DHA Karachi


DHA Karachi is a well-planned housing project. Also, it is in the posh area of the Clifton Cantonment. It is the most beautiful Society in Karachi. More, it is on over 8,852 acres (35.82 km2). It has a total of 8 phases. It is the Lavish Society of Karachi. First, Society was only for Pakistan’s Defence Officers. But, it has expanded to include civilians as well.

Its location near the sea view makes it in high demand. Also, the land here is valuable. It is a sought-out Society. More, it has high-end facilities. That makes this Society a fantastic place in the economic hub of Pakistan. So, it is a high-end housing place in the city. It is a well-managed housing project.

Developers and Owner

The DHA Karachi started in 1953. Also, Defence Housing Authority is the DHA Karachi developer. That makes this Society more reliable. More, people like the projects of the DHA. Their project is well-planned. Plus, they also managed their project well. So, it is a massive housing project in the best area of Karachi. Besides, its development is as per strict laws.

DHA Owners & Developers

They offer high-quality lives to their resident. Also, they aim to provide complete satisfaction to the buyers. All of these are available at affordable prices. More, they maintain the high quality of all their projects. So, the people are pleased with their development. The proof is the expansion of their projects. Besides, buyers are always willing to buy the plot in their Society. They feel secure here. Thus, DHA projects offer high profits.

DHA Project

Some of the best projects of the DHA across Pakistan are

NOC Status DHA Karachi

The first concern of any buyer is the legality of the Society. So, we have good news for them that it is a lawful project. As DHA itself is an authority. Also, it is a government project. So, the investment is sound here. There are no illegal issues here. Thus, anyone can live here the best life.


Location and Map of DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi is a combo of luxury and comfort. Also, the DHA Karachi Location is in the premier area of the city. It is near the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 motorway. So, it is on the Eastern side of Karachi. More, it is close to the Thatta district. The Jamshoro district is also near to it.

More, it is a great spot. It is near the sea view. Plus, it is known as the posh area of the city. Buyers want to invest in this area. Thus, no other project can match the level of comfort here. Besides, most town routes give easy access to the DHA Karachi.

DHA Karachi Location Map

Access Points

Society is in the perfect location. That is close to the important site of the city. Also, the significant routes connected it with the rest of the town. So, DHA Karachi access points are

  • 1 minute drive from the Main Korangi Road
  • 7 minutes from the Korangi Crossing Road
  • 6 minutes distance from the Baloch Colony Road
  • 8 minutes away from the Shahra e Faisal Road
  • 15 minutes drive from the M.A Jinnah Road
  • 20 minutes from the Seaview Service Road

DHA Karachi Location Map

Nearby Sites and Landmarks

One perk of being in a perfect spot is that all the significant sites are nearby. Also, Society has access to many routes. So, some of the nearby places are

  • Atrium Mall
  • Civil Lines
  • Clifton Beach
  • Dolmen Mall Karachi
  • Mehmmodabad
  • Karachi Port
  • The Karachi Cantonment
  • Pakistan Refinery Limited
  • Pakistan Airforce Base Korangi
  • The Airforce Museum
  • The Pakistan Co-operative Society

Master Plan

Society master plan is very sought-out. Also, it took 12 months to complete it. The DHA Karachi master plan is over 8852 acres. So, it is the largest community in Karachi. Every essential is available here. Too, it is a high-end Society. Besides, It is as per modern infrastructure. The roads are spacious. There is no problem with traffic inside the Society.

DHA Karachi Master Plan

Plus, many DHA Karachi plots for sale are available at the best prices. So, Society has 8 phases. More, these phases have many 17 sectors in them. All have the best services. There is hardly any facility that is not here. Thus, residents can live the best possible lives here.

DHA Karachi Phases

Society has 8 unique phases. Also, these phases have many fantastic sectors. All the luxuries are available here. More, they are ideal for housing. They are secure. Plus, they have the best schools. The hospitals are in it. There are theme parks here. Thus, all this makes it the best housing community in Karachi. So, the phases in DHA Karachi are

  • DHA Karachi Phase 1
  • The DHA Karachi Phase 2
  • DHA Karachi Phase 3
  • The DHA Karachi Phase 4
  • DHA Karachi Phase 5
  • The DHA Karachi Phase 6
  • DHA Karachi Phase 7
  • The DHA Karachi Phase 8

DHA Karachi Sectors

Society has 17 sectors. So, these sectors have sub-sectors. These have many residential plots. Also, the commercial properties are here too. The plots for sale in DHA Karachi are the best. More, they are an excellent choice for the investment. Hence, buyers can get the most value for them. So, these sectors are named alphabetically. They have names like A, B, C, D, etc. It will ease the buyers. Plus, they have all the fantastic things. Again, living here will be like a dream.

Residential Plots

There are around 38,000 mixed plots in DHA Karachi. Also, there are many housing plots for sale here. So, the size of the residential plots in DHA Karachi varies depending on the phase. There are many varieties here. More, they are for all kinds of buyers. Their price range is within the budget. Finally, the different-sized plots here are

  • 100 sq yds
  • 120 sq yds
  • 300 sq yds
  • 500 sq yds
  • 600 sq yds
  • 660 sq yds
  • 1000 sq yds
  • 2000 sq yds

Commercial Plots

Society is best for the business area. Also, it is in the center of the commercial space. The site location helps in the growth of the businesses here. More, there are many offices places. Plus, Karachi City is a business hub of Pakistan. It is a lavish commercial area. So, the plots here are

  • 100 sq yds
  • 200 sq yds
  • 300 sq yds

DHA Karachi Apartments

There are many apartment buildings in this project. Also, they are very common in the city. More, many people prefer to live in the flats. Karachi is a crowded place. Plus, the view from the top floors is serene. So, the flats for sale in DHA Karachi sizes are

  • 450 sq yds
  • 900 sq yds
  • 1150 sq yds
  • 1500 sq yds

DHA Karachi Oasis Farmhouses

Farmhouses are very common in Karachi. Like, most people want to live in the calm places. There is so much pollution in the city. Farmhouses in DHA Karachi Oasis are the best for buyers who want a serene place to live. So, they are massive. They are in a calm area. Hence, living here will be great. It is a perfect area for the retirees. Last, the farmhouses sizes are

  • 2000 sq yds
  • 2500 sq yds
  • 3000 sq yds

Payment Plans of DHA Karachi

The DHA Karachi payment plan is modest. They are low as per the cost of the land and the services it offers. Also, it is in the most posh area of the city. The other project’s prices are much higher than it. Plus, it provides the best amenities. Buyers will find the best place to live in Karachi. More, there are installment plans. Hence, it will give ease to buyers. For the details, contact Ghafari Marketing.

Karachi DHA Residential Plots Price

  • 100 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 2.5-3 crore
  • 120 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 2.8-3.5 crore
  • 300 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 3.8-4.5 crore
  • 500 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 8.5-10 crore
  • 600 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 11-13 crore
  • 660 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 12-14 crore
  • 1000 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 12-14 crore
  • 2000 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 32-34 crore

DHA Karachi Commercial Plots Price

  • 100 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 5-8crore
  • 200 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 13-23 crore
  • 300 sq yds DHA Karachi plot price ranges from Rs 20-25 crore

Karachi DHA Apartment Price

  • 450 sq yds DHA Karachi flat starts from Rs 60-80 lacs
  • 900 sq yds DHA Karachi flat starts from Rs 80 lacs-1.20 crore
  • 1150 sq yds DHA Karachi flat starts from Rs 1.5-3.0 crore
  • 1500 sq yds DHA Karachi flat starts from Rs 2.5-5.5 crore

DHA Karachi Oasis Farmhouses Prices

  • 2000 sq yds DHA Karachi farmhouse starts from Rs 4.5-6 crore
  • 2500 sq yds DHA Karachi farmhouse starts from Rs 5.5-7.5 crore

Development Status

All the phases of the Society have developed. The DHA Karachi management has updated its fee structure. Also, the builders can construct their projects with a 20% advance payment. In DHA City Karachi Heights, 17 plots of 800 sq. yd. are available for the members. So, the application deadline for these plots was December 26, 2022.

The Dubai Royal family member signed an MOU with the DHA Karachi. They will develop Ultra-High-End villas. Also, the ultra-high-end golf view villas are close to DCK. It is near the Nick Faldo Golf Course in DHA City Karachi. Sheikh Ahmed signed the MOU with the DHA Karachi President Gen Babar Iftikhar.

Again, it is the most lavish development. Plus, it will make it more valuable. It is a great project. Besides, it will be under the UAE firm. It is known as AMWAJ Developers. Thus, it’s going to be a great venture. The people here will get the most lavish facilities. Last, it will be a great place to invest.

Amenities and Services

It is the largest Society in Karachi. Also, it is an ultra-luxury project. Hence, living here is like a wish come true. There are many high-end facilities here. More, all the basics are within it. It is in the commercial hub. Last, it has countless perks.

Top Amenities in DHA

Some of the amenities are mention below

Availability of Basic

It is a grand housing project with a sea view. Also, it has all the premier facilities. The power shortage is a big issue in Karachi. But, it has its power supply. More, there is a system of water supply. Besides, there are water plants that filter the residents’ safe water.

Again, it is best for the kids. It has top schools. Plus, there are theme parks for them. There is also a big pool for swimming here. Thus, there are many fun places here. So they can have a cautious place to live and enjoy. Last, it is a dreamy place to live.

Worship Places

It is a big Society. So, there are many Masjids in the area. Also, there are many worship places for other religions too. There are beautiful churches here. More, there are temples too. Thus, everyone can worship.

It will give everyone a chance to co-exist in peace. Besides, it is a true meaning of Pakistan. That’s why people are willing to invest in such a great Society. Plus, the Masjid-e-Tooba is the largest Masjid in the world, with a single dome.


  • Ayesha Masjid
  • Fatima Masjid
  • Jamia Masjid Auliya
  • Jamia Masjid Noor-ul-Islam
  • Masjid-e-Khadija Tul Kurba
  • Masjid-e-Faizan-e-Islami
  • The Jamia Masjid Abdul Aziz
  • The Masjid-e-Tooba


  • Anthony’s Parish
  • Andrews Church
  • Church of Christ
  • Newlife Technological Seminary
  • Thomas’ Church


  • Shree Darbar
  • Samantha Dham
  • The Shri Ratneshwar Mahadev Temple

Commercial Areas

There are many commercial areas in the DHA phases. Also, due to its superb site, they are well-known. Plus, there are many markets here. There is a massive parking area here. Hence, it is best for shopping.

More, there are ATMs on every corner. It will allow buyers to shop tension-free. Plus, there are many supermarts here. So, shopping for the daily item is very easy here. Some of the famous commercial areas here are

  • Badar Commercial
  • Bahria Commercial
  • Khadda Market
  • Peninsula Commercial
  • Rahat Commercial
  • Saba Commercial
  • The Bukhari Commercial

Leading Schools

Society has the best schools in the country. Also, it is a plus point for the parents. They don’t have to send their kids out of the community. More, these schools are famous across Pakistan. They offer an up-to-date syllabus. Plus, they help children to grow to their full potential. Last, some of the well-known schools here are

  • Beaconhouse Defense Campus
  • C.A.S School
  • City School
  • DA Public School
  • DHA CSS Iqra Campus
  • DHA Junior School Beach View
  • Frobel School
  • Southshore School
  • The Educators School

Best Hospital

DHA Karachi offers the best medical facilities to its residents. Also, these are the famous hospital in the city. Plus, the staff here is overqualified. The medical facilities here are the best. More, they are affordable. So people can avail them with ease. Last, some of the best hospitals here are

  • Australian concept infertility medical center
  • Clifton Clinics
  • DHA Medical Centre
  • Healing Hands
  • Health Care Hospital
  • KMC Hospital
  • Medical & Oncology Associates
  • Metropolis Health
  • Parklane Hospital
  • PNS Shifa Hospital
  • Sir Syed Hospital
  • Shaukat Khanum Diagnostic Center
  • Ziauddin Hospital

Famous Dinings Places

There are many famous hotels here. Also, they are best for sightseeing. People from all around come here to enjoy the meal. Plus, it will give them a beautiful view of the sea. So some of them are

  • Angeethi – Shahbaz DHA
  • Cafeela Restaurant
  • Gazebo Restaurant
  • Hot N Spicy Restaurant
  • Jardin
  • Kolachi
  • Nawab’s Dynasty
  • Nando’s
  • Rotisserie

Public Transit Stops

Karachi is a big city. Most of people have their transport. Also, if someone has no car, that’s not an issue. There are many bus stop near it. Thus, residents will have access to every place in the city. It is a big relief for them. Hence, the roads of the town are mostly damaged. So people prefer to travel on public transport. Again, it is great news for them. Last, some of the famous buses stops near it are

  • Defence View
  • Gizri Bus Stop
  • Iqra Bus Stop
  • JolSol Bus Stop
  • KPT Underpass
  • M-1 Bus Stop
  • Madina Stop
  • Qayyumabad
  • Submarine Chowk
  • Warraich Express

Salient Feature

It is a premium Society. Also, it has all the fantastic features. Residents have quality lives here. Plus, the good thing is that it has many residents. So people can see their comfortable lives. More, they can have an idea from it. So, some of the fantastic features are

  • Accessible
  • Affordable
  • Beautiful Entrance
  • Banks
  • Commercial Area
  • Community Center
  • Clean and Secured
  • DHA Project
  • Easy Installment
  • Gated Community
  • Hilal Park
  • Hotels
  • Mini Zoo
  • Provision of Essential
  • Sustainable
  • Spa and Deluxe
  • Sea View
  • Tennis Court
  • The Hungry Caterpillar Park
  • Well-Maintain
  • Zamaza Park

Why Invest in DHA Karachi

DHA Karachi is the best Society in Karachi. Also, it is a wise decision. But buyers still need to be sure about it. It is a great investment for several reasons. More, for buyers, it is a golden chance. The plots for sale here are less. Plus, the demand is high. Again, here are some reasons to invest in DHA Karachi.

Strategic Location

DHA Karachi is in an ideal spot. Also, it has easy access to key highways. The seaports are also near it. More, the Jinnah International Airport is close to it. It is best for Overseas Pakistanis. That makes it an attractive location. Again, it is best for businesses, investors, and developers.

High Demand

DHA Karachi is in a prime location. Also, it has modern features for its residents. The area is in high demand for housing. Plus, it is excellent for the business too. Thus, it is a profitable investment in Karachi.

Growing Real Estate Market

The real estate market in Karachi has been growing over the years. Also, DHA is one of the best investments. Plus, the growth trend is likely to continue. That makes it profitable in the long term.

Quality of Life

DHA Karachi offers a high quality of life. Also, there is no doubt about it. Plus, its great facilities attract buyers. There is so much here for the ease of the people. More, It is as per international standards.


DHA Karachi is a gated community. Also, it has strict security. That provides a sound environment for residents. More, it is the first thing many investors want. Thus, there is an active security system here.

Pros and Cons

Here is the Pros and Cons list of the DHA Karachi


  • Affordability
  • Banquets
  • Community Center
  • Defence Housing Society
  • Easy Access
  • Famous Eateries
  • Golf Cub
  • High-End
  • Installment Plan
  • Power Grid
  • Resorts
  • Sports Club
  • Sea View
  • Top-Notch Infrastructure
  • Themes Parks
  • Wide Roads
  • 24/7 Security


  • Assumption of out of range prices

How to Book a Plot in DHA Karachi

Real estate is a big but secure investment. Also, it is risk-taking. Plus, success depends on the right decision. It can offer the most profits. More, it is a legal project. There is no such tension here. But still, one should check the documents. Last, here are some steps for buyers’ ease.

Step 1

Consult with a local property consultant. Also, it is good for the market info. Ghafari Marketing is a renowned real estate consultant. Plus, they are in business for more than 15 years. The customers are happy with them. More, our research helps many buyers to find the best deal.

Step 2

The sale team is here to help buyers anytime. Plus, they aim to find the perfect property for them. Their market analyses will allow buyers to find the home that best suits them.

Step 3

We think that buyers should check the site of the Society. Also, by that, they can check its progress. So their doubt can get clear. Last, pay the downpayment to book a plot.

Document Required For the Booking

The documents required with the application are

How To Book Plot in DHA

  • The two photocopies of the buyer’s CNIC/NICOP
  • Nominee two photocopiesCNIC
  • New photographs of the buyer
  • Deposit receipt

DHA Karachi Latest News

Buyers can get all the updates from the official DHA Karachi website. Also, for more contact Ghafari Marketing.


Q1: How can I get the DHA Karachi membership?

A1: DHA membership is a must for the membership of the club. Also, anyone can download it from the website. The membership application form is worth Rs.200/-. Plus, fill it out properly. Q2:

Q2:Where is DHA Karachi Location?

A2: The DHA Karachi Location is in the premier area of the city. It is near the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 motorway. So, it is on the Eastern side of Karachi. More, it is close to the Thatta district. The Jamshoro district is also near to it

Q3: What is the total area of the DHA Karachi?

A3: The DHA Karachi master plan is on 8852 acres. Also, it is the biggest housing Society in the city.

Q4: How many phases are in DHA Karachi?

A4: DHA Karachi has 8 phases. Also, these phases have many fantastic sectors. All the luxuries are available here. More, they are ideal for housing

Q5: Is DHA Karachi a good investment?

A5: It is a great decision to invest in DHA Karachi. Also, it offers a lavish lifestyle. Besides, it has modern amenities. The location is near the sea view. Plus, it is in high demand. So it is best for the investment.


DHA Karachi is the best housing society in Karachi. Besides, it is in the prime posh area of the city. It offers a secure living environment. More, it ensures the safety of its residents. The Society is as per modern housing standards.

So, it has many facilities. Again with its location, DHA Karachi provides easy access to major landmarks. It is close to commercial areas. Also, all the facilities are within a short drive from it.

There is no doubt it is the most well-maintain project in Karachi. Last, Ghafari Marketing thinks that DHA Karachi offers a high-quality lifestyle. That is the main reason it is the best investment in 2023.

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