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Moreno Enclave is a new residential housing society in Islamabad, Pakistan. Additionally, as the population rises,  the demand for reasonable housing. As a result, modern-day home Societies increase in twin cities’ real estate sectors. Moreover, many real estate builders have developed new housing societies in the twin cities.

But few provide a quality life at an affordable price. For example, this housing project offers comfortable living at a reasonable cost.

This article will provide customers with detailed information on this upcoming project. Moreover, like the Moreno Enclave Master plan,  Location, Payment Plan, Features, and much more.

Developers and Owners

Moreno Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is the Moreno Enclave developer and owner. Moreover, Malik Nusrat Mehmood has established and run the company. He is one of Pakistan’s most successful businessmen. Furthermore,  the developer has over 25 years of real estate knowledge. His love for the job has helped him develop a successful firm.

The developers have built a name for themselves in the property industry. They have worked on several significant projects. In planning and completing each creation, they use high-quality technology and experience.

Owners & Developers Moreno City

Moreno Enclave Developer Vision

Moreno Enclave developer’s vision is to give individuals luxurious homes at reasonable prices. Moreover, the CEO, Mr Malik Nusrat Mehmood, stated, “I have twenty-five years of experience in property building, selling, and land purchasing. Further, he wants to change the real estate market trends by providing quality housing at affordable pricing.

Moreno Enclave Developer Mission

The  Moreno Enclave owner’s mission is to offer comfortable and safe living places. At a price, they can afford. Moreover,  the project developer finished with full attention to every detail. As a result, they were making it among the city’s most popular projects.

Additional Projects of Moreno Enclave Developers

The builders are also involved in projects other than Moreno Enclave Islamabad. Moreover,  Moreno Holdings have also started two other large projects. In the twin cities’ best spots.

The developer’s successful offerings will provide housing and business plots with facilities. All these facilities will meet international standards. Additionally, it will include the finest services and have good value.

Moreno City

The developers have built Moreno city close to the CPEC route. Society will be a commercial hub with reliable tourist spots.

Moreno Sports City

This project has located close to Moreno City. It is the 3rd residential project from the same company. In addition, the developers want to build a Society like Blue World City Sports Valley and Marina Sports City. Sports also inspire this Society. Therefore, Moreno Sports City will feature an entire sports arena.

Location Map

Moreno Enclave Islamabad location map is in an area of Islamabad.  Moreover,  It is near the Islamabad  Airport and the M1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway. However,  The Moreno Enclave location is in B-17, Islamabad. In addition, It is only a few minutes from the M1  Motorway, making it easy to reach Islamabad.

Location Map

The Moreno Enclave map is a well-planned area where people can live a comfortable and relaxing life. Moreover,  The Society has lovely views of the Margalla Hills and has enclosed by greenery.

In addition,  One of the best things about the Society is that it is close to the Islamabad International Airport.  Further, it makes it perfect for people who want comfortable lifestyles.

Moreno Enclave Access Points

The developers have great experience in the construction of housing projects. Furthermore, they believe that location impacts a property’s future worth. So, they placed the Moreno Enclave location that it has access from different paths like

  • Developed close to B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad
  • 5 minutes drive from M1 Motorway
  • The 5 minutes distance from OPEC
  • 10 minutes away from Wapda Town
  • The 10-minute drive from the Islamabad New Airport
  • 15 minutes away from the GT route
  • 20 minutes away from Blue Area, Islamabad
  • 30 minutes distance from the central Rawalpindi City

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

Many significant sites and landmarks are near the Moreno Enclave Islamabad map. Making Society the best spot to live and invest. Moreover, some of the nearby landmarks are

NOC Status

The  Moreno Enclave NOC will approve by PHATA in early 2023. In addition, this is good news for people who want to invest in this project. Further, the builders have worked hard to ensure that the local authorities will approve the Society NOC.

NOC Moreno Enclave

Moreover, the developers have presented all the documents needed for NOC approval. Therefore, with the NOC approval, buyers will have more investment chances. Consequently, it is a good step toward developing the area and providing the citizens with a successful future.

Master Plan

The Moreno Enclave  Master Plan is an initiative by Meinhardt Singapore, a famous infrastructure and engineering firm. Moreover, the designers want to create healthy and eco-friendly city development.

Additionally, the Moreno Enclave Islamabad master plan aims to build various residential properties. Further, developers have developed commercial plots, world-class services and facilities, and vast road structures that will facilitate traffic flow.  The Society Master plan comprises 8,000 Kanals of land.

The developers will officially disclose Moreno Enclave Islamabad’s master plan in February 2023.  Moreover, it will have divided into a variety of blocks. In addition, the plots for Sale in Moreno Enclave will have different sizes. All of which have access to modern services.

Meinhardt Singapore is the Society master planner.  Moreover, they need no introduction. However, the firm currently works on several housing projects across Pakistan and other countries. Their current projects in twin cities are

Plots in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

The community is only selling residential plots now. The developers also plan to offer commercial properties soon. Moreno Enclave Islamabad administration has released residential properties of variable sizes. The developers disclosed the most cost-effective Moreno Enclave payment plan. In addition, the residential plots feature first-rate services and conveniences.

Residential Plots

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal

Payment Plans

The developers have introduced the affordable Moreno Enclave Islamabad payment plans. Additionally, the developers know that most customers can not put in a large amount of money at once. Therefore, they offer reasonable 14 quarterly installment plans with a 20% down payment.

Here are the details of the Moreno Enclave payment plan 2023.

  • 5 Marla Moreno Enclave residential plot costs Rs 3,500,000/-. In addition, the 20% deposit of Rs 700,000/-. Additionally, the 14 quarterly installments are Rs 180,000/-. Further, the possession charges are Rs 280,000/-
  • The 10 Marla Moreno Enclave residential plot costs Rs 6,000,000/-. In addition, the 20% deposit of Rs 1,200,000/-. Additionally, the 14 quarterly installments are Rs 310,000/-. Further, the possession charges are Rs 460,000/-
  • 1 Kanal Moreno Enclave residential plot costs Rs 11,000,000/-. In addition, the 20% deposit of Rs 2,200,000/-. Additionally, the 14 quarterly installments are Rs 570,000/-. Further, the possession charges are Rs 820,000/-

Moreno Enclave Payment Plan

Terms And Conditions

  • The mentioned Moreno Enclave payment plans can change anytime without notice.
  • Prices available are only land cost inclusive.
  • The prices mentioned in the payment plan are exclusive to any taxes and dues.
  • Plots with Park Facing/ Main Road/ Corner have an additional 10% charge.
  • There will be a 10% discount on the total payment.
  • There will be a 5% discount on the half payment.

Amenities and Services

The Society developers provide many services and facilities for the residents. Some of these are

Top Amenities in Moreno Enclave

Provision of Essentials

Safe drinking water, gas, and power are all necessities for residents. The residents of Society will have regular access to these utilities. Moreover, the developers will also ensure these facilities have provided from the underground ground. As a result, it will increase the neighborhood’s overall beauty.

 Recreational Areas

The developers have plans to make the city more eco-friendly by adding lots of parks and open spaces. Moreover, residents will appreciate spending quality time in these green spaces. It will serve as a welcome relief from the chaos of daily life.

In addition, residential areas will have playgrounds for families to go out when they want to play outside.


Every Muslim community needs a Mosque. It serves as a focal point for the group and a place of prayer and reflection. Additionally, developers in various parts of Society are currently planning massive Mosques. Each mosque will have air conditioning and backup generators.

In addition, there will be spacious prayer halls and a security system. As a result, worshippers in the community will have peace of mind.

Famous Restaurants

Society will have comprehensive options of hotels and restaurants serving various food options. In addition, the whole family can come here and have a memorable time. There are different dining options.

Well-Planned Infrastructure

The builders also intend to construct a beautiful road system connecting all housing community areas with minimal effort and delay. In addition, Moreno Enclave’s management is focusing on building a complete road system.

Parking Facilities

The MHPL’s first project is this Society. The developers worked with several individuals to achieve a Smart parking system. Moreover, the community’s “Smart Parking” system will provide residents with a safe and suitable place to park their vehicles.

Commercial Districts

A residential neighborhood would lack a vital component without convenient shopping and dining options. Thus, the management will assign specific areas for commercial use.

The commercial zone will have supermarkets, hardware stores, shopping centres, and department stores. In addition, a variety of national and international stores, as well as shopping centers, will fill the business zone of Moreno Enclave.

Safety and Protection

The developers’ main concern centers on the welfare of the neighborhood’s people. Moreover, they plan to design the housing Society with their residents’ security of utmost importance. Therefore, there will be adequate security at all entry and exit points in Society.

In addition, the builders will ensure that all the major roads and streets are under constant CCTV monitoring.

Salient Features

Many of the features that home buyers and investors look for in a property are present in Moreno Enclave. However, customers won’t find another residential development quite like this one in Islamabad. It is not just because it provides a wide range of high-end conveniences in addition to the standard prices.

  • Ideal Location
  • Trustworthy developers
  • Secured Community
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • Peaceful Environment
  • Recreational Area
  • No Load Shedding
  • Smart Housing
  • Smart Parking
  • Power Grid

Development Status

The project is currently in the pre-launch phase. Therefore, official progress has not yet begun. However, initial development, including such a base, is presently ongoing.

According to authorities, the development will begin at full speed after the official launch. Additionally, the launch has likely for the last week of January 2023.

We will continue to update this site with the most recent developments of the Society, so please revisit the Ghafari Marketing website frequently.

Investment Benefits In Moreno Enclave

The Moreno Enclave, a new community in Islamabad, offers a wide variety of business and personal investment opportunities. In other words, it’s a golden chance for anyone looking to put their money to good use in the future. But is it also a great place to live for those who want luxurious lives and want high investment returns?

So, let’s talk about what makes Moreno Enclave such a great place to live and invest

Best Possible Spot

Society is in the center of Islamabad, one of the neighborhood’s most striking characteristics. Moreover, this project’s ideal location makes it convenient for customers to get from distant places.

Additionally, Society is in a highly wanted area. Directly across from the renowned B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad and close to the M-1 Islamabad Motorway. Moreover, Moreno Enclave also benefits from a significant point for taking in the incredible scenery of the Margalla Mountains.


Within the nation’s capital limits, Moreno Enclave provides the peak of luxury. Not only that, but low- and middle-priced housing options are available in the community. Moreover, Moreno Enclave Islamabad is an attractive Society. Primarily because of its low price and flexible payment options.

Excellent Features

The Society’s high-quality offerings make it a top pick for living and long-term investment. Moreover, Society developers have committed to providing future residents with the finest facilities available so they can enjoy a lifestyle.

The basics are available regularly, just a few of the many services. In addition, the Society offers a recreation center and business district. The business district will include shopping centers, amusement parks, safety, and a proper dumping system are all part of the project.

Skilled Developers

With this being their first residential project, Moreno Holdings doesn’t mean they don’t have the capability to pull it off. Thus, the developers have worked in Pakistan’s real estate industry for over two decades.

In addition, developers have collaborated with the Singapore-based Meinhardt Group, an organization widely recognized for its expertise in urban design. Therefore, Society will be a masterpiece, with all the modern conveniences.

High Rates of Return

The buyers from Pakistan or living outside the country, this Society is a promising investment opportunity for them that could yield significant returns. In addition, the Society’s essential features, like its prime location, convenience, reliability, outstanding amenities, and unmatched quality of life, will play a vital role in its worth.

Pros and Cons

Like any other community, Moreno Enclave Islamabad has its share of pros and cons. The development’s advantages, however, far be more significant than its drawbacks. In addition, the advantages and disadvantages of Moreno Enclave Islamabad are


  • Affordable Prices
  • Closeness to Islamabad
  • Availability of Commodities
  • Commercial Zone
  • Sports Facility
  • Drainage and Dumping System
  • Gated Secured Community
  • Masjids
  • Eco-friendly Environment


  • Assumption of high prices
  • Presumption of being far from the city

How to book plot in Moreno Enclave

Confirm everything to the customer’s satisfaction to prevent misunderstandings. For example, inquire about the NOC and the legitimacy of the Society. Check from the relevant authorities or the real reliable consultants.

Finally, ensure the finances are in order before finalizing the purchase or transition of the properties. In addition, this is the most reliable method for providing a quick and trouble-free real estate deal.

Step 1

Investors and new buyers should consider consulting with real estate experts like Ghafari Marketing regarding real estate investments. In addition, the company has direct exposure to a more reliable market trend due to their vast experience. In addition, buyers should regularly check the Society’s website for updates.

Step 2

Get in touch right away if buyers are considering investing in Moreno Enclave. Our advisor will explain the purpose of the request form, and then our sales team will distribute it to interested customers.

Step 3

Customers must see the property site to ensure the companies haven’t misused the state’s progress and development. So, they check out the properties and deposit the down payment to reserve.

Document Requires for Plot Booking

The document requires booking the plots in the Moreno Enclave are

How To Book Plot in Moreno Enclave

  • The buyer CNIC/NICOP photocopies
  • Nominee CNIC photocopies
  • Latest photos of the buyer
  • Deposit slip of down payment

FAQs Moreno Enclave 

Q1: Who are the developers of Moreno Enclave?

Answer: Moreno Holding Private Ltd are Moreno Enclave Islamabad developers and owners. In addition, the company has more than twenty-five years of experience in real estate.

Q2: Where are the Moreno Enclave Islamabad locations?

Answer: Moreno Enclave location map lies in a highly desirable area of Islamabad. Near the M-1 Motorway. Directly across from the F and G Blocks of B-17 Multi Gardens in Islamabad.

Q3: Who are the Moreno Enclave City planner?

Answer: The remarkable Society has designed by the Singaporean firm Meinhardt Group. They are a globally renowned company. They have also completed several real estate projects involving Pakistan.

Q4: What is the status of Moreno Enclave NOC?

Answer: The CDA is processing the Moreno Enclave NOC application. However, the PHATA will soon authorize the Moreno Enclave NOC.

Q5: What are the detail of the Moreno Enclave Master plan?

Answer: The developers will disclose the detail of the Moreno Enclave master plan on February 2023. Moreover, the available information suggested that the Moreno Enclave Islamabad masterplan comprises 8000 Kanal area. In addition, the residential plots for sale in Moreno Enclave are

  • 5-Marla
  • 10-Marla
  • 1-Kanal


Moreno Enclave is an exceptional new development by Moreno Holding Private Ltd. Moreover, with its location on Motorway M-1, this magnificent housing construction society is the developer’s crown jewel. Additionally, It covers an area of over 8,000 kanals of verdant green space.

Developers’ careful planning and design ensure a wide range of high-quality housing. Moreover, the properties are available at various affordable price points. Thus, It will be an exciting and unique addition to twin cities’ housing.

Furthermore, plots are still obtainable at pre-launch prices even though the management has not officially launched the Society.

This affordable Society provides residential plots of 5, 10, and 1 kanal, which buyers can purchase on an easy payment plan. In addition, there is a lot of space between it and the nearby well-known B-17 Multi Gardens Housing Society and the main  M-1 Motorway.

Developers have promised to complete the project in two to four years. So the construction will have to begin soon in the community. But moreover, individuals can find a golden investment opportunity that will give them good returns on investments.

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