11 Reasons To Invest In Park View City


Investment in a property is a significant decision. Also, it is the safest way to secure your cash. Investors still face many problems with this. First, they don’t know where to invest for good returns. So, not making a buying decision in a rush is essential. Second, it is significant to do research. For the ease of our readers, we will discuss some reasons to invest in Park View City Islamabad. Also, it is the most beneficial investment opportunity in the country.

Park View City is a NOC-approved community. Also, there is rapid construction here. The plots for sale are affordable. Besides, developers also offer an easy installment plan. So, learn more about the reasons why you should invest here.

Prime Location

The best thing about the housing Society is its location. It is near the Kashmir Highway. Also, close to Malot Road. The Society’s 200-foot main has connected to Murree road. Besides, it is only 15 to 20 minutes from the Islamabad Expressway. The Society is in the beautiful hills of Bani Gala. Yet, it is close to the center of the city. Make it accessible. The quiet, beautiful area is a great place to build a house.

Access Points

The Society is an ideal location. Also, the main routes of Islamabad connect the Society. The easy access makes it a good investment opportunity. So, some of the access points of Society are

  • Developed at Malot Road
  • 10 minutes far from the Bharia Enclave
  • 12 minutes distance from the Park Enclave
  • 15 minutes drive from the Blue Area
  • 20 minutes away from the Bara Kahu
  • 25 minutes from the Kurri Road

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

The gated community is close to twin cities. Also, all the significant sites are in proximity. Some nearby landmarks are

  • Bharia Enclave
  • Bani Gala
  • Blue Area
  • Serena Hotel
  • Bara Kahu
  • Park Enclave

High-Quality Life

Imagine owning a home close to the mountains, lake, and botanical garden. What else do buyers need. Also, it is close to the city. So, all this is for a more enjoyable life in one community. You now have the opportunity to effect change and improve the quality of your life. You will have difficulty finding a home project that offers a quality of life even close to this one. So, it is an excellent opportunity for buyers to improve their standards.

Commercial hub

Park View City’s main thoroughfare is 200 feet in length. A little over a hundred metres long. Also, it connects Islamabad Avenue with Jinnah Park Lane. Travelling from the commercial area is quick and easy. So, buyers may enjoy comfortable travelling. It is also close industrial district to the main gate. Also, Society’s commercial zone will become more attractive places to live and work. So, it is more valuable to businesses.

Commercial Hub

Great Investment

Investing in real estate is a simple way to grow income. Also, the value of many housing projects in Islamabad has increased. So, there is an increase in the need for residential space. The city’s population is expanding. But profitability is still the most critical factor in value growth. If you put your money into Park View City, it will double in value. As the cost of land is high. Besides, its facilities will also increase its worth.

Rapid Development

The progress in Society is high. The two blocks, A and B, work has finished. Also, the developers have handed over possession of two blocks. So, the construction has started in full swing. The speed at which developers are impressive. The Jamiah Mosque is almost complete. We expect the community work will have done soon. Also, buyers can live here. The facilities planning report is available on the official website.

Reliable Developers

The developer can finish the project on time. Also, the Vision Group are the Park View City developers. The vision group CEO is Aleem Khan. The developers boost project credibility. Besides, it will cut dangers that could arise during building. Some of their projects are Park View Villas, Park View Signature Flats, and many more. Thus, developers have done some significant projects. All are according to international standards.

Projects of the Developer

The vision group is famous for many things. Also, they are working in different fields. So, some of their projects are

  • Park View City Lahore
  • Samaa TV
  • The National School Lahore
  • P. D. H Pharmaceutical
  • Park View Icon I.
  • Abdul Hakeem Khan Foundation
  • Park View Corporate Tower Upper
  • Cinestar Cinema Theater
  • Park View Signature Apartments

Eco Friendly

The calmness in Society is another to invest in  Park View City 2023.  Also, Society has a  tree-planting initiative. It will enhance the local environment.  There are more than 150,000 plants in the initiative. So, Society is a great place to live. It has a beautiful view. The setting is peaceful.

The Chak Shahzad region is well-known for its scenic beauty. So many buyers want to invest in Society. Also, it is known for its high-class living. It is a secure way of living. If you buy a home in Park View City Islamabad, you will never be happy with the location. The lush forest setting is beneficial to people. As per international environmental reports. The construction of the eco-friendly project is on the rise.

NOC Approved

Developers have followed all protocols. Also, the CDA has approved the Park View City Islamabad NOC. Developers find it most challenging to get the NOC. But, if the agencies have approved the housing project. It is a lawful Society. So the buyers will trust the project. Also, it assures them that the Society is per local standards. It also means that investments here are safe.

Affordable Prices

The developers have offered an affordable Park View City payment plan for 2023. Also, developers know that most buyers don’t have enough money to buy the plot. So, they also offer an installment plan. The downpayment is only 25%.

Buying a house in Islamabad is a perfect moment for anyone. Besides, investors will appreciate the affordable prices offered by Society. There are easy monthly or quarterly installments. For detailed payment plans, visit Ghafari Marketing.

Residential Plots Prices

  • 5 Marla plot range from Rs 8,500,000/-
  • 10 Marla plot range from Rs 17,500,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot range from Rs 30,000,000/-
  • 2 Kanal plot range from the Rs 50,000,000/-

Commercial Plots Prices

  • 6 Marla plot range from Rs 42,000,000/-
  • 8 Marla plot range from Rs 56,000,000/-
  • 1 Kanal plot range from Rs 170,000,000/-

Different Sized Plots

The plot sizes in Society are more significant than in other projects.  Also, the 5 Marlas with measurements of 26 feet by 50 feet. Besides, 10 Marlas in Park View City is 35 feet wide by 70 feet deep. So,  it is a total of 2450 square feet.

An average Marla is 250 square feet or over 17 square meters.  That is larger than the average in others. Even though Society is more expensive than others. The plot sizes justify the higher price tag. Also,  the land quality in the area makes construction more expensive. The plots for sale in the Society are

Residential Plots

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla plot
  • 1 Kanal plot
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

  • 4 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Gated Secure Community

The developer provides the most safety to the residents. Also, Society is a secure place. Islamabad is a safe city. The Societies are safer than other cities. Besides, there are security cameras and guards in Society. Residents have access to the most desirable services. Hence, the community with unique features of a large mosque, schools, and a hospital. Also, it is an excellent investment. Society possesses all the available resources.


This article covers the reasons to invest in Park View City Islamabad. Also, these considerations are the most critical aspects. They are in investors’ minds at the beginning of the investment process. So, contact us here at Ghafari Marketing about the housing project. You must invest here, as it offers you good investment returns.


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