Peshawar Green City 1


Peshawar Green City 1 is a new housing Society in Peshawar City. Peshawar is Pakistan’s 6th largest city. Also, it is known as a city of flowers. So, developers have built this Society in an amazing city. This housing project has fantastic features. Besides, the global fame team has created a Society master plan. Investors can get every facility here. Thus, it is an ideal place for investment. It will also offer good returns on the investment.

The property location increases its worth. So, the buyers of this Society will have that advantage. Besides, its amenities will help residents to improve their quality of life. They can find their ideal homes here. It is a great investment opportunity. Thus, this blog has all the details about this modern Society.

Developers and Onwers

Noor Vision Builders are the Peshawar City 1 developers. The firm is excellent in property development. Also, their projects are high-quality. Besides, they have done various projects. All are successful. Udaan Marketing Pvt. Ltd has marketed the Society. So they aim to showcase the Society to its rightful buyers. The developers aim to provide an affordable community to the buyers. It is in a safe place. So, residents have peaceful lives here.

Peshawar Green City Owners and Developers

NOC Status

The Peshawar Development Authority will soon approve the Peshawar Green City 1 NOC. Also, all the documents are in process. The legal approval takes time. So, developers work hard to get approval. Soon Society will become legal. Thus, it will become a safe place to invest. So, legal Society has more worth. The returns on the investment are good in the lawful Society. When PDA approves the Society NOC, it will offer high profits.

Peshawar Green City 1 NOC

Location and Map

Peshawar Green City-1 location is in a desirable spot. It is near Behlol Zai Canal. Also, the Main Kohat Road in Peshawar is close to the housing complex. So, those who want to live a lavish lifestyle will find this location attractive. Besides, Society has easy access. It has a high level of safety. Residents can reach here from various routes. So, it has linked with the significant ways of Peshawar.

Peshawar Green City

Access Points

The Peshawar Green City 1 access points are a vital feature. Society’s accessibility makes it desirable. So, here are its easy access points

  • 20 minutes drive away from the Jamalabad
  • 21 minutes away from the Peshawar TMA Town-IV
  • 29 minutes from the Peshawar Bacha Khan International Airport
  • 35 minutes distance from the Peshawar Institute of Management Science
  • 44 minutes drive from the Peshawar Green Home
  • 50 minutes away from sector A of DHA Peshawar

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The Peshawar City 1 map is in a prime location. There are many routes of the city close to it. Also, some of them are

  • Jamalabad
  • Nawab Market
  • Baghbanan
  • Shamshato Road
  • Tatara Park
  • University Town
  • Hayatabad Road
  • Green Home Peshawar
  • Sheen Drang Bazar
  • New Peshawar Valley
  • Khattak City Pabbi
  • TMA Town-IV Peshawar
  • Badshah Cricket Ground
  • Peshawar Institute of Management Science
  • Bacha Khan International Airport

Master Plan

The developers have well-planned the Peshawar Green City master plan. Also, it is well organized. A team of professionals has designed it. They are famous worldwide. So, the fact that this housing society is as per contemporary design. It is a desirable location to live. Besides, there are many plots for sale here. There are housing and commercial plots. They vary in a different size.

The master plan of Society has all the essentials. It includes the best Schools. Also, it has a medical facility. There will be playgrounds for the children. So, there is a Jamia Mosque. Residents can pray there. Thus, every facility will be on the doorstep of the residents.

Peshawar Green City 1 Master Plan

Peshawar Green City 1 Block

The Society has four blocks. These are remarkable blocks. Also, they have unique features. They will increase the quality of life. Residents will feel safe here. The developers name them alphabetically. These blocks of different properties. Also, there are beautiful plots for sale in the community. The blocks are.

  • A Block
  • B Block
  • C Block
  • D Block

Residential Plots

Society has many different residential plots. They are of different sizes. Also, they are affordable. The developers give a variety of choices to the buyers. So, buyers can choose according to their desires. The available residential plots for sale are

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

The developers also offer commercial plots. It will increase the value of Society. Also, the buyers can expand their business here. The ideal location of the properties will increase the profits. The area can become the new commercial hub. So, it is a good investment opportunity. The available commercial plots for sale in Peshawar City 1 are

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla

Payment Plans

The Peshawar City 1 payment plans are affordable. Also, the developers have provided the installment plans. It will ease the buyers. They don’t have to pay the total amount at once. So, they have to deposit only 10% to book their plot.

There are 30 monthly installments. Also, buyers can have 5 half-yearly installment plans. The buyers can choose as per their choice. The details of the Commercial payment are not available now. So, contact Ghafari Marketing for more information.

Peshawar Green City 1 Payment Plans of Block A & B

  • 5 Marla plot price is Rs 2,500,000/-. The booking price is Rs 250,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 250,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 25,000/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 125,000/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 375,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot price is Rs 5,000,000/-. The booking price is Rs 500,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 500,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 50,000/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 250,000/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 750,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot price is Rs 10,000,000/-. The booking price is Rs 1,000,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 1,000,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 100,000/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 500,000/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 1,500,000/-

Peshawar Green City 1 Payment Plans of Block C & D

  • 5 Marla plot price is Rs 2,250,000/-. The booking price is Rs 225,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 225,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 22,500/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 112,500/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 337,500/-
  • 7 Marla plot price is Rs 3,150,000/-. The booking price is Rs 315,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 315,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 31,500/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 157,500/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 472,500/-
  • 1 Kanal plot price is Rs 9,000,000/-. The booking price is Rs 900,000/-. Also, the allocation and confirmation price is Rs 900,000/- each. The 30 monthly installments are Rs 90,000/-. So, the 5 half-yearly installments are Rs 450,000/-. Besides, the possession charges are Rs 1,350,000/-

Development Status

The construction work has started in Society. The developers ensure that all processes are according to international standards. Also, it cuts down construction waste. Faster construction is possible thanks to over a hundred of heavy machinery. The workers have completed the main route. Besides, the Society’s main gate is complete.

Investing here is a golden chance. The prices are so low. Thus, Ghafari Marketing is always willing to assist its clients. So, please get in touch with us. If you have any inquiries about the recent development in Peshawar Green City 1.

Amenities and Services

Society is beautiful and modern. It gives its people a place to live that is safe. Also, the area is gorgeous and high-end. That makes it a great place to build businesses and homes. It’s also where buyers and their families can finally live in quiet.

Top Amenities in Peshawar Green City 1

Sustainable Society

People will be able to live in a friendly way. Also, the environment makes people feel more connected to nature. So, they are giving them all the modern comforts. You won’t be able to get this experience anywhere else. It will also be Peshawar’s most beautiful Society.

Water Reservoirs

The builders have taken the people’s water needs into account. Also, they have created reservoirs so that they can reach this goal. Also, these reservoirs can store a large amount of water. So that the renters can use it for what they want. Filtration plants will also be a vital part of Society. Also, developers make sure that people can get clean water to drink.

Medical Facilities

The people who built this neighborhood paid close attention to the healthcare facilities. Also, the developers will build hospitals and clinics that are the best in the world. To reach their goal of giving the people there the best medical facilities. So, the ER will be accessible twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week. Staff and healthcare experts will always be there to help.

Economic Zone

The developers have met everyone’s economic and business needs. So, this neighborhood is a busy place for business and trade. Because of this, Society will create a financial district with everything in it. Also, the people who live there can take care of all their business needs in the neighborhood.

Gated Community

A gated community must make people feel safe to do well. So, a neighborhood with gates gives an extra layer of safety. CCTV cameras are part of a security system that keeps people safe. Also, they work 24 hours a day. The neighborhood also has gates. Also, it has to have a sound security system. It will add another layer of protection.

Good Infrastructure

Developers make sure that the roads and other facilities meet the highest standards. Also, they built them with skilled workers and specialized tools. The main street and the roads that split it up are wide enough. So, the way it looks will be appealing.

Salient Features

Society has a lot of the things that buyers look for in a property. But buyers won’t find another place to live like this one. So, It’s not just because it has many high-end amenities. Also, it is very affordable. Some of the salient features of the housing project are

  • Ideal Location
  • Reliable Developers
  • Secured Housing
  • Beautiful Archietecture
  • Peaceful Place
  • Playgrounds
  • No Load Shedding
  • Smart Housing
  • Power Grid

Why Invest In Peshawar Green City 1

There are a lot of investment opportunities in the new community. Also, it’s best for future investments.  So, it’s for people who want to live in a peaceful setting. So, let’s discuss what helps make Peshawar Green City 1 a great place to live and invest.


Society is the most luxurious place in the country. Also, the area has low- and middle-priced housing options. Society is also a nice place to live. The developers offer installment plans. So, anyone can book their plot with only a 10% deposit.

Excellent Features

Society is one of the best places to live. It is also best for long-term investment. Also, Society has the best facilities to enjoy a lifestyle. There are many services, but the basics are always there. The Society also has a business district and a recreation center. Shopping mall and an amusement park. There is foolproof security.

High Return on Investment

This Society is an excellent investment for overseas Pakistan. Also, it’s worth increasing with time. Soon Society will get its approval. It has an accessible location. Besides, it will offer all the amenities of global standards. So, don’t miss a chance. Book your plots now in this Society.

Pros and Cons

This Society has many things which buyers like. Here is a detailed list of the pros and cons of Society. So, buyers can make a choice. The pros and cons of this gated community are


  • Secure Area
  • Well-Organized Master Plan
  • Low Price Housing
  • Easy Access
  • Provision Of Basic
  • Well-Planned
  • Sustainable Surrounding
  • Water Filtration Plants
  • No load shedding
  • Proper Sewerage System


  • Perception of high prices

How To Book A Plot In Peshawar Green City 1

Pay close attention to the details about Society. Also, before you invest, it’s essential to be sure by checking all the documents. So, check with the reliable consultants you can find. Ensure you have enough money before buying or selling the properties. Also, this is the most reliable way to make a quick and worry-free real estate investment.

Step 1

People should think about talking to professionals before buying real estate. Like Ghafari Marketing, the firm has a wide range of skills. Also, they offer more credible market research to their customers. Besides, check the Society’s website often to see if anything has changed.

Step 2

The buyers need to contact us right away. Our consultant will also explain the details of the form. Also, they help people fill out the complete documents.

Step 3

The customer must check the Society’s location. Also, check the progress by visiting the site. Once you’re happy with everything. So, deposit the downpayment to reserve a plot.

Document Required for the Booking

The buyers have to submit some documents with the application. Also, these documents are

  • Buyer photocopies of CNIC/NICOP
  • Next to kin photocopies of CNIC
  • Buyer two photographs
  • Deposit the initial payment

How To Book Plot in Peshawar Green City 1


Q1: Who are the developers of Peshawar Green City 1?

A1: Noor Vision Pvt. Ltd is the Peshawar Green City 1 developer. Also, Udaan Marketing firm is the marketer of the Society.

Q2: Where is the Peshawar Green City 1 location and map?

A2: Peshawar Green City-1 location is near Behlol Zai Canal. Also, the Main Kohat Road is close to Society.

Q3: Is Peshawar Green City 1 a legal Society?

A3: The PDA is still reviewing the Peshawar Green City 1 NOC. But soon, Society will get its authorization.

Q4: Is Peshawar Green City 1 an affordable Society?

A4: The developers offer the affordable Peshawar Green City 1 payment plans. Also, they give the option of installment plans.

Q5: What kind of property is available in Peshawar Green City 1?

A5: The Peshawar Green City 1 master plan is well-designed. The developers offer housing and business plots. Also, these vary in size. The detail is

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla
  • 8 Marla


Peshawar is a beautiful city in Pakistan. The Peshawar Green City 1 will increase its beauty. Also, this Society has already raised the standards. The developers have developed it to international standards. Besides, it has all the facilities. It is close to the city routes. So, buyers also want to invest here.

Ghafari Marketing is here to help its customers. Also, we think that this Society will provide high profit. So, investing here can be a good option. The land value will double once it gets its approval. Thus, now is a time to invest here. The prices are still affordable. So, don’t miss a chance.

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