Residential 5 marlas 80 lacs
  • Residential 10 marlas 150 lacs

The possibilities of development are enormous, and the plots are offered at the lowest costs. Hills Estate in Park View City is the best option for you if you’re wanting to invest your cash in a location that is safe and will give your family a secure atmosphere.

Park View City Hills Estate Payment Plan

Features and Amenities of Hill Estate:

The hills estate is situated in Islamabad’s wonderlands, next to the Bahria Enclave, and encircled by the serene Margala Hills. The Botanical Gardens, which are nearby and not only enhance the attractiveness of the region but also serve an important purpose in terms of biodiversity, are adjacent to Park View City hills estate.

Amenities in Park View Hills Estate

Greenhouses and nurseries generate a broad range of plants and flowers, and a well-established organic food market will guarantee a supply of freshly picked vegetables and fruits. A flawless home community with unrivalled amenities and perfect vision is Park View City.

Each section of the society is designed with a special viewpoint and functionality to provide its people a luxurious lifestyle these include Gated neighborhood, 24/7 Electricity, Gas, and Water, Club & Community Center, Hospitals, Schools, Mosque, Underground Electricity Supply, Constant Vigilance of security, Modern Infrastructure, and Elegant Housing Plan; Commercial Walk, Cinemas, Zoo, and Parks; Underground Electricity Supply, and Community Centers.

Salient Features in Park View Hills Estate

Reasons to invest in Park view city hills estate:

Hills estate is a particularly appealing investment option because to its beautiful landscape, calm surroundings, continuing construction, and excellent infrastructure.

Park View city Islamabad is one of the select few Approved Societies that encourages investors with their quickly expanding constructions, therefore now is the ideal moment to invest in Park View City hills estate to improve your standard of living.

Now, Park View City hills estate is the ideal location for both residential and business activities. A ground-breaking ceremony for a commercial plaza was recently held in Parkview City. The addition of a commercial core with premium facilities will make this society prominent residential community in the coming months.

How to book your plot in Park View Hills Estate:

Contact Ghafari Marketing with the following documents to reserve your land.

  • a copy of your CNIC
  • ID card copy of your nominee
  • 2 photos in passport size

How To Book Plot in Hills Estate

Pros and Cons of Hills Estate:


Perfect location:

Despite being appropriately close to the main city and conveniently accessible, the housing development. The neighboring slopes and hills of Bani Gala provide another benefit to the PVC housing society. The tranquilly of the picturesque scenery close to the city core is the perfect setting for constructing your dream house.

Commercial district with a striking entrance:

The fact that a business is located at the entrance indicates that it will likely get more foot traffic because it will be accessible to nearby communities like Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave in this case. These industrial areas entice real estate investors to invest in landmark projects and shopping centers. The demand for the housing society will rise even more as a result.

Effective Developer:

We have strengthened each property project’s due diligence. is incomplete without considering the programmer’s competence to perform the task. The Vision Group has created Park View City. Aleem Khan, a well-known politician and one of Punjab’s top ministers, is the chairman of the Vision Group.

The Job does get more authenticity by having ties to such a figure. It most definitely reduces the dangers connected with development and construction.

The rapid rate of development work:

The Park View City Hills estate’s development work is moving along quickly, and the project’s developer is well-known for their excellent work in real estate sector.

Tranquilizing and pollution free environment:

The park view city hills estate is regarded as being in the best position in terms of an unpolluted environment and a serene community that provides its residents with peace.

All Basic Amenities and Load shedding free community:

The society offers its residents all of the necessary amenities, taking into account the need of a load-shedding-free environment.


Higher Prices:

Plots in society are slightly more expensive than in other housing societies. However, with all of the amenities and a large plot size. It is entirely justified. As a result, while Park View City’s hill estate prices appear to be higher than those of other Islamabad societies, we feel they are justified due to substantially larger plot sizes, premium land, and the fact that development expenditures are included in the purchase price.

FAQs Related to Park View City Hills Estate:

Q1. What exactly is Park View Hill Estate?

Answer: Park View City is a luxurious housing scheme in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Q2. Where exactly is Park View Hills Estate?

Answer: Park View City is conveniently positioned in prime location, although the exact map has not been released.

Q3. Who is Hills Estate owner?

Answer: This revolutionary housing society is a Vision Group project. Aleem Khan, a key member of the PTI, owns Vision Group.

Q4: Is Park View City Hills Estate Islamabad a legal entity?

Answer: Park View City is a completely legal housing proposal with a NOC and CDA-approved planning authority.

Q5. What Plot sizes are available and their prices?

Answer: You can book 5, 10 Marla of Residential plots costing 75 lacs and 190 lacs respectively and 5marla & 1 Kanal commercial Plots costing 3 crore and 5 Crore accordingly.

Q6. Does society provide a payment plan?

Answer: Yes, for the convenience of its investors, the organization offers a 2-year simple payments plan.

Q7. What services will society provide?

Answer: The housing society will give its members with all fundamental and modern amenities such as water, gas, power, security, hospitals, schools, retail zones, sports and fitness centres, botanical gardens, theatres, and numerous others.

Q8. Can Overseas Pakistanis reserve a plot in Park View City Hills Estate Islamabad?

Answer: Ans. Yes, it is a fantastic chance for foreign Pakistanis to invest in society while staying at home. Ghafari Marketing provides its clients with online options that allow them to reserve their plot in Park View City from anywhere in the world.

Q9. How can I reserve a plot in Park View Hills Estate?

Ans. You may simply reserve your plot in the community by calling us now or visiting the Ghafari Marketing office; alternatively, you can phone us at 0335-5550134.


Park View Hills Estate block would be one of the biggest social and commercial projects in Islamabad following its productive implementation, according to the overview of society. All things considered, Park View Hills Estate looks to be a good investment prospect for both investors and residents and business tycoons.


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